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Post-Pandemic Education Must Move Beyond Mere Job Training Killed by Mexican Police for Not Wearing Mask Sparks Protest Movement Crisis Highlights Urgency of Canceling All Student Debt Than 20 Million People in US Face Eviction by the End of September education confronts economic crisis and COVID, more training for jobs that can disappear overnight isn’t the ans… Commutes 40-Month Sentence of Longtime Ally Roger Stone is confronting its own history of police abuses against working-class Afro-descendent and Indigenous people.
Taking a stand against racism and police violence must include releasing all survivors of police torture from priso…"School will have to not just get kids back on track academically, but find new, anti-racist ways to educate them.… Corporate Taxes Could Help Cities Facing COVID-19 Budget Crises Sector's Right to Strike Is Left Behind in Biden-Bernie Task Force Electronic Waste Up 21 Percent in Five Years — Little of It Is Recycled DOJ Worked Secretly to Obtain Drugs to Resume Federal Executions of Policing Resulted in the Torture and 18-Year Incarceration of My Son Are Struggling to Avoid Worsening Inequity When They Reopen
Brazil has gone almost two months with no health minister as more than 1.7 million Brazilians have tested positive… schools, which are taxpayer-funded but privately operated and have no public oversight, have pulled more th… the midst of a global pandemic that has already claimed more than 130,000 lives, the President of the United Sta… than 80 members of Congress demanded that Trump immediately withdraw a “cruel, senseless, and xenophobic” dire… one-quarter of households with children have reported food insecurity in recent weeks. airline industry companies slated to receive $338 million in public money intended to preserve jobs have laid… Floyd was buried in a cemetery surrounded by flood zones and chemical hazards linked with conditions like as… "new right" are co-opting progressive talking points about "the exploitation of Americans," but failing to offe…
A new report found that diseases such as the coronavirus are spreading with greater frequency due to human activity… United States Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that nearly half the entire state of Oklahoma, as far as federal… Supreme Court was clear: The separation of powers stands, and Donald Trump is not a king. you were hoping to see Donald Trump’s financial records before the 2020 election, today was not your day. If you…
Retweeted by TruthoutContrary to Mike Pence’s suggestion that the agency would be issuing out new protocols in line with the president’s… DeVos said that the health risks surrounding the coronavirus pandemic should not deter them from reopening sc… new report found the amount of unpaid taxes from 2011 to 2013 averaged around $381 billion per year that is large… millions took to the streets to protest against systemic racism, several organizations that are considered hate… Conservatives defend "liberty," they mean the liberty to exploit humans and nature for personal gain with mini… public health official in Tulsa, Oklahoma, suggested that President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in the city las… is trying to downplay the seriousness of COVID by falsely claiming the “Death Rate from Coronavirus is down t… The Supreme Court dealt President Trump a major defeat Thursday by rejecting his claims of presidential i… how essential child care is to restarting the economy, Congress has been unwilling to meet the crisis with…
This is what you call heartless: "DHS sent me to the border to see the separations myself to try to make me more co… intends to bully governors into reopening this fall no matter what. He has no plan to make it happen, and onl… aims to ensure that no American or Israeli is brought to the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity. says international students studying at U.S. universities will have their visas rescinded and could face deport… Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration in a case that gave employers across the country more leeway… United States is careening toward yet another #COVID catastrophe, this one involving millions of children.…
Retweeted by TruthoutThe Supreme Court ruling opens the door for discrimination against students with disabilities, as private schools a… Azar on Tuesday falsely claimed that healthcare workers "don’t get infected" with Covid-19 "because they take… reforms often take the shape of expansion, bringing the prison industrial complex into homes and schools an… soaring case numbers, Trump threatens to cut off funding to schools if they don't reopen after summer."The effect — and perhaps even the goal — is to create as much chaos for universities and international students as… of my thoughts on community education as integral to justice work
Retweeted by Truthouton the NEW ep of @cornerstore_pod I spoke with @MayaSchenwar editor-in-chief of @truthout about prison abolition, d…
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The Trump administration officially announced on Tuesday that the United States would be withdrawing from the World… half of all American adults are in a database that's used for criminal investigations, thanks to their driver'… Trump chronicles how cheating has always been “a way of life” for Trump. Supreme Court upheld a federal judge’s rejection of a crucial permit for Keystone XL and blocked the Trump admi… mass outbreak at an ICE Detention Center in California has infected at least 167 people and led to the death of o… shooting death of Breonna Taylor was part of a police operation to clear out a block in connection with a gentr… companies linked to Kushner and Trump's children received PPP loans between $150,000 and $2 million, meant… of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, are still in immediate need of things like housing and basic infras…“This is the police state that we live in, where they will spend tens of thousands just to make you get out of a sp…
Retweeted by TruthoutBREAKING: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has scoffed at risks of coronavirus, has tested positive for the… bill would apply a tax of 0.1 percent on each trade of stocks, derivatives, and other financial instruments to… are quick to condemn violence in popular uprisings but have spent their careers supporting and funding… enrolled in schools that have already announced plans to operate fully online, will not be issued visas an…
As the COVID-19 death toll reaches 130,000 in the US, Trump is trying to win the election by claiming it is "totall… twin-bill tantrum by a petulant president served as a shabby replacement for actual fireworks over the Fourth of… Sanders: "The United States — with just 4 percent of the world’s population — accounts for 25% of the world’… twin-bill tantrum served as shabby replacement for fireworks over the 4th of July weekend, as #Trump delivered a…
Retweeted by TruthoutNative American leaders opposed Trump's event at Mount Rushmore, demanding that he cancel the event. statue of Frederick Douglass, a formerly enslaved Black abolitionist who helped to transport other enslaved peopl… U.S. public health system has no system in place for collecting and analyzing basic information on how COVID-19… Workplace, a new Slack-like tool allows administrators to censor certain words, company spokespeople expla… federal judge has ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down and remove all oil within 30 days, in a huge wi… across the country covering racial injustice and police brutality have to unpick their own racial biases…
The “America First” reading list is nothing if not a virtual how-to manual for white resentment and violence. may be looking at a dramatic and pro-corporate restructuring of baseball as an industry. reform is a time-honored counter-insurgency measure to quell rebellion. Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus Court Could Soon Show Us Why Trump Is Refusing to Share His Tax Returns Is Creating a Crisis of Energy Insecurity Right Reading List Shows Link Between Its Literature and Real-World Violence League Teams Could Be Latest Casualties of COVID’s Disaster Capitalism Reform Hasn't Stopped the Killings Before. It Won't Now Either.
My new column: Protesters Attacked by Police Are Suing to Vindicate Their Constitutional Rights via @truthout
Retweeted by Truthout"Families are being torn apart--and told that social conditions such as not having a home, social conditions that a…
Retweeted by TruthoutMy new piece in Truthout on "The Fourth of July Must Be a Day of Protest Against White Supremacy"
Retweeted by TruthoutInstead of celebrating a false historical narrative of liberty and justice for all, we should be out in the streets… languish and die in prison because of bureaucratic hurdles and a lack of political will to fix the system… DeVos sold shares worth as much as $5 million in a secretive fund for wealthy investors that operates out of… education cannot be considered an “add-on” — we must center it as an integral part of our ongoing organiz… Must Understand the Sordid History of Voter Suppression to End Its Use NYPD Isn’t Giving Bodycam Footage to Officials Investigating Alleged Abuse Defenders Arrested for Blocking Road to Trump’s Mount Rushmore Event Fourth of July Must Be a Day of Protest Against White Supremacy One Should Have to Die in Prison Radical Community Education, We Won’t Move Beyond “Comfortable” Reforms
The bounce back in employment is certain to slow, especially if Congress does not come through with additional fund… is insisting on having a firework display on stolen land in the midst of a pandemic, putting citizens and the… Independence Day approaches — during a pandemic that could have been avoided, and in the middle of a police brut… you are in a situation with the cops or witnessing one that has the potential to turn violent you should be prep…
The Trump campaign is selling shirts featuring an image that is eerily similar to the Iron Eagle, the official sym… new study suggests that the official number of deaths due to coronavirus may be up to 27,000 short of the true bu…