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GROWN UP on tour now! Management/Booking : @pegmgmt

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👀 Tomorrow you’ll get your first peek at what we’ve been working on behind closed doors 🏠 Tune in Monday at 12 PDT…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelBig thanks to everyone that tuned in to Trixie Cosmetics TV on youtube for #PrideMonth! With your help, we raised o…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @brianjoralvarez my apartemento @Creme_Fatale My whole life lol @LailaMcQueen @jansportnyc You have literally best best drawn on eyebrows I’ve ever seen! @TheBobbyHall I signed this at my dining room table! ✅It's YEEHAW day! Full Coverage Friday 7/3 via @YouTubeI’m here to tell you- you CAN survive on a diet consisting of only content featuring @TiffanyPollard .
@Prose_And_Khan Ty! 🥰we love to see it. @heyqweentv @Mothercouture @GayPimp @Hunteeshirts omgMy first winter when I moved to Milwaukee
Retweeted by Trixie MattelI did a show with Marina Franklin and I was shook!’s Full Coverage Friday is YEEHAW bitch’s go there like degrassi tonight. Free concert, free healing energies, free longing and sexual glances. watching Jimbo scream and steal my heart. 🇨🇦 @hausofcherri @katya_zamo @BookSoup @_FullyBooked and tons of other local options. Also obvi audiobook and e-reader… Microgrants cycle opens again tomorrow (1st & 15th of each month) @papermagazine
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @lightbulbbaking @YouTube Thank you I loved your book! @OrangePaulp omg bout to get BLOCKT by Celine Dion 🇨🇦I’m here to tell you that Canada is wildin’ out dot com.
Because of all the fundraising we have done I was awarded Twitch Affiliation!📚 every $100 awarded by U.S. #foundations, only 3 cents goes to #trans communities. Our Microgrants program is co…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelI am such a woman that I wrote the book on it with @katya_zamo .
Retweeted by Trixie Mattelgirl next door on vinyl = happiness @trixiemattel 💛🤍
Retweeted by Trixie MattelTracy Martel 2020 energy cannot WAIT to kiki w/ @RuPaulsDragRace legends @katya_zamo & @trixiemattel for our first ticketed event of July…
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Join us for a special pre-publication virtual event with @trixiemattel & @katya_zamo to launch their new book, Trix…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel thanks @amazonmusic! you @trixiemattel and @Katya_Zamo for supporting OutRight during @Netflix's Pride event last night! Watch the…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @MarkPochow @amikewhite @jaidaehall *two serial killers Trixie and Jaida 🔪🔪gm to proud sexy goth sluts @J_NoTimberLake @AlyssaEdwards_1 Alyssa is gay pride and gay rights.i finally saw the baby in the wig and she has healed me
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel[!] An Evening with Trixie Mattel and Katya: A Guide to Modern Womanhood (Virtual Event) Get your tickets here:…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @clarecordell Mama this is HIGH rent 🙏🏻 @JunoBirch I cannot stand you.pride ended and I’m still gay @sasha_velour @itsSHANGELA has returned! Thanks everyone for helping us raise $3k last night for @TransLifeline @jacquisneal @laurenlapkus She is not lesser known because she is president of the USA but @DivaLaci has entered the chat.Gonna tell my kids this is Naked Attraction. for @trixiemattel jamming to @findingfletcher on Twitch 💞
Retweeted by Trixie MattelTrixie for TransLifeLIne! Netflix Pride w/ Laverne Cox, Madison Bailey, Trixie Mattel, and C... via @YouTube
Business conversation with a woman and her hair modeling. @itsSHANGELA this still played at graduations or am I ok boomer dot com @trixiemattel It was a trick question... DUH! Don't worry - I fixed it.
Retweeted by Trixie MattelThe makeup industry is on fire but luckily just one of my eye makeup applications will keep us all in business.Earl had to die- point blank periodt. @trixiemattel @TransLifeline Can’t wait to donate and watch
Retweeted by Trixie MattelThis is the energy of Twitch Tuesday tonight at 6pm! We are playing for @TransLifeline ! @katya_zamo @trixiemattel In this week’s least surprising news. Your new book is #1 in “Love, Sex, and Marriage Hum…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelThe queers of @netflix have entered the chat. @Most living for @trixiemattel’s Baking with Easy Bake series on YouTube this lockdown. I always wanted one…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel#20 on Trending! Baking a 6-Layered Rainbow Cake in An Easy-Bake Oven via @YouTubeWe 💜you @trixiemattel 💄💄💄
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel tomorrow we are a week behind so please come emotionally prepared for two eliminations on @TheSimsTomorrow play for @TransLifeline ! know one of these bakers! 🔥 Bakers Against Racism Raises Over $1.6 Million for Racial Justice—With More to Come
Everyone please respectfully keep this tweet at 666 likes lol @DallasDixon I wish!the devil she said hiiii @brittany_broski What about the man you catfished with a fake accentThe best part of being gay this year was @thatonequeen and @Peppermint247 giving us this vocabulary:"Will you cry-laugh? Yes ma'am." are the only words we need to hear in order to pick up a book. Check out…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelBaking a 6-Layered Rainbow Cake in An Easy-Bake Oven via @YouTubeFINAL Easy Bake video! A giant stacked rainbow cake bitch. didn’t have to lose weight during quarantine but I did and you know what my body my choice.What episode of UNHhhh is this Police Department: Justice for Brayla Stone via @Change
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @8bitdylan Wow a blue eyeshadow journey with no map and no destinationIf u got some dollars SUPPORT TRANS HOUSEHOLD- KEEP US SAFE!
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If I have worn a mask to stalk Laurie since 1978, then you can wear a mask to go to the store.
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @GIFChaseH this is excellence. Shapeshifter via @YouTube @piplembeck I can ship it in an envelope with four ice cubes that should be fine. @rachunderscore Lol fully meltedThis would be FUNDRAISING and SANITARY and SOCIALLY DISTANT and also LITTYPeople of LA- would you come to a socially distant ice cream sale consisting of me in the street selling homemade pints out of a cooler?Come on! It’s La! I a food video channel now? Trying to Bake Pretzels in An Easy-Bake Oven via @YouTubePoint / cointerpoint
Retweeted by Trixie Mattela peek into this very exciting piece of literature. @katya_zamo @orvillepeck : @veronikazer0 Omggggg he is so cute omgbirds are the loves of my life new child. my sweet moon baby
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel“I’m going to be on the TV tonight.”
Last night my sisters @trixiemattel and @monetxchange and I took over @tiktok_us with the #MyPride Realness livestr…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelHoneyyy, we slayed last night on @tiktok_us's #MyPride Realness livestream, did you catch it? If not check it out o… KING! Drag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to Tiger King | I Like to Watch ... via @YouTubeLatex is the most uncomfortable and hot thing to wear so shout out to all the whores who wear it on television!… @SheaCoulee I wish I could watch this latex get made because how?! @jujuboston @miz_cracker nice toes!no bra no panties @rayxzamo