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proudly blocked by former NRA hate spokeswoman @Dloesch #TheResistence #p2 #UniteBlue #Resist Progressive, Make America Free Again!

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Joined Twitter 6/10/12 waiting @rantstreamdave @angelfrmcanada @IloveJaneway824 @WTF_GOP_CUCKS the irony
@rantstreamdave knows at least 1 person that loves playing this
By blocking the appeal, the Supreme Court decision allows Remington to be found liable for the Sandy Hook School ma…
Retweeted by DanteBREAKING: The Supreme Court will not take up an appeal by Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the rifle used in the…
Retweeted by Dante“To call this the religion of white supremacy rather than Christianity is to make a bigoted and biased remark” Let…
Retweeted by Dante @realDonaldTrump Edited transcript you desperate fool @rantstreamdave @Education4Libs He must hate critical thinking skills because those kind of educated people won't f… @rantstreamdave Well @Education4Libs is pretending liberal teachers have some evil plot to indoctrinate children.… Divorce D'Spousa has a long track record of lunatic utterances - but this one is admittedly epic in a "he ne…
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#PoliticalHumor #politicalMemes #VoteBlue D'Souza is off his rocker again #PoliticalHumor #VoteBlueNoMatterWho at Fox News crazy that the Washington Nationals fans booed trump, and they won a World Series. Bama fans cheered trump a…
Retweeted by DanteNever forget that religious right will not stop with harassing #LGBTQ people in America. They'll push even more da… extremist Forced Birth nutjobs exist. #prochoice #VoteBlue
@StephenAtHome @colbertlateshow Look who got photobombed while voting on Tuesday Photo via @MSNBC this photobomb. That man is a Patriot and a hero!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @EddieRispone I hope they don't vote for you are your crooked party @NBC6News That's rich coming from a far right President with no respect for the political process or basic human de… Sherrod Brown says he’s disappointed by Sen. John Kennedy calling Speaker Pelosi “dumb” during a Trump rally.…
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I feel embarrassed knowing how easily future historians will mark Trump as a criminal He's making generations of A…
Retweeted by DanteWhite House Freezes Military Aid to Lebanon, Against Wishes of Congress, State Dept. and Pentagon
Retweeted by DanteThat sound you hear is @realDonaldTrump getting booed at #UFC244
Retweeted by DanteOp-ed in the NY Times today called for A Million Person March to convince Senate Republicans that Trump must go. I…
Retweeted by DanteTrump’s Favorite Pastor Has Pretend Doctoral Degree and History With Bankruptcy, of Course.
Retweeted by DanteWhite House official who heard Trump’s call with Ukraine leader testified that he was told to keep quiet
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@RepDougCollins Fact: literally not one member of the Republican Party voted to put country over party.
Retweeted by Dante @RepDougCollins Let's not pretend you give a damn about procedures. You and the rest of the GOP have turned on the nation.
Retweeted by Dante @RepDougCollins Because the GOP leadership values party before country otherwise the rich elitists that bankroll yo… @RepDougCollins Fact is Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s diplomats and himself admitted he asked Ukraine to investigate Democ…
Retweeted by DanteThe rumors are true: @ChelseaClinton and I are @TrevorNoah fans. Thanks for having us on to talk #gutsywomen,…
Retweeted by Dante @RepTedBudd @RepMarkMeadows Dude they using the rules and process your party set up in the 1990's. Don't be a hypocriteCongrats to the World Champion @Nationals and their fans! A great group that always showed up when it counted and w…
Retweeted by DanteAccording to GOP, demanding an ally under Russian attack investigate a political opponent strengthens our democracy…
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2019 clown Transformation #ImpeachmentVote #politicalMemes #PoliticalFunnies #ImpeachmentResolution #ImpeachmentVote #politicalMemes #PoliticalFunnies amazing. This is the kind of World series I like to see #PoliticalMemes #PoliticalFunnies #VoteBlue2020 #PoliticalFunnies #PoliticalHumor whoever did this is awesome! 1 @ScottWalker 0 How does it feel to be made a fool of?
The House just voted to recognize the Armenian Genocide – a vote I fought for 19 years to make possible, that tens…
Retweeted by DantePlease call to politely share your disappointment with the office of Rep. Michael Burgess that he is on the House f…
Retweeted by DanteArmenian-American Congresswoman Anna Eshoo recounts her own family’s survival story. #ArmenianGenocide
Retweeted by Dante @SamanthaJPower Nice to see it pass in such a large numberOh my God. The U.S. House just recognized the #ArmenianGenocide. This is surreal.
Retweeted by DanteI'm not a fan of the sports-industrial-complex. But, Senator Burr, if you tax scholarships like income, then you wo…
Retweeted by DanteA powerful photo week at Internet Explorers, I shared how teens are lobbing "OK boomer" at condescending adults on TikTok. Sinc…
Retweeted by DanteRick Wiles, I’m sure the @FBI would like to have a chat with you.
Retweeted by DanteWhat Rick Wiles fantasizes about for $1000.00, Alex. What is cowboys, mountain men, some veterans, and guys who kn…
Retweeted by DanteRT if you think Pastor Rick Wiles is inciting political terrorism . #RickWiles4Jail #VoteBlue #TuesdayMotivation @RightWingWatch They’ll have to go through me first #RickWiles I’m old AF but I still have some fight left to comb…
Retweeted by DanteI am a veteran and Rick Wiles does not speak for me.
Retweeted by DanteIs it just me, or is Rick Wiles trying to incite violence?
Retweeted by DanteFBI should pay this loan a visit for advocating terrorism I thought turning point usa was bad
Though I do feel bad for his Grandpa's situation. @rantstreamdave Look who'd getting roasted #Resisters #PoliticalHumor Trump was just shown on the video board, and the crowd unloaded all its boos. Crowd now chanting "lock him up."
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#PoliticalHumor #EditorialCartoons #uniteblue #VoteBlueNoMatterWho @rantstreamdave
#politicalcartoons #PoliticalHumor #politicalMemes #VoteBlue
Partisan retaliation like this is why Barr's Justice Departmebt is a complete partisan joke. There is no impartial… calls>@realDonaldTrump caves, says 28 troops coming home>Turkey invades>ISIS prisoners escape>Kurds killed>…
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@BreitbartTech @RepJimBanks Sorry to ruin your pity party with Breitbart Rep Banks, but realize that violating a s… colleges care more about getting tuition from students than giving them an education. The Trump admini…
Retweeted by DanteNew Orleans could cancel roughly 55,000 outstanding warrants, dating back as many as 2 decades, for more than 45,00…
Retweeted by Dante @SenSchumer A motion of censure should be introduced to punish the rep who led this stuntThis stunt from House Republicans is designed to intimidate people from revealing the truth—hardly the hallmark of…
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So we've finally reach new low. Knee jerk partisan hypocrisy via hypocrite Keven McCarthy who is playing dumb abo… @TalbertSwan @DineshDSouza Let's also not forget Liar Dinesh Dsouza wrote a book scapegoating the left for the 9/1… @eettinger @TalbertSwan @DineshDSouza Wonder if Dinesh realizes that to accept a pardon from a any President is to… @eettinger @TalbertSwan @DineshDSouza Instead of manning up and taking personal responsibility for the felony he co… @realDavidCribbs @TalbertSwan @DineshDSouza I will never forgive Dinesh for his race based attacks on Obama and his… a disgusting, lowlife, bottom feeding, sycophant for white supremacy like @DineshDSouza would make #Lynching a…
Retweeted by Dante @TalbertSwan @DineshDSouza Dinesh is the far right's go guy to guy for race based attacks on Obama's administratio… were lynched to keep them from voting, but northern white Republicans were the main targets of lynching😳 -…
Retweeted by Dante⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ Nearly Half of Donald Trump's Twitter Followers Are Fake Accounts and Bots
Retweeted by DanteFascism supporters in a nutshell #PoliticalHumor #politicalMemes #Resist #VoteBlue
@rantstreamdave @rantstreamdave @MysterySolvent Because supply side Jesus said so @carolinehills2 @rantstreamdave Grow up caroline and stop projecting.
The Baltimore City Council's Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on CB19-0403 which will finalize the details…
Retweeted by Dante“DOCTORS DEMAND CLOSE THE CAMPS” hangs on the overpass on 395 N right got before the exit to Congress. We didn’t pu…
Retweeted by DanteIt's Day 5 of STRIKES all across Chicago schools. We fight for the dignity and respect we deserve! #CTUSEIUStrike
Retweeted by Dante#1U #Labor #UnionStrong #UnionsForAll #UnionsMatter #VoteBlue #resister for thought on unions in American and the middle class #mondaythoughts