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Homo Sapien.

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@hamsanandi Cool bird. But I’ve no idea about the bird :) There’s an app by Cornell called Merlin Bird ID. You can… @by_2_tea 😂Someone does this to me am running em over
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @acharya2 Kaamedy beda saar.En heLodu inthouvrge? @BurgerrB @ParveenKaswan @faizanpatel Yes. Apparently it’s red crop milk. Check this: @BurgerrB @ParveenKaswan @faizanpatel It’s not blood. @lacchhuu Super🙂
Moole alli camera ide hushaaru saar. released Photoshop 30 years ago on February 19, 1990. Features: • Clone tool • Levels, curves • Color correc…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @Themangofellow @UppinaKai oLage Escobar tea kuDitaidana?Illondu AmboDe koDi saar @nikhilkulkwadhe @Amerikannadiga Hahahah!😂😂 And that underground devva. Full comedy. @nirbhaavuka @manasamel Wah wah!😄😬 @maddyvoldy That’s very true :( @vevck Will think about it :) @dabbanannmaga 🤣🤣WATCH: Woman plays violin as she undergoes brain surgery.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @klpe 🤣 @Amerikannadiga True. But it was hilarious as well. Aa devva kaalinda pencil chuchidmele pongal ella aache bandittu.Ma'am this is not a slam book
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeAfter the promotion, will they be “couple uat?” #Sorry @Kadi_khichadi @jaathre Ayyo no. That’s what everyone pronounced🙊 ಶ್! is correct😬 @jaathre @Kadi_khichadi ಉಶ್ ಅಲ್ವಾ?😂Three of the books I wrote for @PBStoryWeaver are now out in print! I owe this in its entirety to the genius that i…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeTherefore, this happened 😀
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeSo, amma bought a radish like this👇
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @Neelavanam Wow! Too good!Moon phases for the rest of 2020 with labeled craters / orbital parameters, constructed from real images. Check out…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @manasamel I was inspired when I saw the beautiful watermark on Theyyam photos by @nirbhaavuka 😁 It’s a beautiful d… @null_handle Illa😂😂 @arunmeshtru @harishnkumar @supersharma 😂👌🏻 @arunmeshtru @harishnkumar @supersharma 500% saar😬😬 @tapanguchi Yes maga. Very much😂😄Should I watermark my photographs? @nirbhaavuka Epic watermark!🙏
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeThe most impressive display of migratory birds so far this year occurred overnight in Florida.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @amabirdman @contentbirder @AboutIndia Same. 😂 @jalihal @iatemuggles @KyaUkhaadLega 😂😂😂 @dabbanannmaga 😂😂🙏
The State of India’s Birds 2020 report shows that 50% of India's bird species have declined over the past few decad…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @nirbhaavuka @aliceonaroll Seriously. All photos are epic.🙏So, for starters, make a habit of waking up early atleast for a day in a week for observing birds. It could be anyp… large group of Cormorants on a chilly winter morning. Watching these beautiful birds gliding on top of your head… @Kadi_khichadi @allaboutbelgaum Damn! Kanda bhaji😣 @edbidangi @indtravelphoto @manasamel But PS over LR any day for me🤪 I used LR few times but didn’t find it interesting. @manasamel @indtravelphoto @edbidangi You got your answer🙊 @olleHudugi 😣😣 @openpr Peak is when you enter exam hall and it feels so real. @manasamel Haha! Thanks! I’ll try this😄😬 @Numb_Skull Bus miss aadre I will clear the exam😂 @tapanguchi 😂 @MindfulOblivion Happy Birthday! :)
Shit scared to sleep from past couple of days because of bloody exam dreams. In every dream, I am unprepared and en… @chaddi_chikka @VikHasya Super😬Going viral on whatsapp. A ridiculously beautiful sighting of one of the world’s most elusive animals - the Snow Le…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeA landmark assessment of the State of India's Birds based on millions of observations uploaded by thousands of bird…
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @pulchar_papanna Sakkath.
@heydambis @thewisecrab 🤣PapareddipALya👏🏽👏🏽🤣🤣
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWhy is this bird better than 99.9% of humans...
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @MissGoobe 😂😂😂The Gaming Room by Julien Rivoire. Cute!
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeHere’s the best baseball trick shot of the century
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeDesi weddings.
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWhat do you mean "Finally"?
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeBumrah's comment game is as accurate as his yorkers 😂
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeOrdering food on app: 2 mins Delivery : 12 mins Unwrapping parcel: 6 hours 27 mins
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande
Paper airplane folding machine
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeAlright folks! Announcing the sale of the next batch of Marinara! DM to place an order. Rs 350/bittle. Delivery on…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeWow! juvenile Black Kite with a beautiful plumage. #Bangalore #Nikon #EarthCapture @santalum_aurum Beautiful! @hallidude @Vktkv @citnaj Woah! How? @tapanacchadaa @Guddeda_Bhootha BeautifulPlease RT Dhruv Parmeshwaran lost his eyesight last year due to OPTIC NEURITIS. Will appear from 3 rd to 24 Mar. P…
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeRCB
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @tapanguchi Nikon avru keLadru nange😂 @serioustaurean You can still go. Rush kaDime aaytu😬Congratulations. Hope this helps in winning the IPL
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande might be the most talented man in the world that shit blew my mind
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @memesmaadonu Thank you saar😬😬✌️
Yeh haath mila rahe hain ya generator start Kar rahe 😭😭
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeThe real black panther. Story of this amazing melanistic leopard of Kabini.
Retweeted by Ashwin DeshpandeEvery Maharashtrian family has a Kalanirnay hanging on the side of the fridge.
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @malllige Just finished watching :) Loved it. @MysticHeart25 Sleepಪಾಪ ಲವ್ ಮಾಡೋ ಹುಡುಗನಿಗೆ... ಛೇ... ಹೀಗಾಗಬಾರದಿತ್ತು. ಪಾಪ ಹುಡ್ಗಿ...
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @holy_kau Awesome! @Global_S0ul 😯😯😯 @ChuTneyPuDi Hu. En dabaktAre noDbeku ivattu.This is what the inside of a tardigrade looks like
Retweeted by Ashwin Deshpande @ChuTneyPuDi 😂
@Koiklu_kaDDi 😂😂 En maga matte habba jOrA?HVD frenzz