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Homo Sapien.

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Spotted Dove #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture
Tewatia should be knighted for that innings.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @ragusmg2 TypoDeserved to hit the winning runs. That's a life lesson by Tewatia in a matter of 30 balls. NEVER GIVE UP.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @trollpwnde @memesmaadonu Uthappa played like a proper RCB player
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeUthappa needed to take a single and give his senior partner the strike. #IPL2020
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWhat a crazy match! Tevaria👌🏻 #IPLT20Tewatia now playing the Gary Sobers tribute.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @memesmaadonu Fuck. Another 6!
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Madhya Pradesh: A 24-year-old woman approaches Bhopal Family Court, alleging cheating by her father in a ludo game.…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeHouse Crow #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture a rocket launch try to outrun a sunset. One yr ago, 6 of us packed into the bay window on @Space_Station
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeJanuary, February, dalgona coffee, Ramayan, Locusts, SSR, SSR, SSR, Drugs, Drugs, Drugs, December
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @iSaakshi 😂That's so me right now 😂😂 #gardening
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This clip sums up the state of TV journalism today. The reporter here, Ashok Singhal, is senior to me. When I first…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeThis was #SPB in October last year. 73 years old! Just 90 seconds of him singing Kadhale yen kadhale is enough t…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeAn era is over. Music will never be the same. World will never be the same. Words are not enough to Thank him for g…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeI used to live in Sanjaynagar/Bangalore but we could hear an SPB song every afternoon for decades from Murali thea…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeRemember the old days when songs from loudspeakers used to wax and vane with the wind? His voice (in 4 languages) f…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @trollpwnde @hallidude Another completely energetic performance
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande#SPBalasubrahmanyam 🙏🙏
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeEe sundara beLadingaLa is going to hit different now
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeSPB has sung forty thousand songs. His discography has its own Wiki page. Here you go -
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande🙏 A.R.Rahman Concert LA, Part 16/41, Roja Jaaneman via @YouTube
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeIt's different with film music. Actors and filmmakers live and die within the screen. Our memories of them confined…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpandeಸಂತೋಷಕ್ಕೆ ಹಾಡು ಸಂತೋಷಕ್ಕೆ... Thank you, SPB. Thank you for the song that united us all. Forever in your debt. Whe…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpandeನಲವತ್ತು ಸಾವಿರ ಹಾಡುಗಳನ್ನು ಹಾಡಿ, ನಮ್ಮಿಂದ ದೂರ ಹೋಗಲು ಹೇಗೆ ಸಾಧ್ಯ ? ಇಲ್ಲ, ಅವರು ಇಲ್ಲೇ ಇದ್ದಾರೆ, ನನ್ನ ಕಿವಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಈಗಲೂ ಗುನುಗುತಿದ್ದಾರೆ.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande preparing to go on camera in one episode, he gave this flash card to me while he was getting a final touch up…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeI think everyone who watched the show in Kannada will remember that he sang a vachana or an ugabhoga right at the s…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeIf anyone had told Shankar Nag in 1981 that his ಸಂತೋಷಕ್ಕೆ ಹಾಡು ಸಂತೋಷಕ್ಕೆ would be the song that would wild cheer at…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeIn one of the episodes where I wore a 3-piece suit, he remarked that I looked like a hero from the 70s, adjusted my…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeBefore every episode, he would spend a few minutes with the participants to make them feel at ease, make a funny re…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeLike @trollpwnde and @nikhiljoisr rightly said, this feels like a personal loss #SPBalasubramaniam. (Profile pictu…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande#SPB & #ShankarNag
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpandeಕೇಳದೆ ನಿಮಗೀಗ ದೂರದಲ್ಲಿ ಯಾರೋ... ಹಾಡು ಹೇಳಿದಂತೆ.....
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandePratibhashaali gayak,madhurbhashi ,bahut nek insan SP Balasubrahmanyam ji ke swargwas ki khabar sunke main bahut vy…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande😥
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeSigh. Feels like a personal loss. You’ll be missed SPB sir😢#ripspb ...Devastated
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeReally sad to hear about the passing away of such a great yet simple person. He was my first sponsor! He sponsored…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeI will forever remember his "Ede tumbi haaDuvenu" program and his humbleness, innocence and the respect he used to…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWhen well-known personalities die there is grief. But only a few's passing away actually move you to tears. And I s…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeYou will live forever in our hearts through your euphonious voice sir 🙏🏼 Rest in peace #SPBalasubrahmanyam sir
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpandeபாலு........ #RIPSPB Sir
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande#BREAKING – Singer SP Balasubrahmanyam passes away due to COVID19.
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeLove Makes Life beautiful.
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@thomasdglenn Hello Tom! This is incredible! Well done!OMG!😢
#BREAKING: Union Minister of State for Railways #SureshAngadi succumbs to Covid-19 at AIIMS. He is the second par…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeThey staged a kidnapping to get him out of lectures. This is real friendship goals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeThis is how pencils are made ✏️
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It is time.
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeTeacher: what comes after 10 Me: 11 Teacher: then why did you write ‘bahane karke le gaye dil’?
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWe was in September for 6 days
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What a match! Superb innings by @mayankcricket #IPL2020 @SathyaBhat @nikhiljoisr It was an awesome game!😄 Especially the sounds. @Numb_Skull @nikhiljoisr Sky RoadsInstagram: I use this 700$ eye cream imported from Honolulu Twitter: eye creams are a capitalist agenda created to…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeA female Western Marsh Harrier. The only harrier which can terrorize the marshlands and can even kill a large duck.… twitter fam! Don't you think these would add a touch of color in your home office?✨ These 8x10 framed Mandalas…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeIndian Roller #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeThis IPL looks like a Thriller manju movie... ... ... ... No Audience But extra ordinary background score...😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @gururaj_mj @maddyvoldy 😂😂😂 @nikhiljoisr I grew up here😁
@serioustaurean Yes🙂Indian Roller #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture is looking for a job. Has ~5 years of experience in IT companies. Can take roles of Delivery Manager, Scrum…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpandei have never seen a dog short circuit before
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeRun
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No one: The shampoo bottles in the bathroom:
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OMG! Just spotted a BMTC bus with a bicycle rack! The driver was really nice and let me try it out :) 🚴🚴
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @SnehaSRao1623 Thank you😊 @Numb_Skull Thank you😊Tawny Eagle #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande2020 is simultaneously the most boring year and also the most stressful year.
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Tawny Eagle #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture family arrives on a motorcycle. Five of them , one motorcycle. They have come to watch aircrafts take off and lan…
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I bought an Apple Watch 3 and an iPad 7th Gen (Basic model) earlier this year - I’m currently 99.99% sure that noth…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @nikhiljoisr No mender for Apple Pencil so not buying it #AppleEvent
Says the amit...
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeYou may have heard a rumour that we're announcing something big this afternoon - well of course we want you to be t…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeCleansing the timeline with this one. Be a number 50 in someone’s life...
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @yodakabaap @edbidangi 😂 @LifeOfES 😄😄🙏 @acharya2 Sleep.
@edbidangi Hahaha! Good one😂😂we also don’t care
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @dileepvasishta @arunmeshtru I know friends who rescue snakes. And I’ve never seen anyone doing such stupid things.…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeLeave them be.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @arunmeshtru Yeah but this is not how a venomous snake is rescued. Tongs should be always used as far I know.The 80’s. No care in the world 😂👍🏻
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande1. She used her hands to catch a venomous snake ( Cobra ) 2. She held the snake for more than 40 seconds just for t… is 70% complete.
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This boy is Saurav Kishen from Kozhikode. He is locally known as Chota Rafi @ProsaicView @minicnair @ranjona
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWe are in the midst of 4 crises: -Pandemic -Unemployment -Racial injustice -Climate But beneath the surface is a 5…
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