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💖Pro-formulas in toy packaging 🐰Tested on drag queens, not animals 🍯Proud partner of The Honeybee Conservancy

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@GarylJones84 Just for you bb @TrixieCosmetics do you sprinkle glitter on every package? As soon as I opened the box, I was blessed. 🙏
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsShoutout to @TrixieCosmetics for giving me the perfect tools to get myself together for Drag Matin80s! Wearing Mali…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics.@tiffanismakeup on IG 💖
@EllyAyling Yes god! @GeordieZamo We don’t have a release date for red scare yet!Tag this Lemon Bar hooker! 🍋🍋🍋 this special delivery 🥰 she’s looking good! Two more things then my collection is complete for the time bein…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsGirl same.
Showing off Marshmallow Sparkles at the debut of Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts earlier this year 📽 (Available for pre… has arrived in the UK🇬🇧 and she is STUNNING @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsOh honey! @TrixieMattel absolutely crushed it as she covered #ABBA, @RuPaul, @MariahCarey & more. Check out her rap…
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Lauren is a bombshell in our megawatt pink lipstick, Stacy! 💖 IG: Laurenloveserik match made in heaven gang’s finally here! 🦠 It may be November but I can’t wait to use Slime Time for some sexy Grinch looks!…
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New video coming next week, in the meantime have you seen our drag makeover on @nicolebyer? #wcw 📺:…
She’s here 💄 @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics💖 @shrinkle wearing Sprinkles(in Skipper)! A beautiful queen-sized bubblegum pink glitter with lime duochrome 💖 how my @TrixieCosmetics sparkles arrived on my birthday 🥳🎂
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We’re so REDy for this look featuring Buffy Sprinkles 😍 IG: bettierebel
@TrixieCosmetics im a fan
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsDo you like Pony Up Sprinkles? Do you like filters? We’ve got the SPURfect filter for you-follow @TrixieCosmetics o…*thinking about glitter* 📸: @dragcoven Shop Ooky Spooky here: woman! Black glitter from heaven. OOKY SPOOKY from @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @KimHoll77281338 @trixiemattel @IAmMoniqueHeart @fenabarbitall @wigsandgrace @gabrielgastelum @nicolebyer Yes! test…
@GarylJones84 @gayandsweaty Looking into this!These Limited Edition glitters won’t last forever! Snatch yours before they’re gone 😱 💚 Slime Time Sparkles 👻 Ooky… Byer is stunning in Stacy Lipstick and an upcoming Trixie Cosmetics gloss! (What should we name her?) 💖Makeu…🥫 @trixiecosmetics, nominated for The Face Is Beat Award for Best Beauty Line 🥫 #WOWIES Vote now:…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsOh wow!
Fan art Friday is back sis TIME🤮 @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics✨💝 Cannot wait to play pretend with all of these pretty pieces!! Thank you for creating such wonderful glitters, do…
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Drag Makeover with Nicole Byer & Monique Heart via @YouTubeslime time forever 💚💙
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsIf you’ve got it, HAUNT it! @Pretty_Face_Ab is SERVING in Carol Anne Sparkles 👻📺 mattel as @TrixieCosmetics glitters
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they’re here and somehow even prettier in real life im in LOVE
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsWatches drag race once:
Drag Makeover with @nicolebyer & @IAmMoniqueHeart WATCH HERE: @emmakathleeennn @trixiemattel @nicolebyer @TrixieCosmetics The Holy Trinity
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsThis is a big mood @nicolebyer I died @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsYou could say @IAmMoniqueHeart and I really NAILED IT with this look...and sis, that’s the ☕️ Watch the video her… parallels
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @JandyCakes New videos every other Monday!
@nicolebyer @trixiemattel @IAmMoniqueHeart 💖💖💖This was the most fun? I adore @trixiemattel and @IAmMoniqueHeart so much.
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @hayybayl @nicolebyer @IAmMoniqueHeart same sisspecial guests @nicolebyer & @IAmMoniqueHeart! video in 1 hr, subscribe now so you don't miss it, Cindy best skincare routine is Not Doing Drag.
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsHI! I'm the chemical burn from the spiral perm, TRIXIE MATTEL. 🎀 Used @TrixieCosmetics glitter in "Slime Time" and…
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A fierce haul for a fierce illustrator-Jon worked on our logo and created the typography for our packaging and prin…, I’m the hot cheetoh dust under your boyfriends fingernails, Trixie Mattel.
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsYou s-eerie-ously don’t wanna miss out on this frighteningly fashionable glitter!’s slime time my dudes 🤮🦠
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hello i feel very cute! also just a lil bit of pentagram on the eyes✨ @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @TrixieCosmetics Ooky Spooky, ESPECIALLY on the lips🖤🖤
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsWhat’s your go-to spooky Sprinkle? Like for Pentagram, RT for Ooky Spooky is serving us resting witch face in Slime Time Sparkles and we are HERE for it 🧙‍♀️🕷💚
SLIME TIME JUST HITS DIFFERENT. @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticshappy halloween whores
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticssabrina spellman supports @TrixieCosmetics buffy!
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticsa closer look maliblu 💙 slime time 🦠
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics😍😍😍 @TrixieCosmetics I used Lemon Bar and/ or Marshmallow in most of my Halloween looks, plus a bit of Buffy! 🎃
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticssupporting t&k from a distance tonight! happy halloweenier 💚🎃 slime time by @TrixieCosmetics
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Jessica Rabbit is wearing @TrixieCosmetics Carol Anne on her inner corners💕
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsHappy Halloweiner! Tag us in your looks with our products today for a repost! Can’t wait to see how you use them! 👻…’s some less than amazing pics of my makeup from last night. @KimChi_Chic didn’t come to play with the diamond…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsHope no unicorns fall into any patients mouth today 😅 eye inspired by @rachunderscore ♥️🦄
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsSlime time 🎃👻💀 @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel Lashes: @prietabellaco Lips: @kyliecosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticsslime time, pentagram, and stacy are a cute combo!!! 💚🖤💗 @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @MoxieDitz @trixiemattel @katya_zamo @JeffreeStar @shanedawson Lol our next Trixie cosmetics tv videohave you seen my dead dog? perhaps i’m a bitch for @TrixieCosmetics 🔮 ooky spooky ☁️ marshmallow ⭐️ pentagram
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsSlime time for Halloween?? YES @TrixieCosmetics #trixiecosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsOmg
I’ve done a full 180 on green in the last week Slime time 🦠 - @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsNothing sadder than the tears of Rainbow the #clown Inspired by Pierrot the clown and printer ink/ the CMYK color…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticsooky spooky came and i’m in love so i did a mini photo shoot 👻
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticsy’all wanted a spooky hooker? @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics 🧪 slime time 🍋 lemon bar 🧙🏻‍♀️ pentagram
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsSLAY Halloween in #buffysprinkles 💒🧛‍♂️⚰️ I go out of control and order doubles? Maybe. @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsWho's doing Trixie makeup for Halloween? via @YouTube
Our next video will have special guests! who do you guys want to see?Do you have a favorite yet? 🧙‍♀️ Pentagram 💚 Slime Time 👻 Ooky Spooky’t know if it’s just me having a good makeup day or what but i’m feeling a lot better now 🥺💖 playing with…
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My daughter turns 21 on February 25th and it just so happens that @trixiemattel will be here on that very day!!! Ti…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics2010 me found dead. 💚 Slime Time is perfect for that “first day on the job at Hot Topic” look there such thing as too much @TrixieCosmetics ?? 💝💝💝
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @katev21 @trixiemattel no
“All my jokes are cries for help.” - Barbie, probably. 💖 @TrixieCosmetics in ‘Marshmallow’ on the lids and lips, a…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsGet the party startled with our Limited Edition Halloween Glitter Collection 👻🎃😱 @jesgrassihoying they won't be restocked once they sell out 💖Can you believe @TrixieCosmetics Slime Time really did that?
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics4️⃣ days left until Halloween! Hurry, get your Halloween glitter before it’s too late! ⏳ and green fantasy 💚💞💚 @TrixieCosmetics sparkle in slime time @TrixieCosmetics lipstick in stacy
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics😍😍😍