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☮️ Summer of Love Collection available now! 💖 Pro-formulas in toy packaging 🐰 Tested on drag queens, not animals 🍯 Proud partner of The Honeybee Conservancy

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using @TrixieCosmetics summer of love blush palette (i’m gonna need a new one bc i really went in) and babydoll and…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsMy colours are blush and bashful 💗 Norvina Mini Vol. 3 - @ABHcosmetics Stacy used as cream blush with Girl On Gir…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics❄️now i got an ice cold heart❄️
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics @ColourPopCo Blue Moon palette and @TrixieCosmetics sparkles in Maliblu and Carol Anne 💙✨
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsSide-eye has never looked better 👀 featuring Marshmallow Sparkles ✨ (IG: mayataughtyou) would you leave the house when you could stay home and cover your face in tiny unicorns? Stay home, stay safe a…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsWowowoowowoww luv @TrixieCosmetics skipper sprinkles ✨✨✨
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Alexa, play Girl Next Door by @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics Summer of Love palette, Marshmallow & 1969 sparkles,…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsThere’s never been a better time to stay home and perfect your makeup skills-don’t forget to tag us when you use Tr…
Trixie & Tom Lenk Transform into the Olsen Twins @tomlenk @trixiemattel by @makeupbyhaleyyy Eyeshadow @Jaclynhill x @MorpheBrushes Lashes @unicorngangshop Mascara @milkmakeup
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsStay in and glow out with hot pink cheeks!!! Courtesy of our newly restocked blush palette 💖💖💖 (IG: Laurenloveserik) 2M views! @brittany_broski @trixiemattel Kombucha Girl Drag Transformation with Brittany Broski via @YouTube
☮️ ✌️ The Summer of Love Collection is finally back together 🛍 Shop them all on now! @ageofgioh We would love to! We’re still a small company though so it’s on our to-do list for the future! @noriegaadore 💖💖💖 @Maddie24Kennedy please send an email with your order # to💘 ✨ Using: @shopcoverboycom blueballs @TrixieCosmetics Maliblu + skipper + summer of love @sugarpillmakeup fun…
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Blue like the sky 🦋🦋 *jawbreaker pallet and marshmallow sprinkles on the eyes* @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsWho wore it better? 👯‍♀️ New video with @tomlenk up now!📺🚨 The Summer of Love Blush Palette is back! 🚨 shop now at time + Maliblu = perfect pretend you’re on the beach and not in quarantine nails 💚✨💙 @TrixieCosmetics
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The blush palette restocks tomorrow at 9am PST/ 12pm EST! Get one for your dolls and one for yourself 💖 spot the difference games are getting harder and harder @tomlenk @trixiemattel
Is this what you call stunning? @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics☕️☕️☕️ @tomlenk it’s in writing it must be true @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics new vid:
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsOh wow TBT to when you could touch people also new @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics Olsen Twinz video is up today sta…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsTrixie & @tomlenk Transform into the Olsen Twins via @YouTube only thing gettingbme through today is knowing @TrixieCosmetics has a new video coming out today 😁
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsMy brain realizing it's Monday and another @TrixieCosmetics video comes out today
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Pentagram...more like: pentaGLAM, amiright? ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ on insta is SO STUN in Carol Anne Sparkles, Buffy Sprinkles, and The Summer of Love palette! Werk diva!
New Trixie Cosmetics TV episode comes out Monday, but you can watch this while you wait! founder @shrinkle keeping it colorful in… 🌺 Eyes: Velouria, Hypnotic, Tokyo, Bulletproof, Kim Chi eyeshad…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsLoving this 🖼 of our Sparkles ⬇️ drop your fave ⬇️ ☁️ Marshmallow 🍋 Lemon Bar 🦠Slime Time 🌊 Maliblu ☮️ 1969 📺 Caro…
Thank you for 1.6M views!!! We're GAGGED Kombucha Girl Drag Transformation with Brittany Broski via @YouTubeFan Art Friday 🎨 @unhhhhwonder 💖💖💖
What a doll! said 🤩🤩🤩 @unhhhhwonder used Immaterial Girl and Skipper glitters for this celestial fantasy 🌟 💫 ⭐️ Summer of Love Palette 😍 @rlmarques13 nope, it would be remote!🚨CALLING ALL VIDEO EDITORS🚨 We're looking for a freelance video editor for Trixie Cosmetics TV! If you think you'd…
seems like skipper and lava lamp have joined the family today! and they look breathtakingly beautiful. thank you…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics🛍 Get blushing April 1st 🛍 We’ll be restocking a limited amount of blush palettes for you on…
@sydneyrosehover restocks April 1!I’m here to report that, yes Stacey’s Mom lipstick DOES look really good in zoom meetings @TrixieCosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics💽BARBARA AS LOOKS, CONT.💽 (2/?) Malibu 🌊 Being Barbara's beachy anthem, i wanted this look to feel like summertim…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticstwo (count em) TWO!! looks today with @TrixieCosmetics glitters 🥰
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsOmg 😍 @lipsticklipss is absolutely stun! 💖 She’s wearing Side Chick and After School Special from our blush palette…
@Maxim112198 @trixiemattel It’s launching with some other products next month hopefully!Happy #NationalPuppyDay 🐶✨💫💙💫✨ @TrixieCosmetics @sugarpillmakeup @ABHcosmetics @ColourPopCo
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsRosie used After School Special highlight & Side Chick blush from our Summer of Love Palette (blended into the shad…
3 HUGE pans 💖 2 beautiful blushes 💖 1 fierce highlighter-The Summer of Love Palette is back in stock next week (Apr…
😍😍😍 Clock the Melon Baller Glitter! (IG: Savannah.smackdown)’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but trust that even if the literal apocalypse comes, we will c…
SO HAPPY @TrixieCosmetics’ account is back!!! 🥰💖 here is me a few days ago wearing lemon bar on my eyes and highlig…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsI’m linking the @thatonequeen YouTube channel in my story. He does (his best) makeup using @trixiecosmetics
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsTrixie Mattel: EXPOSED
Who was more shady? @brittany_broski or @KimChi_Chic?
Lá Fhéile Pádraig ☘️ ▪Carnival XL Palette @bperfectcosm ▪Slime Time Sparkles @TrixieCosmetics ▪Tako Eyeshadow, Go…
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics🇮🇪
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsDrop your best drag name for @brittany_broski Child Sprinkles are back in stock! @TrixieCosmetics pony up glitter + @ColourPopCo sailor moon pallete 🤍
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmetics🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day🍀 It’s a great day to stay in and do a fierce green makeup look, don’t forget to tag us if…
retweet to spread big forehead awareness far one of the best videos yet @TrixieCosmetics !!!
Retweeted by Trixie Cosmeticsum watching @Brittany_broski & @trixiemattel break into irish accents in the new @TrixieCosmetics video just in tim…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsCome through all lesbians it’s @trixiemattel make over time
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsAnd we’re live!!! chatting here: peek! Tune in for the live premiere at noon with @trixiemattel and @Brittany_broski with me and @Brittany_broski during the premiere live at noon! @azdirtbag The palette will be restocked by the end of the month, love child sprinkles will be back in stock Tuesday!
2020 did a look up on the 'gram! Starrss! (Inner corner)glitterati pallet: @GiveFaceCos 'Pentagram' sprinkles:…
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsCaption this something to do while you’re home all day? Check out the Trixie Cosmetics TV playlist! (New video dropping tom… home means working from home and this lipstick looks fab on camera 🎥 💄 things first: don’t be gross- WASH YOUR HANDS 🧼 home and limiting your social interactions can be a drag, so we’ve created this helpful guide to get you th… at the Coronavirus (but from a safe distance from others within our homes)’all the @TrixieCosmetics Slime Time Sparkles really took this eye look to the next level 💚
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsOMG!
Girl, same!’t SKIP the finishing touches! We love how donaldbilotti on insta used Skipper Sprinkles to finish off this eye…
Friendly reminder: you can find Trixie Cosmetics at Riley Rose! MY GOD @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics IN MY STORE IM CRYING
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsHave you seen me and Kimberly switch looks???
Retweeted by Trixie CosmeticsFanart Friday roundup- how cute are these?! 💖
this 💒Buffy Glitter look by Marilynmugbeat on insta is to die for ⚰️
Wowowowowoww Maliblu is the 👆 (Ig: Jennaxmua)
😍 very close to the @honeybeetweets today.
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