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maker of comics. parent to three spoiled hens. serial moon hexer. he/they 🏳️‍🌈. rep’d by @kate_mckean.

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@ngoziu It’s so true!!! @victoriaying AH congratulations!!!It's Virtual Book Tour day with Trung Le Nguyen! Visit our blog to hear the author talk about his debut graphic nov…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @EmmaHouxbois It feels bad, and it feels bad that it feels bad, and 2020 is just a big nesting doll of bad feelingsIs it just me or are we all collectively too overwhelmed to properly mourn anybody or anything right now @iolyssio Yes! @JSwayArt Ah yes the guy from House of Flying Daggers who made me gay @yoshisquared Oh no I wasn’t even aware this was a level @crashwong Yes please do it for me, as I am currently indisposed for the reason of I have been fully disposed. @_gabrielpicolo It’s been real. I will diminish and go into the West. @Ohayousoro The beTRAYal
@emanuelcrx OUCHMy little brother just told me that I “talk like someone who drinks kombucha,” and I will never recover from this @kevinjaystanton WELCOME to the dark side @mallory_yu When you enjoy the egg in the mooncake an eagle balm magically manifests in your hands and you suddenly… @hypercubexl I remember when those Realistic Disney Princess listicles went around, and I just knew things were about to be bad @RoxieReads I will fight them @hypercubexl Do you think Disney encourages these to keep making live action remakes nobody wantsMe neighbor got me a lotus paste mooncake, and the egg inside was, for the first time in my life, fully my jam!!! I’m a real grownup now! @teaberryblue YIKES @teaberryblue Yes! I had to search for half a year before finding one who was a good fit *and* was in my insurance network 😭It’s undeniable that Facebook is elevating right-wing voices on its platforms and even helping far-right politician…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnIf you find yourself mad enough at a person to demand they seek therapy, that’s probably a good sign that you have… wish folks would stop telling others to “go to therapy” as an angry retort because everyone should, at the very l… @JessiSheron @WeirdlandTales Yes! These are wonderful! @tulalotay These are so stunning!Aggretsuko is such a great straight J-Drama honestlyIt becomes a straight-up thriller holy crap.Aggretsuko season 3 is super good but oh my god it took some terrifying turns a few times 😳 @AJMattis Thank you so much! @Peter_Wartman Peter!! Thank you!! @hottestsingles (Not no) @hottestsingles I think we’re okay. ALSO your Tupperware is clean 💖 @little_corvus Thank you, Teo!ANYWAY I’m sorry if I owe you an email, and will get back to you probably this week 😭I never developed any symptoms at all, and my brother, who lives with us, also tested negative. Whew!I’m happy to report that my household is officially mostly out of the woods in terms of covid. We still have to sel…
Here is a great analysis of our story & top findings, from ⁦@DLeonhardt⁩
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnDonald Trump paid $750 in taxes in 2016-2017, which is less than a comic artist or writer (who often earn poverty l…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @TheoNicole They take this very seriously 😭💕I’m trying to work @sidni Thank you!!! @cupcakeandy HAHAHAI gave my hens a couple overripe plums, and since the fruit is real juicy, they do the little glug-glug gulping thi… @Kit_Kerr @aliettedb Haha thank you both!John F. Kennedy, Democrat, was the first Catholic president. And was attacked from the right, which did its best to…
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnA teeming ocean of pastoral wilderness envelops the towering beast of stone and iron.
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @cyanparade Thank you!Libraries are very good! While it's true that, in the US, authors don't get payed whenever their books are borrowe…
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Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @alexstran No posters from the publisher yet, but in the meantime there’s this duh, I gotta include the order link: @victoriaying I’m so excited for you to read it! @sawdustbear Thank you, Shing!! @troubledmn Thank you!! @DoNguyenMai Yesss @suzusaur I'm so excited! @JSwayArt Thank you, J! @alexanderchee Thank you! 💖One of my favorite reading experiences this year.
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @localcatlady Thank you! I haven’t gone super in depth on them anywhere, but maybe I’ll put together something sometime. @itsneonyang NEON I’m so happy you like it 😭💕 @boghanz Thank you, Saraya! @Krys Thank you!!Go preorder this book right now. If you’re like me, you’ll cry and cry. In a good way.
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @tasuttonster Use references! I’ve made two whole decks, and I still use a guide book for my readings. Don’t get to… @dgcordon @mercurialblonde Thank you!! @empriseduciel This is a treasure trove omg thank you
@empriseduciel If I run into any of these, I’ll let you know. They’re so cute 😭 @mckeewendy1 @adibkhorram Thank you so much!Heavily IN stock soon!
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn @empriseduciel Omg I’m obsessed @Keke_Serene Yep! @ngoziu Thank you, Ngozi!!! @kendrawcandraw My sweet baby!!!I’m having a Charlie’s Angels weekend, and it’s amazing that the goofy disguise wigs from the McG-directed movies f… @yoshisquared I think I have a slow burn masochistic streak 😭 @Benjtendo Thank you, Ben! @kate_mckean Kate, they’re so heavy!!! @tinygorgon YessssIT’S HERE. IT’S REAL. 😭💕✨ and pencil drawing tutorial @claralieu Art Prof premieres tomorrow, Sunday 10pm EST ✨
Retweeted by Trung Lê Capecchi-NguyễnI’m developing a pattern of starting a new tarot deck every time I experience a lot of stress which... hmm. @EmilyLubanko Thank you so much! I’m hewing more closely to RWS for this one, which eases things a little bit I think.Also, starting with the suits was a much better idea. I used to do Majors first because I thought they were typical… went with bridge size cards - they’re almost like poker cards, but very slightly narrower, for the folks who like… @kevinczap It’s a bit different than my usual stuff, but I’m enjoying working slightly differently!Ehehehe here we go again @TiniHoward LOL yeah I saw those tweets and was like ??? Nobody needs to see that againThis was extremely watchable! I had a lot of fun. @SamMaggs Yesss thank you! I’m so excited to read this. @SamMaggs Ooh! Let me know if you’d recommend it! I’d love to read it.I wish it was campier. The dialogue and the pace is sometimes slow enough for me to think. The Aughts Angels were c… have occasional concerns about the tone, but it’s largely incredibly fun to watch. This is a fun damn movie!I’m all in for Kristen Stewart.Alright I’m finally watching the new Charlie’s Angels movie.
@paul_duffield YEP. It’s absolutely wild. Completely unmoored and untethered from any legal recourse whatsoever. @Linken_log Wow good life choices, good on himActually, how *are* US Gov teachers approaching all of this right now?