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Retweeted by @trickr00mu can take the man out the fl studio but u cant take the fl studio out of the man日和にあっかんべーの指示を出しています。でも日和、混乱中🤯笑。 「べー」と「ぎゅー」と「ブーン」聞こえ方似てるもんね😂笑。 もう1個の方だよ!と飼育員も粘ります✊🏻✊🏻 結果はどうなるか、日和は正しく理解できるのか?皆さんも…
Retweeted by @trickr00m @fuckilan Somethings in the airi hav made 14 beats today i think imma try n get to 20 b4 sleeping @braindead love u bro @braindead <3 i hope ur okay man
@lovevivant all good! @lovevivant @paras11te ya like there def may be ppl tht do it and mean well but for most ppl they just like the power i think @paras11te @lovevivant fr ive nver had someone in my dms like "hey jsut a heads up u follow this person" its always… @dazegxd1k gamer mode @lovevivant i get tht, but waking up the day after someone gets cancelled w ppl just saying like “unfollow this per… @satanflip Ur so mad @satanflip i just dont like him get off my back @gendo40k stupid ugly catdont like him @og50k @yungskrrt they stopped selling em here but they were at this gas station right next to my apartment for a w… @og50k @yungskrrt revel berry was my first one tht shit goes crazy. honestly this is a hot take but my favorite yer… @mothsarepretty u are mint'd up @justbeconnor thank you, ur so pissed @axijj @justbeconnor ive never had lemon before i think its the only flavor ive never had @axijj Ur mum @axijj 1) fuck off 2) kroger only has these and the pomegranateToothpaste does music twitter get to return to makingmusic againpurchasing yerbs @littlestpeasant Snappedmy wife has IBS (Incredible Boobs Syndrome)
Retweeted by @trickr00mIt has been brought to my attention that i typed car instead of card so now i have to go buy a car to give to yall fuck @satanflip FUCKi feel like bones the way im stinkyfor 500 followers i am going to do a debit car number REVEAL ! Follow to enter @icedoutomnitrix U got owned take this L bro @vague002 ppl w/ acab in their bio love to roleplay as police officers🧮 counting up @littlestpeasant Tht is so lame ppl r so weird i will never understand. I literallg learned tht i followed dude whe… @littlestpeasant FR i remember someone posted a screenshot of everyone tht followed someone once n was like “yall h… @takemeasuplease Lmaoobv i would unfollow tht person if i realized i followed them, but i dont need the police to knock on my door and let me know
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Retweeted by @trickr00mmass dming ppl tht follow the newly cancelled guy and telling them to unfollow them is some sociopath shit @mostdarlingboy %_% this one @mostdarlingboy We so alike @littlestpeasant if this one ig live is the most important thing ever and should determine the rest of his life, then life is pointless imo @littlestpeasant i never want anyone to do tht but oaf def scum n super super super terrible. i just was mostly rea… @littlestpeasant I think this is a normal stance @littlestpeasant I think hes a dumbass i dont think he should kill himself @littlestpeasant tht seems excessive @DLUX nouns - dogs ?bro LMAOOO
Retweeted by @trickr00myoutube so slept on fr @6houl_ He’s kind of a hot headI’m about to send in the troopsi have been waiting on my doordash for 1 1/2 hrs and they havent even gotten to the store yet :-(
Yall r going to hellreally a stoner dog is th most badass thing anyone could ever think of .
Retweeted by @trickr00mretweet this tweet if you pray before you eat @tchotchke7 everyone lovs and admiresgoing to sample TWIABP @GR0CERYBAG a simpler timeKay Kurruption 4 years ago Emos didn't disappear, they just grew up and disguised themselves as normal people, recognize. 687 @gayocats Lovely catt <333IMG_1774
Retweeted by @trickr00m @gayocats Bad cat @gayocats Good picture!1112540792241
Retweeted by @trickr00m @gayocats Repost fuck off1083262422534
Retweeted by @trickr00m @ZeroSuitCamus lets go im so blessedi prod and featuredmade a cypher with a bunch of guys
Retweeted by @trickr00m @moonnstones lets go!
@gracehaver Good album @kmoethekid 🔥i have forgotten to upload more stuff to youtube @xedvex its ok ! it was real long time ago it was def super super crazy. i think bad things just happen in small towns @xedvex there was many deaths in my hs now tht i thibk about it which is rlly fk'd up i just think it was normal cu… @xedvex it was crasy it happened like over one of the breaks it didnt happn at the school but one guy accidentally… was a murder @breathingback @_fieldmedic urs goes in the bedroom :) @_fieldmedic i will do everyone but @breathingback @breathingback noWhat should i put on me wall think its near impossible to have 2 good days ina rowSouljaboytellem
Retweeted by @trickr00mthis beat is insane @og50k i started like right when i turned 211181228644452
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Retweeted by @trickr00mi @deer540 🤷🏻‍♂️🤪 @4evr I’m so random lool too much hot sauce im crazy