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80s Mix Tape DJ on @koastradio every Tues nite between 8pm and 11pm. Luv to rock n roll all night, and party every day.

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@thgirlwpinkhair Have a brilliant birthday x @MayaSondhi Am a big fan of 1987#LetTheMusicPlay
Retweeted by Alan WilleyPlease share a photo of the last live gig you went to & say what live music means to you ❤️📻🎙️🎧🎶 #LetTheMusicPlay
Retweeted by Alan WilleyCome join the movement by sharing a photo of the last show you went to & expressing what live music means to you!…
Retweeted by Alan Willey🚨 Miguel Almirón wondergoal alert 🚨 #MyPLSummer
Retweeted by Alan WilleyA pod of 2 halves for this week's Pod on the Tyne (which is free to listen to), with @TaylorandBesty,…
Retweeted by Alan Willey£9k job losses announced today since 3pm with more to come...the day after we Brexit extension deadline. Do not thi…
Retweeted by Alan Willey @KermodeMovie Happy birthday dude @bunnydarke @pod_players Could you/would you do a Fright Night, Near Dark and Lost Boys one too pls 🦇 @boydhilton @Terri_White Signed copy on route.... Eeeeekkkkk
@MrKenMitchell Sending u love and best wishes... @danielmaier If ur looking for a good Toon podcast, check out Pod on The Tyne. ⚽ @danielmaier We just gotta keep him... Other teams will be watching... @welliver_titus Have a great time mate... @AsimC86 @asaintmaximin Great game.Love this song.. ❤️ @TashaThornhil Is it weird am pissed off we didn't keep a clean sheet. Lol @LifeOnMars_tv Yes..... Been waiting 2 series for this classic lol @GaryAPhilipson Spotted @NomadicWriter Any chance to get the dynamic square of John, Phil, Liz and Marshall on before the end. They are beloved ❤️ @salihughes Brilliant... 👍 @NickdeSemlyen @BlackPumasMusic Just heard Colours on new @SamsungMobile Galaxy TV advert. Brilliant @TremensDr Not an actual parrot. Bloke in a suit... @Terri_White DM me ur PayPal email address and will get ticket moneys over x @Terri_White Of course am sure... ❤️ #teamterri @AmeelouNufc This is the toughest af yet. Straight up calls him a traitor.
Retweeted by Alan Willey @EmilyStrigl @pbowker7 @NomadicWriter Can't wait to watch it... @GabyRoslin @BBCOne It was brilliant @alexwilley2000 @lynnejackaman @PollyJames It's fine.. In 14 yrs or so u will get ur house back. They start locking themselves up in their rooms then 👍 @TheLKittens @Terri_White Good luck for Sunday... If I may, I would like to help out with buying some tickets to pass on to othe… @JeffreyKlarik @FriendsTV @HookedonFriends They are overrated.@IanMcKellen will match donations from the public of up to £40,000 as part of a new fundraising campaign to help b…
Retweeted by Alan Willey @ZoboWithShotgun I never look outta window at night.. Coz u know, summat will be there... @Jaynesharp A slow one.RIP comedy genius Carl Reiner
Retweeted by Alan Willey @NetflixUK Dudes, we need sum 80s classics. Lot more Steve Martin films, etc. Cheers @TaylorandBesty Ska. Dirty bastard
@NickdeSemlyen Reading ur book now... Massive comedy influence. Rest easy Carl... @NickdeSemlyen @jonbonjovi This ain't a love song is important to me, at a bad time iny life... Love u guys... Stay safeOh balls... @spencermillman U ain't seen anything yet.. What dirty bastard thought this up... Deranged brain... Ugh I feel sick❤️ @NickdeSemlyen @boydhilton Going to Mocha Joe's to celebrate... Anyone wanna scone? @NickdeSemlyen I mean All of Me.... A classic... But then so is other 3. Shit we lost a good one.... @robreiner So sorry Rob. Carl was a king of comedy x @NickdeSemlyen @KirkHoneycutt Mint... Seeing this Ferris Réunited on You Tube has me in an almighty JH mood... @NickdeSemlyen Hi mate, is there a good John Hughes book out there u can recommend pls. Cheers“Sam? Sam, this is important. We need everyone to pay attention. There’s a big #LifeOnMarsLive announcement about a…
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Marilyn Monroe on the set of "Let's Make Love," 1960.
Retweeted by Alan Willey @Terri_White Dolphin sounds on CD. Check. Bean bag. Check. 😎 @NomadicWriter @TremensDr @AJPharoah It's fabulous... I remember it well.. Also the full gig is on music app Deezer… Carroll and Matty Longstaff react to that Dwight Gayle miss...#nufc 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Alan Willey @MissySM Newcastle fans weren't represented properly by the bloody team either. So angry last night. Lol. But I kn… @Ladyannafoster @bbcnewcastle Please play @lynnejackaman new single Sooner or Later. xWhat did your Monday need? A fuckin' theme song, that's what... #ItsMonday
Retweeted by Alan Willey @TremensDr @AJPharoah @NomadicWriter #LifeOnMarsLiveYou can see @RealEarlSlick @mplati @Gail_Ann_Dorsey @mikegarson @emmgryner @hollypalmerlife and the rest of…
Retweeted by Alan Willey#NUFC
Retweeted by Alan Willey @LukeEdwardsTele We're pretty much safe... Just bloody go 4 it. Give it everything... So disappointing. Just want a team that tries... @ZoboWithShotgun @PhilNobileJr How big is the house tho... @BuddyWent @GeorgeCaulkin This really boiled my piss... Screaming at the telly they won the fucking Champions League. Christ....
@TaylorandBesty You've changed... @AmeelouNufc Have had enuff @GaryAPhilipson Chocolate Orange @TaylorandBesty I have had enuff of disappointment after disappointment. Will sum fucker take us over please... I thank you ⚽ @Jaynesharp Monster Spiders.... #SundayThoughts #soonerorlater
Retweeted by Alan Willey @laurenlaverne Any chance of Bruce Springsteen full Glasto set on iplayer? @GeorgeCaulkin Embarrassing @danielmaier All that hard work man... @ZoboWithShotgun Rewatched recently... Toni Collette is incredible @lynnejackaman Fantastic tune. Incredible voice, lovely lady x @thgirlwpinkhair Hangover Maccy D's needed stat. Kitten down. We have a kitten down people.. Lol 😎 @KoastRadio @markymarkkoast @lynnejackaman Absolutely love this song... Can't wait for the album ❤️Today's Schedule. Have a fab Sunday. 🎙️📻🎧 #SundayThoughts #sundaytoday #SundayMotivation
Retweeted by Alan Willey @mrjakehumphrey Ur lads did u proud on Saturday mate. @TimKrul man of the match 4 me. Was hoping u could hang on...… @thgirlwpinkhair Thought u mite like. I don't think I will ever sleep again. X
@TimKrul @EmiratesFACup U pulled off sum great saves mate. U deserved better... @nickmurftweets Could u knock me up a bench pls pal... Decent effort @howatdk At a quiet bit of Batman Returns and dropping a mostly full bag of Maltesers on the floor of the cinema...… @Jaynesharp What is the meaning of life....I'm a self employed black gardener based in south east london, work is hard to find thesedays. I'd a appreciate it…
Retweeted by Alan Willey @LifeOnMars_tv @JohnSimmSociety See ya on Wednesday @DeanoTheBeano72 Mate, humanity is the disease...It's Day 74 and things are getting weird...
Retweeted by Alan Willey @danielmaier We can do it Dan @NickdeSemlyen Bigelow knows her shizzle... @NickdeSemlyen TruthDon't be a fuckin prick... Be a Womble. Take ur shit home... 👍 @BenSTravis U got thru Candyman OK then.. Lol @NickdeSemlyen Oh boy.... @NickdeSemlyen Looks like am watching Point Break later too. Lol. Never seen the remake, have no plans to watch it...