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@TommSciortino its a cafe chain in brooklyn and it makes me giggleis there a drag artist named Connecticut Muffin yet
@trufelman I’m guessing you’ve also seen this from 2012 ☹️
Retweeted by Avery TrufelmanFound this old issue of The Onion from 2012 and what the hell how did they actually predict the future this week, we published an essay by @emrata about the ways her likeness has been bought and sold and separa…
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@vivianhle @SeanReal LOLLLLLLL Jewish teaching says those who die just before the Jewish new year are the ones God has held back until the last…
Retweeted by Avery Trufelman @SharpeSam 😂 @openendedfilms @TheCut iconic5 months ago I listened to @trufelman 's articles of interest about Théâtre de la Mode. I checked on the museum…
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On this week's episode of #TheCutPodcast, @emrata discusses power, consent, and reclaiming agency over her own like…
Retweeted by Avery Trufelmanturns out its seriously worth all the hype @SharpeSam is that nocturnal animals in there @roseveleth you look amazing! @KurtKohlstedt @nwquah @vivianhle Kurt bless you every single thing about that post was Extremely Kurt @KurtKohlstedt @nwquah @vivianhle hahahahahahhahahhahahahh @nwquah @vivianhle tried to sell me on it but its just like they read my diary out loud. It's killing me softly. @nwquah its too painful I cannot watch it @chhavi isn't it incredible? that article was written by emily! I just interviewed her about it for the podcastIt’s a tough time for so many & you may not feel motivated or feel productive or feel like yourself..I know it’s ea…
Retweeted by Avery Trufelman👋 @Roughly is back TOMORROW with a new series, School of Scandal. 😱 Stories about people breaking unspoken codes o…
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@roseveleth Yes!!! @sayrequevedo actually the most extraordinary group. congratulations.honestly, it's extraordinary. It's all her. @roseveleth pretty much everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and it only worked out because she is a complete hero @aparkusfarce parker ahhh hey thank you. thank you for bringing it all in for a landingEmily Ratajkowski is actually amazing. We talked on the phone about her brilliant essay, and she told her story out… @HinkelMark @ChronicleTexans man this is so interesting!I still don’t fully believe it but @SongExploder, a podcast I started in my bedroom!, is going to be a @netflix ser…
Retweeted by Avery Trufelman @chermusings @ThirstAidKit @bimadew @tnwhiskeywoman but what about MEEEE jk. That's so lovely. congratulations on… @chermusings @ThirstAidKit @bimadew @tnwhiskeywoman NO#TheCutPodcast: @emrata speaks with @trufelman about trying to regain ownership over her own image — battling litig…
Retweeted by Avery TrufelmanEarlier this week, we published an essay by @emrata about the ways her likeness has been bought and sold and separa…
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@artcollisions hey thank you! @k8bushofficial YES! @rachsyme THEY ARE GOOD @emrata @trufelman .@emrata talks image, power, and consent on this week’s episode of #TheCutPodcast. Listen here
Retweeted by Avery TrufelmanThanks @trufelman ! “...That other women will recognize themselves in this piece and be, like, holy shit these are…
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