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@Agorkoli_ U fi do ? @nyro_ That’s why u stuck with that one pack
@sammytuga_ Good looking man @iPhrank_ That be all lol @Ifok_Kofi Go harder Koo lol @sammytuga_ Bro u serious ?Sexually adventurous. I conf on that @Josh_B_D 😂 @iPhrank_ 😂😂😂😂 time is yoursGorious record 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by trotro mateU that ! ppl can’t feed themselves and their families. It’s crazy
Retweeted by trotro mate @kingmends__ Add 2 each day. @jrblopa Yh bro. I used to give up at 25 lol @jrblopa Work harder. 50 at a go; that’s how I test my fitness @kingmends__ 😂😂😂 work harder @OboiLondon Oh u Dey rank them as rappers with bars ? Oh 😂 @Mzlianne @atro_citi Maybe only a vaccine will build immunity . @atro_citi I don’t know lol. Stay safe manhow fast can you do 50 pushups ?Push-up challenge . How far now ? U catch 50 yet ? @atro_citi I’m a covid survivor. It sucks tho lolFifa online play differs. There is something to it @atro_citi Get the virus, build immunity and walk freelyNiggas use anything to justify BS behavior @angelgooner Right. U have to learn every damn move. I never got time to after I bought the gameSomethings are meant for magicians and playing in top form on fifa20 online is one of themThe way fifa20 hard. But these guys act like they are physically playing in the game tooThese guys on fifa online, e be school dem dey go learn the game or e be magic ? @manuel_kwarteng Oh wooord ? 😂The instru to Obrafuor’s Aden tho .. iconic ! @Dahammergh said Alampan was an experiment and I believe him because some of the greatest art were created by accid…
Retweeted by trotro mate @Trimud3hemAa The randomness of the tweet threw me off 😂Ei u too 😂 @KoJJoMilan @obiMpenaAustine Oh u sure ? 😂Facts 😂 fooling o. Like Pono e be Lord Kenya dem take e money nu ? @THE_AMPONSA Lol . U no dey pet Mani ? 😳Alampain was experimental. kw3Hammer beats we dey take test speakers. If e be inferior the beats go spoil amSo many things are happening under Hammer's beats...or any other good production. We did not have good headphones b…
Retweeted by trotro mateE be who Hammer take e money nu ?ALAMPAIN is the greatest beat of all time
Retweeted by trotro mateNeeded these stories . A video of all this would have been perfect ! @DDashazz Frontline drivers ? @nythetraveller Coviding bro lol . Hope u safeNot 1 crackhead got the RONA something not adding up.. 🤔
Retweeted by trotro mate @kwadw_o Ima check it out😂😂 bro like just stay the fuck home
Retweeted by trotro mateMos def! Trump is the ultimate troll & I love him
Retweeted by trotro mate @manuvor In ‘tis world, you’d need someone to take chances on you. Till then, you’d have to find a way yourself @manuvor A lot of content are on YouTube because of this. Matter of time @manuvor KSM has said it a million times . Besides, to get your stuff on tv, you’d need money. Finding sponsors; that’s the hardest part😂😂 @manuvor You tell me! It’s surprisingNeurologists claim that every time you resist acting on your anger, you’re actually rewiring your brain to be calmer and more loving.
Retweeted by trotro mate😂 @MISFlTZEN There are a lot of stories of inadequacies with health workers in Ghana but all of a sudden Obuor e matter be ein fault lolWe need the stories. This is the only time we have with this legend’ve heard numerous stories about how pregnant women are treated when they go in labor in our hospitals . All of a… @WhoKIKO Lol u got jokes huh @no_azonto_alwd @phylix69 Why are u quick to disagree with Obour. All of a sudden Ghanaians are trusting of their h… @THE_AMPONSA My bossGood luck to weak immune system fellas distancing bends the curve and relieves some pressure on our heroic medical professionals. But in order to s…
Retweeted by trotro mateNiggas thought they had stocked up food supplies. 3 days in they back to square oneFacts @WhoKIKO Find me oneCovid-2019 @MISFlTZEN @AwoDeee LoolGhanaians dier, if its not a Christian novel or some random self-help book or a 'business' book, then you are not r…
Retweeted by trotro mateNew Zealand crushed the Covid curve with only one death. This is how it is done in a country with a real leader.
Retweeted by trotro mate @umfrumf I agree. The term is ‘generic’. He hasn’t been popular only because Americans sees his policies as drastic… @kwesi_win Got it @umfrumf Socialism breeds struggling people tooAny difference? Yellow Green taya !Instagram's CEO says he’s a fan of Quarantine Radio but Tory Lanez has to keep it PG-13
Retweeted by trotro mate @umfrumf lol save who ?Like clockwork same time different rhyme 🕰 ......ASEM #Asem #Asemmusic #Weatherchannel #Ep #Newmusic #Comingsoon
Retweeted by trotro mate has a month free of IT lessons for those interested. Don’t waste time watching naked women onlyTcp udp yada yada yada @Sir_Dacosta OkEdem for join Hammer tonight. Hammer made a legend out of him !Gbevu Ayoni....Next In Line.....Talented youth....#Gbevunation
Retweeted by trotro mate @Sir_Dacosta Heal @ONEKEPLER Sounds great. She is a strong personReggie Rockstone should protect his sanity and send kwashey boys underground . The internet will push uReggie Rockstone with the strong warning 💉
Retweeted by trotro mate @nanageelive lol @ONEKEPLER Ok great . I know ppl who got it in NY. Mild conditions, a lot recovered alreadyIn ghana ? Or overseas ? @NYTimes Joe lmaoFacts only
Retweeted by trotro mateAll garbage