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Die hard boxing fan. Favourite fighter Roberto Duran favourite team All Blacks. Odio ogni forma di razzismo pure noi meridionali siamo vittime del pregiudizio.

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@jamesgogue @mjaltamura Absolutely 100% spot on. I can’t think of any African fighter better than Nelson and that… @theboxingp He did. And there is no one else on this planet capable of doing the same thing @snboxing Good point @_GaryWilliam_ He didn’t did he? I thought he clearly won but the scoring made me scream @FiveStarBoxing Well not many great fighters have retired at their peak never to return. Hagler and Calzaghe spring… @BoxingKingdom14 I think Hearn is the problem. Actually believe the two fighters want it. Hearns the greedy cnt is… MESSAGE FOR TEAM WILDER & TEAM JOSHUA. JUST MAKE THE FIGHT ALREADY. NO ONE CARES ABOUT FIGHTS WITH POVETKIN O…
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @curtiswoodhous8 Why do footballers have to glorify drinking alcohol?It’s one of the many reasons they have such li… @KT_BOXING Tough guy that the Pazmanian Devil was he was out of his depth against the peerless RJJ. Probably a figh… @BoxingKingdom14 What a pile of dogshit. The usual nonsense from the overgrown Adrien Broner. He is officially the…❤️ =AGREE RT = DISAGREE
Retweeted by Luigi PelosiGreat performance from Josh Taylor but what a shame his evening gets soured by three completely useless cnts who we… @OharaDavies @MTKGlobal Well said and nice to see someone constantly improving.
@curtiswoodhous8 I don’t care a shit about football especially if Italy are not playing 😉 @Andy_IFLTV @JoshTaylorBoxer Good point. Josh and Lewis Ritson are the best of the best imo @RBKNation Yes he can but it’s a tough call. As for the Super Series Inoue will emerge victorious @DannyFlexen @OharaDavies Actually I started to like him. Happy for the young man just doing his best to get ahead in this world. Brutal ko35 years ago the only Black people you saw at a US Open were caddies good enough to carry white boy’s clubs. How sa… like Anthony Yarde a lot although he needs to step up in class now I like Josh Taylor even more although the judg… @DaniloToninelli @Vivaorre1 Bravissimo @Macho_Grande1 Good point @hosea_burton I can’t see that but he does need to step up in class next time he fights @BoxingHistory @mannypacquiao Manny in his prime was near impossible to deal with. Lightning fast hands deadly accu… converted tries against a very good French side is a pretty damn strong statement of intent. AB machine just kee… @CameronGillon_ Well he’s got heart. You have to give him that he basically ducks no one but I agree at nearly 300l… @KOKINGS4 Yeah great punch when he gets the leverage OD can REALLY bang. @TheFightGuru In his prime Mike is the best of the best but overall Ali is head and shoulders above the rest. His c… know nothing about Ant Mcpartlin-zero. Can someone explain how his useless bitch ex wife is “owed” anything from…
@aplayatobenamed Well he was and he’s back fighting again. So we would all say yes if he wins.Is Damian Mckenzie the most exciting player in world rugby? @StefyBull @AnalyseBoxing Haha good one gotta agree with you @KOKINGS4 @BoxingKingdom14 One of the most vicious demolitions in heavyweight history @aplayatobenamed Yeah it’s a potential banana skin for team AJ. Povetkin can really bang if he catches you flush j… @FiveStarBoxing Jake LaMotta£30 to watch AJ and Povetkin?? No thank you @michealbensonn @SkySports Why is no one surprised? Hearn doesn’t want the Wilder fight. Not just yet @BoxingRegister @GeorgeForeman Foreman Frazier Ali Norton Lyle Shavers. It really was the GOLDEN era of heavyweight boxing @NewAgeBoxingUK It’s only a push for God’s sake. @theboxingp When you are THAT talented you can afford to take the piss. @fatimashitdabed Let’s hope so. I actually really like the guy and he has one helluva chin. @CameronGillon_ I agree. He is a seriously talented boxer and a down to earth guy. Since he schooled OD people have… like Dave Allen a lot. He’s a decent guy and I wish him luck but you can’t campaign seriously at 300lb with a gut… @KOKINGS4 The return was somewhat different 😉 @BoxingHistory @barreratapia Well he caught him all night long. That fight almost more than any other I can think o… @TripleJabBoxing @ringmagazine @dougiefischer Ah ok can’t help there sorry 😉
@KT_BOXING @TheFightGuru I know that but I was just trying to pick the hardest single shot puncher from the group.…
@KT_BOXING @TheFightGuru For his body weight yes he was. The hardest Shavers or Foreman. Most destructive Tyson as… @LucyLockett13 One of the most beautiful songs EVER @LucyLockett13 Yeah and if he had an English name and an English Dad also. Unfortunately that’s the truth @scardoug Finally you are in MY country. Where are you exactly? @BoxingKingdom14 @ChampCummings No thank you @WorldBoxingWall No he can’t @LucyLockett13 Very well said. And an unbeaten career also. Should be more appreciated in the UK @misterbumface Nor is the near massacre of 1000’s of Palestinians either legal or moral yet Israel gets away with it. @TheFightGuru It’s not that hard. Joe would make him miss all night and embarrass Kov with the speed of his punches… Lets Settle This Who wins at 175 Kovalev or Calzaghe?? RT for Calzaghe FAV for Kovalev
Retweeted by Luigi Pelosi @BeTrueBoxing My 5 favourites are Duran Hagler Tyson Robinson Ali @BeTrueBoxing That’s a sensational line up @FiveStarBoxing All of them and the best by some distance was Raging Bull @TheFightGuru If true it may be a little early for Yarde to take on Kov. Smart decision as I see Yarde as a future top contender @PrezAVK Manos de Pidra every day of the week!So poor Reggie Yates got sacked for a supposed anti Semitic comment and he was a very good investigative reporter a… @curtiswoodhous8 @Lord_Sugar Really? Jews get all uppity if anyone dares say anything about them and yet the prick… @Macoopus Biggest waste of talent in the last 15 yearsLet’s hope the BBC grows a backbone and sacks that nasty Jewish prick. Money can’t buy him class evil little shit. @edk_SC @TheFightGuru Funnily enough I am warming to AJ the boxer. Right now he’s in a class of his own unless Fury… @DeuceSkywalker @KOKINGS4 Ok so there is NO bigger Duran fan in the world apart from me. I agree the first fight wa… @edk_SC @TheFightGuru I accept that. I just think certain lines should NEVER be crossed and a person’s ethnicity is… @edk_SC @TheFightGuru I am not doubting Hopkins as a boxer just as a human being. Such a cnt. Imagine saying “no wh… @TheFightGuru Yeah and when they sent one over to beat you up,Lacey, he got a boxing lesson like no other. The bes…
Let me get this right. Tyson Fury makes a comment about Jewish people and the whole world is outraged. Lord Sugar m… @KT_BOXING Priceless Duran. The one and only @LifeMathMoney @CamFAwesome Fuck off @KT_BOXING Great quote from a great man. @KT_BOXING @TheFightGuru Agreed. I like Bud a lot. Him Spence Loma and possibly Charlo really stand out fighters ri… @davidcoldwell Little bitch @CamFAwesome Yes and fuck off thinking the whole world should speak English. Learn the language of the country you’… @KT_BOXING @TheFightGuru I agree that he’s the best but he is NOT and never will be Duran. That’s almost blasphemy @jamesgogue Absolutely agree. I think Bivol has the potential to totally dominate the division. He has got that hid…