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Listen New York time’s I didn’t fall off the damn turnip truck yesterday! @GoldsteinBrooke Us Jews are second class citizens here in the USA! Preach it!!!Really need some water or something. Very thirstyDubin
SCOOP: The deployment for the entire D.C. National Guard has been extended until March 31 in anticipation of “civil…
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodBeyond the redditor who made 20 mil, it seems like the entity gaining the most from this GME rocket ship is none ot…
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodReally dig the image on this one @ByYourLogic What’s popping guys—been getting a lot of comments on the channel about the car, the house, the plane.… @ByYourLogic YO what’s up YouTube! Glenn Dubin here and Today we’re seeing what happened after testimony was releas… a break man @ZOLAJESUS 👁👁👁👁 @TrueAnonPod
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Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @bigblackjacobin I’m rich nowLady sucks. Lives in a mansion outside SF btwI hate da fuckin mayor angry about the anchor rebrand...had to delete my post...can’t keep seeing that picture
So total payments to Epstein by Leon Black were ~$158 million, far beyond the $10 million we knew about previously.…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod this clip, Alan Dershowitz states that he sat in on an Israeli government committee that pre-authorizes the extr…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Podis there anything this family can’t do??
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @NotWoofers It’s one of the funniest television shows ever produced🐦 Today we’re introducing @Birdwatch, a community-driven approach to addressing misleading information. And we want…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @Sturgeons_Law Always thought this guy looked cool
I am sorry to have revealed to the world my true accent
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @sarawithastar @housetrotter @nkulw Martha’s Vineyard ??? @primafatsy He did sit in a giant easy chair yes @MKULTRAvires @JMWave420 That’s what I did @nkulw Finkelstein v Dershowitz on Democracy Now! @nkulw NK-Ultra here: @nkulw Full episode here:🌞 NEW EPISODE 🌞 NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: PART 2 feat. Norman Finkelstein & @nkulw 🌞 We talk about his decades long relat… @betrayedbywomen Not for the podcast though 🔪🔜😈 @betrayedbywomen YeahVery good flick watched it last night 👍 2 dropping shortly 👍✡️👹 @bigblackjacobin He’s against expansionism! Ignore the colonies !
@sxharrr This is like 200 records @sxharrr Lol
invested all my money into this company @_cottoncrown_ @Gandalf_Therapy I give $100 every day to someone with cluster c personality disorder to make me richResearching the market @nypost @GavinNewsom @leekern13 this stuff is gold!
Bovine Bari, we need you. (Of course, she’s too busy writing her new best-selling comic book on how she was oppress…
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodI'm remembering the time Norman Finkelstein absolutely came for Allan Dershowitz on Democracy Now and highlighted e…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @REbr0 Why don’t you try it and find outMr. Finkelstein is an inveterate wig snatcher @Lefty_Jew He knocks it out of the park🕎✡️🌞 EPISODE 131: NORMAN FINKELSTEIN Pt. 1 featuring Norman Finkelstein & @nkulw 🌞 🕎✡️
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Retweeted by TrueAnon PodWent on TrueAnon to help interview Norman Finkelstein. It was a tremendously moving experience
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @nkulw I would be REMISS not to mention Noah’s newsletter—subscribe here or kiss my tokhes 🖕 @nkulw We have a frank discussion on growing up, Maoism, Maoism II, the disgraceful legacy left us by our supposed…🕎✡️🌞 EPISODE 131: NORMAN FINKELSTEIN Pt. 1 featuring Norman Finkelstein & @nkulw 🌞 🕎✡️
@close2TheKnives @sfprohousing @DaClap1 @SFyimby @DeanPreston The housing would not be affordable to med students—A… @sfprohousing @DaClap1 @SFyimby @DeanPreston Oh usually people just go with the definition that most people think o… @sfprohousing @DaClap1 @SFyimby @DeanPreston dude you’re not fooling anyone @MarlonEttinger @gumby4christ For a time in France it basically was January 13th a big arms trafficking network was broken up in France. Among its members were an employee of the…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @cisjender Gay sex keeps it 100One little glimmer of hope after these nightmarish four years: Instead of pretending people we hate are having gay… @liz_franczak With Jill Biden bringing Lasch and Kamala’s bimbo stepdaughter bringing one pound of ketamine and a h… @liz_franczak Hillary Clinton couldn’t get in the White House, but one of her favorite authors has made it in @Up89Cowboy @CryptoKoba I’m listening.... @CryptoKoba When is an Inauguration NOT an Inauguration?
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @gumby4christ @FluorescentGrey @MediaRootsNews Three seconds in and already paying off beautifully @FluorescentGrey @MediaRootsNews @gumby4christ I’m jacking inNew @MediaRootsNews Radio: QAnonEleven, DC Military Lockdown, Trump’s Stop the Steal Wack Pack w/ @gumby4christ
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @JesusDeeSupaJew @JesusDeeSupaJew Tic Tok’s still time. Tap in. Trust the plan. Land acknowledgers in control 🇺🇸❄️🌨☔️ DARK WINTER ❄️🥶⛄️I am honored to be here to witness the Inauguration of @POTUS Joe Biden and @VP Kamala Harris in a ceremony that ha…
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodFormer YPG mercenary Brace Belden (@TrueAnonPod) and I try to figure out if heaven is real (hint: it is).
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @JesusDeeSupaJew Got him right where we want him
@TheseLongWars I know way more about them than I know what the computer RSS is lol @SFyimby @DeanPreston It's not public housing what the hell are you talking aboutdeleted my previous tweet as I am waiting to see the musical version of Chelsea Clinton's book that was filmed enti… @Asstattooer No idea what happens in the play. I was a really bad boyfriend @JesusDeeSupaJew he got that Oz Katerji drip 💯💯Great hire! @zerohedge No need to yell but I agree @gayh0rney No, I was watching it to figure out how the lady got her titties out of the dress like that. Does she do… @gayh0rney The only decent guy I guess was the strip club manager and the only decent woman was the fat lady! @cornpop4all I’m looking for issues of Blackwater Tactical Weekly @gayh0rney I am still processing my feelings around it @chiweethedog I love shooting my ak 47 sideways at the approaching humvee and helicopterLooking for any issues of Blackwater Tactical Weekly
Julian has suffered enough ...
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @BornToulouse Weren’t they from boston @JakeRazorVEVO @BornToulouse Perhaps you’d prefer something from New Jersey??? have entered...the age of quarrel....
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod👁 NEW SUBSCRIBER EPISODE///BRUNEL TALK WITH @MarlonEttinger ///STRAIGHT FROM THE SHORES OF FRANCE 👁 de Carvalho posted a review of Teitelbaum's Bannon book
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