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Lab wanted poster πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™#HunterXHunter #yuyuhakusho #ShonenJump
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™ @RIZ96685375 MASSIVE W MY GOAT#Anitwt #manga #animanga Big Announcement!!! I finally going to start Soul Eater. The Manga not the anime.
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™ @ccookkiieezzz W @AzazelDrag @Just__An__Otaku @albrxwn That's what I just said @morfeene Bojack cool too @ShirusPrime Exactly, and it's a cartoon with good games too @RebirthPhantomX They are pretty good but I wouldn't say better @__notoriousBEN Not a lot @QwertIGuess Just no @Marbakr8 Rick and Morty is fire tooSouth Park is 100% the best Adult Cartoon. Change my mind... @donix__ Congrats goati know im gonna be obsessed with Soul Eater and i embrace it
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™ @OfficialQtg @RedRebelZ mf was never on to start with πŸ₯± @albrxwn Not bad just mid @AsaemonSag Never even heard of the land of the lustful πŸ’€ @manu6603 @Shawn253059311 Your eyes have lost their meaning @manu6603 @Shawn253059311 Manu L fr that Shinra design looks insane @albrxwn Fr and I got called a freak because I like him. The person is acting as if I'm an actual irl perv πŸ’€ @yuujishomie Exactly... people don't even be watching the show if you're comparing Jiraiya to Mineta 😭 @Liam_4713 @flash0367 @GinBi11 @manu6603 WHY ARE YOU HERE 😭 @flash0367 @GinBi11 @manu6603 Hate the both of you @manu6603 @GinBi11 @flash0367 Respect the young lord wtf @manu6603 @GinBi11 @flash0367 Still not gonna get over β€œmidmetal alchemist” 😭 @flash0367 @GinBi11 @manu6603 @GinBi11 @flash0367 @manu6603 Yeah I was heated in the moment because flash was being a stupid mf as usual but we’re cool now @flash0367 @manu6603 @GinBi11 Flash stop being a dumbass 😭THE LAB ASTRONOMICALLY CLEARS
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™ @ToonieAni Man said Batman Pizza?? @sammypatty69 I will soon @flash0367 That's besides the pointIf this is how you like to act on Twitter then go ahead and block me. I'm tired of hearing stupid shit like this ho…
@SoloVsDaWorld 😐😐😐 @albrxwn CONGRATS AMY @ShirusPrime @RedRebelZ OH LOL thought you were calling me a liar @ShirusPrime @RedRebelZ I mean in terms of one piece @RedRebelZ Boa is my preference but nami still clears @RedRebelZ Holy L 🀒 @ExotikWyd Gmmm Exo how you doing? @LukaZer0 😭 @CometVoid priv easier to post on than alt because an alt is like the same thing as a main but not an actual main @SoloVsDaWorld Sure @albrxwn GM AMY @NotDawn1 I feel that. Enjoy your day regardless! @NotDawn1 Morning Dawn enjoy your day bro @Prxmiseiwnl Nah I get that bro 😭 @Liam_4713 I've been the same frfr just didn't announce anything. I'm just on whenever I'm on for now @Liam_4713 I need to be active more but πŸ’ͺPOV:you're looking at the best Twitter gc
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™ @kingshawaiian2 What 😭 @manu6603 I see someones icon, all I can do is picture the person looking like whoever is in the icon. @nkkolo87 Speed shut your ass down 😭 @LukaALT02 @Zetsukiiiii @plasticbears Maybe if you actually watched the show you’d realise that isn’t Jiraiya’s entire character. Sick of p… @Liam_4713 0 @IShowSpeed @nkkolo87 GOD DAMN SPEED IN THIS BITCH? @TRagnaroKsnake @LelouchBurner Soul Eater or Higurashi
@Kammy_babe Thanks Kammy!Wish my mans @RedRebelZ good wishes, he has the civic virus πŸ™
Retweeted by Treecks πŸŒ™ @OfficialQtg @RedRebelZ fr he's a bum @LoganHMPG cumballs @amy_pr1v I didn't know πŸ˜ͺ @FlexStylez Nah just general order from top to bottom @amy_pr1v Damn y’all played it without me 😭 @RedRebelZ Me mf @shredingW Yeah @SoloAltbozo @hollow_comet cheater @ShiroMatsunoki Thanks Shiro! @albrxwn @Marbakr8 Yeah @Marbakr8 It's probably one of my tops huh πŸ˜ͺ @Marbakr8 Which ones the miss? @ExotikWyd Damn who would you have instead? @aviirito I mean good in terms of not getting aired, I don't really care for likes and stuff I just care about inte… @albrxwn Sasuke is a really good character though πŸ˜ͺ @ShirusPrime Respect Young Lord... he's from the Boruto series not Naruto!! @eternalmugen_ Which ones a miss?If this does good I'll probably do one for Bleach and One Piece as well3x3 of my favourite Naruto Characters! πŸ₯🍜 @RedRebelZ COMEDIC @ClutchGenes_A1 Appreciate that Pat! @nyxa1i YKTV @Inosuke_762 Thanks Inosuke!! @labydeta THANKS MELODY @RedRebelZ You a bum fr @Wololo_17 Thanks JG! @RedRebelZ I KNOW YOU AINT TALKING @flash0367 Appreciate that flash @chris_joestar Thanks Chris! @albrxwn THANKS AMYI've been lacking with my tweets lately but thanks for 2.1k! πŸ”₯ @CodyPsycho1 That icon go hard af but the banner is really lq and kinda cringe @Hamza90163995 @xDB_Gokux @jaythelavawolf Shou Tucker easily