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"Rep. Nunes has utterly failed to satisfy these constitutional requirements. His defamation claims against the Cow…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsHold in front when ascending, behind when descending #japan #goodmannersplease #tokyo #trains
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @Olivianuzzi Don’t you like surprises? @zoe_samuel No anesthesia @zoe_samuel Start with the GOP legislators.
a valentine story When he was 40, the renowned Bohemian novelist and short story writer Franz Kafka (1883–1924), w…
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@Olivianuzzi You are not alone. Whenever I buy flowers and send them to my wife’s work, a sizable fraction of her… lie harder. @Popehat You & @JoshBarro can add another name to the question, “is $name a good lawyer?”Thoughts, prayers and wishes. 🤞✨💫 @SenSusanCollins
Retweeted by Marc JacobsThis is a good ad.
Retweeted by Marc JacobsTHREAD Watch this interview of @senrobportman , who @TaylorPopielarz has tried to track down for months to answe…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsYour daily reminder: Billionaires are not good people. that's straight Cthulu Carnitas.
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @nhannahjones Lord, I hope I never say anything so stupid on Twitter as he did. Or worse, go to the trouble to Phot… don’t need to “see myself” in a president. I need to stop seeing GoFundMe campaigns for insulin.
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @moorehn People who make an antitrust case by their actions, but... (Meaning the newsroom heads, not you, to be clear)It's been a while but this is still so perfect #racism
Retweeted by Marc JacobsBuild a tent that includes people that think we should work to minimize abortions without restricting choice? K. In…
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Paging @RaBaer Yovanovich gets a looooong standing ovation at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service
Retweeted by Marc JacobsYou can now take your unicorn to the toilet at Sydney Airport. I look forward to a comprehensive report in the Oz (…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @mgerrydoyle If you can put salt on watermelon, you can put salt on anything. @MollyMcKew Right-sizing is corporate buzzword language. Always makes my skin crawl. Not as bad as “synergy,” use… @ParkerMolloy Trump is in the Fascist lane. Maybe Chris C would say Fascist Wannabe to hedge his bets. @AliRogin @joshrogin @margbrennan In a word, yes. @WheresMyCovfefe @tdraicer “Fiscal Review Committee,” because there is no “Propaganda & Indoctrination Committee,” I suppose.
So speaking the truth under oath is punishable now, trump? Because he didn’t kiss your ass?!?
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @arclight Is there a USG acronym “SAKAI?” If not, there should be.Uh, most fathers say their daughters are beautiful, they just manage to do it without sounding like they are confes…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @nkjemisin @marthawells1 YesssssssssThis is the worst idea I've ever heard.
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @nicolegoldin @dandrezner @RobbieGramer @columlynch Self-awareness was never a strong point.Trump wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, children's health insurance, food stamps, education, housin…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @joshtpm @jwomack @TPM Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.—Mark Twain, 1868
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@moorehn Logan’s Run has that at 30. 😂(Movie version) Side note: watched the film again on Criterion Channel, and… @TanDhesi I’m an American and only moderately up to speed on UK politics. But when I see a photo of that man, my fr… @ParkerMolloy The Samuel Fuller phrase “jibber jabber” comes to mind.Not an endorsement, but wow. This ad.
Retweeted by Marc JacobsMakes me think of @gaileyfrey extension of this take is that the 50s showed us what a prosperous egalitarian society would look like if we co…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @AeroDork Really? I guess I grew up with retro rockets, so this makes intuitive sense to me. (Child of the 60s)
And my favorite so far: 汽水 Soft drink, Literally “vapor water.” Which approximately matches how we call carbona… @mikialakim @ritholtz @colbertlateshow @SaraGideon I donated already! Happily. @colbertlateshow Remove Collins. Vote for @SaraGideon
Retweeted by Marc JacobsMore Chinese learning: 買一送一 Buy one get oneTIL that the Chinese for sandwich is 三明治, san ming zhi. 明治, Meiji, is “enlightened rule” in Japanese. As in “Meiji… @MollyMcKew Maybe not your taste, but Malaysian/Singaporean 3-in-1 instant coffee is my go-to when in hotels. The… @MollyMcKew Cosplay is much more interesting. And makes me smile more. (Not to argue your point. Just saying I like cosplay.)This is spectacular. Cc @pptsapper
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @Kasparov63 Props for using “kissing up,” instead of the more vulgar phrase that came to my mind. (Serious, not s… 👏🏻Putting👏🏻Steve👏🏻Fucking 👏🏻Bannon👏🏻On👏🏻National👏🏻 Television 👏🏻
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @Roger_Moorhouse @HistoryToday This is “Poland, 1939” in the US edition, right? (Seems like “First to Fight” is a… @dem8z And many books would be better as long magazine articles. That’s not aimed at scholarly works, specifically.“People he trusts,” Marco? Do you mean people he trusts to lie for him? To put his interests above the nation’s? Do…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsPeople are worried that the fight against Trump is unwinnable. Well, I’ve got a record of winning fights they said…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsThis post-debate ABC panel, featuring a diverse spectrum of voices that ranges from … (*checks notes*) … Chris Chri…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsMuch of what’s being sold as "AI" today is snake oil. It does not and cannot work. In a talk at MIT yesterday, I de…
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Look at this beauty! (then click and preorder 😀)
Retweeted by Marc JacobsYeah, but keep Steve King, who promotes Nazis and white supremacists 👍
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @GWillowWilson A well deserved honor. That book was outstanding. @scanlime Aren’t you glad that modern electronics runs on low voltage? So “cut it down” can be literal and not figurative? @Sarah_Nicolas I really do not understand people at all. This is such obviously good advice for anyone, not just wr… @DanKaszeta Not to argue, but the internet is doing that for free. Next up, coronavirus “miracle cure” grifts. Pr… @DanKaszeta I hate when you are right. @Stonekettle Shhhh. Don’t tell him.Proud to have given a tad bit of #FOIA help to @Fahrenthold @OConnellPostbiz @jdawsey1 and @CarolLeonnig on this on…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @grossdm Only some of us"almost immediately after she failed to win the most important election she had ever worked on, McGowan managed to…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsDoesn't matter if you like Warren or not, THIS is how a candidate should respond when there are systematic issues o…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsWhen I was in high school in Philly in the 80s, the takedown of the mafia shown in The Irishman went down. As a res…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @jbarro Alternatives not in your list: Companies should actually pay taxes, More money for workers, Higher divid… Quit your jobs.
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@tdraicer @nytimes Ahhh @tdraicer @nytimes How so? I can see Warren, finishing 3rd. But Bernie?That book written by Nina Allan, who does not seem to be on Twitter. Trepanning a crystal shard... Not the verb…“He had never yet seen a quartz watch, but he knew already that such a thing had no majesty, that it was a dead thi… @nytimes story on Biden in Iowa. Did I miss it, or was this covered at any time before the caucus? (Serious…, when I saw that David Brooks was trending, I just knew he had said something incredibly dumb again. And here…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsI challenge you to parody David Brooks more effectively than this.
Retweeted by Marc JacobsJust donated to @SaraGideon ‘s campaign to unseat Susan Collins. Not surprised at Senator Collins. She never pass…
A comic on the use of surgical masks, once again in consultation with @hsuliyang :) #WuhanCoronavius #surgicalmask
Retweeted by Marc JacobsThe next Super Bowl half time show should just be Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump speeches
Retweeted by Marc JacobsBREAKING: Remember America? We do. #ImpeachmentDay
Retweeted by Marc JacobsMany people think this must be conspiracy. But sadly, this underinvestment in quality is still the median software…
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On February 3, 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & J.P. Richardson were killed when their plane crashed near Mason…
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License plate seen just now: B Awsum ❤️Reading the first Wormwood book by @tadethompson , Rosewater. Damn, this is a great novel. Taking a moment to l… This is a very good illustration of who gets what. 2. With the Iowa caucus 2 days away it is very relevant. 3.…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsReading a history of WW2 & ran across the town Starodub (Староду́б). Which is Old Oak in Russian. There is a mult…
@HNTurtledove Can you write an alternate-history novel where stupid people do not dominate media coverage? @HNTurtledove Also: Dershowitz:logic::flat-earthers:geography @HNTurtledove If I say stupid but inflammatory things all the time, can I have a career in punditry?This is funny. I could object that the 7th day is not Sunday, but there is college football on Shabbat. 😂😂😂 know that I am not the same person I was before Kavanaugh. That has upsides and downs. I see more clearly now wha…
Retweeted by Marc JacobsVery odd for Republicans to decry impeachment as "partisan". It is only partisan because they have chosen to defend…
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You could've just tweeted "I'm a coward" and forgone this entire thread you worked so hard on. Way too many extra w…
Retweeted by Marc Jacobsand with that, as a human race, let us never name a baby "Lamar" again
Retweeted by Marc Jacobs @jadler1969 Ah, if only this were about logic and reason, Professor Adler.