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maker of comics. parent to three spoiled chickens. he/they 🏳️‍🌈. rep’d by @kate_mckean.

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@Sophycles Sophie @MsFeatherWeight You’re a true friend 😭💕 @sarahkuhn @NicoleGoux @SaraPhoebee 💕For #SixFanarts!!! I played...character favoritism, just a little
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnI love this iteration of Cass with my whole heart. She found a priceless diamond and her instinct was to EAT IT. I LOVE HER.There has not been enough love for my girl #BirdsOfPrey @AlishaCoolzio I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun watching a movie @Lexxercise Your foresight is 💪💪💪Gonna wait until this bunny day thing blows over before I get animal crossing
@AchronalA @revet_up It was such a good time!“Essential” in American largely means “taken for granted” for those of you English speakers outside the statesThey’re somewhat trained 🐓 @louvelune That’s the one!I picked up Paulette today and she immediately laid an egg lmaoIT’S. SO. GOOD. @junghulee Looks like Cathy Yan is my heroBirds of Prey is what I wanted the Charlie’s Angels reboot to be.A preview of the lines of a new piece is up on my Patreon for Forager tier members and up! Check it out early and l…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnMe: Noon is a normal time people are awake and functioning. Me, this morning: it tho? 🤣 GOOD MORNING! I’m awa…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnTo celebrate the final season of my favorite piece of storytelling/media The Magnus Archives from @TheRustyQuill wr…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @imzeferino @SaraAlfageeh Oh my god you really are though @YingjueChen Oh my god 😭😖In case you guys missed it, I reallly enjoy putting papercraft pieces together. Here’s the one i started today for…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @hottestsingles Who????
@garthnix Thank you so much! @carpecocoa @anne_theriault @alketrolyat @expelliarmoire @LouisatheLast Same! I’d love one, but the prospect of som… time I talk about Sabriel I have to remind everyone that Tim Curry reads the first three audiobooks, and now…🌙💖✨
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @richmothy Me too! It’s one of my favorites @alketrolyat @LouisatheLast YES I’m so glad!!Sabriel @Joe_Quinones Oooh I’ve never done this @McKelvie It’s too many, I don’t even think I’m even a fan of six things @elevenafter OH.I am not drawing six fan arts, you can’t tell me what to do. 😤 But I might draw one or two so send me some suggestions @etchlingsart Mood @ProZD This might be the tweet that finally convinces me to buy the game nglI put “haha” at the end of the tweet so I don’t think about it too hard and make myself sad hahaI get the sense that our current state of economics is kinda like when artists subscribe to each other’s Patreons t… looks like i'm forcing him to clean im fffdgfdhfgfjfkg
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnMy Pokémon mobile video game application told me it was sunny outside and asked me to confirm that I was safe. I do… been visited by banana cat retweet to defeat your demons
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @letsgoayo Yep! I feel similarly. I’m comfortable making terse declarative statements about my sad feelings, but I… @troubledmn Next time we do a quarantine phone check-in we gotta compare notes @kateleth It’s awful! I’m comfortable ignoring people who are being overfamiliar, but I never expected anyone to ch… @monarobot People are sometimes bad with boundaries I guess??I had friends and colleagues who knew and loved her, and they had my private condolences. But it would have been di… well-loved artist died recently. I wasn’t aware of her or her work, but I learned about it because people message… weirds me out when people ask me to make public statements about things I don’t know about, and then I realize they think I’m a company.Someone added the GameCube intro to my unemployment graph & it’s significantly better now.
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @periwinklepip Yeah! That link there goes to the print shop @cafewithlucien I’m glad you liked it too! @backthatelfup Yeah! It was sort of a nostalgic buddy adventure. I was not expecting that at all!UGH I enjoyed Onward a whole bunch. @hottestsingles I’m watching it now!Onward is so full of ambient gay energy I stg @severedstitches 💖💖💖“The last? How could I be the last?”
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnMy boyfriend just said "HEYYYY" and I yelled "MUST BE THE MONAYYYY" because I did not realize that he had just star…
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@lefruitynoir OH NO I gotta look this up @hypercubexl TRULYDo you ever just take a second and wonder how Stanley Tucci is doing @TracyATownsend Oh yep. That would feel like such a deep betrayal out of nowhere on the Internet 🤣"Un Diable dans la Poche" student short film from french Gobelins school is now online for a limited period, thanks…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễni'm sorry i can't be her
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @Sophycles No if it sounds like a wine night jam for a group of aunties, it’s probably my thing @teaberryblue It felt almost a little too on the nose??? @Sophycles I have also never seen the Downton AbbeyI needed this 😭😭😭 @loremjay We’re the same person!!! I knew it! @Randombore “How accurate could this silly online test possibly be?” 🤡I don’t even have anything clever to say. I’m just staring off into the middle distance out a window now.Oh okay just took a swig of water and got heartburn. This timeline is aging me so much more rapidly than I’d anticipated. @KateBuechler YES that bugged me so much. They’re only gonna be flexible for Dean?? What a tall, willowy, teenage poo. @RonDanChan @ohcararara I’m FURIOUSThe older I get, the more difficult it is to keep track of when Dean and Rory are together at any point in the first three seasonsMy tarot deck (with beautiful art by @Trungles!) arrived today. It’s been a long time since I read cards for anyone!
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @writecaro Yeah, a barred rock and an ameraucana @writecaro She is!
@Peter_Wartman UwUThey love corn 🐓 sorta miss when all technology was a weird beige or khaki color @hottestsingles You volunteered! I didn’t make you do this!!!I find the word “shuffle” very soothing. Someone please whisper it quietly and repeatedly and put it on YouTube.Yup if you're a 1099/gig/freelancer, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Act now allows you to apply for unemploym…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnPre-order my epic debut novel THE SCOTTISH BOY from @Bookshop_Org: ⚔️ an impoverished rura…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnAndrew Yang needs to pay me spiritual restitution for every embarrassing take he’s ever committed to print.It's coloring day! Take your awesome witch from yesterday (or print out this black and white image) and enjoy! F…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnUSPS may run out of cash and have to shutter operations as early as June. Republicans opposed any attempt to have…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @troubledmn I the main couple from Shameless play Asian people lmao @troubledmn The best part is when it happens the first time, google it, and then learn that it happens *repeatedly*… @vqnerdballs This is absolutely correct! They’re it’s sort of a misapprehension of where the loss of control actual… also if this is what someone needs in order to disengage with the horror that’s *all of this, just everything*… get very mildly irritated at posts that are like, “Haha wow feels like we’re living in a glitchy sim,” because re… the PDR colouring book! Free to download and print off at home: 20 images inclu…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnHoly bananas there’s a lot of blackface on 30 that think more gameplay mechanics equals more fun
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễntis the season
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ITS HEEEERE!!!! The star spinner tarot by @Trungles!!! I’m so freakin excited!!! I didn’t expect it to show up toda…
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