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can't believe i'm only just finding out - via the medium of a truly mortifying nick cohen hagiography of her - that… @joe_bish @jamesdgreig thought you were in scotland pal??
@SamDiss don't get me wrong.... that clean gum feel..... oof madone!! @SamDiss "but... my gums!" i say, through the mouth guard, as i'm informed the cap on my front tooth is now a compl… @SamDiss fucks up your teeth with stains sadly. take this from someone with already fucked teeth whose dentist was… @TimWillcutts i mean, a central problem is that there's a concerted effort to frame an ideological struggle around… @TimWillcutts you asked me a question i cannot answer on butler's behalf, since she's neither asked it in the inter… for a reality show which is basically in the big brother/love island strangers-trapped-in-a-place-for-ages mou… @RossMcCaff something i imagine many people have already said, far more succinctly! @RossMcCaff vaguely caught the periphery discussion around this, and as someone who admittedly hasn't read much jud… @latgalia without looking, i reckon they've always amounted to 'it's a distraction from what's r e a l l y going on' @latgalia good muse album title imho @TimWillcutts am i judith butler?such a cogently put and, frankly, obvious point, that it's almost amazing it needs saying, but i'm very glad judith… should do a version of spitting image with jokes in it i reckon @keewa great show!a lot of good answers in the replies, but we all know it's going to be jim broadbent, an actor who's somehow been p… TOM MOORE D'MOVIE (2021) CPT. TOM MOORE stares daggers out his window. The UK's in lockdown. The NHS is cr… @jamesdgreig probably the most formidable antagonist of all: time itself @_mattuna now we're cookingi think they check if captain tom moore was juicing before fully committing to his biopic, don't want another lance…, my name-a tom moore, i like-a nhs! is very nice! this-a my garden, where i do-a laps for make benefit o… captain tom moore d'movie casting? sacha baron cohen, for me @seanbgoneill just contemplated how electrifying big brother 6 and 7 were and felt actual goosebumps. lock me down…
2020 @keewa i've watched a vox pop and can only conclude that poor people in 'the red wall' like it when you tell them y… @olivianerys a politics professor at a university, no less!if you scrapped free tuition, you could use the saving on early years instead. not free school meals, though. scrap… reheated take has as its logical endpoint that all public spending is regressive if it benefits anyone other t… @joan0fsnark all public spending requires sacrifice. early years or university, roads or railways, cancer wards or… @joan0fsnark it's good the same people get to posit this garbled nonsense as radical new progressive common sense e… @onionfuture none of those thinkers made the line go sufficiently down yet, FRAUDS @Matt_Muir this is sick, cheers for passing on!wrapping my cock in a union jack and humping it to the tune of rule britannia as the gathered 'spectator garden par… @TheKafkaDude where have you gone richard bur gee on our playstation turns it loading times to you oooh ooh oh @TheKafkaDude when will the labour party finally elect a gamer leader @zinovievletter really remember 'loading screens + any sort of friction whatsoever will soon be a laughable relic o… the days when, if you wanted to play a video game you owned, on a whim, you could just pop the disc in, ra…'t even know who 'aouar' is i just know i need him to sign so i can get my life back. i haven't slept since julyafter managing to go cold turkey for 2 years, i've managed to lapse back into my decades-long life-ruining habit of… well i'd say i'm fiscally conservative but socially also very conservative. there are no problems, but the cau… @jayemdoubleu if you created a new party called Bring Back Hanging UK which stood on a platform of the 2017+2019 ma… neoliberalism by hammering the 'more neoliberalism now' button until my fist bleedsno, please everyone, if we stay and fight, we can turn the Go Fuck Yourself If You're On The Left Party into a force for social good! @Dan_Draws @Ankaman616 PES 5 all star @Dorianlynskey which part? the fact it was full of lib dems? or that it's 'tactical voti…
@mikegalsworthy absolutely no polls were predicting the lib dems returning nearly 3 times as many MPs as their best… @mikegalsworthy given that the tool was, at this point, recommending lib dems in the then labour held kensington an… @mikegalsworthy don't think ball would've described himself as a 'labour person', at the last election at least @matthaig1 however, I'm not saying that this negates the purpose of working at whatever you can control at an indiv… @matthaig1 when responsibilisation is entirely passed to the individual and material/external factors rendered invi… @matthaig1 sure, i think i know what you mean, and ofc within immediate moments of suicide prevention, you aren't g… 'best for britain', the 'tactical voting' astroturf site involving loads of lib dems which - at one point… lol
Retweeted by Stan'mental health' is now an almost absurdly abstract phrase. it is a commodity, a grotesque branding exercise deploye…
Retweeted by Stan @tetrarchangel @StefGotBooted i agree! if it's to be practically useful, CBT shouldn't be about coping mechanisms w… @cymrurouge oh, absolutely. it's also obviously convenient for the predominant view of MH in a country built around… is true, and i think it should be acknowledged where there is vested financial interest in 'mental health' - f… response which says 'you can't dismantle capitalism, you're just one guy, learn to adapt your psyche to live wi… also locate capitalism as a primary source of exploitation and distress because it's something we believe should… how systems like capitalism engender distress is to acknowledge how many 'mental health' afflictions… positioning of distress as inherent is far more defeatist imo. the point of locating external structural factor… he presents a position nobody is arguing: that only the poor suffer psychological distress. what's being argue… be aware that you are experiencing feelings of worthlessness as a rational - and encouraged! - response to being… believe it is absolutely crucial to be aware of anything which may contribute to your self esteem, and the exact…, i don't understand how willfully keeping people in ignorance of these things, as he seems to suggest, is m… it be debilitating to become aware of how dehumanised you are by structural factors far beyond your control, an… think it's actually interesting to see someone so heavily involved in 'mental health discourse' acknowledge and g… @joe_bish the dolphin
@MULLET_FAN_NEO absolutely despise this 'diff' nonsense, the most godawful contrived shit, like someone making up t… McLAGGON ⚽⚽ Foli hyfryd, yr ail o’r gêm i’r ymosodwr. 62’ @BarryTownUnited 3-0 Caernarfon…
Retweeted by Stan90+3' | FULL-TIME: Barry 3-1 Caernarfon A brace from @Kaynomc and a bullet header from @curtismcdonald8 give us o…
Retweeted by Stan @Bob0Mar i admire your faith in the youth, but in the unlikely event this tweet relates to true events, i still don…'s saying this incredible tweet is a lie, which it almost certainly is, but imagine for a second it's someh…
remarkably magnanimous from katy perry here @seanbgoneill happy birthday you obscenely young don, may the sweet lord guard you tonight and, indeed, always 🍻🍻 @J_Willmot it's more like 'general', but where the veterans an newbies all congregate at once, infuriating each other no end @granitetide @paulgibbins when you think back to that class of 2009-13 earnest pun loving twitter, p much all of th… @HKesvani sorry to hear that, hk, used to happen to me when i was starting out, too. if you want any tips from a se… @cymrurouge there was never any real pay off and we were always rumbled fairly immediately, but my god, that was living @cymrurouge used to do coordinated wumming in IT lessons with my pals liam enticnap (stevie_g_is_king) and jon rafi… @HKesvani snapped your rod?spent my formative years as a WUM (wind up merchant) asking the 606 angling board members for tips on buying rods,… @BaneNook this is a good idea as it would also allow gastro philistines like me to avoid days-long conversations ab… problem with twitter is that it's a completely open forum with no mods and no agreed posting rules. say what yo… @toypadlock @jamesdgreig hafing inadvertently caused a similar incident a few years ago, this is 100% true - i thin… @joandiddlysquat @jamesdgreig the post patter era @breadandposes @jamesdgreig honestly for the first 6 years or so i was on this site, it was just people tricking ea… @jamesdgreig i thought it was funny! why is there so much introspection around it idgi🕔🍺✔️
Retweeted by Stanwill never not be funny seeing moderates frantically make the point that criticising their prefered candidate might… understand Irony?
Retweeted by Stanbeen trying to implement some sort of system where i turn cardiff into an athletic bilbao-style club comprised enti… @ohlookitswill_ the swines in madrid have been deliberately emaciating him @BenTheTim @RossMcCaff twice!welcome home, gareth @alijamieson @Tweetgood_Mac weirdly, felt like pepe was the exact inverse. everyone losing their mind for this guy… @alijamieson @Tweetgood_Mac yeah, certainly isn't confined to spurs fans either. new breed of fm-reared busquets-revering joyless stattos @washington_cafe amazing! every member of Idles at once discovered in local penarth man's face! @Tweetgood_Mac absolutely baffling to me. one of your most exciting ever players - certainly within most of the peo…