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@ade_oladipo1 @SkySportsNews CongratsNap dates are the move 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by bN$😂 Arts... But for da man dem... Ya get me bruv.
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Did you know that an estimated $1.7Billion will be spent on influencer marketing? And that micro-influencers with a…
Retweeted by bN$ @chad_dexter *begging for the ‘number 1’ @sobersmusic 😂😂😂 is this what you know? No wonder you think it’s wordplay. Dismissed @sobersmusic You make EDM, no wonder @ratiodnb @mozfinch @djlogansama 😭 @djlogansama I see so many tweets saying “godzilla” isn’t bad, he’s still got it, real mc blah blah... my ears got… @djlogansama HahahahaThis Young Thug Leak Is INSANE
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when it’s all said and done i hope niggas know i tried
Retweeted by bN$The work @BOUNCEPLAYDIRTY does I see it with my own eyes 👏🏿, NEVER stops working. @DigDat8 new video is colddddddd @ElleSharyll @TriceMariee @Vse210 @03Shaquille How do you know? @TriceMariee @Vse210 @03Shaquille Been looking for an answer for this since I watched it a few hours ago lolIn 'Poltergeist' (1982), the skeletons used in the pool scene were actual skeletons as it was cheaper to use real o…
Retweeted by bN$Just try this and see how awkward it feels. That's why he's Sugar Ray.
Retweeted by bN$me and my mom lol.
Retweeted by bN$The gym shark leak guides are so basic !! You people are actually paying other people to tell you stuff you can g…
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@LittleSimz @lucilellis @gucci 🔥🔥🔥 @stormzy Lol I get the joke, but in all honesty people that have that rhetoric about @djvlad don’t watch enough, he… @rantsnbants They meant in the league. And your the person people are supposed to be listening too about United 🤷🏿‍♂️ @BodegaaCat @Themlotsdad Lol ouchIf Future was a white man you guys would call it goals
Retweeted by bN$I know it’s late but I’ve just come across this black version of Netflix’s You on IG and I need the second part 😂👏🏿
Retweeted by bN$As you grow & experience life for yourself, your views & opinions on certain things will change. You will agree & d…
Retweeted by bN$My sis @TEYANATAYLOR asked me to cut up her @LouisVuitton Kim Jones Denim jacket and make her a tactical harness. T…
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See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming.
Retweeted by bN$my son does the absolute most...😒
Retweeted by bN$I still think this is one of the best hack videos I’ve seen
Retweeted by bN$059 - 'Social + Marketing Mistakes to Avoid' 🗣️ A brand isn't just a logo 🙄 🗣️ Cheap engagement tactics 🥴 🗣️ Influ…
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Who let DaBaby and Blac Youngsta link up 😂
Retweeted by bN$Lacazette’s career highlights so far at Arsenal 👏🏾 | The new Henry 🇫🇷 ?? | 5/7/17 - 12/1/20 [1080i]
Retweeted by bN$ @_NOMICS Drakes bit is easier on the ear for people that can’t be bothered to digest the auto tune or a different v…
A timeline of Meghan Markle’s Media abuse, the Racism and Double standards And how the Royals family might be behi…
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American artists not coming with this energy stilllll
Retweeted by bN$You really don’t know a person until you: 1) Travel with them. 2) Money is involved. 3) You deal with when they’re angry.
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Retweeted by bN$“IIII put that on Crip I didn’t do dat” lmfaoooo .. Daughter me up
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Hit up Cassidy for any beat inquires 😂😂😂
Retweeted by bN$Boosie & his bodyguard once got into an altercation with 8 men....8 were shot, Boosie & his bodyguard walked away u…
Retweeted by bN$Podcast 9🎙with @LFC Legend & @RangersFC Boss Steven Gerrard! : Leaving LFC was a big mistake 😢 : Rangers in the PL…
Retweeted by bN$ @MichaelBensonn @boxnationtv @PremierSportsTV Is box nation part of the bt sports package deal still? @Tezskii PreachSomeone's controlling how many people see your tweets like your pictures and post.. follow your gram lol... sounds…
Retweeted by bN$ @ProducerZeph They have nothing to gain from writing to you, your fan base isn’t big enough. From the views to the… that react to uk music actually kill meee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by bN$ @LILTMONEY215 When he 16 lookin at this video
Retweeted by bN$When ya sibling got you fucked all the way up!!! 🤣😭😂 “BITCH U ADOPTED”
Retweeted by bN$If your real, you should want ppl to test you. How else are they gonna know if your real or not? Let’s play.
Retweeted by bN$we don’t talk about bernie mac enough
Retweeted by bN$#GlazersOut - A thread. With the true damage of the Glazers' ownership becoming clear to everyone, 15 years after…
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@markgoldbridge @RedIssue Have you addressed?? well well. Recent posts about Fan TV led to a few tip-offs and the whole cynical, sordid, money-obsessed, acto…
Retweeted by bN$the way she ate this cute lil adlibs up.
Retweeted by bN$ @MorganKeyz @alhan 😂😂Have you ever heard Ole talk about tactics? Like ever? All I’ve ever heard come out of his mouth is about running,…
Retweeted by bN$Sadio’s speech after winning the African Player of the Year award.❤️
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~ introducing - your new daily podcast hub. seen loads of amazing podcasts both new and ex…
Retweeted by bN$They made Tinchy watch he was crying.
Retweeted by bN$Sky: "Is this Lukaku at his best?" Conte: "No, he is a flop. I've heard so many things said about him. So it is be…
Retweeted by bN$I hope y´all are ready for this conversation
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Almost a year ago today I was fortunate enough to quit my 9-5 to pursue my dream job. GRM Daily isnt known for its…
Retweeted by bN$ @KojeyRadical Stormzy replies on Eskimo, ending the ‘grime beat’ complaint lolNEW: STORMZY - DINOSAUR 🦖
Retweeted by bN$ @Themlotsdad Lol factoThe true winner of the night was Ricky Gervais. #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by bN$Ricky Gervais kicks off The #GoldenGlobes.
Retweeted by bN$This scene was so raw but so good. And let's talk about Nicole Beharie and this ACTING. #StrikingVipers
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@doglab Top man @CorbynistaTeen Yes @rioferdy5 Loool SHOOK! thought you was from da ends mannnn 😂 @AustinDarbo *corruption
“Don’t spend your money on the revolution if you can spend theirs” - my granny
Retweeted by bN$Everyone please rise for the national anthem.
Retweeted by bN$When the music video doesn’t match the song
Retweeted by bN$People always say Mourinho is egoistic but there's literally no interview Ole doesn't talk about himself in relatio…
Retweeted by bN$1. No man in the world was directly involved in more conflicts, in more countries, over a longer period than Qassem…
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When iran military stops my car
Retweeted by bN$nigga threw up the set i’m crying
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Niggas know moment of the decade
Retweeted by bN$I swear I saw David Luiz just tell the team to foul when they lose the ball. Interesting 👀
Retweeted by bN$ @KokeUSG Speedy1up - Dareal TruthVersatile.
Retweeted by bN$ @ChantelSophiaxo @Themlotsdad 😂😂 @WayneSBarton You did. It also picked out his take ons, tackles but you made a point to address his shots. When in… @WayneSBarton Yeah but you picked out his shots, why not his tackles or take one.. a couple of his shots were waste… @WozAfc Hats off @WayneSBarton I wouldn’t. Other people might, again if he produced any sort of his results that his position requir… @WayneSBarton Lol what?! I’d rather he attempted and missed than hid like Lingard. If Lingard produced anything he…
@isoquince 😂🐍🐍🐍For just a staggeringly-low 59p, you can help wind up Wiley by making Own It with me Burna and Ed Sheeran the first…
Retweeted by bN$Some of you girls love sleep so much its scary
Retweeted by bN$Nah Wiley is hilarious I swear down @Jazzy_Joe__ @Marcotti I did laugh at that, also “I didn’t send it to anyone I saved it” then “I sent it as a priva… Rap Verses of 2019: The Top Verse of the Year | Complex (thanx ⁦@Complex⁩ ) check it out people...
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One of the greatest footballing moments of the decade. The France squad are too wavey.
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