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Guguist. practitioner of Goblin Stance. tactically getting more and more out of control. 🦑 (they) 日本語OK avi by @Vosk___

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Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)Brutal that this has ever been Googled
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @___JohnDee send our valiant lad my best wishes @DannyVegito a noble brown bear named Mister Hamburgers
@liljonlovitz some people think being around dinosaurs is inherently unsafe. but in real life, almost all of my fri… but it’s a little weird that ossoff was sworn in on a copy of ready player one
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @trash_ebooks totally clear on why we love blades actually @GummyFredo still stretching before i try and "accept" @dawn2021 ty dawn 🙏 can u recommend a particularly gendery trackwhy do queer people like bladee so much (i'm gay please don't cancel me for asking this i really want to know!!!!!!!!!!)in case you didn't know it was a work, the prop c*p is named "Good Man" lmfao. vince russo ass scriptingtipping my hat to this dude's stealth-a-cock-onto-your-TL coup here @naidu_akash @saywhatagain the gremlins send a message etched on bog wood that simply says "we do not claim him"turned it on long enough to see people literally applauding the p*lice so. you know.relatedly, you CAN successfully bait a mousetrap with the delicious meat-free crunch of Bac-Os® from @BettyCrocker®!first heard the heli leaving the white house while emptying a mousetrap this morning cuz i'm big on portentcelebrating three decades of not being able to do the dragon punch input reliablytuesday night vibe check night... might fuck around and succumb to my condition @minitoar its from something i wrote a long time ago about those content farms that are churn out "14 amazing cars…'t get left behind- schedule a consultation and experience the toilet that reuters calls "mind-bending" today!my italian dinner with @doodiehole_
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @ronravegan higher caliber sidearms don't fit in his tactical beanie holster 😞 @tolecrien people are saying this more and more @LowkeyTwits based on tweets i've seen recently about r*ndy r*inbow i fully expect this to earn you a hundred thousand followers
Is this accelerationism?
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @crasspants [grooving the fuck out] GAMMMMERAAAAAAAAAA introducing our DEEPEST toilet yet! @ActualDoctor looking at kaneoya boys is also known as "the noble sport" @ActualDoctor KANEOYA KANEOYA KANEOYA BOOOOOOOYS @atothe_d no idols no heroes but peter weller is a fucking treasure @logophobe Dirty Schmaltz Freak opening for Tallow Fellow this saturdaybabe are you okay? You've barely touched your Transformers Snowballimus Optimus Prime Sno Balls
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @StrangestMoon 🎶 i just added a few new tracks to that mix too!!!finally! delicious tuna in a convenient squeeze tubeoh, i'm sorry- no, i don't have that. i thought you were asking if i had homo nurse insurance
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)ah sorry when i said in my dating profile that i have a Coca Cola Shape i neglected to mention i was referring to a…
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)158. has no time to fuck. he looks at his watch and says "i could not possibly fuck at this juncture." as he powerw… night vibe check 👏 PEOPLE 👏 ENJOY 👏 THINGS 👏 @SuspendedSunset [notices ur Christed Phenomena of Spirit] uWu whats this
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)2021 new you as conscious spirit just dropped @primpker Munchausen-by-Primpker
yes this is moviebobese for "craving a dart"an unexpected visit from Nic Cravins, my least favorite exy'all get one guess a vivid sex dream where i hooked up with a guy way out of my league, but my dreambrain was like "how'd i swing…
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)it is every young man's dream to find a beautiful wife with 4 or more slots for equipping runes and enchantments
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)For sale: baby shoes with the light-up soles and the little wheels in the heels and a hologram of Spider-Man on the…
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @TheBigEasyofOz or in the original, まさに子猫物語になりますよ!...we'll allow it here use ancestry dot com? does the website let you sort your ancestors by experience level?156. guy at Kroger dead ass asked me to hold his place ahead of me in line saying he had to get something else, wen…
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)tfw i'm having a difficult time locating the Shoney's
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)my hobbies? well i'd have to say "having nothing to show for my time on this wretched earth" is a big one
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)155. @taizou_hori the one with the tiny screen giving off some heavy heathcliff vibessunday night snake check
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)"pummel my stones, wench," growls the barbariani'm sorry you've mistaken me for a fellow human, but i'm actually a highly ornamented and beguiling new cultivar of corn
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)149. Gugu pictured with his mother, the entity best known as Bigfoot
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year)yes may i help you? @ronravegan hbd king!quietly disinvited from the smoke circle after making good on my vow to "go wim hof" on the bongGetting angrier and angrier as I look at this, my face becoming red and sweat beading on my forehead. Leave. Him. A…
Retweeted by lux (new 'GEORGIA' year) @kebbyruxpin @FaintPaddy your honor not only is Mr. Spector a little guy, its also his birthday. you wouldn't sente… 7 mufos who always fave your tweets @taizou_hori hello friend did u also sleep fitfully on something eating u up inside only to get to the morning and… dreams last night... 2024 phoebe bridgers will drop an album of nothing but covers of vengaboys tracks and i'm gonna be like boom 😭 boom 😭 boom 😭 boom 😭 @primpker baptprimpsm147. @famiconsumer is this ahegao @jehawks [smiling placidly] what a thrilme and who?????
144. (canadian godzilla) @eriiclindberg @pukalogy @matthewstoller i guess @matthewstoller just misplaced his comments on hawley's insanely t… @thehomeworkogre bowlegged stance suggests past tense141. as shit off "Shanty Salad" at 11:11am'm only 50% human and the rest late-70s-style pogoing bassline