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👁🌞NEW EPISODE: GMAX FACTS 🌞 👍 We take a look at Website 👍 members & labor supporters we are meeting at the St Paul Regional Labor Federation right now to let them know…
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HAPPENING NOW: In a historic walk-off, #Teamsters and ILWU Local 63 members just shut down 1 of the 7 major termina…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @haciteradastra @RealGhislaine They didn’t even add anything to the FAQ except “Ghislaine got a new cell mate” but… @Giordan68843979 @liz_franczak What specifically do you want me to ask him cause I don’t think he knows about most of that stuff🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨Ghislaine has a new cellmate in her solitary confinement cell at MDC. The FAQ page has the scoop...…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @RealGhislaine ?Watching bread tube @jcpalmnj It’s an ep not an album @DjinnOnline Yes I’m the original poster of this tweet @saltinesandmilk This actually is good I have itI had to delete the previous tweet as I don’t think Madball “Ball of Destruction” is a perfect album @venturecommunis He’s one of my all time guys a fan of whatever gauge this man is using but wish him luck :)
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @tancr3d2 @CrustWonk It's Bilzerian's Tulpadream boat rotation @RealGhislaine Firstrossini and miller’s testimony about the behavior of the leadership of the CIA’s alec station was a crucial compone…
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodAnyone who missed the merch drop today should "drop" by my house and plug me full of holes, shoot my cat, piss on m… @partnardy thank you you rock @urkzul I did not consider this @PortisPaul Gotta be the same guy. Last time I saw him was a king Louie show at Siberia in like 2012My Posse I’ve Assembled to Defeat Him @PortisPaul That’s what I figured...he once stink bombed a show we were playing in Memphis...classic type of guy @PortisPaul Do you know Matt muscle @partnardy Link me, I only have the LPI am riding like a demon on fire to defeat the one man who could destroy the Dark Cowboy @LLBoneBoots Liz stabbed Harley unfortunatelyI’m on the night bus to swag city. Stop sending me emails. @postXamerica These probably make more sense to buy I just posted a jpeg @yungwilco Whole record rulesIf you really want to buy a t shirt tonight consider purchasing a Cro Mags-Best Wishes t shirt @HappiestYogi This rocks @AR15Leftist Thanks @F_Capitalism Really good songJust kidding I guess. We’re gonna do more. What designs we’ll use I don’t know. But I can guarantee one thing which… are sold out we’ll do some more sometime. Remember these are from last year. So expect the next shirts to co…🤌🤌🤌 @postXamerica that's a good idea. i guarantee I could get osme guys to walk around wearing shirts that say "I'm Da…🚀🙌💎
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @AR15Leftist When we get more I’ll get some XXLs I think we just had them at the showYou can also get dolls kill knock off bras on the website that I make in the oubliette. Kinda just freestyle when i… @drs10909 ?We were gonna do some shows last year but it didn’t “pan out” because I got gold fever and created the coronavirus…
@RlGHTTOREBEL Some of my friends used to eat cigs in high school to barf once the nurse stopped believing they were sickHold on are you supposed to recycle cigs @eddytev @yungchomsky It’s $800 for the sticker @yungchomsky $800New merch just dropped! Art by Liz and model is @yungchomsky , words by Brace @corpseinorbit Of course Michael’s incredible show can be found here @corpseinorbit Full ep here🏖 NEW SUBSCRIBER EPISODE 🏖 “And Then Something Strange Happened” 🎩 The inimitable Michael S. Judge (@corpseinorbit…'s brother---the one who really seems to be pushing the Ghislaine Maxwell Facts website--has a thinktank d…
Made a 70 page report on Vote-Watch . com aimed at discrediting Virginia Giuffre's got a whole website! idea really what the deal with this story is but the reason I'm checking this guys twitter in the first place is… on the UNZ website lol Here’s the article. Reading a book on Yockey and it was referenced in one of the notesThe author, Claire Sterling, wrote In the Time of the Assassins, blaming the Bulgarian Security services for the sh… article is featured in the Reporter, which was funded by the CIA, and attempts to paint the CIA-backed Gladio o…
Ramsey Clark was a real one. Establishment insider-turned-critic with a savagery you just don’t see anymore. RIP
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodA journalist takes revenge against internet commenters in the U.S. trailer for #TheColumnist:…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @JesusElSupaJew “Antisemitisms the topic/antisemitisms what I’m surveying” made me grind my ass up against a guy on… @JesusElSupaJew 🔥🔥🔥 @bassdrumofdeath @UMO I was trying to do an Adam Curtis Hyphy thing earlier but unfortunately it was unpublishable @corpseinorbit @liz_franczak @yungchomsky simply love to see this sentence!
Retweeted by TrueAnon Podadam curtis "But then, something hella random happened"
not watching "Richard Jew" it's somethin else @RealGhislaine Periodt 💅In Great Mental Anguish From Having To Watch A Long Movie For Podcast have way too many opinions on China when they should be China get some pussy
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @ViewsParallax @MikeIXWilliams @EyehategodNola Hell yesMike IX Williams (@MikeIXWilliams) of NOLA/sludge metal pioneers Eyehategod (@EyehategodNola) joined Parallax Views…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @nntaleb The Ghislaine Facts Twitter also follows Spiked Magazine lol @nntaleb Parallel website set up by Jay Beecher—the Ghislaine Facts Twitter account has only liked tweets from him been suspended from the DSA Prison Abolition Working Group for posting this tweet 10,000 times on their slack @TrueAnonPod Hands up if you’re a beautiful stranger writing Ghislaine Maxwell on a daily basis 😌
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @gumby4christ The letters of support they link in the FAQ are all redacted too lol @nntaleb New Ghislaine with the whole sick crew @gumby4christ He’s mentioned twice! @nntaleb believe in Ghislaine’s innocence and that she will be exonerated in the end. Get to know the REAL Ghislaine and…
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodGhislaine’s continued denial of bail and torturous incarceration on the basis of 25-year old uncorroborated allegat…
Retweeted by TrueAnon Pod @nntaleb Ghislaine has filed a complaint with the BOP claiming they’ve prevented her from taking “Lindy Walks”She’s reading @nntaleb while in the hoosegow Maxwell’s family has put up a website showcasing the “Real Ghislaine” love DMX and the interview he gave where he says he doesn’t know who Barack Obama is has given me more joy than anything I’ve ever readKenyans hijacked an online IMF session 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by TrueAnon PodWow, last nights operation was a “smashing” success! My condolences to the Queen! @0ddette 😎😎😎😎