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Erin Matthews, Freelance Artist, Crybaby. I mostly just draw OCs, they/she 🏳️‍🌈⚢ | ☕️ | email:

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@LkyBlkCatXIII (how dare you when you're right there) @LkyBlkCatXIII GOD HES SO FUCKING CUUUUUUTEEEEEBeen on a game break so nothing plot related, just some self indulgence! One of Sav's favorite things is writing l…
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I need.... to draw more mouse Kaz soon.... 🤔🤔🤔leetle church mous
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @tokimekiwaku 😘✌ @tokimekiwaku [steals the venti bag and runs] @lemonteaflower I remember ALL ur ocs I still love them so much!!!!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕 @lemonteaflower omg I havent seen his face in so long... 🥺 @lazuwu AWWW omg im glad I was able to capture that without knowing, I could just feel it in my core this is what s… @dennydraws AWW Tulala is too cute there was no way I wasnt gonna fit a drawing of her in, THANK YOU!! and omg plea… @runehallowed hes lookin at you like 👁 w👁...... but for real LYN THESE ALL CAME OUT SO NICE [GIVES A BIG OLD CHEF KISS]OKAY i also decided to try actually drawing for the first time at one of these events ... !! nudges these forward…
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @runehallowed YEAAAAAAAAASSSSS [STUFFS THAT MIKHA IN MY MOUTH AGAIN] @gelatobear omg renée i cant believe i havent said it yet BUT THESE ARE SO CUTE.... i am in love with ur great fair… @harmonizes WAAHH THANK YOU JAY!! 🥺🥺💕💕💕💕 (omg yeah twitter tends to do that sometimes FOR SOME REASON...)fast ones #costadelsundae
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @xiria_aras AAAAAAAAHHH I SCREAAMMED you made my boy so handsom, thank you so much 🥺🥺💖💗💕💗💖💖💕 @kanonending keep them safe.... keep them warm... @xiria_aras THANK YOU!!! 🥺🥺🥺 @Crystias AWWW I'M GLAD YOU LIKE HER!! She was just too cute not to draw!! :'3c
@runehallowed of course 😘 @runehallowed THANK YOU FOR COMIN WITH ME :3 I'VE ENJOYED VIBIN AND DRAWING WITH YOU!!!!!!!! even as u are currentl… @LkyBlkCatXIII @runehallowed OH BABE THERES TONS LIKE ALWAYS GOING ON i shall bug ur ass to come next time >:3just been creeping and doing some chibi warm ups at #costadelsundae 😘 only got energy for two catboys #costadelsundae
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @XernaTeriyo omg these are so sweet THANK U FOR DRAWIN MY LAD (im mikha) :'3 @runehallowed I'M JUST TRYING TO SEE WHAT UR READING!!!!LRT i am chilling at this event rn but more importantly look at my lad... 🥺at #costadelsundae! dont have much time but thought id try something a lil different this target is Mikh'a Nirbhay…
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @wolves_strife AHHH OMG thank you again for this pic of my boy i am just 🥰🥰🥰 and thank you even more for also havin… @boobbiggie ANYTHING FOR MY LOVE 💵💵💵💵💵 @boobbiggie i would like to take him on a very expensive date @Egocider BEAUTIFUL design!!!! i'm in love 😩😩😩
@bananacatlah WAAHHH I'M SO GLAD!!! I've said many times but THANK U FOR COMMISSIONING ME he was just so much fun to draw, I felt honored 😭😭
I feel like I have gotten stronger since my last round of commissions... WHICH MEANS I feel like I'm taking longer… be slowly posting commissions as I finish them, first one of Merendir for @bananacatlah !! (I love ur lad so… @chexmakes CRIESSSS CHEX THANK YOUUU!!! 😭😭😭 this is honestly the best thing i could hear tysm... he does deserve a…
@runehallowed my lad will be dead on ur stoop... waitin..... @runehallowed yea i'll bust ur door down @tanriika handsom 😳😳😳😳 @runehallowed his best quality...... his feets......I've just been doing comm sketches and drawing mouse kaz, all is right in the world @LkyBlkCatXIII he just wants to sleep peacefully on ur pillowbaybee sleep
@hotarujaejae thank you so much!!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺
@_Nolnir_ CLUTCHES MY HEART...! @AsterDnD oh my god... PLEASE.... THEY'RE SO SOFT.... 🥺🥺🥺 @AsterDnD NOW HIM AND KAZOO CAN TRULY HANG OUT @LkyBlkCatXIII I LOVE ME THIS PUBBY LADEven though he's got the bird theme going on in his life, down to his core Saverio is...a pubby
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @spicydinos thank u..... @spicydinos bro please k word me @RaidenF_Cheese well I mean the others still exist but yes lol @cinder_val 🥺🥺🥺if u liked this post ur now obligated to look at my ocs @explodingcrayon he simply comes by it naturally 🥺🥺🥺 @obedaiya THANK YOOOOOUU 😭😭😭 @cinder_val don't die he'd be too sad 🥺🥺🥺 @bearyprince hes just A LIL GUY!!! @kanonending ur collection is GROWING....!!!! @Shindras_ THANK YOU!!!!!!! the best part to draw was his feetsies.... 🥺🥺 @zheida SCREAMS BACK AT YOU @boobbiggie U CAN EAT HIM AS LONG AS I CAN EAT FOXOVANleetle church mous
@DELUSAIRE it feels like abandoning your own child 😩😩😩 @SPAREBIKES SOBS, THAT MAKES SO HAPPY TO HEAR...!!! 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜🌙⭐✨ this pull is astronomical ✨⭐🌙
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSEDI'll never be done finding cute outfits I think Kaz should wear... his long hair look is also growing on me 🌱
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSEDme voice: i dont play favourites, i love all my ocs equally also me voice: here's Kaz, my only oc @boobbiggie [eats him]
@zheida hey now-- 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @zheida ILDEEEEEE I LOVE YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU
@LkyBlkCatXIII OH VICTOR, YOU HORRID LITTLE BRAT @tokimekiwaku YEAH like i know boxlunch does a lot of those subtle nerd bag designs!! BUT AGREED!!!!!! game companies listen to the ppl @tokimekiwaku YOU DO THEM SO WELL, whys it so hard for western companies to give us more stealth nerd designs......… @tokimekiwaku fucking just STUMBLES OVER MYSELF FOR ALL OF THESE........ u should be hired for these designs cause i want em so badlike man this was so hard you guys all sent me so many good requests... how dare you.... I'll try to see how much s… emails and invoices have been sent out for commissions!! Thank you everyone SO MUCH for the interest, I honestl… @Cuttlesworth OH THAT NAME IS KICKASS WTF?!?!! i hope you get to play them in a game soon!!!! @Cuttlesworth oh i LOVE this design!!!
@ambisweetiepie oh don't worry!! as long as I continue to be jobless these will pop up often enough HAHA!!! I await for this day :'3 @Recarmdra EYES BACK AT YOU 👀ALRIGHT, thank you everyone!! form is officially closed for submissions! I'll be sending out emails and invoices so…
@LkyBlkCatXIII everytime you make me read "vargas sama" i get closer and closer to beating you up (GOD THO ALKSFJALKSFJASF) @synkling OH I'd say around 10p or 12a EST!! BUT WEHHH, THANK YOU SO MUCH??? I'm so happy you like my colouring 😭😭😭I know I said I'd have this open for a few days but I think I plan to close the form later tonight!! So there's sti… @EtteLune Oh sure!! I don't have a price listing set aside but I'd say itd be the base Headshot/Icon price per how… @Wesleythyheghog ALWAYS here for the floof!![💕RTs] As promised commissions are FINALLY open again and for the first time are NOT first come first served!! (so…
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kofi comms 3/3! 💖
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @quartzquadrant OMG THE SCREAM I JUST LET OUT, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY BOY SO CUTE 😭😭😭 @_bonne_justice_ YEA. YOU 👁👄👁 @kanonending IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/Was commissioned by @vescatur to draw a human version of Strahd in his red armor and I had quite a lot of fun tackl…
Retweeted by airinn🌱 @ COMMS CLOSED @_bonne_justice_ I SEE YOU!!!!!!!!! @_Nolnir_ 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭 @_Nolnir_ MY ARMS ARE OPEN AND WAITING FOR U STAWWY 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @gelatobear my arms await you renée 🥺🥺🥺 @CubedCake 👀👀👀❗❗❗❗