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Die hard boxing fan. Favourite fighter Roberto Duran favourite team All Blacks. Odio ogni forma di razzismo pure noi meridionali siamo vittime del pregiudizio.

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@SteveBoxman Probably Arturo Gatti. Nowhere near the best but as tough as they come @jules_augus That was really an excellent read my friend @KOKINGS4 The single worst decision in Olympic boxing history @MissMimi417 If Russell shows up on song he wins a UD. Those hands are something else but he needs to be in top shape @TheFinalTally @TheFightCity @mjcarbert I loved Smokin’ Joe .As much as I think Ali was the greatest ever he DID lo… @bdub1000 @BoxingKingdom14 Haha I agree @bdub1000 @BoxingKingdom14 Precisely. How arrogant of him to put himself not only in the same bracket as Mike but ABOVE @Boxing_Exposure @Tyson91seconds @theRealEnzoMac @Seconds_0ut @Tonypem @IDRV_MUFC @jimi_macc28 Mine too and he is still is a hero even in retirement @BoxingFA The power is devastating from a small man @MichaelBensonn Absolutely classic Tyson. No one does it better 😉 @BoxingKingdom14 I can’t like that comment it’s just sickening that someone as limited as Wilder could ever think i… @MrRickyEllis27 Agreed. Wilder poses a threat with the big punch but nothing more. His limitations as a boxer will… @TheFightGuru My worry for this kid is all the hype. He is fast but still very weedy in a little boy way. He needs…
@ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Nothing new there then. You’ve got them running/ruining the country right now 😉 @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur In Tyson’s case it was also a reaction to Kennedy getting off Clarence Thomas get… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur I read an English lawyer who said that if Mike’s case was in the UK it wouldn’t h… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this but Mike suffered a lot because th… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur I don’t believe you can compare a young Tiger or a young Serena or Boris Becker w… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Not sure we ever will. When he was just a kid the then heavyweight champion of th… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur That is an excellent analysis. I think the tragedy of Mike’s life will haunt ever… yourself at all times @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Tyson and Duran are my favourite fighters ever. Duran always being number one. Th… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Yeah but you know what I think there don’t you? Duran had that savagery- the cont… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Agreed as Azumah was quite simply an incredible fighter just ran into an all time superstar @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur I think Sanchez is the single greatest featherweight the world has ever seen. Pro… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Who would you have above him? Chavez and?? I am not sure he doesn’t eclipse Barre… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Exactly and people criticised him for the deal with DAZN. Just look at who he is… @ROBERTSILVA5768 @bxngconnoisseur Don’t it just? I know the fight against Fielding was pretty much a joke but Rocky… @bxngconnoisseur Yes he is without a doubt @_GaryWilliam_ Loma could beat Davis and Lopez on the same night right now. I like Teofimo a lot but stfu and grow… @JG_Boxing Couldn’t have put it better!! On top of that he’s so greedy he is ruining whatever shot at greatness AJ… @MichaelBensonn @Boxingtalkg Much too soon for young Lopez. Shut up and concentrate on your career the fight will sell itself @AsylumTommy What a joke. Ali Frazier 1 was fought at the Garden almost certainly it’s greatest ever event. This fi… by a mile Joyce can’t deal with that level of skill even with the weight advantage
@GrantAl54571381 @BoxingLivesHere @RitchA82 @anthonyfjoshua I was being very generous as it’s a fight I have zero i… @SJabBoxing Good point. I would struggle to put Callum in the top 10. I also would have Inoue above Rungsivai but t… @BoxingLivesHere @RitchA82 @anthonyfjoshua Fair enough as the majority of AJ fans know shit about boxing. My person… @SJabBoxing That’s an excellent top 10 I agree with all of them My order slightly different. I would have Bud at… @_GaryWilliam_ You’re right as usual. Fury is the best in his division. Canelo or Bud best in boxing by some distan… a thought. Teofimo Lopez is NOT ready for Lomachenko YET. Why rush the kid? Give him a couple more years and t… @robinblock @PoundPodcast @woolyanna @Spencer_Fearon @rosstjenkins Correct. Spence with Ed Robinson was fantastic,… @SteveBoxman Pacquiao Hagler Mayweather Tyson -my opinion only-just a bit of fun @808909727 I nearly fell asleep @euandyer Both were excellent I couldn’t agree more. Insightful and interesting
@shepp797 @FightDisciples Thanks for the heads up my friendI used to enjoy Toe2Toe podcast a lot especially with Spencer Fearon on it every week. It seems like Sky have gotte… @leewylieboxing I think you mean 2019 but yes very much the same outcome
@JDaIey A Bronx Tale and Scarface @AnalyseBoxing One hundred percent right. AJ WILL lose followers if they continue to duck any serious contender. @UnkhanciousAmir Well Tank is no Floyd and never will be. If he fights Loma tomorrow or in 2 years time the result… @leewylieboxing Manny better be on song!! @KT_BOXING AND the youngest ever world champion @AnthonyOgogo Good luck you really deserve it @BreadmanBoxing Only a black guy can carry that dance off. ANY other race looks stupid trying it @bxngconnoisseur Still like the fight with Boo Boo @KOKINGS4 Legendary power @MichaelBensonn Good luck to Rodriguez for sure he’s gonna need it! @BoxingKingdom14 @MikeCoppinger Who cares? @MichaelBensonn @boxing_social He would spank Broner all over the place. Josh is such an intelligent and discipline… @BFanatic101 He isn’t world class but he is on the fringe @BoxingFA Naz was a great champion but when he stepped into the ring with an all time great he got found out. To th… @blessedwithwork Team AJ make me puke @BoxingHistory Stunning power for such a slight man. It’s all about timing and delivery of the punches. Arguello pe… @KOKINGS4 The greatest tragedy in modern American sports was the treatment of Mike. King, the media, his handlers a… @ATRboxinguk Good. I am sick of team AJ avoiding ANY dangerous fights @KOKINGS4 He is a stunning fighter but if he acts like that against Loma he’ll get found out. I don’t believe we wi… @BoxingL1fe Got to the stage that I cease to care any moreWilder too big right now for Usyk- give him a year and he beats Wilder. Gvozdyk v Browne a 50-50 imo. Boo Boo def.… @TheFightGuru @ToddNadon Being a cock @worldofbox @boxing_knockout @bivol_d @MatchroomBoxing @daznglobal @Ryabinskiy @VadimKTeam @EddieHearn Bivol is a s… @BoxingNbt @BoxUnscripted It would be great for Gary Russell also. He is in danger of chucking his career down the… @BoxingNbt @BoxUnscripted I agree. Right now Loma beats Tank imo. He may yet develop more but Loma is the real thin…
@Culture66666 @BoxingFreak247 @bxngconnoisseur @GGGBoxing @RobMontreal No kidding I don’t think there is a middlewe… @Culture66666 @BoxingFreak247 @bxngconnoisseur @GGGBoxing @RobMontreal The fact is that today Canelo’s chin is ever… @SteveBoxman Calzaghe v Lacey @jrosaIes13 He isn’t. End of discussion @sonnyboyo @greyhound001 @BwanaDom65 @BoxingHistory I like RJJ a LOT. I can never see him knocking out Monzon who w… @sonnyboyo @greyhound001 @BwanaDom65 @BoxingHistory Well he actually started life as a lightweight,campaigned succe… @afowler06 Looking fast sharp and tight. Can’t wait to see him against Fitzgerald @bxngconnoisseur No he doesn’t. That belongs fairly and squarely to the Bronx Bull-Jake LaMotta. His chin is what w… @greyhound001 @BwanaDom65 @sonnyboyo @BoxingHistory Excellent point. I would have Mr Papaleo in every top 5 of all time @greyhound001 @BwanaDom65 @sonnyboyo @BoxingHistory That’s what I meant when I said a pure middleweight. Robinson w… @BwanaDom65 @sonnyboyo @greyhound001 @BoxingHistory Monzon was the best ever AFTER the peerless SRR. As a pure midd… @sonnyboyo @BoxingHistory @greyhound001 Hahaha someone brave enough to speak his mind. I don’t entirely agree with… @Realdevinhaney That’s actually the essence of boxing and why it’s called the sweet science @exception74 @Realdevinhaney Well said
@notraypalpowask Good point but Loma no matter how much I like him is NO Floyd. Not yet-he has that potential but not yet. @tsimpson_uk @craiglrichards @PoundPodcast Maybe to you my friend but personally I can’t stand him. So I won’t listen 😉 @tsimpson_uk @craiglrichards @PoundPodcast Get rid of!! Jake Wood HAS to go @AsylumTommy A good resume?? It’s a fantastic one and Floyd isn’t even on the list. I know he lost but he was only…
@tsimpson_uk @craiglrichards @PoundPodcast If they would only jettison that tosser I would actually listen to the p… @GrantAl54571381 @BTSportBoxing He generates frightening power for a bantamweight I can’t wait to see his development @GrantAl54571381 @BTSportBoxing I think he has the potential to be number one p4p. At the moment he’s around number… @GrantAl54571381 @BTSportBoxing Europe??? He’s already a world champion! @BTSportBoxing Naoya Inoue. Nobody outside of boxing or Japan knows this young warrior. And what a talent. Top 5 p4p in the world @KT_BOXING @MJJCollins @ikebarrows @PRJOE90 When he fought Ray Lampkin he put him in hospital. Afterward he said ne… @KT_BOXING Further to my Tweet the other day Cyclone got wiped out by Bobby Boogaloo Watts probably his best ever w… @KT_BOXING @MJJCollins @ikebarrows @PRJOE90 The destruction of so many great fighters sticks in my mind. I still re… @MJJCollins @ikebarrows @PRJOE90 @KT_BOXING Excellent point. No not at any weight. I agree I can’t see past SRR as…