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trista @tristamariemcg Minneapolis, MN

Queer disabled photographer, writer, model, friend. Lacking oxygen but full of sass. Ridiculous and Skanky. she/her

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🌞 @nullrend I can’t, I’m scorpiomutual aid should not be trying to create a miniature model of the disparity the state puts us under
Retweeted by tristaafter corona is over i’m having a house party where we all bob for apples and sing karaoke and share food and make out
Retweeted by tristaStill awake 🙃 losing my marbles 🙃Black people can't vote ourselves out of oppression so... what else y'all got? @ white liberals
Retweeted by tristaand that's that on that. it's not on Black people to fix America and even if it was, voting wouldn't do shit for us…
Retweeted by trista @fruit__kate WhyyyBack on my insomnia bullshit @ThriftShopTV 👀👀👀🥰🤡Okay now that its almost November, ya'll who said you have a crush on me gOTTA tell me thanks!it is so easy to fall into the Amazon/Target trap but if we want local spots to be around when the leaves come back…
Retweeted by tristahs me v now :)
Retweeted by tristaI was not prepared @alexispolitz you gotta see this one @shiftedshaped oh thank goodness @athenapelton W O Wmight as well get weird with it @mustachemam I love it @shiftedshaped card pull!no thoughts, just a belly full of curryluv when my covid test comes back negative and I get to keep staying home / with my pod so that the next test also…
Retweeted by tristaLet's pause stimulus deals but get an absolute vile woman onto the Supreme Court instead!! @mustachemam SO WE HAVE THE SAME EYE PORTALS?! @chocodamiix so goodmpls queers stop YEARNING for WIVES and start LEARNING to DRIVE
Retweeted by trista @mustachemam wut
or add your own lmaohey people that have met me irl, what color are my eyes? @mustachemam WAMsorry not sorry
Retweeted by trista @alexispolitz :’)Hello heathens!! My friend is having a tough time getting what they need from docs (surprise!) and any suggestions… @emelineohara @OhDionne Can you imagine the power of moon water and coffee combined tho @OhDionne Same lmaoI love to be dragged when it's true!!!!
Retweeted by trista @ThriftShopTV !!! Couldn’t find your twitter handle lmao @NateTymoshuk They so talentedIt me By Grover Hogan @Marna_Wal Same!ISO @hellozachwolf my point was getting older means running out of new things, not just that kind haha @hellozachwolf try it out and lmk how it goes @hellozachwolf okc is not new lolI miss new experiencestonight's Netflix party @zihnawiyon @mustachemam listen to babo
@OhDionne @alexispolitz IT ISSSS @mustachemam I think so? It would be the same as going to the grocery store? @OhDionne I do not blame you lmao. Its my cupid's spellI definitely have a thing for people who are Really Good at What They Do. and it's never mattered what the thing th…
Retweeted by trista @OhDionne YESI hate being high risk while my people can afford to be risky and see people indoors. This winter is gonna be torture l o lHeadache for the past two daysReminder I have an OF and lewd account over at @justtristamarie Anyone welcome to join if you’d like 💫 @librarights HelloTLDR stands for The Lord of Da Rings
Retweeted by tristaMy friend left me a card and part of it says “I look up to you for the ways in which you keep your heart open, and…'s a great morning to say fuck 12 and fuck the system 💜
Retweeted by trista @ZaqBaker I don’t get it
Retweeted by trista @mustachemam No you aren’t 😢 @hellozachwolf Oh noooostill fundraising for help in this trying time, where im still searching for a job, and still adjusting to being ho…
Retweeted by trista
How do people know what age they were in certain grades like every time I tell a story I go quiet for a long time t…
Retweeted by trista @OhDionne I miss dancing 😭 @dpsav I can do a bit but when it’s in a soup version I think I shouldn’t push it lolOkay no more dairy soup for Trista @OhDionne And also send me chaotic goals!!! @OhDionne I hate that my dreams can set the precedent of my day’s mood lmaoI had a dream someone married her terrible boyfriend and now I feel a chaotic mission to prevent that2am still counts @SarahWhiteBlack @MosesSumney omggg😔
Retweeted by tristaWhere the goofballs at🥺🖤 got pizza literally so I can have it cold in the morning @SarahWhiteBlack Yesssswork it honey @hellozachwolf Same @alexispolitz ily @hellozachwolf oh god people really want you to cut it out huh @NateTymoshuk just... make it stop @NateTymoshuk Every time I go on instagram I get mad loldeleting some old stuff but WOW last year I was really nonstop huhI miss this @alexispolitz @hellozachwolf depends how bad it is
I miss being goofyV bloated but that grilled cheese n tomato soup was worth it @devoramouse YesU.S military occupation in Africa
Retweeted by trista"Amazon is selling this book for half of what you're charging" yes, Mary, we all know.
Retweeted by tristatl;dr this shit is airborne you can calm down with all the wiping down your groceries bullshit. wear a mask and soc…
Retweeted by tristaI love opinionated womenThe twitter RT update finally came for me. Instagram moved “shop” in place of activity/likes. I hate this allllllMcGovern 2020 You’re so cute 90s babies are going to one day have to deal with people younger than us going "you were born in the nineteen-HUNDREDS!!??"
Retweeted by tristaI wonder how Liv Taylor is doing @mustachemam good riddance @mustachemam babo pls no yell at me @ZaqBaker DO U