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31st July - 2nd August, 2020 : Catfish and the Bottlemen, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Kooks + so much more! Tickets on sale now! 🎟

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@TruckFestival best festival on the planet
Retweeted by Truck😇❤️ Alice proving they are the perfect headliners 👌 We wanna see you photos and videos! 📸 @pissfart69 Soz mate, my Switch should be coming next week's though 👀🤷‍♂️#ThankYouBakedPotato is out TODAY, raising funds for #FeedNHS 1. You can download the song here :…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalMr Motivator, star of Truck Festival, gets us moving on lockdown
Retweeted by Truck FestivalWatching the second instalment of @YWMPoxford bedroom gigs with @aftonsam tonight at 8pm? If not why not?! Oxford g…
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Support @Rory_Barnes by buying one of his amazing prints. @onlythepoetsuk at @TruckFestival 2019. A really special…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalTune into @scott_mills on @BBCR1 today from 1pm to hear Tom perform ‘If You Think This Is Real Life’ live from his…
Retweeted by Truck Festivalclearing out my room and just round the poster of the first truck festival I went to ! madness
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Remember to support your friendly local indie stores when they reopen.
Retweeted by Truck FestivalIf you feel like listening to some music we’ve done a cover of Billy Idol’s ‘Eyes Without A Face’. All profit will…
Retweeted by Truck Festival @RhysLewisMusic That was just 😍 You can still watch it back for 24hrs on our page! 🙏.@RhysLewisMusic is currently LIVE over on our Instagram! 👇We are teaming up with Everpress for PARALLEL. We asked loads of our favourite bands, venues, shops & labels to des…
Retweeted by Truck Festival @RaptureWitney Pulp, Feet and The Talking Heads helping us through the isolation #RaptureLockDown 👌 Buzzard Buzzard (@buzzardbuzzard) share new single 'Hollywood Actors'.
Retweeted by Truck FestivalI sat down with @philytaggart for his Slacker podcast to discuss the making of Supervision and more! Link to the fu…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalThis Friday. 3pm. As @yourdreamnails had to put their album release back, they're spinning the whole thing in full…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalWe'll do this with the Oxford Symphony Orchestra as-long as you promise to send in videos of you moshing at home
Retweeted by Truck FestivalFrontman Per 'Pelle' Almqvist says he is recovering from COVID-19
Retweeted by Truck FestivalOh boy do we have a treat for you.. Oxford's own @RhysLewisMusic will be LIVE over on our Instagram page TOMORROW -… an ace new music listening party for you at 9pm on Monday April 6th. Songs of Praise by Shame with @shamebanduk
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@alfiegoldspink @Abbiemay_1 looool, instagram follow is sacred territory I'm afraidThank you!! You legends
Retweeted by Truck FestivalYes @alfiegoldspink You wouldn't 😱 @alfiegoldspink I've thought about it, it's a no from me @alfiegoldspink I'll think about it @alfiegoldspink you disappoint meCan everything just go back to @TruckFestival 2017 please thanks xox
Retweeted by Truck Festival @WATP73929162 Hello, our statement below still stands. If you have any problems please free to email info@truckfest…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalI am personally responsible for 29.11 million of these streams is sooo good 😭
In the quiet of nothing, to the hands of grace 🙏 a fonder time, when we’re allowed out, talk to strangers, touch each other and smile 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
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Full recording live from The Plaza Theatre, Stockport now premiering from:
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2020 was released 14 Years ago today 🤯 🎉 What. A. Tune. @thekooksmusic😂! can now watch the full stream over on our IGTV 👉 chance of just skipping to July for more of this pls @easylife
Retweeted by Truck FestivalLet me go and I'll forget, Happiness in retrospect ☁️
#mrmotivatorindahouse coming live saturday 12pm #1212 on twitter and YouTube account pleas…
Retweeted by Truck Festivallove this tune. cheers @TruckFestival for having me on last night!
Retweeted by Truck FestivalQuality, accurate local news is more important now than ever -and this week's @oxfordtimes has everything you need…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalSee you at 8pm #ClapForCarers 👏 can just see us all bargaining for sign language in the comments @vistasmusic i’m so sorry sweetie x
Retweeted by Truck Festival.@vistasmusic covering @BlossomsBand's 'There's a Reason Why' during their Instagram Live Session ☁️🌞 TV don @MrMotivator, who's raising money for charity with livestreamed fitness routines, is a poet of posit…
Retweeted by Truck Festival🙋‍♂️ shops will lose a significant amount of trade during the corona crisis and may struggle to continue in month…
Retweeted by Truck Festival"Be caring for each other!" Positivity and keep-fit with day-time TV legend turned festival hero @MrMotivator.…
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Caught up on @TruckFestival’s live Instagram set of @vistasmusic and my head and heart feel a bit more at ease tonight ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Truck Festivalthanks for having us! looking forward to seeing other acts doing it 💙
Retweeted by Truck FestivalDon't think I've seen an encore for a livestream before.. haha @vistasmusic 💙😍👉 are now LIVE over on our Instagram! I hear there might be a few covers... 👀We spoke to @philytaggart on his Slacker Podcast. If you want to hear how we wrote ‘Shuffle’ amongst other things,…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalArts Council England has announced the cash injection to help artists, venues and freelancers in the cultural secto…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalIn the first of a series of shows to raise funds for @YWMPoxford - a charity that helped support my daughter and ma…
Retweeted by Truck Festivalprentice will be playing some originals and some covers live on @TruckFestival’s instagram tonight! tune in tonig…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalLIVE TONIGHT ⚡️ @vistasmusic will be performing live over on our Instagram @ 8pm! Be sure to say hi Set a reminde… lockdown, while many other artists are doing mini-concerts from their homes, I thought I’d do you all a favour and not.
Retweeted by Truck FestivalToday we've announced an immediate PRS Emergency Relief Fund in partnership with @prsfund and @PRSFoundation to sup…
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Nick Cope's afternoon get together online show -
Retweeted by Truck FestivalThis. This is my reason to get up in the morning 😂 @TruckFestival
Retweeted by Truck Festival😅 chatted to @truckfestival and made a special playlist full of songs from artists playing! go check it out 💙
Retweeted by Truck FestivalWe have a chin wag with our favourites @vistasmusic AND they even made a nice lil playlist for y'all 💙Somebody has made a Train Guy soundboard. I don't see how this could possibly help
Retweeted by Truck FestivalVery much appreciate @TruckFestival
Retweeted by Truck FestivalYou are so welcome x you would like, you can still donate The Trussell Trust, who support over 1,200 food bank centres across the UK… want to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone who tuned into our Mr Motivator Livestream yesterday x We have raise… @Keir38977799 ♥️
As with @TruckMusicStore, so sadly with @RaptureWitney. But Witney folks wanting new sounds & visions, they can oft…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalTomorrow's Slacker Podcast is with the amazing @BombayBicycle guys! You can get it here along with all the others -…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalGood luck to our chums at @TruckMusicStore who are closing their doors today. Please support them via online browsi…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalWe're closing for now but you can keep supporting us -
Retweeted by Truck FestivalI love this so much! ❤️! doing online keepfits with mr motivator. We gots to keep fits @TruckFestival
Retweeted by Truck FestivalWell.. that was fun #MotivatorMonday 💃 @boredinbrum @MrMotivator @TrussellTrust Glad you enjoyed it! You can donate here Thanks xGetting a little stircrazy? @MrMotivator's here to help - head over to @TruckFestival's live stream!…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalWe're LIVE with @MrMotivator now! See you there? #MotivatorMonday 👉're live in 15 Minutes! 💃 If you're joining in at home, share your pictures and videos with #MotivatorMonday, you… Festival (@TruckFestival) are hosting a charity livestream workout with Mr Motivator today! 🕺…
Retweeted by Truck FestivalMr Motivator leading Facebook Live workout TODAY
Retweeted by Truck FestivalGenuinely so excited for this! Get your gym gear on lads, it’s about to get physical 💪🏻
Retweeted by Truck FestivalTune in 👇
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