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20 | MDL, ADV, IM are all CSGO ESEA leagues, I wasn’t apart of any of them but they look good in bios

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@sinixwyd shes gonna make a new acc and double ur followers in 5 mins bro watch the tone ong @domCSGO Ya that’s what I’m thinking @bhronosFN I Def lost muscle and gained fat but I feel stronger than ever for sure I’m thinking ima peek 195 but af… @IPocKyy_ @IPocKyy_ When I’m done eating I’ll go check but ya it’ll be around there I weighed my food for 2 years and just sc… @WhoIeshnack @vohlii Bro I didn’t see ur lame ass follow me until now DIDNT know I had to renew my ayman follow every 2 months LMFAO @vohlii @WhoIeshnack Ayman Bro what is this account number 5
@Virtyyyy Way to cute to quit bro take a couple day’s off then come back in demon mode 😈 @audreyisbetter Where could you possibly get confusedNew twitter bioMy followers coming back to the TL once I bring up the unfollow to follow some people back who are active on twitter and unfollow some people I think died @Cryocells_ lebron? @Stahtix 13 @turntdais @Hiko @Nadeshot so wholesome now shockdart geng @Governor_Val cringe smart ew @heyFL1X dangerous man @Mxtiqe @deIay @Finnex That’s what the best val cheaters do, private cheats are undetectable even by a very invasiv…
@ItsGRicky @Froste same thing happened to me. After I ordered all the sudden my sister was automatically signed up… @wildfirecsg HUGEI physically and emotionally cannot watch icebox gameplay, shit has to be the most boring gameplay of all time @Yonji_x1 ok man @Virtyyyy It’s not about skill it’s about how good you are at corralling bad players to be decent @Bankroft Recruit difficulty @Scrounge_ I’m talking about editors that do it for streamers not that clickbait stuff LOL @ExaltVAL @HSPercentVal this guy kills me out of the air when I play him, enough said @Unholykid3 Thanks bro @wildfirecsg Thanks motha Ukraine @averyyfps Thanks Avery @ashIyne I’m cracked at fortnite dude @DivineGuuru Thanks g @428Light Vouch
@shroud TSM and Bahooks @wildfirecsg @PlayVALORANT Vouch @Mxtiqe @SaintsORG WWWWWW @Apex_VL exactly @keysVALTV yes @iiKlemm yes! @heyFL1X F @regan_travis huge thanks goat igl @iiKlemm no ur still the goat but one day I will surpass @Gaannzo holy sht thanks future brother of top 0.1% of model @Glorinsz ty g means alot @Scrounge_ thanks big scrounge @mintaims means alot bro thanks @428Light thank you king @Shanks_TTV freebro smh @Falconnus @NiSMO_VAL takes that but Im good too no cap @novlaa ty g @spadies hi spadies @7bels wym i guess @sneezyxr lfg @Mavolant love you mav @AyeeTrain @PlayVALORANT we love ayetrain @HitBox_VAL we love you @brawku that is a sexy manLFT 🤪 VLR: Spike: Liquipedia: Any questions just dm @nicol3 quit being weird @CoedleTV @PlayVALORANT vouch @ProfessorSoop @PlayVALORANT vouch @andersin_val @HarmonVAL1 no shot they made you change the team name @bmpwrr I got u bro @WARDELL416 @GenG Y’all taking the dub no cap @frostyZK @atlasz_z @tetchraFN Vouch @bbyslaze thanks gamer gal @Mavolant Thanks goat @sznyawn @Glorinsz I am sorry you did not deserve that @nCaustic_ tytty @shephyrd tytythey don't teach this @bumpaah @TheDopaiTV Now it’s ur turn @CasperrFPS 60% headshot in his omen games a few games back xd
@mintaims @_novaVAL @ReDoFPS Also when you are super unfamiliar with angles and know ur gonna have to flick and hit… really think changing sens and mouse pad will make them get out of plat 3 @Atlantr0 Shotguns and LMGs are super overpowered in Valorant but only situationally but once u try to force them every round it’s FKD @Anti_Valorant Even if they are streaming you should be able to see your teammates names in pre game! @Anti_Valorant Bro I’m hiding my name because I stream, you shouldn’t be able to hide ur name from your own team. I… @sfX_x1 @Schovee That’s the thing the judge is busted CT and post plant so they all go AFK T side and once you get… @Schovee @sfX_x1 When I use shotguns I actually kill people @mintaims I played a KJ judge player last game, got 1 kill T side and it was pistol roundFor those of you who aren’t in high elo let me explain a super big problem with high elo ranked rn, there are about… @sfX_x1 Bro he uses shotgun raze for 12 hours a day and still isn’t a better shotgun raze than me xdAll hidden names and no displayed ranks, really dont fw this tbh
@spookyaddison @7bels Agreed we love spooky Addison @7bels @spookyaddison @spookyaddison @7bels You guys dress alike @azeFPS @wildfirecsg Nope @wildfirecsg He isn’t saying he will buy u a pc he’s saying it’ll be $1200 @902Creed @Brehze Played with that guy in a faceit game dude isn’t human bro I don’t wanna play this guy @ashIyne Bo1 cares @ashIyne *who asked* @CarbynVAL Link I’m tryna make one wtf @KP_fps Everyone reply to his tweet and call him that I need a block list @Scrounge_ bro im tryna get in the good lobbies @zasofps wats the elo looking like @WtfMunkey @riotgames Lasts way longer @WtfMunkey @riotgames What’s the counter to getting blinded even when you turn away
@Polar2_ Do u know em @HitBox_VAL @VanguardChamps zekken 1v5