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Trixie Mattel @trixiemattel West Hollywood, CA

☀️ Blister In The Sun out now! Management/Booking : @pegmgmt

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DYING over @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo reacting to the funeral home shenanigans of BURIED BY THE BERNARDS 💀
Retweeted by Trixie MattelDrag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to Buried by the Bernards | I Li... via @YouTube Realness is SOLD OUT! @TrixieCosmetics
I'm WAY down on the covid vaccine list so I just keep eating Flintstone Chewables like there's no tomorrow.
Retweeted by Trixie Mattelsorry i can’t be ~her~ @LatriceRoyale 😍😍😍Remembering #FourWomen celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by Trixie MattelDAYTIME REALNESS is out today! @TrixieCosmetics now! SLC owns my whole ass bitch. Congrats on a fab season. @BravoTV @BravoWWHLThe girls are dancing for the drunk people. your life like you’re a rockstar and @thetammiebrown’s head permanently lives in your television BTS capture…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @thatssoannpyne
The call is coming from inside the studio...The Daytime Realness Collection drops tomorrow at 10AM PT! 💙 Deja is we…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelI’m on an antiobiotic that prohibits exercise and alcohol so I guess my gay identity has been stripped away.🎤TCTV Anchor Spotlight: Trixie Mattel, beauty and fashion reporter, Daytime Realness News at Noon. She broke the ma…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @JasonIsbell o m g you all for the award! Trixie Mattel - Malibu (Official Music Video) via @YouTubeI won two Queerties! Thank you to all who voted. @Queerty to @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo for winning in the PODCAST category at the 2021 #Queerties for "Th…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelCongratulations to @trixiemattel, winner of INDIE MUSIC VIDEO for "Malibu" at the 2021 #Queerties! Watch the full…
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New Video! Would You Rather w/ @trixiemattel !
Retweeted by Trixie Mattelme at all times. @trixiemattel Breaking News: Trixie Mattel fired from her own company for skipping work
Retweeted by Trixie MattelTomorrow is Casa Coco with @Peppermint247 and @BrianSimsPA! This is my first show this year and I fortunate to have…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattelwoke up, avoided work, watching Mars Attacks. @PeachesChrist @orvillepeck Literally me lol @JustJaremi @TheVanillaG Lollllll
Every day is a wonderful opportunity to not share people’s nudes without their permission."Trans Lifeline is part of a long legacy of transgender people fighting for each other’s survival in a world that h…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattelgood morning whores.Ross Matthews and I are getting married thank you all. We will be registering at Limited Too. @GIFChaseH @dearDEERE @Friday13thGame So are we.This pocket-sized palette of blues and metals is sure to be a ratings hit! Available on th…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @dearDEERE @Friday13thGame I know why did we all stop playing this! @BlairStClair We already did! @bdanielcole you trying to find a cute silver lining but also living in gay fear:
We’ve done NYX, Maybelline, ELF, Wet N Wild... which drugstore brand would you like to see next?We interrupt your usual programming to bring you DAYTIME REALNESS. Launching at 10AM PT on 2/26, the Daytime Realne…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelBREAKING NEWS! Our 1st Eyeshadow Palette, DAYTIME REALNESS, is Here! via @YouTube NEWS! Our 1st Eyeshadow Palette, DAYTIME REALNESS, is Here! via @YouTube
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @rachelpage_ @A_doubleC_D @thatonequeen lol this is youY’all still doing alright?
Retweeted by Trixie MattelVote for The Go-Gos! My fave band and they are so overdue for this honor.
"the gay community has afforded me a wonderful life, an amazing career going on a decade and a half,” @trixiemattel
Retweeted by Trixie MattelNow a co-owner of @ThisIsItMKE, @trixiemattel is turning her sights to her hometown and helping revitalize the quee…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @AOC ***SHOCKING*** Young Woman VICIOUSLY Attacked!#ThePitStop is the highlight of my week
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel🚨 BREAKING NEWS: Trixie Cosmetics Invents Collection Reveals! 🚨 Tune into Trixie Cosmetics TV tomorrow to get your…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @andymientus @katya_zamo OmgEveryone texting me about I CARE A LOT on @netflix - thank you! I was nervous about taking on a villain role and ch… @LisaBarlow7 @DREWSIDORA @michcoll Thank you thank you THANK YOU I think about this all the time. @michcoll I think about that clip of that Caucasian woman on the red carpet saying “she ready” how can I find it again?! @forjustminutes Girl!Me and @KimChi_Chic coming from @ChipotleTweets .
Me to my computer every Friday night:
Retweeted by Trixie MattelMiss @jansportnyc is on The Pit Stop!, Marcia, Marcia, move over, sis, it's @jansportnyc here on #ThePitStop hosted by @TrixieMattel to dish on So…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelIconic partners in crime @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo are back together to watch some true criminals in I CARE A L…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelDrag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to I Care A Lot | I Like to Watc... via @YouTube @Bhytes1 step on my throat my lesbian mom i'm crying!A double save! The great thing about hosting this season of the pit stop is that I have about a year and a half job security. @trixiemattel @tomlenk @Lionsgate I say this with my full chest, you're MY Trish ily
Retweeted by Trixie MattelI finished the movie seeing @tomlenk and so yes, this movie is amazing. Thank you @BarbAndStar for showing me two w… @trixiemattel @BarbAndStar Gagged gooped and pooped
Retweeted by Trixie MattelTrish are you fucking kidding me lmao @BarbAndStar 🌊🌊🌊omg an unexpected crying moment for me at this moment ?!? @BarbAndStar episode of Fashion Photo Ruview is this? hair length of evil. @BarbAndStar I won’t believe the lies. ⁦@BarbAndStar⁩ Pineapple Princess i love this song! @BarbAndStar anyone actually been to Vista Del Mar?! I have a hard time imagining that something this lovely and pure is in Florida. @BarbAndStarEdgar is the hottest person I’ve ever seen in my life. @BarbAndStarI like looking at wicker but I don’t like sitting on it L M A O @BarbAndStarI COULD FINISH THE BURIED TREASURE. @BarbAndStarMe making YouTube videos. @BarbAndStar this impromptu Todrick Hall music video at the hotel. @BarbAndStar“”Trish? At Christmas? Forget it!” @trixiemattel @BarbAndStar CULOTTES!
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel“Remember on the Fourth of July when we were roller skating through town in our sparkly leotards?” LMAO @BarbAndStarFortune looking like an angel PER USUAL. @fortunefunny @BarbAndStar is fucking here bitch. #BarbAndStar could do Cheetah but Cheetah could NEVER do Star. #BarbAndStarGoToVistaDelMarDoes this mean Midwest accents are coming back?!?!!! @BarbAndStar @forjustminutes sure if this counts as a bowl cut but I live. know I’m country but did cities really have children on bikes delivering papers? #BarbAndStarGoToVistaDelMarWe are staring @BarbAndStar in one minute! If you’re already drinking you’re doing this right. @DaliGlama @trixiemattel You can join us by renting anywhere you rent movies!
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @jamescharles Open up the notes app, address the situation, apologize, and Come on the bald and the beautiful!One hour! We’re hitting play at 6pm pt/ 9pm et @BarbAndStar #watchparty is my passion.
☎️ *ring ring* last chance to snag Mod About You Blush! 📷 @caprikait
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel6pm pt/9pm et! @BarbAndStar