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@JuniorReyes17 I ate some spicy chicken wings, some bolognese and then shiii some oreo cheesecake @CrypticNoHoes @COSTCOBACKWOODS bro in competition with 2 other people @CrypticNoHoes LMFAOOOOOOO @COSTCOBACKWOODSwhoever made my food today definitely goin to heaven wow @scobesx @kliqdic fuckkk bro this one is so embarrassing 😭 @JIDsv can you leak 14.7 bars in my dms @kliqdic @THump you need to get u some fuckin money @THump @kliqdic atleast youre going to heaven bro @_lavbbe_ @jdtarboy @4TheCulture____ mfer acting like a can of soup is a grenade @kliqdic im noting down all yall having sex before marriage lol enjoy goin to hell @WhoseBacon @milkuhs LMFAO fuck yall 😭😭 @kliqdic @GiftCurse this how rich people think and they get cancelled @vitaminwater need them in the UK asap brother @PaintClown_ you simply must only like every song to ever release bro you aint know this yet? @PaintClown_ LMFAOOOO what was they mad at you for @PaintClown_ mfers was mad at me for playin the juice wrld album on shuffle @HarryButAverage LOL he hustlin hard I respect it 🔥 @thec0conuthead he makin u work for the bread @Pastore1314 baaaaatoooomed out @Er4tik same bro we done found aliens before the ocean monsters @jdtarboy @4TheCulture____ if you get paralyzed by a can of soup you gotta take the Locean fa sho, I already know the dangers of a jungle, imma prolly get mind controlled by a jellyfish at the bottom… @BoZe youngest in charge 😈 @HarryButAverage wage prolly 13k a year so he gotta try flip it in doge coin @reaIlyshort @WhosBreezyUK @Trainwreckstv Aint you a multimillionaire while me and breezy starve @WhosBreezyUK @Trainwreckstv I need it more than you bro £tristanghill @Viperous @Class If they let me leave fa sho :) miss Yall a lot @Viperous @Class I am fr fr @favvorittee this why me and my 8 homies come as a pack, we hittin this mark combined 🤝LMFAOOOOOO
Retweeted by Tristan @zeytouneh LOOL @xrpartisan @xrp_mami @coinbase literally was just sayin this same shit to my boy earlier 🙏🏿 @percgxd @ochocinco pause @BradyToGronk0 which one you get @SavinTheBees LOOOOL @Vortvx LOOOL @ochocinco she tryna do you like kevin hart and dj mustardeveryone on this mfer tweetin bout how the vaccines is fuckin them up, imma be honest b, you gone have to pin me do…
@SavinTheBees thats how meme pages be that are ran by white people tryna be black @PaintClown_ mfer like me would email support like "what else can you do for me" with it being delayed so long 😈 @PaintClown_ kid cudi making it by hand himself @SavinTheBees can you recreate the iconic burger king hat man video @PnV3n LMFAO @dlphin32 damn he was face tatted up bicken back bein bool @TristanGHill
Retweeted by Tristan @Kittyghostin @CityCaela white @creamypho LOOL @error_4oh2 I mean nothing we can do about it browhite people passing on racism @BonBurner walk outmfer got knocked out by ant manLMAOO bro this video is funny af😭😭 @GTA_Sammm fuckkkk nooo they the biggest shoe now @popularboner @_mamajazzzz LMAO twitter a new planet bro @snuurid yall not like me @TheWuba facts bro @SavinTheBees these a must cop @PaintClown_ supeerrr hardim creaming @CarnagexKing @WhoseBacon @qcures @_mamajazzzz LMFAO mfers sayin that on a public social media unprivate account 😭 @WhoseBacon @qcures @_mamajazzzz LMFAOO @qcures @_mamajazzzz & who tf are you? Stay out of my mentions @_mamajazzzz you know this social media right? 🤣 @_mamajazzzz after 2021 years yall randomly found the manual to parenting huh @SkylerJohnson come to think of it, I did say that @benwegmann no tf we're not brother @SkylerJohnson that was a lil too smart @SkylerJohnson mfers just played mind games on us LMFAOOO @OnnThinIce @JIDsv NEW JID VERSE @wydstepbrOoke pretty self explanatory if you ask me @craig_stewart11 killer whalebeing an animal seems fun @kliqdic @WildPIanet thats so fuckin aids @nnesaga @EE BUP BUP BUP @LilSpaceMermaid @doolydooke LOOL @LilSpaceMermaid this mfer like rugby @KEEMSTAR @bradmillscan LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Nas real shit @ProdByWalkz LMFAOOO nah this is hilarious bro @XRP_Shark lool keep doin ya thing bro!🙏🏿 @XRP_Shark wait, we dont just 15m green candle to $300?! wtf @MyolLife W!!! to the moon @MyolLife very nice! now use that fomo into doge and lose 80% of it @Feshty1 @telcoin_team lemme guess you bought at 0.009 @MyolLife we gone get you right bro @MyolLife 16 dollars bro, you couldnt have found another 16 dolla to put in another stock? LMFAO @Therrapy1 @MyolLife mfer crazy as hell @MyolLife why would you even sell a position so small? did you have to sell it to eat or sumn? LOL tf @TwerkGawd_ @Froste I ain’t have nobody to call out bro all my opps **** or blocked me @Froste It was a fun time when I was on that energy @WINGEDHEROH4WKS @mushm0on £tristanghill @AlinityTwitch Bro wtf @Feshty1 @telcoin_team Crypto ain’t for you
@ochocinco dr sebi was doin triple backflips off skyscrapers and landing on his knees and shit tho @SavinTheBees ill find a way to be homeless LMFAO @SavinTheBees all good imma find a way to go off the radar bro @SavinTheBees LMAOO see ive been tryna sneak online when you sleep @SavinTheBees you said you was gone gift me subs so you got me scared af broCall me weird, but I love seeing all the homies win @ScottyTidwell @ImPaintGod W