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Goodnight moon...Happy Halloween!
Retweeted by trockthere is nothing better when you’re having a crappy week than your friends & family showing you love 🧡Has been in the works awhile. Now it’s out. UNM Lobo football can’t practice in Abq, so will relocate to Las Vegas…
Retweeted by trockMost Boston thing ever
Retweeted by trockJimmy Buckets runs a tight ship over at Big Face Coffee 😂 (via @JimmyButler)
Retweeted by trockhadn’t gotten sushi in a month & that kind of slack behavior had to stop today 🍣😚Aye baby you gotta skedaddle.
Retweeted by trock7️⃣0️⃣2️⃣7️⃣7️⃣3️⃣3️⃣ meals per week. Distributed to the most vulnerable across the UK, thanks to your donations. I…
Retweeted by trockhaven, mykonos, United kingdom ,🇬🇧
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i miss my nm friends im so far away😭So many ways to feel lucky! This months mood boost by @skullcandy. What’s your ‘wow I’m lucky’ moment I’d love to h…
Retweeted by trocki have so much respect for this one. just look at his timeline & all the incredible things he’s doing, & w/ others…, who has represented Islington North in the House of Commons since 1983, will now sit as an independent MP w…
Retweeted by trockIf you're not uplifting someone else, what are you doing?
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Retweeted by trockfav flower🌺, lisboa had some fun at the Oregon Zoo's annual "Squishing of the Squash" event, as the gentle giants crushed pum…
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😯 is #NationalFirstResponderDay and we’d like to thank the community for your support, especially during the th…
Retweeted by trockwhen i lived in the little house on the prairie, i really didn’t think much about storms. i mean, tornados are scar… this really got a lot stronger in a short time😥 hope impact is minimal🙏🏼 NFL is planning limited seating for Super Bowl LV and other safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic:
Retweeted by trockMoments ago, @kai_lenny snagged this bomb at Nazaré. Hurricane Epsilon is still building! Indulge further,…
Retweeted by trockWe are in full support our @UNM and @PresidentStokes in the recent letter to @DHSgov. #WeAreNM
Retweeted by trock“oh, wait, did we let him go.. no, no, call him back”'s weird that we do daylight savings, they should just keep the sun where it is idk why we have to move it back and forth every year
Retweeted by trockMarcus Rashford’s petition to the UK Government to end child food poverty has passed one million signatures 👏
Retweeted by trock👻 Photojournalist Yagazie Emezi Talks the #EndSARS Protests in Lagos 🖤🖤 yankees fan 💁🏼‍♀️ has now won titles with the Lakers, Dodgers and Sparks. Legendary.
Retweeted by trockguardians, kai & misha🤎 @hurricanesmarsh wait til you get through texas—longest, worst part. after that, it goes much faster til FL.💁🏼‍♀️#ForKobe 💙 (via nataliabryant/IG)
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sis’s backyard, helena
Incredible sight from John Williams! The impact snow is having in the #easttroublesomefire evacuation zone.…
Retweeted by trocki’m loving the pink warmups 💗@SpursOfficialTanguy starts at Turf Moor 👊 #THFC ⚪️ #COYS
Retweeted by trockevery single day i wake up, drink my coffee, and think about how to make the world a cool place
Retweeted by trock😂 people say the craziest things when athletes get injured. chirping w/ your cold hearts.french riviera
😍 drop from No. 21 to out of of the latest @AP_Top25 college football poll after Saturday’s opening loss aga…
Retweeted by trockThe Pantheon 🤩 #F1
Retweeted by trockWonderful
Retweeted by trocki am ready for another minnesota team to hurt my feelings💁🏼‍♀️ let’s do this vikings🤗💜9⃣2⃣ race wins! @LewisHamilton rewrites the #F1 history books #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹
Retweeted by trock @tkchicity84 got you. i’ll put it on my list💁🏼‍♀️ @tkchicity84 lolll stoppp im starving & it’s not even 10am!🙈 i’ll take 2🙏🏼😬i would go there just to do this🤗’ve been so busy, i can’t sleep & i’m absolutely starving😩 going to take myself out for a nice lunch later🥰proper, london
home, tahoe
@BlahhJohnson i laughed way more than i should’vegood morning🤗💙, santorini @MrKrepan @F1 👀 @MercedesAMGF1 @INEOS como vai? tudo bem?imagine
It is a daily struggle to forsake comfort for progress.
Retweeted by trockDon't sleep on Carson Wentz's stiff arm 👀👀 @cj_wentz @Eagles @ochocinco @EAMaddenNFL
Retweeted by trockBudda Baker was EVERYWHERE on MNF and is getting a Madden bump because of it 🔥 @buddabaker32 @AZCardinals
Retweeted by trockthese are hilarious😂 just learned that dracula is irish, pretending to be a transylvanian who relocated to englandIt’s such a blessing to want what you have.
Retweeted by trockGood morning. Still a very good day for them to do the right thing #EndSARS
Retweeted by trockcheeky, fort lauderdale think someone is pretty cool, maybe even cute... & then one day, you hear their political views
An LA-based startup is releasing an app that may change how movies and TV projects are made
Retweeted by trockBendiciones a todos y todas...!! Feliz día lleno de Lucha y Paz.
Retweeted by trockImagine if we didn't have social media. We wouldn't have a clue what happened
Retweeted by trockThree more days, and we're rowing. 😎 #Gophers #RTB #SkiUMah
Retweeted by trockcurrently, at seed to table, miami HAS DONE IT AGAIN HE HAS GOTTEN US FREE TACOS
Retweeted by trockpic is tough💜
One of my great memories, hanging with Kobe at a Dodgers game. 💙Thinking of my friend before Game 1 of the World Se…
Retweeted by trockThese bastards removed the CCTV cameras, switched off the lights at Lekki Toll Gate & waited till its dark to start…
Retweeted by trockSo they’re trapped!!! They barricaded every exit the Lekki protesters could possibly take advantage of with fire.…
Retweeted by trockThe investigation of killings during these protests, especially what is currently going on at Lekki toll gate must…
Retweeted by trockArmy shooting at Lekki toll gate to take it over from protesters. Really happening. Stay safe!!! #EndSARS
Retweeted by trockresearch analysts: “deep dives” everyone else: rabbit holeswhoa. marilyn monroe romanced sinatra, brando, arthur miller, sam giancana, 2 kennedys, joe di maggio, & joan crawf…, santa fe
This dude be having CRYING bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by trockIn honor of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth2020
Retweeted by trockTheilen is all of MN right now #Vikings
Retweeted by trockSurf em família! 🐬😍 :: 🎥 Alasdair Evans
Retweeted by trockrenewing, wyoming, you will have City with double champs this year: Either LA with Lakers/Dodgers or Tampa Bay with Lightning/Rays
Retweeted by trockThe last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in 1988. The Los Angeles Lakers also won the NBA Championship that year as well 👀
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vikings give the game to the falcons, so that we’re both 1-5 at the sleepover when a parent came into the room and you were supposed to be asleep
Retweeted by trocksugar, barcelona, paris, athens renaming. oct 📸 thread god, anomabo beach
A concretesaurus eating rebars
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