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@hatesgreen ily lets watch tomorrow @hatesgreen ok just watch without me </3 i have to play cod @hatesgreen OMW IN RN @TanzawaGoat ID BEEEEE PISSSSSED DUDE @hatesgreen HE’S STARTING TO NOT USE THEM. WE GOING RN WAITson LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM SORRY @hatesgreen just finished 6 about to walk my pup so he can use the bathroom! @hatesgreen SAME BUT WAIT DONT START NEXT EP YET @hadouren brother we r never making it out the hood. time to acceptok maybe just one more episode @hatesgreen i had to pause. not watching till morning LMFAOOOOOOi just seen a squid game spoiler oh my fkn god @quarrellnapss 6 @hatesgreen LMFAOOOOOOdude @akutsunagisa nah i did. the scene after this did it @whewzu you should of told me to stop watching @whewzu 6 :(whoever made this show is not seeing heaven @quarrellnapss real mangasquid games ruined me. why did i almost just cry wtf @whewzu yes 🥲this episode is sick….God please free my people i am begging artwork omg CITY!!!
@GRAVEHOPP1877 like??? 😭thats why it was his tweet, make your own 💪
Retweeted by Turbo @GeraldineDiane1 i think that’s the point of me tweeting. from my account.about to start my most anticipated daredevil run arms are noodles. i can’t even move them bro @strawdolluser you good?bleach ost is definitely fire too. but naruto ost is in a different league @toshination real musicTears streaming down my face
Retweeted by Turboagain. naruto ost is untouchable. really the best in the gameunderrated gem is sick. you literally have to bribe them to start a serieskojiro
Retweeted by Turbopetco is so annoying @MELONE_IRLOden AHT AHT. do notidk how to explain it but it felt like she was on a feature on a pop artist song lol @signorablessed can u take me to get cheesecake @coIdsummers space brothers @DetectiveAry @Remmborn @MunstaMasta not following him until you give the cosign king @Remmborn jabaar 2.0best friend just dropped some heat 🥳 @DetectiveAry @Remmborn @MunstaMasta omg mha ary >>> mha rem @DetectiveAry @Remmborn @MunstaMasta like what???? someone with a passed on power who starts to decline rapidly v… @MangaMerchant @DetectiveAry @MunstaMasta if i speak … @DetectiveAry @Remmborn @MunstaMasta LMFAOOOOOOOnly time I've seen this problem handled perfectly
Retweeted by Turbo @DetectiveAry @MunstaMasta the way u just be lyingThe Batman comes out in 2022 anyways so who really cares
Retweeted by TurboLMFAOOOOOOOOOO win this Ao Ashi page
Retweeted by Turbo @Treysouls Me when Luke arrives at Jabbas palace
Retweeted by Turbo @fanofjazzmusic LMFAOOOOOOthe way episode 6 started off omg …..This is like Blu3 L0ck but without the football and it’s actually good lmao
Retweeted by Turbo @channelmichi UMMMM PLS DOOOO HELLO @EisakuOtomo i’m just now finishing 5 and omggg @EisakuOtomo :D what ep u onvegan sex looks flavorless idk🤞🏾
Retweeted by Turbo @EisakuOtomo LMFAOOOOOOwe will never have an anime deliver ost like this i’m afraid Naruto has the best ost of all time for menah the ost where yamato was running to naruto before sprouting the 9th tail >>>>>>>>>>>>>>INJEEEECT IT. REAL SHONEN @24Kenjaku no. we wait for officialsAHHHH ALL OF NARUTO OST ON APPLE MUSICCCluffy really an emperor man. my goat never disappoints me when it’s time to get busyone piece ch 10/10 @EisakuOtomo somebody said he dropped more love confessions than deaths in a war arc i fell out’s see how this goes…
Retweeted by Turbogorgeous i get home i am CLEANING my gallery. it’s too much shit i don’t need lol @StealthyN7 it is dawg🤠 @Scepster24 up my iphone 13
Retweeted by TurboThe Cure:
Retweeted by Turbo @SHINGEKIYAIBA hmmmmmm top 2-3. could hit my top 1 soon tbh. idc about football lmaooo @MangaMerchant i hate that you gotta prepare for the worst after that man LMFAOOOOOOOO @ggsbrxh REAL SPORRTSSSSSSIM SO CLOSE dawg I’m gonna put my full thoughts on this series soon. It’s been a fun ride I don’t wanna catch up bu…
Retweeted by Turbo @Ponyboy5321 @Son0fkryptonn this picture will be useful for mei literally just finished ao ashi reread and i’m itching to reread again man. Thank God we off break now @Tivrusky_ 3***!!i miss it @GR4FFlTI like we can’t just enjoy the new content in peace ?!?!u and ur greater than signs need to STAY on the playground series isn’t black clover kingfadedz we don’t do that over here. @NoemyeWest ok but when i become thee face of yeezy then what