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@Krtzyy fr bro LOL @koordell 👀listening to advice on how to treat ya girl from twitter gone end you up lookin like the second pic LOL"twitter told me showing her off was gonna solve all my problems" @Jasssiex hell nah @YungSouup quite a few good ones on there bro @Conmxn never ever @Jasssiex a mf like me dont have his power go out but im different @silvasalavisa 🙏 @may_wedda alwaysBest believe imma go thru all these dms today, I aint slept yet and got a ton of work to do but we getting to it @socialghoster LOL @lemiwrap lemme see a lil merch design you did @JordanCyno no siri'm looking for everything dawg theres no limit, ion care if you a gah damn businessman, designer, stripper, photog… @may_wedda I might actually make a power ranger squad of streamers and sign em to ETO on the downlows.. let me brainstorm with my whiteboard @may_wedda fat juicy ass @HoodieXF @FallDropPW LMFAOi'mma be completely transparent too, I dont want a bunch of "what can I do to fit in" mfs.. what do YOU bring to da tableNeed some hustlers to join the team that don’t need to be told what to do 🙏🏼 building an empire @MohamaadS_ LMAOOO bruh.. I ain’t even see thatNever checking my DMs again 🤦🏽‍♂️ on expanding the team full of hustlers @ivyskyofficial LMAOOThis juice wrld album really is too fucking good dawg @chris_jacksoc @THump @AndiousAndy 2. LMAO @THump @AndiousAndy LOL @AndiousAndy @THump I’m not even watching the video cos I know they ain’t more athletic @THump @AndiousAndy A rugby player can’t 1 hand catch balls and twist they body and perform like NFL players lol I’… @AndiousAndy @THump And rugby players aren’t more athletic lol @ochocinco @JoeBudden whats ya cashapp dawg I got you fo today @ramon_G24 FLAMES MY BROTHERpacking all these shirt orders is tiring dawg LOL @Fablesz @THump on average a rugby player aint more athletic than a NFL player debate it with ya momma cos you wrong if you think they is @Fablesz @THump yes they are @THump nah you speakin facts rugby players slow as fuck @THump lol @NoshinOcean unfollowed. blocked. reported @Avalanche100T @Viperous LMFAOOOO holding the TV in 2 hands is crazy @Avalanche100T @Viperous @payabun gm @Froste @KaleiRenay save one for me babe @MikeHeadly39 kinda like sex just with less people @Classify @Viperous sidney rn @Classify @Viperous entanglement twitter goin crazy rn @brndvx LOL @marcusy_ wasting water showering is selfish.a day? 1 time a year is even too much 🤮 @sxoxo @TepOwen to bump it @marcusy_ sup @MikeHeadly39 LMFAOOO @YourEmbracee I lied @DarthLux bruh LOL @ivyskyofficial LMFAOO I promise I finished them mfs @LibraLebron fr bro, bars went over a lotta peoples head @SavinTheBees NEVER... until we have it all done
@Ultra15151 LMFAOOO ON GOD BRO @MindOfNathan LMFAO @Viperous because I had a nice meal?yall bullied me, so I went back and ate the bones.. yall happy now? 🤦‍♂️ @BruthePotato im crying @WhosBreezyUK dont put chicken round me bro I run thru that mf 🙏 @imprived LOOOOLI DEMOLISHED these 😈😌 @SavinTheBees dunno what youre replying to bro @SavinTheBees bars went over ya head completely, you at ice jj fish level rn @parientesad @SavinTheBees the fact you man dont listen just has me thinkin you trollin @SavinTheBees no tf it dont and that beat jammin same with the bars @Kickuhh this mf talkin bout his own header @dannnnystannnny on jah @yoxics open ya ears bro @yoxics ghetts mad about bars @officialmangoo1 what @dxukkaj @Classify @Viperous @neekolul LMFAO BRO @Classify @Viperous LMFAOOOOO you always be thinkin bout me > @dxukkaj @Classify @Viperous ayo @neekolul if you decline imma black out my profile @BenSchneiider @WhosBreezyUK @ashlenite LMFAO @Classify @Viperous imma be that one single, best man cryin my eyes out @neekolul @Nadeshot @100Thieves I really be knowing everything... anyway, you got me with a PS5?! @neekolul @Nadeshot @100Thieves where we goin @Revex no @Classify @Viperous I love you two so muchme when im riding my motorbike fast af on GTA and hit a feather @riskyfire01 @_davvd ngl yeah, I mean the songs are louder regardless but if you just use airpods it doesnt really make much difference @SavinTheBees now you got a bowling ball in ya mouf @SavinTheBees bro @CFC_Ant LMAO banger too @koordell whats wrong with the emote? lolI need "into you" playing while i'm walking down the aisle to marry my queen, with all 7 of my entanglements on the side line spectating @riskyfire01 @_davvd For me it’s cheaper, and has better quality audio :) @_davvd For me yessir @_davvd TidalFucked up in the crib rn cryin my eyes out @AamonRex @BoubouRiou @JennaTwitch ???????? LMAOOO @ashlenite I love mine it got me lookin like terry crews in 4 days @Wistci @DuckConfetti Got his ass LOL @yungricepatty Yes bro @visionofviii When 42 dugg said height only bout 4’2 .. you felt that @GRlNCHIE A large?! I got you brother