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"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." -- Robin Williams

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Anyone who claims to know how the Senate trial will turn out doesn’t.Just wait for the next presidential administration’s review into this AG Barr review of the original DOJ review int…“‘Foreign policy is what I’ll be remembered for,’ Trump has said. Damn right.” anybody wrote this as a screenplay, any Broadway producer would say it’s too far out to be credible prosecutor Shokin and indicted oligarch Firtash will soon be household names in the #Ukrainegate impeachment… her emails idiotic
John Kasich is now in favor of impeachment. That’s Ohio speaking. The Senate will soon becin play.There are things you can’t just take back. This Mulvaney confession is among them.’s casual comments about the genocidal violence he has unleashed are almost as disqualifying as the insanely s… federal bailout of Trump’s failing bedbug-ridden Doral Resort flagrantly violates both Emoluments Clauses at o… centerpiece of Trump’s impeachable abuse of power is turning out to be not one phone call with Ukraine’s leader…“We also anticipate that at an appropriate point in the investigation, we will be taking witness testimony in publi… a list! ad! and ignorant: that’s Trump. @brett_mcgurk is right. Meryl Streep of generals. Touché! agree. Romney is the only Republican Senator standing up to Trump’s treachery. He deserves props from all sides. be clear, i’m not saying I regard any of the proposed plans as unconstitutional. I’m saying that they will confr… blatant violation of both Emoluments Clauses is impossible for Congress to ignore in its impeachment proceedin… urging elimination of all private health insurance must explain how they expect to persuade conservative Supr… to confess?“One retired four-star general grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, ‘I don’t like the Democrats, but Trump is dest…
This anything, @JeffreyToobin understates how grotesquely Bill Barr is torturing the Religious Clauses of the First A… deserves space and time to specify and refine. I’m willing to wait. But not indefinitely.’m relieved that the House Committees engaged in deciding whether Trump should be impeached will have the full-tim…’m heartened by Senator Mitt Romney’s bold and articulate call for hearings into Trump’s shameful role in Turkey’s… Doral in June usually has a 38% occupancy. Miami in summer isn’t easy to sell. With the G7 there, the remaining… colleague is sadly misinformed. He seems unaware that this phase of the House impeachment inquiry is a substitut… the Kurdish forces are pulled back, this so-called “cease fire” cements their betrayal. It took a half hour for… 120-hour ceasefire feels phony to me. I hope I’m wrong.Of course it will also violate the Foreign Emoluments Clause of Article I’s statement that Trump will not profit personally from this decision is total BS. This will violate the Do… a pathetic imitation of a president! His projection of his own sick failings onto the strongest, smartest lead… is everything that’s needed to unearth the full truth about Trump. History will treat him well. the Nation watches its president melt down, unleash genocide, betray our allies, and disastrously injure our cou… up the blockade was an impeachable act of war against Congress even if its success was limited. Stonewallin… study published today in Nature, based on findings from human brains, mice, and worms, suggests that “excessive a… is one of the wisest members of @SpeakerPelosi’s team. Like @RepAdamSchiff, he retains a sense of propo… McKinley had the courage to resign rather than do the corrupt and unconstitutional bidding of the Giuliani-… good way to mark Day 1,000 of a disastrous presidency“When we're dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, in 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our d… a terrible loss. His memory will be a blessing. May he Rest In Peace.
Retweeted by Laurence TribeLooks like Gordon Sondland found a way to get his $1 million back: That’s how much he paid to get his E.U. ambassad… filing by the House makes a compelling case for an immediate judicial order directing Don McGahn to testify in… a terrible loss. His memory will be a blessing. May he Rest In Peace. the Three Amigos criminal conspiracy of Giuliani-Sondland-Mulvaney STILL going on??On the contrary!!? the U.S. military deliberately blowing up its own base in Syria seems like an insane corollary of Trump’s absurd… intervening to help Erdogan get his nemesis Fethullah Gülen back to Turkey echoes Michael Flynn’s abortive… Manafort and Dmytro Firtash are also at the heart of the Putin anti-Ukraine plot to elect and re-elect Donald… Kent, Michael McKinley, Fiona Hill, Marie Yovanovitch . . . profiles in courage history will honor — just as… the air of utterly baseless GOP charges against @RepAdamSchiff and his Committee’s process question dude is seriously crazy
The magnitude of the genocide Trump has invited: A rough estimate by the CIA Factbook has Kurdish populations of 12… Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told Republican Senators the Senate will probably meet six days a week d… is scary My. God. washed his hands of the Kurdish blood he invited Erdogan and Assad to shed “as two countries fight over land…’t happen to a more deserving president @NYGovCuomo has signed this bill. The loophole it closed was one that could’ve given Trump broader power to ob… is surely right — but: 1. It’s unfair to the run-of-the-mill ignoramus, and 2. It might be thought to imply… is exactly what anyone with half a brain would’ve expected Trump’s tax returns to reveal: massive financial fr… rightly said “We're not here to call bluffs. We're here to find the truth, to uphold the Constituti…
All three of our Emoluments Clause lawsuits are now moving full speed ahead. The Framers would be pleased.’s stone walls never get built — or they crumble. Poetic justice!’s laughable for Trump to chastise Turkey for doing exactly what he gave Erdogan a green light to do. Trump must…
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Not surprising. This president generates his own “emergencies” regularly. Like a spoiled brat with a deadly arsenal…’s laughable for Trump to chastise Turkey for doing exactly what he gave Erdogan a green light to do. Trump must… Donald Trump has yet to condemn this dangerously violence-inciting video personally is enough to condemn him a… I weren’t a lawyer worried about the precise text of Article III, I wouldn’t hesitate to call this Treason. But… is entirely on Trump. Including whatever terrorist attacks these monstrous escapees pull off. Gaetz is a pain in the butt without redeeming virtues. Not worth engaging. So this is the last moment I’ll was… to be quoted in @TheEconomist by @stevenmazie on Trump v. Mazars, but it’d be a lot nicer if Trump couldn’t ru… agree with @lessig that this open question is of enormous importance, can be answered only by SCOTUS, should be a… gutless Trump was following more than his gut. He was following the money he craves from Istanbul and Moscow. A… a General were to endanger our troops the way President Trump is callously and recklessly exposing them to attac…“With our society on the knife’s edge of history, actively rejecting Trump’s white identity politics is a moral and… our Kurdish allies from the fight against our ISIS enemies into the arms of our adversary Assad to please T…’t wait to read #FionaHill’s prepared testimony. The back-and-forth will presumably be in closed session. The fi…’m usually repelled by conspiracy theories and resist assigning guilt by association, but there’s some pretty alar… today’s prize for economics professor Michael Kremer, 50 current and former Harvard faculty members have now r… Trump said that Biden “was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass,” h…’d be hard to overstate how preposterous and legally unhinged Judge Rao’s dissent in Trump v. Mazars was. shows dramatically why Trump’s nonstop Foreign Emoluments Clause violations are such threats to our national s…’s to three terrific lawyers and commentators @mayawiley @BarbMcQuade @JoyceWhiteVance caused this. He has this innocent young woman’s blood on his miserable hands. That he will feel no guilt and… it, Your Honor! tragedy entirely of Trump’s making
This is in addition to the unspeakable genocide that President Trump’s capitulation to Erdogan at Putin’s urging wi…