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Trump’s New Policy on Israeli Settlements Is Illegal and Self-Serving Murdered Trans People Isn’t Enough. We Must End the Killing. Iran, Over 100 Feared Dead in Protest Crackdown Top Trump Administration Officials All in the Loop in Ukraine Scandal Witnesses Decry Trump’s Pressure on Ukraine to Probe the Bidens Trans Day of Resilience, Artists Show Us a Future of Liberation Lawmakers Extend Illegal Collection of Americans’ Sensitive Data"Why don’t journalists come here to show the truth of my fallen brothers and sisters? Why do the police justify the…
"Barr seeks to make the conservative movement see Trump’s alleged victimization as a reflection of their own." Years of US Arms Sales Have Had Severe and Lasting Impact on Middle East Women Fleeing Violence Are Being Revictimized in the US than half of Americans, or 51%, think Trump should be impeached and removed from office, according to the poll…’ve Given Up All Hope in Senate Republicans Voting to Impeach for everything from green cards to naturalization are not only common but increasingly costly and mandatory. Spirit of the Indigenous Occupation of Alcatraz Lives On, 50 Years Later Cohn: "Trump has made explicit what has long been implicit: The United States directly enables Israel’s il… the last decade, more than 70 natural disasters have occurred on tribal lands, with some communities being hit m…"The situation for trans life and death is so acute that the American Medical Association this year declared anti-t…"Our government may think it can get away with locking up kids because of their race or where they were born, but p… Iran, Amnesty International reports over 100 protesters have been killed in 21 cities by security forces during… his own opening remarks, Devin Nunes appeared unaware that Sondland was moments away from implicating Trump, as…“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.” Those were the words of Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vindman during Tuesday’s H…"This art project calls on us to grieve our lost ones and to celebrate our resilience together. Below, we highlight… federal agencies set to run out of money this week, House lawmakers yesterday passed a short–term funding bill… Most Active White Supremacist Group in the US Is Hiding in Plain Sight"It appears that the Republican Party has become the vestibule of Hell, and Trump’s minions have chosen the course… years later, the Alcatraz occupation remains a beacon of hope for the indigenous community."This Universal Children’s Day, it’s time to end migrant child detention, and it’s time to use that momentum and pu… Aren’t Inherently Destroying the Planet — Capitalism Is US Military Is Poisoning Okinawa Do Two of the Whitest States Vote First for Presidential Candidates? US Sanctions Bolster Iran’s Hardliners and Fuel Angry Protests Investigates IRS Whistleblower Complaint That GOP Hid From Democrats Occupy Pelosi’s Office, Launch Global Hunger Strike for Climate Action UN Ambassador: Racist Elite Engineered Coup to Restore Neoliberalism
Nursing Home Safety Violations Endanger Residents in California’s Tactic Is to Insult the Witnesses. It’s Not Working."The feeling of complete isolation in an upcoming attack is terrifying … demonstrations [are] one of the few [ways]… Oil Needs to Pay for the Damage It Caused"As leaders of environmental and human rights groups based in the southern border states, we are calling on Congres… Is Not Rehabilitation, It Is Modern-Day Slavery"North Dakota has sold its water and soul to the oil companies ... The Lakota are making deals with the Creator for… Women Fleeing Violence Are Being Revictimized in the US their bluster and anger, the panic of these billionaires is beginning to show. Millhiser: "I don’t blame Elizabeth Warren for being evasive about things, because Iowa will punish you if you…"U.S. officials shouldn’t mistake Iranians’ anger with their own government as a potential welcoming of new U.S. in… members of the Senate Finance Committee are investigating the allegations of an IRS whistleblower who has alleg…"Meet with us or leave us to starve while you jet to your Thanksgiving feasts and cocktail parties in the glow of a… Llorenti, Bolivian ambassador to the UN: "This decree says that the military is able to conduct their operati… found hundreds of potentially life-threatening violations of safety and emergency requirements, includin…"With the exception of one Monmouth poll, all recent polls show more Americans want Trump both impeached and remove…"We’re going to have to remake much of the world to have a chance at survival. And if we’re going to try, then that…"Prison is the criminalization of poverty, the institutional oppression and enslavement disproportionately and inte…"I ran faster, but he caught me, grabbed me by the neck and whispered, 'Today you will meet your death.' From that… Violence Escalates as Mass Protests Denounce Coup in Bolivia His Execution Blocked, Rodney Reed Has a Chance to Prove Innocence’s Fascist Manifesto Shows GOP Is Evolving to New Level of Authoritarianism Mounts Against Trump as 8 New Witnesses Prepare to Testify Mounts Against Trump as 8 New Witnesses Prepare to Testify Tweak Might Offer Means to Improve US Reproductive Health Than Half of Americans Want Trump Impeached and Removed, Lee and Tlaib Lead Effort to Tax Huge CEO-Worker Pay Gaps
When Disaster Strikes, Indigenous Communities Receive Unequal Recovery Aid Trump Organization is trying to sell the Trump International Hotel in Washington by pitching investors on the m…"The only way that capitalism was ever able to even emerge was through a process of 'primitive accumulation' — wher…"The auto industry may be divided on the Trump administration’s fight with California. But the bottom line is that… facilities — 52% — increased average emissions within California during the first three years of cap and trade… Bolivia, at least 23 people have died amid escalating violence since President Evo Morales, the country’s first… Reed: "It was just all I could do to, you know, hold back tears of joy and thank God for him getting a stay…"Barr seeks to make the conservative movement see Trump’s alleged victimization as a reflection of their own.""As the public phase of the impeachment inquiry moves into week two, Republicans’ ever-shifting arguments in defens…"Beyond protecting women during the medically vulnerable time after they deliver, experts think increasing Medicaid… numbers could spell danger for Trump, as the impeachment inquiry is still in a somewhat early phase."It’s basically like you’re setting us up to fail.""We’re not saying capitalism is going to end next Tuesday, but we are saying that the conditions that destroyed feu…
The US Military Is Poisoning Okinawa’s Workers in Detroit Strike for Workplace Democracy is ramping up judicial confirmations after getting a quarter million donation from a prominent conservati… Francis Proposes Adding "Ecological Sin" to Church Teachings Border Budgets Fund Human Rights Abuses and a Destructive Border Wall U.S. Military Is Poisoning Okinawa Solidarity With the Kurds Energizes Revolution on the Ground Are Panicking Over the Growing Popularity of a Wealth Tax
As former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified in the House impeachment inquiry to evidence of ab… leadership is coming from Native people. opinions of Black Americans -- especially teenagers and trans women -- are rarely solicited, if at all, when it… and GM Sided With Trump’s Clean Car Rollbacks to Preserve Profits Blackout, a California Tribal Village Kept Lights On With Solar Energy in Bolivia Pepper Spray Broadcast Journalist Covering Anti-Coup Protests and Gas Emissions Have Increased Under California's Cap and Trade Program Engaged in Witness Tampering During Ambassador’s Testimony's D.C. Hotel Is for Sale, and Here's the Pitch: Get Rich off Foreign Money, Lee and Tlaib Lead Effort to Tax Huge CEO-Worker Pay Gaps Statistics Silence the Most Vulnerable People"In the run-up to the 2016 election, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller promoted white nationalist li… an era when white nationalist violence is rising and the president of the US spews racist demagoguery, the debat… an effort to push back harder against its critics, the private prison industry recently launched a new trade gro…"Thousands have been traumatized, ripped away from their families, and at least six children have died preventable… feminist Adriana Guzman: "We don’t lose conviction, we don’t lose our dreams, we don’t lose the urgency of… Forces Appear Poised to Win UK Election — But It’s Not Over Yet