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Join us at 12pm on zoom . My session will be at 2pm kindly join in . Dm me for link to join #thenewafricanmind @trigmaticrocks True, that's my next work to harness mine to be bettrr
Retweeted by #YewoBiGood information here @trigmaticrocks
Retweeted by #YewoBiWhat is an ISRC CODE ? Musicians , this is for us.’s do this ✊🏾 @Mz_VeryEndowed Hahahahhahahaaa @Mz_VeryEndowed Sendi hi w) DM @Mz_VeryEndowed Ok DMAll Creatives in Ghana must support this Agenda! Together we can make our industry better where people get to enjoy…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @Mz_VeryEndowed I still dey wait the tin ooo. I no bed since last time @Mz_VeryEndowed Hmmmmm @Soulman5K True I no talk ANYTHING chale . So what u reply to ?
We have power within us as Spirits and when harnessed forms greatness✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾One-On-One Interview With Trigmatic; He Says GHAMRO Needs Overhauling + ... @nydjlivedotcom @SantrofiMusic Yeah thanks @DjMicSmith I dey for u▶️ on #ShoutsOnY via @Y1079FM 📻 @trigmaticrocks - Akaak3 Moko ft @1RealJoeyB #YRefresh
Retweeted by #YewoBiMy guys @SantrofiMusic number one on the world music Chart ! Go Ghana 🇬🇭
@Mz_VeryEndowed Eish coming up @Mz_VeryEndowed You haven’t chosen me . I chose first . So send me then quickly choose me @Mz_VeryEndowed I choose u oooo. So resend am this way @Mz_VeryEndowed Please I’ve chosen u: let the momo come waiClick the link guys !!! Silicon Live - Trigmatic by @trigmaticrocks via the @audiomack app @trigmaticrocks
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Anticipate #Musicmakers Powered by davejoystudios and features @trigmaticrocks officialamogh btapeband safoaband oh…
Retweeted by #YewoBiThe full doc will make u tear @jayfoley2131 @iamedem Hahahahhahahahhahaaaa @trigmaticrocks - Better Man
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@wonderwingsgh I ordered food from the asylum down branch few minutes ago and the lady I spoke with was so nice . T… move by my brother @iamedem UNTIL GHAMRO PAYS ME 'BETTER' ROYALTIES, I AM NO LONGER A MEMBER - EDEM @Ceeta_ Bless u tooIssa @trigmaticrocks night. Tracks back to back saaaa. God bless u 🥰
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@JahleadGh We can’t stop @Bra_Ayisi is a 💎 gem listen to this . Eiiiii God ! What can this young man do more ? Bless your talent @JahleadGh it By @trigmaticrocks is a song you need to listen early morning before you step out. Lyrics, production, everything on point
Retweeted by #YewoBiIN ANY CHANGE PROCESS, EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE IS KEY. Ghana Music Alliance For Change is launching 'MUSIC MINDS FRI…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @trigmaticrocks ft A.I - motromodwo (hypocrisy) is one of my top 10 songs of all time. Timeless record 🎶🎶🎶😊
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@trigmaticrocks Ghanaians need change, and the change must happen in our mindset.
Retweeted by #YewoBi @captainplanetgh Nobi truuuue.Gh Music To the World 🌎🙏🙏🙏🙏!!! Thanks for the support! @DelaBotri X @trigmaticrocks Tuesday evening shall be great…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @RichardeAddison @_king_stripes Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa @trigmaticrocks @kaessuman @NAkufoAddo It’s very sad this politicians are very wicked.hmmm
Retweeted by #YewoBiIt is paramount for the government to think about this and not give preference to roads that bring only cocoa from…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @captainplanetgh So u won’t call me again eh? Yooo!Some of us haven’t been anywhere and we know it’s to keep us safe . But if many others will put us all in danger be… the primaries , many were holding hands and hugging and not adhering to anything said about covid prevention… you on this ! We all must be guided by the law and that includes politicians . No one is above the law ! If ma… want to share this video in support of the Church. The law is the law and must apply to all. I agree 💯 what the B…
Retweeted by #YewoBiTuesday 4pm , Facebook and Insta live and get some good education from these Legends @DelaBotri (Been on the World Stage) and…
Retweeted by #YewoBiThere’s never been a generation that has not fully relied on agriculture for survival. Being a farmer goes beyond t…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @_king_stripes Coming soon
@BraBrobbey Yeah chale @TheRealObofour If there are any lawyers on here, I want to ask if he can sue ? @kaessuman @TheRealObofour We surely are not safe . We ought to question people regardless their background or profession . Me… 👏🏼!!! Just Greatness🙏🙏🙏❤️
Retweeted by #YewoBiGod Bless Ghana Music🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏼✊🏼❤️
Retweeted by #YewoBiIt is Joyous to see the young individuals contributing immensely in the #agriculturalsector to solve #FoodSecurity
Retweeted by #YewoBi@trigmaticrocks - Ma Joley 🎶 on @PluzzFm 89.9 🇬🇭 📻 It’s Drive with #TheAreaGang, @233lyon 🎤 & Myself 🎧🎼
Retweeted by #YewoBi @trigmaticrocks Yewo Bi Sharp...
Retweeted by #YewoBiYes it is. @iam_8tavio @trigmaticrocks
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#MuseAfrica @trigmaticrocks Educates on The Difference Between Traditional Music and Highlife. Read more:…
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@skontigh Hahahahhahahaaaaa @skontigh U see say u start ooo @trigmaticrocks Educates on The Difference Between Traditional Music and Highlife
Retweeted by #YewoBi💡 @rosie_rossy @RichardeAddison @Agricday @UNFPAGHANA @EuropeInGhana @UNFPA Will revert @rosie_rossy @RichardeAddison @Agricday @UNFPAGHANA @EuropeInGhana @UNFPA Please do @rosie_rossy @RichardeAddison @Agricday @UNFPAGHANA @EuropeInGhana @UNFPA Let’s talkFarmers are the most valuable citizens of a country because they are tied to the land. With an open and fair local…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @lydiaforson @yvonnenelsongh @moigovgh @ameyaw112 @stonebwoyb @shattawalegh @sammyforson @yvonneokoro @sarkodie @yvonnenelsongh @moigovgh @ameyaw112 @lydiaforson @stonebwoyb @shattawalegh @sammyforson @yvonneokoro @sarkodie
@caroline4real @Ahomka_Ginger @GeraldCrack @GiovaniCaleb Baby sorry ok. Morrow I go send personal security for u @caroline4real @Ahomka_Ginger @GeraldCrack @GiovaniCaleb Eiiiiiiiiiiiii @caroline4real @Ahomka_Ginger @GeraldCrack @GiovaniCaleb Wooooooooow!!! Chale we for protect you guys ooo. U stop d… @caroline4real @Ahomka_Ginger @GeraldCrack @GiovaniCaleb How come u never told me your boo. I’m hurt @trigmaticrocks if she lies about the matter there norr breakup
Retweeted by #YewoBi @BLAQBOYPAUL Oh @MuunMyraid I like this @trigmaticrocks I’ll just keep the purse. If she ever mentions it, we’ll talk about it and how it got to me that w…
Retweeted by #YewoBi @trigmaticrocks Could be she left it ,you didn’t see and he surfaced it for you to see.
Retweeted by #YewoBi @tae_univerze That’s true @trigmaticrocks maybe he gave her a lift.
Retweeted by #YewoBi @trigmaticrocks Yawa don pai
Retweeted by #YewoBi @OseibaidooEmma2 @moigovgh @ameyaw112 @lydiaforson @stonebwoyb @trigmaticrocks @shattawalegh @sammyforson
Retweeted by #YewoBi @trigmaticrocks It’s your woman’s purse in your car mate.
Retweeted by #YewoBi @tae_univerze I love that angle . Nice but what if it wasn’t there when he came for it @etchyFingers U could be right @trigmaticrocks Ask first for confirmation before I leave
Retweeted by #YewoBiEyes no see it is not ugly 😂
Retweeted by #YewoBiA friend borrowed your car for a night to return the next morning. Upon return u found a lady’s purse in the car an…🇬🇭 @skontigh @Y1079FM Wodi bankyi AB) ngumu. Wa wai @andydosty Loooool bro