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100T vs TGRD VOD Review Bundle Giveaway RT + Follow @gambabit & Myself to enter (Can also send $60 Paypal or get Valorant gift c…
Retweeted by Trick @Virtyyyy @CallMeShelton Next lan I’m pulling up to compare franks with u @shadovina @DarkRatio No but I got them to let me have the @ @yungcalc @DarkRatio @Ange_AMIL @ZexRow @ranked_demon @Lft_Oxy @LucasRojo @neilzinho WhereIntroducing "Dark Ratio" Valorant 🧠 @TrickAIM 🚬 @Ange_AMIL 🏳️‍🌈 @ZexRow 🎯 @ranked_demon 🧒 @Lft_Oxy 🇿🇦…
Retweeted by Trick @jellyfish_val Men with skirts have there place in society, so do those hoo raa men that you and your friends comme… @bunnieiwnl this is true
Can also buy you the champions bundle if you winWHOS UP @blanketsgg @BillionsVal Billions no way ur a tourney dodger @sfX_x1 @reltuC bro lowkey i actually do run the golf course. next lan meet me at the top golf ill go crazy. @valslaze @ idk who ur talking about @valslaze @ ?When controversy arises in the gaming scene people resort to extremely fast and emotional comments and terrible sla… Bundle Giveaway RT + Follow @gambabit & Myself to enter (Can also send $60 Paypal or get Valorant gift c…
@Prainexx they will be tagged again bro @EclipseVin @x0Starlight yikes calling her bad when u guys r dating? atleast support her career bro shes atleast average at val cmonIf any players or teams ever want my opinion on something or any advice in general reach out to me in DMs, if I’ve…
@LotharHS innovation @sfX_x1 @The_Matador_X1 You got an email list or something to get the word out faster? @sfX_x1 @The_Matador_X1 I literally run Philly @GeorgeCGed Probably the best seeding we have seen so far
@ranked_demon career game aghain??? @jawgemo watch this man. @ScrewFaceVAL @VoxizeVAL @zoestol @alexisfps You and zex are very good. @GeorgeCGed @DotEsports Can you compete in the challengers league with no orgIf riot doesn’t make an academy league what’s the point of all these academy teams are they just dead @alexisfps This is cap. Valorant players develop mental gymnastic skills to explain why they are pushing against classics @miniatureVAL Almost. But you failed. And now I’m here as the last viper ascent team in the game looking for redemp… @miniatureVAL Yeah that’s why nobody runs it ☠️ I’ll bring it back though don’t worry little bro.
@Standby_75 Bro even in spike rush I need these dubs @Standby_75 I don’t think you understand. Because I am radiant every act my unrated games have immortal players in… can’t blame anyone for Smurfing when unrated has MMR, you went to relax and listen to a podcast or something no… @atwinflower Thanks, gonna take a look at it @atwinflower That is fire, do you know the name of the piece? @Nurfed That was my plan too bro and then we go a main after they pushed everywhere and we got 6 hyenas on the flan… @Nurfed Sometimes like when I played vs knights acad when they had frosty zeldris and oxy it just felt like when we… @jennniiival @presidentdove @yungcalc KEKW @presidentdove @yungcalc ur in like 5th grade and ur still talking like that, need to grow up middle school is soon! @Nurfed i was new to the whole 3 lane shit when I came to this game, 4 lanes off spawn just isn’t in my brain yet @presidentdove @yungcalc Ma’am this is a Wendy’s drive through @presidentdove @yungcalc What colors your Bugatti @presidentdove @yungcalc @yungcalc get ur girl bro she’s acting up again. @presidentdove @yungcalc I’m down add me, Yung Calc#SLATT @presidentdove @yungcalc What’s good, slatt. @Nurfed What if we win all the maps but suck really bad at one in particular @presidentdove She’s posting pics of you bro ur in there @yungcalc @aleksandarosa the real ones know aleksander from MR demon player
@aleksandarosa @ARIANARCHIST but my hs % @Class for normal humans the caption seems normal, for classify that caption is a national threat @Unholykid3 i bench ur deadlift bro put a shirt on @bigdaddypolar @kayvalorant Yes that’s me! @KingFPS__ @zekkenVAL @Phoenix1_gg @janglerr @menace_val @PrecisionVal @Lear_VAL @AgilityVAL gonna need another couple months @zekkenVAL @Phoenix1_gg How u gonna be on both rosters and not make it to champs bro @menace_val
@DerrekOW @chetsingh Can’t be giving out p1 certification for free @bangzerra @FaZeClan @TheGuard Might have to check ur pc again @Elocxle @drdemoted my dart is for a set play and scans ppl moving to boat aswell from the b main angle but i like this dart aswell @KillerMillerGG @_Od26 W @NotReduxx @Virtyyyy Bro @Coach_kcb ya so like if u were in a sova 1v1 id be down but fortunately you can formulate more realistic situation… @blanketsgg bro tried to sneak in sclides bread @blanketsgg @Lear_VAL When I Q with any of my friends who are girls they start making kitchen jokes then once I sta… @asiandaddiee When I’m home I’m gonna go live and talk about why I even replied because there is a bigger problem w… @Eonswx I’ve lost internet in explaining the English language to you, your opening tweet was talking to the audienc… @Eonswx I’ve read the entire thread and it still seems you are targeting the reader and not the accused teams later… @Eonswx “You and i could lie to ourselves and say it’s not. But touch your hearts, you’re a sexist” this was the pa… @Eonswx I don’t need to consider anything because you failed to rationalize and immediately accused all of planet e… @Eonswx Making non-sexist issues sexist, or amplifying an issue to the extreme of calling EVERYONE sexist only lead… @1flyuh ur sova ults are cold @Subroza @HelloFresh I heard about you recommending them and ended up buying an entire years worth! thank you subroza! @ltsCamo move back and to the right a few steps bro NT @dyangStats @DerrekOW @1flyuh @KING_BABYBAY @mitchfps @POISEDFPS @WillFPS @supamen @runitback_gg goat @ltsCamo doesnt get lane @Critical_Val @Bjorlulu u gotta shoot thosecontact trickfn for more sova tech @LucasRojo if i see on u lan its on sight, vamos. @KingFPS__ I’m gonna lock killjoy against every first round NSG team forever just so I can say my kj is better, get fucked @LucasRojo Guy comes in for 1 tournament and steals all my fucking tech bro I’ll make a twitlonger on you if some r… @KingFPS__ Ur opinion doesn’t matter ur Sova sucks @x0Starlight @danii
@slowiscool they sleeping on her fr @slowiscool i agree with u but why is that the only two options toss the sage in there too sometimes blood @HPforGamers just delete social media entirely from your phone if you need to break the habit, i went from 11hrs /… @Nozzworld @slowiscool bro tried to sneak in yoru @cursedvserov I think you severely over estimate how good having an alarm bot that gets smoked every round they hea… @cursedvserov So what happens when they simply smoke the alarm bot and you die in the back @cursedvserov In my original tweet I said you would be replacing the sentinel, you are trying to replace “flank wat… what the fuck LMFAOO @cursedvserov To be clear, I’m talking about pro play and you aren’t going to trust an alarm bot 100% you are going… @cursedvserov Your Jett would awp on ct but the awp is not strong on ascent, and t side the trips barely do anything anyways @KillerMillerGG @zekkenVAL give him a vaaks routine for the culture @Class @aliciakeys @Cole_Cook Happy b day GSome days are very productive and motivating and some days are complete wastes of time but it’s important to stay c…
@TwistzzGN y would i be talking about fracture kekw @GeorgeCGed if u leak to me ill leak u all the roster changes i hear of. sounds lie insider trading to me @GeorgeCGed is it looking good for the unpaid workers yet @fairyfps @retrQtv man of culture @retrQtv @fairyfps W