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back to swingin ratchets and warming water up

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Absolutely @mikesonn He bailed early in Duluth bcuz it was cold too tho I think it was down into the low 40s that dayTruly what else does one need really gotta ask Donald Trump if he supports police officer Christopher Dorner and provide no other info.
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @fanny_omaha I feel like you just described the American Apparel guy @drea_carmen Lmaooo. Great minds think alike @salinavita Well that last part is true of him so 🤷🏾‍♂️This isn’t a Romanian dubstep DJ who liberally uses the nigger word?? @zmullis No it’s a Warhammer 40k prequel @MeesterGibbs @WedgeLIVE As if the busybodies of Ward 13 wouldn’t have pulled out all the stops to block it
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @OhDagEmily “If you talk to me I will scream” pin is killing me lol @zmullis First time?? @smreine Hilariously Fifth Element is playing in my tv just as I saw this @yaboifaith Maybe I’m blind @isaiah_kb @IlhanMN Of course this is your computer @zmullis @3Tobes Smh“He died doing what he loved, defending the Halloween Blizzard and reminding people of Uptown’s proper borders.”
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @zmullis @hashy_larry Raisins @TheReaiRLJ LISTENBenny the Butcher has ELITE cocaine bars but better than Push??? Cmon manYo let’s calm the fuck down Pratt lost a made up Twitter poll about who the best Chris is and Hollywood is having a meltdown like he's ju…
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeliberals be like "while he might not have considered black ppl human, he still had a family!"
Retweeted by frances farmers revengesorry. [respectfully] rush limbaugh has terminal cancer? [/respectfully]
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @drea_carmen That’s what it appears I’m seeingWait what @MetaCookbook And obviously eaten and around for much longer than that @MetaCookbook Im cackling at this assertion. Like they discovered a wildly popular food that’s been popular in main… @salinavita @avocadoplex I did not“I knew about tacos before they were big”“Y’all fake just now eating tacos” @zmullis Your bowels gonna be fighting for they life @disco_socialist Years. Years! Some still doI believe studies would show that the kinds of people who believe in $900 million bike lanes make up the majority o…
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge😱😱😱😱 @awillis Seems like. I mean that’s valuable carbon capture you’re doing @TBootsBrewing @bagmanman @offbeatorbit Not mutually exclusive. Many Hmong people are from Vietnam @MythicalChef Have a pasta sauce recipe that’s p standard tomato sauce add cream cheese so it’s probably not THAT d… @MelaniaMedicix He been trash and need to go ahead and d*e already @aryyyamgc Yeah I can’t go lol. I know folks who have to like leave debit and credit cards at home so when they out…, those of you who lean toward police reform, if you demand absolutely nothing from the police, they will…
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeWhy did I think Windy City Rehab was about like... a treatment center @gcm85 @Tyus_Jones_Stan @lesshumbleteej
i don't think the lines have gotten quite THAT blurred, but i've never been part of the class that has ever been ab…
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeidk, i don't feel the need to whip it out when i'm on the phone with comcast customer service. is this a thing? is…
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @julialelion @derzquist Yep I wasn’t born until a month later but tons of folks in my family and older friends have storiesAt the part of winter storms where it finishes snowing and the temperature plummetsmedia dudes rushing to defend their sacred media bro and making everyone think “yo do all these guys jerk it on cam…
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @ProfBanks You absolutely got this. And if what I’ve seen here is any indication you are setting them up for success not failure @yaboifaith Your what nowavengers cast when fans obsessively harass brie larson every day for 2 years vs avengers cast when chris pratt gets…
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @purplerainblue Im leftist and calling people niggers is bad and so is rent control. I’m sorry WHAT @amandamull Oh no! RIPintroducing extremely fast, metal & glass death machines to humans and then telling them it was the preferred way to travel was a mistake
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @OhDionne 🔥🔥🔥 @y2jayjk @alexispolitz After the Burial >>>>>Keep him away from Thibs!!!!
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeHe fucked my team for way too long and will probs be a piece on the Warriors even once Steph and Klay back and I ha… his ass tf @letternumber7 🤷🏾‍♂️ @letternumber7 If the competition was different my anwser be but look at the materialThe nigga j the bottom right. He in the wrong weight class @elorraine_ It honestly must beLmaooooo "If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher." Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @dat_briguy @mikesonn Hes onto something hereHoratio Alger wasn’t real guys. Plz he’s a deeply evil rat fucker who deserves every ounce of pain he gets potatoes?!?! @elorraine_ Still wild to me that folks are tying on capes to defend him and he didn’t even get fired @DadsNotebook The Tiffany Trump WHATNah man swirl couples been WILDIN recently @3Tobes Acting like????Winning stupid prizes>>>>
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeWait, so this 30-year-old woman died from COVID while she was aboard a flight back in July, the CDC knew about it b…
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @CheyCab My neck of the woods @BreeMinneapolis @mikesonn @uptownbpackb I disagreeCome read a book wit a real nigga.
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge @zmullis @TylerRickyTynes 😭😭 @mikesonn @uptownbpackb @BreeMinneapolis Borrow implies not expecting a return. Lent implies getting the item in question back @TylerRickyTynes @zmullis lolJurnee Smollett was flexing on us in them Jim Crow X Fenty fits tho
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeAn Afro Futurist season of Black Mirror, just set in Selma where the main character is Catcher Freeman from Season 2 of the Boondocks
Retweeted by frances farmers revenge😭😭😭
@Unbearablywyt @poppazo2001 @Tequila__Mike @RaisnCurns @ACLU 😭😭😭 @Unbearablywyt @poppazo2001 @Tequila__Mike @RaisnCurns Zo said all whites look the same? @NiquiTina It’s like a p mainstream reading of what Jesus said about the poor and disadvantaged @NiquiTina Yelling at the Pope for some reason?? @NiquiTina People poorly interpreting the Bible???? @Tequila__Mike Im trying to figure out how to drone strike the data centers @dreadpiratejene The red beans and rice. The Cajun rice isn’t like super spicy or anything but it has a bit of heat that read beans dont"Texas will be a swing state" to the tune of "Memphis will be laid to waste"
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeImplore your thoughtful progressive trial lawyer friends (I don't think I have any 😆) create an online advisory on…
Retweeted by frances farmers revengeAnd it feels so good too lol @lyssah_a WHEWFolks called them rock doves!!!!A close to cousin to the doves niggas be releasing at their weddings and shit smh