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True Laurels Issue 04 available now 👇🏿 | Senior Editor at @thefader | Baltimore all day dummy

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Morning gospel @CoryTownes thats because it's the default song for the Baltimore 2 step @CoryTownes we aint never lettin go of old Gucci or Boosie. lmao this shit like our national anthemI guess I've now lived long enough for my favorite artists to become the "they make music?" people. I hate it here. tight. We bout to get you deleted.
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney“The fakers form an alliance, but the real will always triumph”
HERITAGE: @Jhus has been setting pace and carving out his own lane in rap since he emerged via @GRMDAILY, 2014…
Retweeted by Lawrence BurneyRest up boy ! I might put all 3 of our songs on the album , 4evaDee !
Retweeted by Lawrence BurneyMy dawg man smh Rest In Peace @TheDeeDave I’ll be sharing some memories
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney @FMGDink sendin love ya way broI have no words to say. RIP to a God.
Retweeted by Lawrence BurneyMan this shit about Dee Dave is sad. Rest easy man. Baltimore cmon yo smh. Love to that man family.Morning gospel never anticipated that the song wit Burna would be my least favorite on Hus album but here we are"Deeper Than Rap""I dont kno dem random yutes"man this album is so different than Common Sense im fuckin loving it. no obvious attempts at having a radio play. t… @dwatkinsworld great grandfather bodied a police sheriff in North Carolina, stole his neighbor's identity, then moved to Baltim… @dstfelix I just checked for chem trailsand he named it Big Conspiracy. Real refined hotep hours less fuckin goooooo listening to new J Hus rn pls dont contact me for the foreseeable future🚨Overjoyed to share 1 of 2 covers for True Laurels Issue 05. 1st up: PG County, Maryland‘s @SuperKelow. The great…
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney
Photos by @PhotoMeron ✨🔥🚨Overjoyed to share 1 of 2 covers for True Laurels Issue 05. 1st up: PG County, Maryland‘s @SuperKelow. The great… Dew had niggas drinking BLACK SODA?? Lol these ppl hate us gospel @djmarauder_ 😂😂😂 @djmarauder_ no more code switching @djmarauder_ @TheQueenBRI 😂😂😂
@TheQueenBRI @djmarauder_ I been tryna figure out if the cop ain’t kno no better or if Urn was really rollin his gr… @djmarauder_ Lmao I’m glad somebody brought this up. I was like hell no @_ShamGod @ivieani Crab feast on me @ivieani ima give you ya first Baltimore tour BC weekendCongratulations to PG County’s newest firefighter graduates! 💪🏽❤️
Retweeted by Lawrence BurneyIDGAF out now. produced by ME ! 🎹
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney @simimoonlight @Yoh31 lmao fasho @SkotchDavis lmaooo @fakeshoredrive this mine @Vaaaaaani__ steel pani cant get over how hard this isYoooo 🤯😱🤯🔥🔥🔥 The Box is uniting the world aww man it's in May this year? we not tolerating rain this time!oh my lord gospel shit, pop shit, feds can’t stop shit!!! - Ralo
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney“Wooee” @pertyybynature_ Lmao that’s my brova it’s all fun @JamesTorrenceJD @Mani_Deeee 😭😭“You ever been down to ya last stack? I know some niggas got the ball but they ain’t pass that / I’m movin forward so Ion like to backtrack” @Mani_Deeee Lmao that’s wildSo my parents just named everybody in this video 😂😂😂😂
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@Dora_Winifred_ @TheQueenBRI restocked some shirts 🤞🏾🥰🖤 cop one if you haven’t yet
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney!!!! Crab soup szn I’m makin my first pot of the year ASAP legs are the snack after you finish the body cmon now yaw gotta know this need this feelin back chopper like Meghan Markle, the way it took mans from his family
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney @Dora_Winifred_ lmao you felt that shit in your soul @Gabegotitbruh you sound crazy @badgyalsonti lol that was funny @timmhotep I hear you young Wesley Morris haha @Wale that would be too hard. @jorgemikell The issue isn't that those stories exist, it's that there are hella stories outside of those 2 places… @uptownxjayy Lmao. It’s def top 100 in his catalog. @HaroldBingo yeah that shit aint easy and it all come down to opinion so i know how it go.niggas cant even have being niggas to ourselves. it's bad enough that white + non-black ppl be on here liking our t… @uptownxjayy Money Set w/ Thug, Aint Too Many w/ Lor Scoota, Real As They Come, Guns & Roses, Cockydidnt the TL confirm this person is white? absolute bangers are not on here but I support it 10000000% thanks @deray @PodSaveThePpl for hwvjng me on the show. Click the link to listen to the episode @B360Balt
Retweeted by Lawrence Burney @mersrulesworld_ Lmao I can imagine. Point me to them scans tho 👀👀point out the writer. i wanna have a lor chat @DimeDada @Shawn_Cotton why you starting trouble this early inna morning lolthis is the "free mill to kill bill" of movies.lmao oh boy😍 gospel @CoryTownes @timmhotep He ain’t have to do that lmao @CoryTownes Phonetic spelling all 2020 @zajiheanaj Big cringy @rafiaswrld Being grammatically correct is exhausting sometimes @dreamiesdiary More natural @timmhotep His mother from East Baltimore. He stamped.He wasn’t a nigga from birth. We put a certain oomph on our shit. He was too timid wit it.Besides his murderous ways, my biggest takeaway from the Urn Hernandez doc is how uncomfortable it felt hearing him… up for Delonte 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 @iLived_iLoved_ What that mean @ivieani 🙏🏿 necessary @ivieani Hope you had it wit some hush puppies and fish tooGully416😌😌😌 thank YOU Domo least favorite Uber drivers is the ones who lie bout their Bluetooth not workin cuz they scared ima play nigger… Shordie really went platinum. First Baltimore nigga to do it off rap. Man. Im happy as shit.
@sandraleesvodka lol right thats all i knowi really be forgetting The DMV is also something other than a region lmao. this threw me off stewpid