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@mooseloff true! @IanImmi its time u guys stopped trolling i believeM80 2-0 SR G2 2-0 OXG TGRD 2-1 FAZE MM 2-1 TSM @iiKlemm only cutting im doing is through the line at mcdonalds but ty for the infosurely this is illegal @iiKlemm what about fat fat?
we need more self checkout lines at walmart bro not tryna wait 30 minutes to checkout lets get the robots up and running @AltOfGanzo bro why have i never seen this LDMAOAOOA
@menace_val @bongbongNA_ @COMP_READY i made @TrippyN2L a MORE than generous offer and he laughed. @BWiKP less than 1k total but o sure ill need a new mobo aswell @BWiKP what processor @Er3pt can u check in a deathmatch again and see if ur actually getting that fps @Er3pt no util in dm tho so idk why it would be so lowhow can I have a 2080ti and a 9700k and get 220 fps in deathmatch? in game dropping below 200 the entire round. there is no way thats real
@BlGASH i have max requests @currydtx next up im thinking both rifles should be 25 bullets idk why they gave the close ur eyes in a smoke gun more bullets.crashies chewing adderall in that gum for sure I actually unlocked the secret @Noobface @Nazukahh @shinan007 @Dumbbellthegod @TomZufps oxy and n4rrate both came from ranked both of them i found… @Demon1___ can confirm he may have owned me, in my defense theres no proof hes NOT cheating
@uwotmydude @Dasnerth @Justinovah because haven / ascent / pearl are like the top 3 maps played and those are the kj maps primarilyhow do you fix your push to talk bind not changing @LucasRojo what the hell? that should be a perm ban on the coach @neilzinho matter a fact. im thinking lifetime ban @LucasRojo whats the context @pqStreams in my experience, i have coached people and came out of the coaching sessions knowing i helped them impr… @Dasnerth @Justinovah kj is not ran in pro play as much as you think, all the sentinels are terrible in comparison… am curious on what the state of scrims will be after challengers play-offs have concluded. I assume it will be th… @Agony the situation is far less complex than anyone thinks as far as the issue goes, the value and meaning of faze… @Secret_Warbirds @Dumbbellthegod an even funnier stat is him having the second most rounds of all time on jett in t… @jakefv_ i like it alot easier to play than lol. dota as a new player @Secret_Warbirds @Dumbbellthegod you would barely be able to claim you "found" screwface 2 years ago lol he has bee… @fairyfps no clue, failed my first lawn needed a break. wil be continuing later. @yungcalc @fairyfps @x0tek @ARIANARCHIST @fireballops there is nobody who could stop the mother of calc from slidin… found my calling @yungcalc @fairyfps @x0tek @ARIANARCHIST @fireballops im worried you might try to get revenge on me for the whole z… @khanartistval @BlackHeartVAL i actually play warzone with him every vod review @7bels idk my password @yungcalc @fairyfps @x0tek @ARIANARCHIST @fireballops calcs nsfw burner is just him pimping the entire colombus ohio area. @AltOfGanzo one of the most sucio men i know actually. @stillgray browhat are some good games to play, got banned from smite for text abuse unfortunately. @SexyValorant vouch for the goat
@GeorgeCGed @elonmusk @FBI @s1mpleO done will be missing the daily crypto claim messages now. @sfX_x1 @TrollmanVAL @Takumi_Val @GamerDoc_ @cometfps @Demon1___ @ScrewFaceVAL p sure the entire comm was calling d… @PicturesFoIder @tomaselli_nick kekw @tomaselli_nick tiger woods looks a little different here
@GODfr0st @TrippyN2L @_Pabloski @CellGLHF @ItsGamerDoc why would he sell cheats under his main alias, STOP STOP STOP STOP @GODfr0st @TrippyN2L @ItsGamerDoc @_Pabloski @CellGLHF bill gates created covid for sure i agreeIMO this is a pretty big accusation, feels like there should be some sort of context or evidence behind the claims…
n4rrate got banned mid scrim
@BxbyJ_ do these come in XXXXL @jasondaweenie not put bang in the freezer. @menace_val @itzHernando "punish you outside of game" like we arent rolling up on him in the 2000 saturn actual 50 potNew York. The city that never sleeps. But that’s all about to change. That’s because I’ve released 200 kg of Melato…
Retweeted by MAD Trick @_Od26 @esmeevee what is this person claiming, any tldrs
@TrollmanVAL @fawniwnl gaming culture does no accept women as easy they do men in competitive environments, it work…
@Vegod_ what is this fake accent in the beginning is that like a new trend @kirawontmiss bro LMFAO
@KingFPS__ the monster truck game was the goat game
@slowiscool @Gucc107 i spilled my protein shake in my dads old fridge in the garage and bro we had to throw it away…
@FireKnightVAL yescan we address the money glitch in the game right now, sometimes an entire half 1-3 people have completely wrong mo… live off the hatred but he is speaking facts @chevxox @nglnicole im not remembering this tweet.
GG's OR 1-2 @PaincakesVAL @MADLions_EN #GUANDONGWIN
vs @OREsportteam tomorrow. winner advances to relegation. loser also advances to relegation.
@WedidOfficial hes lowkey the goat tho
@neT_valorant @TheGuard ggs net ur crazy on the lurk @valynfps gg goatvalyn might actually be the most annoying person to play vs, dude does it all on the worst role and igling.0-2 @TheGuard all of them are insane players
@itzHernando rating punishes deaths @slowiscool that knights acad roster was fucked in the head, felt like 5 middle schoolers throwing dodgeballs at you every round
@AvhynoVAL @supamen @G2esports does dasnerth just not exist to you @PaincakesVAL wanna kiss in the qualified slots 😍
Video of me been going viral everywhere
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@ProfessorSoop ur grandpa was in the trenches at 22 and u were playing the video games made after his war 😭 @SapphicVixie when you tweet something good it falls under the radar but once you slip up people like these comment… @camzIive @itzHernando the camera will not make or break your next 3 months the placebo affect it would cause to mo… @philflowing @NRGgg lookin scrumptious @EleyCSGO @G2esports @Bjorlulu @N4RRATE @BlackHeartVAL @Ange_AMIL @MoonChopper the virtuoso bind theory was meant for glory @NotReduxx narrate is actually our designated eco securer, when we try to win ecos we lose so we just send him in t… paid 3 years of salary for this win, i expect them to ascend. @NotReduxx @TSM the goat has arrived @Governor_Val im glad xqc scammed you #RATIO @1flyuh @qpert999 ANOTHER ONE? @Vanityxz @qpert999 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @IanImmi we can both strive to be better day by day 💯
@ethoz @qpert999 NOOOOOOOOO PLZwent 27-9 on attack rounds this series, felt much more comfortable as a team, insane plays from my entire team all… @Xeppaaa NOOOOOOOOOOOOFour frags with Ghost to claim the pistol round! Well done, @TrickAIM! @MADLions_EN | #ChallengersNA
Retweeted by MAD Trick @qpert999 WTF @mooseloff @mac1_val PLZ @symrifle @1flyuh @thi9f @oderuscs PLZ @jakeeVAL @MatthewCElmore @leaf_cs @POTUS PLEASEc9 nrg moist SR TT OXG PLEASE GET US OFF THE BLACKLIST