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@ThatWMD Toast isn’t really’s allowedWorst 2020 MadLibs...
@JT4Mets4Arsenal Just starting it now lol#Mets play Yanks 6 times Nationals play Orioles 6's fine @ThatWMD time traveler @MetsWes @_nictro i would've waited for a day it wasn't raining to get car done @erin_goBark I'll take things involving a fireman for $200 Alex... @samanthaivyyyy @jentast1c Missy would be like "who da fuq is this and when is it leaving??"What exactly is she complaining about? @Lud_Bug6113 major temp drop too @Lud_Bug6113 That was wild @jentast1c "Plan? no, but you never know if tequila is around"69...nice @LateRoundCorner My guess is $420M @ThatWMD I'll take what was my average grade when I moved on campus after commuting first semester of college, Alex... should not be telling the Washington Redskins to change their name-our country has far bigger problems! FOCUS on them,not nonsense
Retweeted by Vinnie T. @marciaherold My mom ain't that easy ok? least 5 minutes @Complaina "draw me like one of your French tabbies" @myfriendkatye State continues to be a disgrace.... @JT4Mets4Arsenal Being fluent in Italian makes it so much more of a great movie to me... @JT4Mets4Arsenal One of my favorites...the last scene with all the cut scenes...i lose it @PupsAndPucks I'm on the fence but leaning that way lol @PupsAndPucks is nothing more heartbreaking then when your best friend tells you to make sure to check in on his family whe… @PupsAndPucks Seems like you have this decision down... @MetsWes No, but it's funny that's where everyone yells at me to go when I sunbathe at Belmar... @ThatWMD amish-chicBreaking: Next week's Memorial Tournament, which was scheduled to be the first post-COVID event with fans in attend…
Retweeted by Vinnie T. @MetsWes Wesley @samanthaivyyyy @PupsAndPucks I support you in these difficult times...same fuck @ThatWMD Holy exciting...we haven't had one in our town in a few years @JeffGold81 @bycharlescurtis @AlexMyers3 @ginisimov haha is someone getting flashbacks from their day yesterday? @damwop2 Planned to do my taxes this weekend...forgot lol @Lisa6264 Don't forget bug spray...😬 @YankeeMegs Oooohhhhh @ChrisBiv Holy fuckHoly crap Colorforms...that’s my childhood @lexwaslike @TheChelseaStern @nicoleeejets If he’s turning 30 in 2022 you’ll be fine...Great job NJ...good distancing @TheChelseaStern Sad... @Lud_Bug6113 I hear them in distance but not close @MetsWes You’ll be missed...sorta @EricStangel Ok for a Monday @steve_markham Steven @NJD107_ @Rusty91104 @LevityNYC @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler 4 hours of making himself laugh and banging on desk...pass @RachRedux @X_Offender__ I don’t have the attention span to read EVERY hashtag!
@marciaherold Very cool! @TheChelseaStern I’ve been listening to the Scrubs podcast and he was very good friends with Zach Braff who spoke a… @X_Offender__ @RachRedux You did! I missed it lol @NJD107_ @LevityNYC @slaw12345678 @BradHeisler I have never been entertained by his act... @john_pielli I think you got hacked @TheChelseaStern Reading that it might not be confirmed...nothing from family @X_Offender__ @RachRedux I was gonna tweet that it looks like a Pomes shot but I didn’t want to piss you off lol @NJD107_ @Lud_Bug6113 Wow that sucks @jquadddddd @Lud_Bug6113 @NJD107_ I won’t remind you of the 3 months of Columbus Days you get...#runsaway @jquadddddd Oh with the change up on June 22nd...didn’t see that coming @SUZAN916 @NJD107_ @LevityNYC @ginisimov Warlockectomy @NJD107_ I’ve never had a job where Columbus Day was a company holiday...I think it’s more a city/state workers thing right? @lexwaslike @tatertr0tz @FiddleElphier Leprosy @Lud_Bug6113 She left out the word “white” between “for people” @MetsWes Bigger than cnn poopies? @Lisa6264 😶I need to know who this doctor voted for first... @jentast1c Good movie @LateRoundCorner People need to stay in their lane otherwise Twitter gets confused @TheChelseaStern Redhead now? 😬 @Lisa6264 Tremendous cover artWhat a horrible take @Lisa6264 “You may be wondering...” @Lisa6264 😂😂 @Lisa6264 How can you “not see” it Lisa?? 😬 @Lisa6264 No dumber person on this planet than probably disagree 🤪😘 @ginisimov Impressive lol @ginisimov Your drunk text spelling/grammar is impeccable tho... @MetsWes You were 409 offI’m no Obama fan but this fuckhole conveniently forgets Fox destroying him for how he handled Ebola...lemme go back… @YankeeMegs @YankeeMegs #drunj @ginisimov Give your phone to someone lol @ginisimov And shots? Oh boy @chalulu23 It’s Arizona so plenty available @RachRedux this cuck being the face of baseball? Where’s Aubrey Huff or Lenny Dyksyra when you need REAL men to repres… @ginisimov She’s a fucking loon @ginisimov It is @ginisimov <sarcasm> 😬Remember when this guy just used to tweet funny videos? Now he’s making fun of normal Americans fighting oppression