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@BorisJohnson Cutting red tape is Tory Speak for reducing health and safety, workers' rights and environmental prot…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithComing up: the most extraordinary thread I’ve ever written. On how we blew over £150m and Andrew Mills (a Governmen…
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Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithEvery penny this hero raised for the NHS has been lost to Liz Truss' mate who has a company worth £100 on paper....…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithI'm joining #faceyourart but only with husband kisses #GoodOmens #faceyourart2020
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithjust m̶a̶n̶i̶f̶e̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ thinking #goodomens
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith(5/5) Please consider supporting by becoming a patron(patrons read ahead and get bonus :D) or if you're not as comf…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithMonster Omens 479-483 (4/5) #monsteromens #ineffablehusbands #GoodOmensFanArt #myart #GoodOmens #webcomic
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith“Head offices don’t control us anymore, I can go on about how cute you are all the time now!” #ineffablehusbands
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith#dtiys for lovely @jencroo ❤️ #GoodOmens #GoodOmensFanArt #jencroodtiys
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @primevideouk we arrange it for next week, i need it @KathyNerissa I do feel there has been a real positive shift in the last five years, as you so not enough yet but o… @ineffablekink exactly this 👍 @Minuialeth @F4cetious4life agreed, it's bad enough for the stuff grown ups are looking forward to but can't imagin… @CherubAzira @colorfulcore1 @lilibetpride YEEEES I love that, it also fits in with them being dumbasses and having… @KathyNerissa So cute 🥰🥰 @OarsForShovels me tooooooo ♥️💓♥️💓 but also like, oh they're so grown up 😢😭🥰 happy tears 😄omg they're getting married?!? 🥺💓💓My babies 🥰 @KittyDorkling She is really stunning 😍🥺🥺
@Psycho_Sonic_C absoLUTELY 😳 @JohannaMaas4 Oh, gods yes, but this is photoshopping propaganda and then accusing Biden of spying and I-- that has… @drwhofan_194 Yep absolutely re: the diverse casting, also the ol' 'female-led movies' BS. Disney had the chance th…**the floor is lava** @TheMindOggles ♥️🧡💛 @drwhofan_194 Jeez yeah, I was so looking forward to that on the big screen - that definitely doesn't deserve to be…, it looks like someone photoshopped out a microphone he was holding at an event to make it look like he was...…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithholy shit wtf of COURSE this would happen to Black Widow, the film we got ten years too late in the first place @KathyNerissa Thank you my dear ♥️💓♥️ x x x @F4cetious4life That is. Out. Rageous. Now I'm angry - I absolutely refuse to subscribe to Disney+ in the first pl… @lilibetpride it should have RAINED FISH @colorfulcore1 @lilibetpride the other thing about that that someone headcanoned was that Aziraphale perhaps doesn… is probably just a clickbaity thing but... Just in case.Ahahaha, no, are you kidding me? I want to see the film, I don't want to be extorted. This doesn't help the movie… love this!!!
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @KathyNerissa Umm.. 😕😔 it's kicking my ass tbh. 😩 @lilibetpride @LadyBismuth Yess I feel this too ♥️america is wiiiild and capitalism f***ING sucks miss when Dr Who was just escapist fun that didn't comment on political or social issues :(
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithWhile filming The Day of the Doctor (2013), David Tennant and Matt Smith jokingly started signing off messages to e…
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Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithThe before and after of #Beirut port. No words... dozens of firefighters were on site when the explosion happened..…
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Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @FangirlTennant Awww congratulations! ♥️💓 You look beautiful 💓I've been watching this vid all day and: Crowley Aziraphale @KathyNerissa Awww, a frazzler? 😔 Still: *big hugs* hope tomorrow is a better day ☺️ @SimonEvans25 @staged2020 @BBCOne @BBCiPlayer @VictorGlynnFilm @michaelsheen @AdrianLester @PhineasGlynn @KathyNerissa 😩 are you back in the office lovely? 😔 @thewhitecurl Oh YAY!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍 my nuns.
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithIf you don't support demisexuality or think those who identify are just 'straight people saying it for attention' p… day. This is how I feel. Every fucking day.
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithlook at all the longing @ineffablekink 😔 it in GOmens fic when whatever problem Crowley and Aziraphale have they go to Anathema - and be it magical, me… is perfect.
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithThe last part *chef's kiss*
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @ineffableve This one's iconic
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OHhhh maan @KittyDorkling ♥️♥️ thank you. I never thought of it like that.. I think I do get too hung up on the past 😕 @ElleninAnger ♥️ @KathyNerissa ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75) died 145 years ago today. He is remembered as master of the fairytale & beloved c…
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Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithhonest to god just wrote a whole thread of studf like this about myself and it's in my drafts so that I can keep looking at it… literally get into bed straight after work and don't want to move. All the fun things I did after work in lockdow… @crowsinthe wowee. what a journey you have been on, and some downright terrible things that made my eyebrows nearly… once had a chat with Kelly Sue DeConnick about the fact she'd travelled from NW england to London and back in a… @kazzani jfc this is so awfulJust a reminder that a fifth of Lebanon's total population are refugees. A small country collapsing under a series…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithI’m glad someone finally asked him this instead of just letting him blindly repeat lies about Obama.
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithcan this guy interview him all the time. and then can he come here and interview our damn politicians because he i… informative thread on what’s happening in Lebanon #prayingforlebanon #Lebanon
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithGuys! I just realised, it’s NEXT WEEK!! 😲😍 Can’t wait!!!!! 😍 @DavidTennantPod #DavidTennant
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithwoke up from your long nap, Crowley?
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithhe's going back to his roots
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithCongratulations to director @drmuig, and all our #ITG clients involved in #GoodOmens, winner of Best Dramatic Prese…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @SouthOmens feels like Donald Trump did a cameo on Parks&Rec and played the most idiotic president ever
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith#faceyourart but it's only Crowley :D #GoodOmens #GoodOmensFanArt
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @kuramoriz I love the ducky mask!! 😄I want to be as cool as the person who made this sign
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithI am the original writer of Sandman and I endorse this picture.
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Julian Lewis who beat Chris Grayling to intelligence chair role had the Tory whip stripped from him. A Tory MP arr…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith @OwlGams @hotvillainsHQ This is so CUTE ♥️💓♥️Best fictional couple, hands down #ineffablehusbands #aziraphale #crowely #crowelyxaziraphale #goodomens
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// TricksyliesmithI’m rewatching #UmbrellaAcademy and needed to make this design! ☂️ I heard a rumor you can find it in my redbubble…
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmithneurodivergent kids make some noise
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Oh no, he's more hot @TheMindOggles @RagnarokTangler HAHA yeah, you'd get the 'ugly one' and all your mates would let it hang over you forever 🙄😂😂 @TheMindOggles @RagnarokTangler Omg yes. And the ones where you followed flow charts to find the 'guy of your dream…👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 @KittyDorkling I'm so sorry to hear this, so awful. Glad you got to see her, sending lots of love ♥️The film crew. This is amazing.
Retweeted by Cachu Hwch 🌈// Tricksyliesmith♥️♥️ it's orange♥️♥️ thread 👍 @RagnarokTangler Absolute maniacs 😒😒