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Yellow is the new pink. 💛 Management/Booking : @pegmgmt

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I’m doing Just For Laughs in Montreal this weekend! Please come see me bb. @justforlaughs did a concert from a men's restroom. via @YouTubeShoutout to @Fender for this custom pink and gold Tele ILYSMI am working on a demo for my next album in my new office GOOD VIBES ONLY
@joeynolfi I think about her constantly. What an absolute movie star. (Peter too.)🧞‍♀️ @TrixieCosmetics @lolpresley Omg this is so hotI’m performing at New York City Drag Con! For the VIP ONLY. Sorry I don’t make the rules but only the rich people u… we celebrate 20 years of Peter being gay.............. 🗣💥⚡️GAY‼️🚨🗯
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @LeeDawsonPT Scandal drama and tea. Just admit that you won’t take pictures with your fans. @tyleroakley There’s a part where he says “murTER.”
@katya_zamo old @chismosaaass @jersing Omg
@mildwhore Omg this is so pretty @fortunefunny Please let me join you! @katya_zamo Why don’t you watch your fucking mouth? @EvahDestruction WOW DRAG HER SIS GO OFFIs this hot or gross? I look like Mose Schrute. @orvillepeck you call her Kitty Girl, she can handle ya 👑 @trixiemattel’s comin’ for ya, L.A.! Don’t miss the Angeleno debut…
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@SkrtOnKen She is that bitch. 👑So much to be excited about with this year’s @Outfest! @kathygriffin @trixiemattel @RobertEnglund & more! Read our…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelWe give this look 5 stars🤩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Retweeted by Trixie MattelQueer Eye: What’s your social life like outside of work? Me:
Retweeted by Trixie MattelUNHhhh Ep 104: "Astrology Pt 1 - Katya's Taurus Truth" with Trixie Matte... via @YouTube @whimsicalslutt I’m moving and I could find ANYTHING! This is just the @JeffreeStar Blue Blood palette.I’m sorry is this Cameron Diaz? billboard in Times Square! Get the fire extinguisher 🔥 @IGGYAZALEA @youtubemusic Omg!We are adding shows! Come see our hot erotic bodies.
@trixiemattel I got mine !!! I’m fucking KEEN 💕💖
Retweeted by Trixie MattelAUS and NZ! SALE NOW 💄 Please welcome to the stage, @trixiemattel & @katya_zamo for the world premiere of The UNHhhh Tour! Y…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @BrianSimsPA @bendelacreme My husband and my wife!She’s the best! Obsessed with this podcast ⁦@nicolebyer⁩ woman HERE at @Outfest with the ONE & ONLY @trixiemattel, HONEY! 🍯💛
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Ready for the final installment of IT because of the icon @sophialillis 🤡’m going to the OutFest Opening Gala tonight to see Circus of Books! The Can With Trixie Mattel via @YouTubeThe amazing @trixiemattel played a show in our bathroom and it was one of the best days of our lives
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @KChenoweth Is this @katya_zamo @Katelyn_May My favorite episode! @danpolyak Bette had the time. @trixiemattel @RuPaulsDragRace sure does
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @Katelyn_May It’s so good.Bitch @RuPaulsDragRace deserves all these nominations and many more. @Katelyn_May It’s so hateful. I think it has to do with the way horror in general gets snubbed. @AllisonMarman @SKYYVodka I saw when I was watching The Act!Finally paid attention to the @SKYYVodka ad on Hulu and AHHHH!! @trixiemattel !! So awesome!!
Retweeted by Trixie MattelJust girly things 💅 We’re coming, Los Angeles! Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts, our @trixiemattel doc, makes its L.A. d…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelCaution: drag queen crossing 👑 @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo unpack astrological pick-up lines and local ordinances…
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UNHhhh Ep 104: "Astrology Pt 1 - Katya's Taurus Truth" with Trixie Matte... via @YouTube @xThisIsAndyG @TrixieCosmetics Omg @monsieurdeficit @TrixieCosmetics I love this! @bdanielcole Omg mail me ScottcakesName this Sprinkles combo! (From the aftermath of our product shoot yesterday)
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @patrickstarrr 🖐🏻Listening to @nicolebyer’s #WhyWontYouDateMe episode with @trixiemattel at work and I think I might have to turn it…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelMe getting in drag: am so Wisconsin that I watch this and I don’t know why it’s funny: I MIGHT Boycott Bath & Body Works RANT!… @nicolebyer My uncle @nicolebyer Lol girl I am from north of there god bless @trexinchicago With that kind of wind I would have been more tentative. ⛺️Bachelorettes getting ready to go to Hamburger Mary’s: @farrahrized Yes the fastest way to fix it is to delete Twitter.Follow her! She got suspended for lip syncing to Celine Lol
U up? @Creme_Fatale Omg this is so goodOmg this gal in Lemon Bar from @TrixieCosmetics 💀💀💀'I love being the first drag queen to do XYZ.' We found out what's next on @trixiemattel's bucket list...…
Retweeted by Trixie MattelI love all of the @GlowNetflix girls. And omg Kia Stevens/Welfare Queen is a goddess. @pete_forester @vulture Yes let me storm the castle and demand involvement.Is this unpacking?
How dare you badmouth “Walkin’ On The Sun” @KatyaAndCraig @VideodromeDisco @katya_zamoNot trying to STIRRUP trouble, but Pony Up Sprinkles are THAT bitch.🦄
Retweeted by Trixie MattelSIS I have secured the bags and they are under my eyes. @evanrosskatz @katya_zamo Is this the OG image?Computer shopping.
@justmartindale He is SO HOT. @plastiquetiara Taped up your ass. @biblesquirreI @TrixieCosmetics Omg this is so good @KimChi_Chic Mine is Beautiful Stranger is that ok?
Me at home eating trail mix while my boyfriend is at the fun fun Daddy Issues party. @Spilling_The_T @codyythehuman Omg @jenny_w2205 This is pop-folk you fucking bitch who really tried it on this day.☕️ @aquariaofficial *gummier @aquariaofficial She’s NOT fierce. It’s funnier and it’s difficult to do thin layers.We have animals on UNHhhh! via @YouTube @PFTompkins ANGELA?!Me: "I need to stop spending all of my money on takeout" Also me:
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @extrapettychris @jersing OMG @tyleroakley You are gross.
Moving day! makes my day! shirt and more at
@ggracewalker That’s a nice Francie.@katya_zamo Why are you vegetarian? @trixiemattel Uh, I watched a lot of Charlotte’s Web growing up. Katya: ... w…
Retweeted by Trixie Mattel @jermlikespie @jersing Nirvana is having your boyfriend change sizes and give you free clothes.