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@col0rfps Because shocks are super easy to find to break any KJ ult making her ult useless on a lot of maps because… @kaori__val I hope they kill Astra @subrozabackward This just is not true bro. Tier 1 teams are not running it down in scrims, obviously certain teams… @Unholykid3 I had them but mine are so descriptive it woulda taken a lot of space @NotReduxx It can still be naded and ulted but satchels and shocks are way to easy to counter an entire ult @subrozabackward I have been scrimming almost every pro team since chamber was released he is played a lot but does… balance ideas for Valorant Thoughts? @libhasnoeffort Agreed @CRAZY_MITCH_FAN After further consideration C9 (Mitch and friends) is 1st @subrozabackward It will change eventually but how? Do initiators get nerfed? That would benefit SEN, does viper ge… @pillowmak3r @meowapy It’s a prediction @subrozabackward I’d they don’t have to adapt then adaptability is no longer very important @subrozabackward Chamber and neon don’t change he the game much at all, the meta shifted from double duelist to ini… @subrozabackward 100% bro I think SEN adapted slower than every other good team in NA but it’s not about who adapts… @FurkanA85963226 I agree @subrozabackward C9 and envy both heated up towards the end of the year but C9 and envy were both benefitting from… @libhasnoeffort I agree that they have I’m just going off my predictions heading into this season I think SEN has h… @qt_Above Oh fr @Coco_VLR This is true @turtlecontroler Cadd esports about to make a demonic run this year @TenZOfficial @secretlabchairs Unfortunately I will be reporting you to local authorities for not clarifying this i… @The_Hunsbergler both considered @luisjavierceja I am not a huge fan of caring about stats but the fact this guy just doesn't have bad games is insa…
@meowapy SEN dominated last year and had some bad runs towards the end when meta changed I’m sure they will have adapted by nowTop 5 Valorant Teams NA 1. SEN 2. ENVY 3. C9 4. XSET 5. 100T @DerrekOW P1 sounds cool @TicSteel @Prainexx @ComplexxFPS It can be broken from A main they changed it @ranked_demon The drugs made u mad cute @KillerMillerGG @Virtyyyy Facts @ProfessorSoop Happy b day goat @realmocking i just played a guy who was 1 tapping me off jump jiggles bro mf was like diamond
@BaldwinSaysGG @raqNL 100T was one of the best NA teams for the entire time he was on the team? @BaldwinSaysGG @raqNL because steel led every team hes been on to be one fo the best in the region and babyj is new… @ahad ty ahad goat @tdawggVAL ty tgoata few clips from yesterday @flexinja The last air bender fr @1mehzy 🙏 @mrsadchill @jeffsmm @Zalendir_ ur good g @mrsadchill @jeffsmm @Zalendir_ my takes are all comp takes not for ranked @jeffsmm @Zalendir_ Anyone who’s played the game for a few months can place 2 stars on the A site choke point for a… @SanjithK24 Astra is just so much better @roxoce Nah man trust @Acash_670 LMAO @roxoce You can’t blast pack out of sucks @T0x1cT0x1cT0x1c Oh shit ok @ScarfaceDan @slaze444 She for the streets don’t trip @1mehzy Mehzy I better not see a heart in ur bio when u get signed @satejkokate @EditsRecluse True @x_egao That’s messed up @IanparksG A respectable agent pool @GuilderVS 100% bro that shit needs to go @RogueBeastMK Ya it’s rough @Zalendir_ I agree for sure I just think viper and Astra are so much easier @PrinceBismuth I hate Astra @Nurfed 4th times the charmI’ve never disliked any social media more than Valorant twitter. So many cringe dickriders in the comp scene leechi… @OnigiriOw The best omen NA @kitcie1 Lowest overall ping @RomeCasts Many fucking times I’ll have you know. @runiVL Tier 1 on illi
@AdrenalineCS_ Packetloss: 50% Texas 0% ILL @synapseyo the tv option on the video player @HaanzeR If TSM loses they will have played 2 tourments in like a year period LOOOOL @HaanzeR LMFAO man they believed me too I’m a legendAccidentally put porn on the tv when I was 16 and I told my parents it was the kids who ddossed me on cod hacking our tv @InshaneTM 5 @steph_ecx @Scrounge_ This sounds like I’m capping but unless ur playing for something even practice your only putt… Agent Tier List This is final. No debate. @KP_fps ur mad @JoltVAL LMFAOOO @LoolooLoovely Lost my account @TrickVAL to DMCA with 8.8k followers after following every single step they want mu… @NotReduxx Wait I just saw that wtf man @NotReduxx Ya true definitely not terrible but a lil draining for us boomers @NotReduxx Bro we gotta play for 4 days 🤣 @zekkenVAL @TSM_ZexRow bro who does this guy think he is @AvhynoVAL For sure but I definitely have the loudest voice on the team and if I don’t catch the bad vibes coming e… @Gucc107 If we can edit the vlogs do we also get to be your gf or are those jobs mutually exclusiveRecently I’ve learned so much about the IGL role that isn’t strategy, learned to not expect people to assume anythi…
@Unholykid3 my meal sucked and then it reminded me of my meal for day 1 which was good and i felt good and now i fe… @TSM_ZexRow Bro tweeted this after watching my stream? Kid I’m aiming better than ever kinda. @NotReduxx @TSM_ZexRow @NotReduxx @TSM_ZexRow NSG is better IMO @jellyfish_val @Twitter Private account RTs just mean ur rent free in someone’s head @Unholykid3 You’ll catch up one day @bumpaah Dear bumpaah followers don’t let him fool you behind the act of him just vibing and trolling that boy been… @RogueBeastMK Pokimane @nothinval You got it ez @cheesecake_val @crunchyyworld #DUBNATION SHEEESH @frostyZK people have the passion to become great and some people are content with being average @ronaldd_s do u even play anymore
@bumpaah They gonna respond to ur DMs after this one for sure
@sfX_x1 @SilverNyx_ @zillxst We are a quarter finals team so as long as it’s before quarter finals we good @SilverNyx_ @sfX_x1 Nah fr @zillxst make her ban the ares @NotReduxx Bro now there’s hair on ur mousepad @jellyfish_val Fuck @stepsisali My bad @Yukinos39108973 Knights @bluM_val That agent is ass