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@CBCWorldNews #AbolishTheMonarchy @CBCNews Your choice of headshots reveals your bias. @CTVNews @niknanos This horse race bullshit us a form of pollution. @CTVNews @glen_mcgregor Probably wasn't smart to call them the Plumbers' Union. @WendyMesleyCBC That makes one of us. CBC should not be in the business of talking heads telling people what to th… @CTVNews Brilliant move. I am Spartacus! @neiltyson Or maybe the cats have trained us so they can play to break up their days spent sleeping and eating.
@mchopowick @esteetabernac @TheBeaverton You know your Hobo episodes. Impressive. @CBCAlerts Cutting transfers is exactly what his daddy Harper did. He thinks Canadians won't remember.
@robertwrighter @aaronjmate I think her record reflects she has no character. "We came, we saw, he died."Pretty amazing feat to be ranked 6th MOST UNPOPULAR in America out of 100 Senators, but still be considered “front…
Retweeted by VulGarI heard #MarkZuckerberg's ‘free expression’ speech, in which he referenced my father. I'd like to help Facebook bet…
Retweeted by VulGar @esteetabernac @mchopowick @TheBeaverton Wasn't there a Hobo/Beachcombers crossover or did I just dream it? @thegoodgodabove It's as if their public displays of faith are merely a form of moral masturbation. Except they're shooting blanks. @Reuters Exactly what all privileged people who get cushy posts they didn't earn because of their family connection… @psychdr100 He such a simpleton he can only keep it straight in his head by reducing it in terms a 4-year-old would use. @Jwehren01 @peltzmadeline This has been around forever. "Let them eat cake. LOL"In Mexico's remote mountain regions, people talk with each other by whistling.
Retweeted by VulGar @TheYoungTurks He's wiping his yuge ass with the Constitution. So what are you going to do about it, America? @CBCCalgary It's a real mystery. 🙄 @CTVNews Keep reposting this over and over again. You're changing minds. 🙄 @cbcnewsbc Only 5 counts? He got off light. @CBCNews He's wiping his yuge ass with the Constitution. So what are you gonna do about it, America? @CTVNews He's wiping his huge ass with the Constitution. So what are you gonna do about it, America? @CBCNews @sarahcrgr No shit. @cbcnewsbc Let me guess: passwords are saved in plain text form without any encryption, right?
Is @JustinTrudeau sorry he reneged on his promise to switch us to #ProportionalRepresentation yet? @cenkuygur @realDonaldTrump Sure he's stupid. But that takes a 2nd seat to his brazen arrogance. He thinks he can d… is repeating ahistorical propaganda. The Israeli government has consistently colonized Palestine for the las…
Retweeted by VulGar @psychdr100 After reading the article, his mother is pretty understated. But it does seem like she's very disappointed in him. @kibblesmith Start using it for evil instead of good. @JackienKingston @cbcmarketplace Gov't needs to make them. They certainly won't do it voluntarily. @RockstarSupport @oldGrumpyGamers @clummmmmmmmm What if we can't get Cripps to set up camp? #xboxSo NOT 2 guys in a suit? whole thread... 😂 Palestinian mother from Gaza is forbidden by israel & its inhumane apartheid laws from accompanying her…
Retweeted by VulGar @CBCNews @AaronWherry Neolibs hang tight. @CBCKelowna @ChrisWalkerCBC Company is based in White Rock because reasons. 🙄 @englebertbart @CTVNews I think his title was actually summer office clerk. @009mlm @Chickenwench @mcgrath_cliff @CTVNews "Nobody asked." 🙄 @CTVNews Obama: he's always there when you don't need him @4TheRefugees @deegee797 @Snowden Surely you recognize that: a) once the writ is dropped, we effectively have no go…
@ndrew_lawrence @AbbyMartin @AOC @Ilhan @RashidaTlaib Oh look: it's casual racism Wednesday already. @awardless @JuliaDavisNews @VanityFair #Truth see: #Narcissism #Scapegoat #GoldenChild @JuliaDavisNews @VanityFair Anyone but Ivanka. If you know anything about Narcissism, she is the Golden Child. @dscozzesi @theintercept @ryangrim @ddayen What are a VP's responsibilities? @theintercept @ryangrim @ddayen Maybe he meant for the other side. @itrtgums @AaronWherry @CBCNews So he knows what interference is. He just did it anyway. @AaronWherry @CBCNews Fake progressives stick together. @CTVNews If he was making a protest, I would at least respect that. But he was just being lazy and disrespectful. Sheert is no Kaepernick. @Mielly007 @CTVNews When words come back to haunt you... 🙏 @mamapatti55 @CTVNews @AndrewScheer And any narcissist. JT shares the same flaw. @Limbictweets @CTVNews Translation: "I was born ignorant and I proudly remain ignorant." @otohp @CTVNews They played the wrong anthem if they expected him to stand. @ferodwell @CTVNews Don't mistake either of these for "progressives." Obama is a Republican Lite and progressives… @mannysands @CBCAlerts @CBCKatie @CBCNews I'm not a Con. But I think this is none of his damn business. As a former… @CBCAlerts @CBCNews You're out of your depth, Barry. You ought to know better than to meddle in our affairs. @CBCNews Narcissists can only fake human emotions. They don't actually understand them. Drumpf is a #MalignantNarcissist. @BBCWorld Answer is most likely "yes." The two are not mutually exclusive. @nandorvila @TheYoungTurks It was a good panel. But I'm disappointed that even TYT is blind to a single fact: the U… @cbcnewsbc If the Libs don't want to vote split, let their candidate withdraw. If course, this wouldn't be a probl…
@CTVNews Write a country song, ❄️❄️❄️. @FrontBurnerCBC @CBCNews @EricGrenierCBC This is total spam. Why does CBC employ "opinion" commenters? Not journalism. @jacobcrawfordYU @CTVNews You're an idiot. @CBCAlerts The true answer is they align on policy about 80-90% of the time. @CBCKatie @CBCNews What's his plan for the first 100 days after he loses? @CBCSask Do you even proofread? @cbcnewsbc The RCMP got to play soldier and show off their APC. @CTVNews Fucking monsters.'It's rare': Young polar bear spotted on baseball diamond in Churchill, Man.
Retweeted by VulGar @CTVNews He's wasted there. Put him on first base and your team will win by a landslide. @journorosa @CTVNews @CTVNationalNews @LisaLaFlammeCTV Ranchers don't think agriculture and environment are linked? 😲 @CTVNews That's predictable when you always vote for the same party. You get taken for granted by them and written… @LarryGorkin1 @cbcnewsbc This had nothing to do with white supremacy. But it's telling that's where you went first. @cbcnewsbc We know the RCMP got to play soldier and wheeled out their APC. We definately know that. @CTVNews @LisaLaFlammeCTV ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
I wanted to paint the last thing pre-Med graduate Atatiana Jefferson was doing before she was killed by the cops...…
Retweeted by VulGar @MirrorPolitics @Kevin_Maguire "Magesty???" Don't kid yourself.It's not complicated. It's a pipeline. We're in a climate emergency. The math couldn't be more simple: no pipelin…
Retweeted by VulGar @CBCAlerts @CBCNews You don't get too wear blackface 3 times (that we know of) and still call yourself a progressive, @JustinTrudeau. @CBCCalgary That's how it should be shipped. Perfectly safe. @CBCCalgary You've turned your north into a dystopian hellscape but an incinerator worries you? @SHABOOTY It was quite a downer. But at least it matched the mood of Breaking Bad'. @psychdr100 Can it even be called propaganda if it's true? @CTVNews The foreign-funded tar lovers are really shitting bricks.
Never Forget. The Trump family was disallowed from operating ANY charity in the State of New York because they stol…
Retweeted by VulGar @MirrorPolitics Why should he say? So the neocons and neolibs can unite against him? @CBCNews Who considered it taboo in 2015? Just because politicians didn't want to discuss it doesn't make it taboo.Someone sees their next door neighbor’s door open and calls police for a welfare check them. Police arrive and, w…
Retweeted by VulGar @CTVNews Far cry from taking selfies the morning after the last election. We know who he is today. Just another lying neoliberal. @rabbleca Or JT will simply move further right with Con support. That's much more likely for PM Blackface.
Facebook deletes Palestinian Information Center’s 5-million-fan page Via PIC @PalinfoEn
Retweeted by VulGar @CTVNews His daddy Harper promised balanced budgets and cut services too. How did that work out? @rabbleca Lies and betrayal breed resentment. It's a no brainer. @effect_noetic @CTVNews @NapierJoyce "Stretching" is spin for a cut. Never try to bullshit a bullshitter. @CTVNews @NapierJoyce So Harper phase II. Got it.
@thenation @sophia_reuss You don't get to wear blackface and call yourself a progressive. Let alone 3 goddamn times (that we know of). @Moazzam_Begg @realDonaldTrump Don't expect him to make a habit of it, Mozzam. Or to hold this opinion with any consistency. Good answer. @BettyBowers I think Mike's conversion therapy didn't stick.