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"This is America . . . Here, right matters." -- Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

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This is what a police state looks like more shoes dropping in the Flynn debacle. This is a centipede, man!
So typical of Trump: as the perceptive @haroldhongjukoh elegantly explains, POTUS’s “withdrawal” from the WHO is 90… has this right. Especially with a president who aids and abets the armed thugs, both official and unoff… ipsa loquitur 👇🏼, @Scaramucci! betrayed the United States executions without judicial consequences. Is this what America must remain? orange Darth Vader, missing only the storm troopers . . . oh wait, what do I spy on the horizon?’t you almost see the saliva dripping from this sick man’s fangs?’s not at all implausible all dictator-wannabes are quite as sadistic and vicious as Trump, but the desire to dominate and the experience… all witnessed the murder. No coroner’s report showing multiple underlying medical problems should get the killer… to disagree with @MatthewACherry here 👇🏼 the 3 judges really need to read is the last sentence of this amicus brief from the 24 former fed judges appoin… rules that the First Amendment permits California to treat church gatherings during pandemic the way it trea…
Amazing. Trump goes to the Rose Garden. He talks about Hong Kong. Not a word about George Floyd’s murder. Nor about… Minneapolis Officer George Floyd Is Charged With Murder. Good. We Can BREATHE a Bit More Easily Now. “I can’t breathe” must become our nation’s mantra. We’re all choking on our 400-year racist legacy, from slav… Remaining “neutral” in the face of lies or incitements to violence is impossible. Silence is complicity.…’s statement about George Floyd’s death and America’s original sin was exactly what the situation called… Those facts would make an intentional infliction of emotional distress claim by Lori’s family very weak. 4. The…’s a mismatch between what makes Trump’s cruel treatment of Lori and her family so awful and the legal remedie…’s monstrous abuse of the tragic death of Lori Klausutis to injure @JoeNBC treated Lori and her family as mean…“The painful cries of Eric Garner will be with us forever. Now, George Floyd’s pleas for help will, too. I cannot b…😂 👇🏼👏✔️ outrage speaks for itself’s decision to warn its users that Trump’s “they loot, we’ll shoot” tweet glorifies violence can’t justify t… has added a “Glorifying Violence” warning to Trump’s tweet urging authorities to fire on the crowd. Good fo… would evidently be happy with a repeat of the fatal shootings at Kent State by the National Guard 50 years ag… can’t stop seeing a split-screen image, Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest racist policing on one side, a… it’s important that not only the FBI but the Civil Rights Division open a hates crimes and anti-lynching invest… assist the victim or restrain the killer may well merit prosecution as accomplices. Details I don’t have would d… called for his mother. What in the name of God are the local authorities waiting for? They’ve arrested CNN crew… are millions of eye witnesses to the heartless murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. You don’t need proof beyo… you doubt this is likely or think the Constitution provides a clear solution, (1) you don’t understand the situa… captures the essence of it! has this just right you’re interested in the crazy Executive Order that Trump tossed into the ring as his latest hat trick, reading…’s the text of Trump’s Executive Order — filled with rhetoric about Trump’s devotion to freedom of speech (!) a…
Thus the launch of this EO, timed cynically to distract from the tragedy of over 100,000 Covid-19 deaths in 3 month… the contrary, the very announcement of this EO constitutes a vague and ambiguous threat likely to chill and dete… conduct by Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms that this EO could possibly make actionable would’… the president or agencies like the FCC and FTC can legally do could successfully censor such private Intern… Trump’s May 28 executive order were to end up restricting the ability of private social media platforms like Twi…“There is no sewer so vile that Trump won’t wade into it, dragging the entire country along.” Only expelling him fr… court ruling suggests little legal traction for Trump's anti-Twitter campaign truly seems unendurable. It’s lynching all over again. Trying the officers responsible for murder would be a s…’s my WaPo op-ed with @jgeltzer on Trump’s misconceived war on Twitter, biting the hand that fed him right into…
Retweeted by Laurence TribeU.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 100,000, exposing nation’s vulnerabilities - Washington Post with the supersmart and deeply principled @jgeltzer is a always a privilege and a pleasure. Please read our…’s my WaPo op-ed with @jgeltzer on Trump’s misconceived war on Twitter, biting the hand that fed him right into… is right (see his thread) about the rumored EO. For a more basic explanation of why Trump is all wrong —… social media platforms to more lawsuits than Sec.230 of the CDA permits would be a dangerous overreaction… this space for a Trump attack on Section 230, a vital cornerstone of a vibrant internet. we crossed the staggering threshold of 100,000 Covid-19 deaths yesterday, here’s what President Trump said to… “V” or a “backward checkmark”? The reason threats aren’t protected as “free speech” is that their very utterance can change behavior in d… scholars across the spectrum, including me, on why Trump’s latest threats are toothless but far from harmle… V-shaped economic prediction that spooks lots of people who fear the devastation 8 years of Trump would cause f…
100,047 deaths in the U.S. in just three months. No words suffice..@BarbMcQuade nails it. And shreds Eli Lake (and Mike Flynn) in the process. so so so sad. And so many of these deaths could’ve been avoided if only Trump had paid attention and acted intel… has a good point here, but the issue isn’t open and shut. should at least flag these cruel and baseless insinuations as false and misleading. I’m with @morningmika he… and unenforceable threats like this shouldn’t be dismissed as harmless bluster. Any president’s vast powers… is surely right. Retired Judge Michael Luttig, whom I like and respect, really missed the ball on t…“Trump’s simplistic combination of bombing and blocking is doomed to fail, just like his belated attempt to close o…! always accuses his critics and opponents of violating the very rules and norms that he himself violates. It’s… they express[] views with which [he] disagrees.” That holding makes Trump’s claim that Twitter’s fact-check… Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held in 2019 that the president c… empty threat shows just how deluded this pathetic bully is. He needs an intervention and prolonged rehab. doesn’t. In addition, Twitter’s tagging, even insofar as it can be construed as a factual statement, is shielded by the d… The First Amendment limits only the Government, not private entities like Twitter. 2. Anyway, Twitter’s tagging… to be clear: Trump’s statement that Twitter, a private company, is abridging his First Amendment freedom of sp… ask “Have they no shame?” That’s an easy one: No. have an embarrassing confession to make: Kayleigh McEnany was actually admitted to Harvard Law School as a third-… attacking Twitter for exercising its indisputable First Amendment right to opine on the misleading tweets he… cruelty mitigated only by staggering ineptitude = Donald Trump’s trademark. Unforgettable and unforgivabl…
Oh, if only it were that simple! The Constitution says the new president takes office at noon Jan. 21, 2021. It doe… overdue and far from sufficient— but it’s a start. A small, understated, cowardly start, but still a start. concrete steps to shut Trump down when he claims his 2020 loss is illegitimate ⬇️ Manson’s loyal team of sick murderers could’ve killed many times as many victims as those they slaughtered… a jerk! If he’d done his job as any halfway competent leader would’ve, we’d have lost at least 50,000 fewer pe… that Minneapolis officer murder the handcuffed black man after rendering him harmless is nauseating. That… to learn Katie Miller is no longer sick with Covid-19. Learning that Stephen Miller will become a father? No comment.Racist policing is a plague no less serious than Covid-19, though it’s less novel and evidently easier to ignore. A… much more obvious could it be that Trump is laying the foundation for refusing to accept defeat this November 3…“Among its principal sources of profit is hosting Donald Trump’s sociopathic advertising campaign for re-election,… a must read Jack Dorsey: Delete these ugly tweets. They’re vicious lies. You must cleanse Twitter of this Trump stain —…
Florida family grieves as Trump spreads debunked conspiracy theory to attack MSNBC host - The Washington Post