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Somewhat cool dude. Semi okay FFXIV DRG. Ehrean Coineagan on Cactuar. Likes video games way too much and complains about em.

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BLIZZARD ARE CLOWNS @cameron_kasky This is the content i follow you for man. Powerful shit LMAO @Andr01dPeach come play kino the gameDF paladins be like
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @jackistweeting_ they KINDA nailed the design this go around........ITS PRETTY FUCKIN GOOD..... @cheripiatnight @campdragonhead The problem with wow's lore as opposed to 14 is that a lot of stuff doesn't happen… @theRealEd59 the power of this image is too much @KiwiKiki9 good fantano meme, very proud of you kikiPredictahonk.
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastThe Sonic Movie will still most likely be bad, but it's VERY nice to potentially see that they actually understood…
If this is legit, it looks A LOT BETTER. Genuinely impressed by the redesign @MrClemps It fucked me up so hard, and ESPECIALLY the visit after everything had been settled. That one got me super teary eyed. @BioPokey Gotcha. @BioPokey this sounds fucking incredible tbh, just for the meme valuue @BioPokey how kino was it did you ascend? @censoredthough1 WHERE'S YANG THOUGH????????????????????????? LOL @Foldpls Mechagnome racials in particular look pretty insane, hopefully the stay to give ally players some love in that regardlooking at 4chan in 2006 was less psychologically damaging than twitter because at least you knew everyone on 4chan…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiastyou have to STOP RIGHT NOW IM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND THIS IS ALL MY DREAM SHIT @SummonerShuri SHURI WHAT THE FUCK LMAO THATS SO SICK @SsbOverLade Even if i dunk on it for the meme, it's actually a pretty solidly designed game, and you don't have to… @Yurt Should still look into balance guides just in case. Regardless, it is most likely rust. Give it time, adjust, you'll be fine @Yurt Do you know what you're doing wrong specifically? @juanpi_a1 this is the best pokemon tier list. You're 100% right, although gen 4 was carried hard by HG/SS and Platinum. @buubuuniconii it's funny you mention this, i just did a whole mini history on internet chat communication for a mi… played samurai for MAYBE 10 minutes today, and jesus fucking christ it feels atrocious. Hagakure made the fucking…"vibe check"
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiasteveryone loves saying that tankbusters are just vibe checks but that's wrong bcuz you always know when to expect a…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @Nox_Luminos 💕 @lightshadTorin GOOD @Nox_Luminos Pls draw more i love this shit its like crack for me. Good art is KINO. @Nox_Luminos Jesus FUCK GRACE I LOVE THIE STYLEToday's a think about Sylvando day. God he's so fucking based. @JustinFrybergh holy fucking shit this is absolute insanity and the boys at age 8 with the four cool sticks we found
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiastit just dawned on me that sonix x is an isekai. oh my god
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastSo someone that worked on the new Dr Dolittle movie is posting about it on reddit aaaaaaaaaaaaand.....
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@cheripiatnight this is most definitely cringe of the highest calibur @cheripiatnight this from 2006? this looks like it's from 2006?Shooting at Boca Town Center Mall. I’m 100% certain Stoneman Douglas students just ran from their second shooting…
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Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @RiotLettuce big fucking facts. @cheripiatnight they're worth the read for sure. Highly recommend. They also do a REALLY good job with the story adaptations of KH. @cheripiatnight Manga Xaldin is incredible. TBH, all of the KH manga's are incredible. They deliver some hysterical… i the only who thinks thunder gaming is sus as fuck?Blizzard's three greatest fears. The three red shirt men
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @heartsandbasses watching it? One thing READING IT? K I N O
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastIf naruto had an anime opening.
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @Foldpls This is a powerful statement @TKbreezy You gonna play Vampire Savior? LOL @Goldphnxx major bruh alert @narrisF My statement still stands LOLAll Blizzard bootlickers will be vanquished @RockumanEXE wait its actually good the fuckIn true Blizzard fashion, the response they gave was fucking horrendous. ONCE AGAIN, SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOTBlizzard's statement
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastYou see this here, it's all lies They never do proper interviews and their every voice matters thing doesn't mean…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastI will say, the cast of characters in 11 is absolutely fantastic. A truly wonderful bunch to spend the adventure wi… @kwehzy Nothing is worse in this world than not being into rap and having to hear it basically nonstop. I can sympathize heavily with this. @kwehzy What is he listening too exactly? LOLI'll prolly share my deeper thoughts on the game at a later point, but i'd give it a super high recommendation. Swi… done the main story quest, and a bit of the post story, i'm gonna give DQ11 a solid 9/10 right now. It's imm…
Good morning, fam. We did it. You absolute mad geniuses. HK Mei is now on local news in Hong Kong. Overwatch is no…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastAngry Video Game Nerd is in Weezer!
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastBlizzard when they inevitably try and weakly backpedal without actually changing any of their policies or even prom…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @coeurlclaw Smores, free @Stairfax OH GOD NO @Elspethers Oh i went to this musem for an art project i had to do while i was home over the summer. I actually use… Mega Man 1-11 Vinyl Soundtrack Boxset Announced for December Release
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @SsbOverLade not only was this sick, but the use of streets 1:12 was PERFECTed edd'n eddy x darkstalkers
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @GeoffLife LMAO WHERE IS THE LIE @kosakukira I have friends that went to douglas at UF. They're prolly insulted as fuck, as are the rest of us parklanders lol @Foldpls FOLD LOL @yotozuki YUP GREAT COMPANY B T W. LMAO
@MasKpls come home dad, best commentator in the game @yetiyana please give me bowser experienceKyoani is one of the most female-dominated studios in the industry. Plenty of women worked on Phantom World. I'm p…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastThe forbidden mix
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastBlizzard/TeSPA has decided not to penalize American University for holding up their sign and has scheduled their ne…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @cheripiatnight OH MY GOD @arealmistake ACTUAL FUCKING KINO THATS SO POWERFUL LOL @smunneee FOR FUCKING R E A Lthis is so sad, someone should send him a rat about it
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @HatokTalk "entirely new games that expands on what worked in the past" The last time Sonic Team did this to unive…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastTf2 fans when blizzard fucks up
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @DrBlackGuyGamer BRO I'D LOSE MY SHIT BUT ALSO BE FUCKING FRIGHTENED AT HOW BAD SONIC TEAM WOULD FUCK IT UPJoker gets released and IMMEDIATELY after the fact, Blizzard forces GAMERS to RISE UP. Coincidence???? I think NOT.
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastThey ain't been an HBO Streaming Service show for one minute and they already have a crackhead muppet.
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @cheripiatnight I have never seen Queen's Blade, but i've heard VAUGELY about it. This character design is so fucking cute though..... @cheripiatnight I AM I'M SORRY ;-; PLEASE NO BULLIHere's a look at the poster
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma EnthusiastUbisoft has partnered with Castlevania Netflix producer Adi Shankar for a new series based on Far Cry 3 Blood Drago…
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @cheripiatnight whomst is this..... she's so fucking cute.....Yo this thread tho has me legit excited about Mario & Sonic at da Olympics???
Retweeted by Jedah Dohma Enthusiast @Goldphnxx Thats fucking insane man. Jesus christ. Funny to know she can't escape no matter what, once an annoying…