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@memetazaa Wno ❤️ @BuddhaMichael @DrakeGatsby noi keep seeing posts from libs about how they can relax now that biden and kamala are in office, this shit is so tir… is due in 6 days can they send 100 of these out to everyone by then? @quakerraina good luck raina! @nytimes can’t wait till this guy is @zziak22 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @dumbbitch570 THAT’S IT BUT WHAT IS THE NAME THIS IS KILLING ME @chunkyfila ain’t that what i said? @meIchiId @JeffisTallguy yup that’s the lyrics what’s it called tho @scahdude what are you talking about? @lydielonglegs plz fall for it ONE more time im retiring the joke after this @JeffisTallguy dumb name for a song tbh @mrichardson0624 neither do i @Juaneuacho nah i don’t remember itdoes anyone remember the name of that one song that goes “this is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen p… racists act like if they can prove europeans didn't invent slavery they can be absolved, bitch a white canadi…
Retweeted by abs @makjako you just wake up? at 11? on yo lonely? @NILES100 how you photoshop this @bocxtop @SaeedDiCaprio also how come i can hear this gif???? @bocxtop @SaeedDiCaprio notice he’s already here??? @SaeedDiCaprio i love you more than prance love you
@chuckaliciousss this mf down bad 😭 @jaynooch knock them outlinking up and fighting your mutuals is healthy, normalize thisone thing we can all agree on iscontent @sabbyleftthelab fine @justky1018 @bocxtop heeeyyy 🥺
no more politics! only drugs!!!The One Friend Everybody Hates At Dinner
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Retweeted by abs @jodieegrace you get it 🙏🏾“once COVID is over” is starting to sound a lot like “once the old people die out of office”i’m reading karl marx eating bbq chips and surfing youtubei got asked why i tweet about politics so much and just wanna say it’s not me, i have no memory of any of my politi… @JoeyCuecaine @TheKitchen4U frfr @TheKitchen4U 😏
what is joe biden’s plan to make Apple give us more skin colors on this “🤝” emoji @DrakeGatsby why is he standing like thatcan we speed run get this man suspended team? bitches either @justky1018 ah, looks like it’s time for me to cyber bully @jacquelyn_adel i don’t blame you @jane__mable agreedthis is the best scene that has ever been written, nothing can top this @NILES100 any timei can’t stop thinking about this harris really is gonna be the first black female president in a few months that’s crazy
@treebones_ you’re welcome <3views’all follow me for jokes and get upset when i’m shooting my shot on the TL, SUPPORT ME IN ALL MY ENDEAVORSI hate it when I'm tryna like this picture and my iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB drops between the heated leather seats of… @helen my DMs are always open for that as well @helen i voted for onlyfans also heeeyyy lol @doinkpatrol @NILES100 both ya’ll got bout 24hrs max @doinkpatrol i need to cleanse myself
Retweeted by absi said i appreciate the fact that press briefings actually tell us what’s going on now and i’m gettin cooked in the chat @njcb77 @deshaunwatson you so down bad lmfaowhen shaytaan can’t reach u he sends a white woman
Retweeted by absi’m at the white house and joe biden just called a black janitor kamala @marwilliamson marianne can i count on your endorsement?i can’t believe i got suspended in high school for not standing for the pledge at 8am but the creepy ass teachers t… @marwilliamson it should’ve been you sis @Zerxzk @notchaselyons same @TimothyKaufman did i deny freedom of religion and how did headpieces enter this conversation? @TimothyKaufman no, you’re the one with the terrible take, silvester s. beaman went up there solely to give a prayer for BIDEN @cowboy_yoda_ yes @NILES100 @Quantum_King_ dog got the back lined up but they forgot the front @NILES100 still here haven’t seen a mf darker than aziz ansari @NILES100 we took shots for every time we saw a darker nigga and took 2 @JustJoani0830 that was literally the government asking us to pray are you ok? @Weasile_Love_26 they ain’t got shit to say @DLarz69 very true
@mathiasyabish they had someone yelling hallelujah like 10mins later and it wasn’t about covid deaths @Quantum_King_ of coursemy mom said she feels amazing to have voted in her first election she wrote in princess diana god bless her soulthey are STILL here praying omg GO HOME on the plane with trump like @bergistheworddd and then they say no :( @HerstoryTeache FACTS as you get those plates you looking at em like “wheeeeere do i even start” you at the cookout waiting on your friend to get you a plate cuz you don’t know anybody @Scubadog_ LMFAAAAAAOOOOOamerica be like we need to separate church and state then ask the world to pray on national televisiondonald trump now that you’re not president if you call unemployment you gotta press 0 at least three timesour monarchy begins today with queen gaga, we are turning a new page in america the inauguration rn which one is joe biden? @DrakeGatsby @sarahcpr thank you king @chunkyfila happy birthday best friendap us history is gonna be tough in the future with questions like “who did donald trump pardon on his last day?” an… @ilyseh @GianmarcoSoresi @DrakeGatsby @tomiahonen the only ethical thing to do Tomi, it’s your move. @DrakeGatsby @PleaseBeGneiss @abernothing @doinkpatrol 👁 @lynndewitttoya people been checking on me in the DMs worried i got hacked lmfaaoo
@doinkpatrol you wouldn’t get it @itsJeffTiedrich THIS. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN? 🤔 NOT ME.