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Aim high. Dream large. And block racists and idiots.

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@duty2warn @RoArquette He's a billionaire. He IS one of the bad guys. @BillyO1969 @CTVNews @JoyCTV @DivvyBoy @BetteMidler The thin blue line ensures they protect each other above everything else. Any one of those p… @BetteMidler The ones standing around and doing nothing to stop him are just as guilty. So yes.on looting
Retweeted by VulGar @kokoplays Intestines. @BettyBowers You needn't worry about siphyllis if you have 4th stage colon cancer. @mattahrens @JoJoFromJerz @Acyn His left foot was dragging the last few steps. @DaveSFoley You really should digitizer that while collection so you never have to touch a cd again. Mine are collecting dust in a box. @HistoryMuppet The only possible criticism of this is that the beautiful wife should be a pic of Miss Piggy.
@CTVNews Stupid is as stupid does."I CAN'T BREATHE": Video shows George Floyd, a black man that police say was a possible "forgery" suspect, pleading…
Retweeted by VulGar @CBSNews A few rotten apples my ass. They're all complicit. Every one of those hands-on-hips fuckers. @tedalexandro Mess with a bull, you get the horns.
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@CTVNews His lawyers probably convinced him to backpedal from this insane claim or he could be sued by the families… @HinterlandGames How much laughter has this info provided you? Be honest.The hardest you've ever cried in a movie/TV show. Go.
Retweeted by VulGar @jon__torres @Klee_FilmReview Luck of the Fryrish was a close second. @Klee_FilmReview #Lion, when he reunites with his mother. @thegoodgodabove Give them a little time. 5 minutes ought to do it. @tedalexandro Don't be so hard on yourself, Ted. We live in extraordinary times. Cars drive themselves. It can't be… @TranslateRealDT Also, they were innocent.
@MysterySolvent Theatre. @atrupar That's a very telling way to say "workers." Get back to work, sheeple. For the wealth of your masters.That's a very telling way to say "workers." Get back to work, sheeple. For the wealth of your masters. @arlenparsa And yet the pro-corporate jingoistic militarism is ever constant.When I wrote these words, I didn’t know if anyone would read them. I certainly didn’t think this would happen. I w…
Retweeted by VulGar @MysterySolvent Read a book. @whisperingeye5 @nickolsen21 @oliverleith Don't fool yourself; kids always know. @BettyBowers It's just like Sarah Palin when asked which newspapers she reads. "All of them." @anylaurie16 @tedalexandro It's a free day to not think about work. No complaints here. @JoeWongComedy Yellow has the negative connotation. I don't know it's origin but it might not be a coincidence. @JoeWongComedy They've rigged the system in their favor.
It’s really hard to understand the complete lack of empathy of psychopaths unless you’ve experienced it first hand.…
Retweeted by VulGar#Presidementia Glance back at Feb 24, 2020 where Trump exhibits not simply ignorance & denial, but also clear profo…
Retweeted by VulGar @milkvamp @NaomiAKlein That's not even a decent Halloween haul. @flynnsgirl Hi, here is your unroll: @gregpmiller: A thread on our in-depth story about how Europe travel ban backf…
Retweeted by VulGar @RealDonalDrumpf Nero fiddled. Donnie twiddled. @realOvenDodger @CBCNews @wardrachel Right. BC doesn't want your bigots. Stay home.
@ddale8 @DaveSFoley You're going at it all wrong. Focus on his true claims and you'll have time to spare.
Hey @kumailn. You're right about there being 2 kinds of doughnuts: cake and yeast. Yeast doughnuts are great; cake… @CBCNews @cbcasithappens Agreed. Also the Senate should be dissolved. @CTVNews Tragic is spending human lives for entertainment. @jail_twit @jbwillustration @HamillHimself @NathanHamill My favorite scene is the submerged x-wing. "I don't believ… @HamillHimself @NathanHamill It's the best Star Wars movie ever made. @medeabenjamin Until China pulls the U.S. credit line and sends in the repo guys.Update FedEx called and told me to take down this video and fired both of us Today .. I’m reposting this video beca…
Retweeted by VulGar @HinterlandGames The respect you show your players by making this opt-in deserves to be rewarded. I'll be opting in. @HinterlandGames I think i found a dozen paint cans in Broken Railroad.Crowded Horse
Retweeted by VulGar @BibiLynch Queef @JoeWongComedy Who says there's no such thing as a free ride?
@justin_fenton Going swimming would be a good start. @JordanUhl @aaronjmate He told you: "nothing will fundamentally change." @hotburrito9 @SChappars @ForChock "Ok, but that's the last straw." @BettyBowers It wasn't incompetence; it was criminal indifference.
@PnPCBC @CBCNews @AndrewScheer @VassyKapelos @AndrewScheer can fuck off back to Amurikkka. @arlenparsa #JailhouseRamen @NellSco @BriannaWu Predators love to brag. @HinterlandGames Call me crazy, but did this update include a new tree model? Tall and pointy without leaves?This US doctor has had enough of the ‘tributes’. He makes his point powerfully and impressively.
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@CBCTheNational @CBCNews What a senseless idea. You're not going to show gravity who's boss. Send flowers if you want to show respect. @CTVNews "Nothing will change." @Atheenon @HinterlandGames @HinterlandGames Hey. There are kids reading this. Probably. @KSpaceAcademy I'll bet those hot dogs would give you 10 kinds of cancer. @thegoodgodabove They're the same people.Apologizing is hard. Especially for Trump. So @feministabulous did it for him.
Retweeted by VulGar @thegoodgodabove At this rate, he'll release the Moscow pee tape himself. @kumailn Stop watching the news then. You know it's not healthy. @tedalexandro I hate to say it Ted, but you might have to give up the great heard for a good fit. It compromises the seal dramatically.
You won't ever know if what you did personally helped. That's the nature of public health. When the best way to sav…
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Retweeted by VulGar @CTVNews Also very stupid. Taiwan navigated the pandemic with great skill. @CanadianPM I said these flights were a senseless waste of money and now I'll add a waste of human life. @Boricua_En_Maui @IDreamOfHamill @TomWilsonUSA @HamillHimself @_Cristian_Vlad_ @mrjafri @MaraRanger @lenabenas21 @evenbev @smoothposer @gspowers Maybe she bought them from the nurse store and it's not a Halloween costume. @smoothposer Looks legit. @HistoryMuppet I wouldn't abbreviate Sesame Street like that.... @RealDonalDrumpf I'll bet the guy who called Bush "the most intellectually backyard president of our lifetime" wish… reopening too fast
Retweeted by VulGar @JoeWongComedy Now I know why you don't spell your surname with an "a". @moodvintage I love Twitter. Any dipshit can find a black and white photo or just apply a sepia filter, caption wit… love Twitter. Any dipshit can find a black and white photo or just apply a sepia filter, caption with their own b… @MCommunicado @Acyn Maybe the make-up he applies is actually red.
@ajc 3 times is no mistake. @CBCWorldNews #AbolishTheMonarchy @UKKITHFANS @KITHOnline @kevinthekith "Slipped my mind." --the king of empty promises
@HinterlandGames There's only one bed in the game that looks like that. @HistoryMuppet That said, he never fully explained Gonzo's infatuation with chickens. @JzlawRentas @JoJoFromJerz @KevinVesey
Retweeted by VulGar @kumailn Why you hatin' on us? @JoeWongComedy Or go home alone, Joe. @JoeWongComedy You never know. Maybe she's a constitutional lawyer.I once did a video showing how Donald’s fake, frozen smile is identical in every photo, as if he has memorized one…
Retweeted by VulGar @BettyBowers It's even more clear when he turns the smile off. 100% phoney.
How to more cases than anybody in the world
Retweeted by VulGar @MikeBeauvais @ForChock Maybe his most hilarious character ever. @StephenAtHome And if you don't write any exams, you can't fail any courses.