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Die hard boxing fan. Favourite fighter Roberto Duran favourite team All Blacks. Odio ogni forma di razzismo pure noi meridionali siamo vittime del pregiudizio.

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@PulgasBoxeo @BoxingRegister Joe would have been a nightmare for today’s giants in the heavyweight division @PulgasBoxeo @BoxingRegister I guess so. I have been a boxing fan for as long as I can remember and the majority of… @boxing_social @J_Warrington @RealCFrampton I think he’s right. He had that equaliser the massive punch power @BoxingRegister @PulgasBoxeo It’s all very subjective isn’t it? All I know is that most of us have SRR as number 1.… @BoxingKingdom14 Davies definitely although I see the similarities. I think after the Taylor fight OD has learnt so… @PulgasBoxeo @BoxingRegister No spot for Joe?? @PulgasBoxeo @BoxingRegister Great to see someone have Charles in a top 10 so often overlooked @PulgasBoxeo @BoxingRegister Just a personal opinion but here goes with my top five EVER: SRR Duran Louis Ali Armstrong
@AlexArthur1 I agree and am looking forward to it 😉 @BoxingKingdom14 I said it so many times I don’t think we will EVER see the likes of Tyson again. He was so ridicul… @BoxingRegister Absolutely. Got to be top 5 of all time @aaron_pattison His footwork is atrocious. I’ll admit he does throw a lot of punches for such a huge man but he is… @BetOnBoxing911 And he’s gonna get handsomely beat by Manny @Tom_Gray_Boxing It’s plain ridiculous @SteveBoxman I don’t want to see either of them come back. Ward’s ego is so big he thinks he has a chance with AJ -… continue to hear rumours of returns for the likes of Andre Ward and Wladimir Klitschko 🥊 Personally I feel with…
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @GeneralBurk @Boxing_UK_ Probably not @Boxing_UK_ Crolla is a very nice guy we all know that. But to let him fight Loma anywhere is madness. That’s a lam… @BigWriteHook @TheBoxingMadMan Hahaha @TheBoxingMadMan I think AJ would stop him Wilder stops him and Fury schools him for 12 embarrassingly one sided roundsI think Big Baby needs to lose about 50 lbs to be even remotely competitive with the top guys. It’s not funny when… witnessed a dreadful bit of refereeing in the Ramon Alvarez Brandon Rios fight. This is a sport where seconds… @IrishBrian24 In my opinion he beats the whole lot @TMWSLV And they’re all bullshit @_GaryWilliam_ Such a diva. The guys a complete joke. Remember how he had his ass handed to him by Manny in 2008? H… @boxingscene Yeah they carried out!
@TheBoxingMadMan Looking forward to PBK v Avanesyan more than that!! @TheBoxingMadMan Correct @TheBoxingMadMan I don’t I think Delboy got a bit lucky against Takam. All I know is that it’s never a PPV fightJust listened to some bull from David Haye about Chisora. Apparently he’s doing all the right things eating well, s… @SteveBoxman Tyson Calzaghe Duran Loma!! Hard one though 😉
@KOKINGS4 @WayneBoxing I know Takaloo well he just lives round the corner from me. That ko effectively ended his c… of you guys agree with me that Usyk flattens Andre Ward if he was to come back?Let’s also shout out for Sam Hyde. What a brave performance and sad that his night ended with such a hideous injury… @BoxingKW1988 @SauerlandsFace @SamuelScheitner Agreed completely. Froch Nelson and Smith are by far the worst offen… else want to see Anthony Fowler against Ted Cheeseman?? That’s a tremendous fight @SteveBoxman NAOYA INOUE.Who is your favourite young fighter in world boxing right now? It has to be this man for me 🥊 RT for more opinion…
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @afowler06 Looking in superb shape. Hard work pays!
🕘 2 weeks to go #WilderFury 🤔 Who wins? 🇬🇧 RT Tyson Fury 🇺🇸 FAV Deontay Wilder
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @ArnoldCream @BoxingRegister Yes it has. Just unbelievable @EditinKing @KOKINGS4 So so sad. Unfortunately not many of us really appreciate how soft and cosy a life we have here in the WestRIP young man 😢 13 yr old Anucha Thasako succumbed to his injuries after a taking blow that sent him head first to…
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @theboxingp @usykaa @DillianWhyte Usyk every day of the week. And I like Dillian a lot @BoxingRegister It’s so unprofessional as to be a joke. To miss by 5lbs shows a total lack of commitment @GeneralBurk Couldn’t agree more. They are totally useless. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give the whole lot a 1 only with Paulie getting an 8 😉 @GeneralBurk I had it even going into the 8th. In the end much as I like Bellew the gulf in class was very evident.… @CameronGillon_ Spot on! I think Inoue edges that encounter but I cannot be sure. After that I’d love to see Loma v… Usyk and Golovkin who would make my list if I hadn’t... Based on those I’ve not seen Loma Crawford Mikey Garcia
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @KOKINGS4 I could not agree more. Isn’t it great that the Americans no longer dominate? I really rate Inoue and Biv… @KOKINGS4 One of his best wins ever if not the bestJust rewatched last week’s fight. I wish we could mute all Sky pundits except Paulie. How could anyone have Bellew… @KOKINGS4 How can anyone realistically think that’s Dave Allen who is a very limited boxer with his only feature be…
@AnthonyOgogo That’s tough to watch. I hope and pray for the very best for you
@SteveBoxman I think both him and Luke Campbell have literally zero chance against Loma. In the nicest possible way… @SteveBoxman Me too. I just like Crolla a lot as a humble decent guy with good skills. I would hate to see him so o… @SteveBoxman The more I see him the more his skill mesmerises me @SteveBoxman We all wish ANYONE was fighting Loma😉but not Crolla or that level in all seriousnessWilder is guilty of overlooking Fury. Have you guys seen what shape Tyson is in? He clearly hasn’t overlooked Wilde… @NewAgeBoxingUK I really think Deontay is in for the shock of his life @BoxingFA @anthonyfjoshua @BoxingKingdom14 It’s not even close @GhostOfScottLaw @SouthpawBoxNews Also as the man who at least put us out of the misery of watching David Haye ‘s c… @leewylieboxing That’s a very good point. I agree that Spence will be just too powerful and too big. @KT_BOXING Probably the single greatest performance in boxing terms ever seen in the heavyweight ring. Ali was simp… @SteveBoxman Brave. And you know what ?massive respect to both Khan and Kell for taking those fights. Just goes to… @TheBoxingNinjas @BoxingFA I always thought Brook and am still unsure it depends to some extent if he succumbs to K… @JoeDelguyd @Culture66666 @antonionieves10 @timmyvann @KnuckleheadSean @TheFightGuru @BoxingKingdom14 @AlBernstein @Culture66666 @JoeDelguyd @antonionieves10 @timmyvann @KnuckleheadSean @TheFightGuru @BoxingKingdom14 @AlBernstein @JoeDelguyd @antonionieves10 @timmyvann @KnuckleheadSean Agreed but I think he loses to Loma also. Against Spence t… @jeandralebeauf Well said. The two men are poles apart in skill class and talent. No prizes for guessing which is a… @LCD_Boxing 👍 @leewylieboxing Wow! To talk of Usyk beating Joe Louis is a bit premature don’t you think? They are a similar size… @BoxingNbt It is but with his talent he can accomplish things that mere mortals just dream of. Don’t be surprised i… last Tweet on this topic. There is no way that Rocky Fielding beats Canelo. That’s just nonsense. I hope he cred… @BoxingNbt Well Rungsivai v Inoue is a dream match up isn’t it? Almost like Loma v anyone 😉haha as long as it’s not Crolla @leewylieboxing Also because it’s one of the main differences here as it is two elite level fighters. Every little… @SteveBoxman From that lineup Porter Thurman @BoxingNbt I really think Inoue is a huge massive talent. Got him as number 3or 4 in the world p4p. Toss up between… @BoxingNbt That’s been around for a while now but still worth re watching @MTKGlobal @Tyson_Fury @STAPLESCenter @btsport Hard work pays off @avondale_cincy Hahaha good point. I think he is a superlative fighter. Top 5 p4p in the world. No doubt there. And… @KOKINGS4 I think if Fury wins which I think he will it throws up the biggest fight in British boxing history with… @KOKINGS4 Not yet and you should know that. You have read enough of my comments. Just giving respect where it’s due. @ArnoldCream I must admit I had my doubts ability wise but right now he is head and shoulders above everyone else i… am a convert to AJ not a fan boy but giving respect to the man for what he has achieved in 23 fights or so. Bette… @BoxingKingdom14 There was talk of him fighting Loma before the Garcia fight was made. Both are mission almost impo… @KOKINGS4 Me too agree totally @SteveBoxman Yeah I agree. Mikey is actually one of my favourite active fighters but Spence will come in rock solid… @SteveBoxman I agree but I also think the size difference will tell. You have two absolutely elite standard fighter…
@CameronGillon_ It’s such a shame for Russell Jnr as he’s a talent. It seems like inactivity will be his downfall. I hope not @Boxing_exposure @pugilist_king @Tyson_Fury @BenDavison_ Sure hope so @GhostOfScottLaw @SouthpawBoxNews He’s not but hey crafty enough and skilful enough to eke out a points victory ove… @BoxingKingdom14 I think it’s a given that he wins a version of the title at leastUSYK is now a heavyweight! Speed ✅ Footwork ✅ Defence ✅ Power ✅ Chin ✅ Size ❎ RT = USYK will win a HW tit…
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @BoxingNbt David Tua unfortunately ran into Lennox. As Lewis famously said “it takes more than a left hook and a si… @BoxingKingdom14 Crawford followed by Spence the others don’t come close @KOKINGS4 @OnlyFullFights Yes SRL took his power with him. I heard him say once that people say his has no power bu… @KOKINGS4 @OnlyFullFights Thanks for this memory. Leonard’s left hand was something to behold wasn’t it? Hard not t… @SpencerOliver Spence I like you and your insight but 2 points 1 please try and pronounce foreign names properly yo… @petercards That’s a great insight and exactly the thoughts of fight fans around the world