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Aaron @TrueBlueA101 The Bebop

Somewhat cool dude. Semi okay FFXIV DRG. Ehrean Coineagan on Cactuar. Likes video games way too much and complains about em.

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I went to the scholastic book fair and they have a book about a time travelling dog that escapes 9/11
Retweeted by AaronFighting game players who let the character intros play but once it gets to my part they skip
Retweeted by AaronFFXIV is the FGC retirement home
Retweeted by Aaron @Goldphnxx I have never in my entire life seen a statement so accurate. It's so fucking true.not only should this be how the bounce works, it should have a physics based reaction so you can get big instance o…
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Retweeted by Aaron @CaptainZack_ Game is so fucking good BUT SO FUCKING HARDyeah imagine
Retweeted by Aaron @StarBomber LARRY DAVID ONCE AGAIN WINSwait every single MCU spider-man movies’ working title was a Seinfeld reference what the fuck
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@chain_strategem I did with my boys recently. First time to 200 @jackistweeting_ TJ DAVIS MADE THE BEST EUROBEAT/POP ALBUM OF OUR TIMEgod, the best meme you guys have made in months.
Retweeted by AaronProbably the most insane team they could have signed Leo too. Big grats to him. all act like when you say "1 ticket please" the person in the ticket booth spits in your eye
Retweeted by AaronThere's an ongoing misunderstanding that this timeline is official. It is not. It was made by a fan overseas to com…
Retweeted by AaronThis is why i think nobody gets mad when Leo wins. Dude is easily one of the most respectful, kind, cool people, an… just realized that the ghostwriter for Bloomberg's daughter's horse romance novels used to write the Bionicle boo…
Retweeted by AaronSteam version of #GBVS confirmed for March 13th release! (The Steam version will not come with GBF codes)
Retweeted by Aaron @Finnea_XIV F I S H G A N G
Retweeted by Aaron#FFXIV
Retweeted by Aaron @chain_strategem BRO MAGNOLIA IS ACTUALLY THE FUCKING B E S T @heartsandbasses they're both shitheads @SummonerShuri seagulls, freeBeat Zero 1 again. Jesus christ, i forgot how much i disliked that game. Obnoxious level design of the highest fuck… @lumimoomi LETS GO @MaxIntMinWis Hard disagree. P3FES is literal fucking kino, its biggest issues are that you can't control your part…
Play persona 3 instead thanks MIKE ROSS
Retweeted by Aaronking poggle pog
Retweeted by Aaron @Morpheus080 BRO THIS IS SO UN ROHAN LIKE WHO APPROVED THIS? @n0ned Dreamcast era SEGA had some absolutetly legendary games. They had so much fucking creativity to them. Skies… would like to make a Family Guy theme song remix. Let's make it happen officially.
Retweeted by Aaron @hekili808 Play the other games in the series. @deadsunproject BIG W
Retweeted by AaronI figured we'd be getting the remaster very soon considering that the kickstarter was probably just for publishing… @Marshmerlo YOU'RE GOD DAMN FUCKING RIGHT F I S H I N G G A N G @Nox_Luminos BLAST EM ALL GRACE GET THOSE CLEARS. IT'S FUCKING GO MODE BABY. I WILL HELP YOU IN ANY SCENARIO IF YOU NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you ever have trouble with content in XIV, try this simple trick: Instead of doing the fight incorrectly, simpl…
Retweeted by Aaroni forgot to mention this, but @Nox_Luminos joining a static and raiding literally made me the happiest i've been in… is proud to announce the next game from director Hideki Kamiya: Project G.G.! This all-new, heroic ti…
Retweeted by Aaron @KiwiKiki9 @Aidanisis Bro.......... b r o ........ @kwehzy shiva is REALLY fun imo. It's super mechanically intense too, and i appreciate that it's also a living nightmare for melee :^) @knifeciao angel baby brainYO WHAT THE FUCK???? IM HYPE @cleeeees YEAH BOI @PG_Nakkiel E Z
@vespira__ VESPU BESTUBob iger stepping down as ceo only for someone even worse to take his place is literally the worst thing ever. I ha… @pepipop What the FUCK am i looking at @SsbOverLade GET EM LADE FUCK HIM UP @StephenAymond @MomentumSonic This is actually the best take on this i've seen in a minute goo job smooviesI am ashamed of my home. Even after the largest expansion of voter rights in 21st century America, they would rath…
Retweeted by Aaron @ghoulrunnings Bernie will make sure that the gamers do in fact, rise up.I'mma fall for the corporate shill, ONLY for this game, don't worry.
Retweeted by Aaron @cosmic_kirby the only one @MattMannheimer Really hoping the game is solid. It has a ton of potential/promise. @KoiFGC I have never seen another soul work harder! HIRE THIS GIRL! @ScrawtV It seems WAY more balanced than something like last character X-factor @hiddency_Z Of course i was. I couldn't fucking trust them after Fates. Everything leading up to it looked like mor… Yoda was only popular and liked by people cos Disney didn't realise it was gonna be popular. It happened natur…
Retweeted by Aaron @hiddency_Z Yeah it's on the backlog. Tbh, my feelings toward FE are definetly less hostile after Echoes and 3H. In… did not get a week one kill for this tier, and while i'm a little dissapointed i couldn't reach that goal, it's n… @lumimoomi I try to erase RE5 jill from my memory. That shit is so fucking weird.Roy, and it's ENTIRELY because of Melee. If not him, probably Ike cause path of radiance raw. we actually potentially getting a DMC styled samurai jack game? Cause...holy shit thats so fucking sickWHAT? @Foldpls I feel this to an extent as well. I think the biggest issues, for me at least, are that nearly all jobs ar… hey hey hey stop stop locking double melee
Retweeted by Aaron @mahogany_xox FUCK @dddddannyboy Oh no. Are they all just kinda boring?NEW DUNK COMBOS WITH KI CHARGE LOL
Retweeted by Aaroncringe about them
Retweeted by Aaron @HatokTalk that ability was removed in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Patch 4.0, so i do not have it anymore. @HatokTalk a h i see. im dumb. @HatokTalk have fun with kinoblade chronicles, the best jrpg in literally foreverI apologize to all the current/former WoW players for much of the FFXIV community's response to anything involving…
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@BalrogGameRoom You're always gonna be around. You're 10/10. @CalicoPlus ABZU is fucking COMFY. Thats a good ass experience game for the short 2/3 hours of its play time. Very worth. Good game. @cameron_kasky The problem is double sided. On one hand, twitter allows people to act like fucking children because… FFXIV Raiding friends that stream. Just a heads up, Twitch user Psychomantis1230 is going into chats attempting…
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Retweeted by AaronI know I said I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make any more of these but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head
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Retweeted by Aaronsobu’s trick
Retweeted by AaronIt is Monday of week 1 my dudes. Retweet the legendary bar seat of weeklies to bless your static with safe and smo…
Retweeted by Aaron @Foldpls You're a beautiful boy fold Don't put yourself down king.oh my god shut the fuck up lmao
Retweeted by AaronKatherine Johnson was a true American hero and pioneer in math and science. Her legacy and incredible achievements…
Retweeted by Aaron @GUMMYmayor You can't beat the triple kino threat of 3&K, Mania, and Adventure 2Until I saw the checkmark I thought this was a parody account
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Retweeted by AaronUnleashed, every single time without fail. @HatokTalk Agreed.She rated the movie 12/10 and loved meeting her idol
Retweeted by Aaron @cameron_kasky *sad Ka-chow*