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@JadeinFaded eating disordertw // ed this is so cruel and for what... imagine projecting ur insecurities onto others like this u actually need… @analetmebskinny theres acc something wrong with you😭😭just spent £18 on express shipping...... @jostenrunin help is that the adam driver stan i’m blocked😭😭why is redbubble shipping so expensive i just want cool graphic tees </3 @tloufilm someone i knew used to own one and i literally Refused to go anywhere if they took it @Burnkruczynski not you chris......not you @JadeinFaded is that. a child @JARRlCH ferris bueller perioddon’t understand how people can actually go outside in these and not feel deeply ashamed harrier as ahsoka is everything i want in life like LOOK HOW PERFECT SHE IS
Retweeted by back on my bullshiti would like to breathe in his second hand smoke ❤️ @deathwthdignity i miss him 💔💔💔💔sorry mordecai u will be missed #NewProfilePic @SlNISTERSILENCE NOT HIMFJDJSNSpossibly the scariest notification i’ve ever recieved @SlCPARVIS free speech xxx @SlCPARVIS i already fucking knew omg i hate you @wh0re4milfs adopt me? 💔
Retweeted by back on my bullshitimagine johnlock is canon but only in the gnomeo and juliet cinematic universe @HIMBOMAC @Voltron i had to remember so u do too @HIMBOMAC @Voltron HELPFJDJS @alexnationz @Voltron IT HURTS SO MUCHthey literally used the tag ‘klance’ on their youtube videos and voltron on netflix and hinted at it multiple times… guys remember when voltron queer baited us . i think about it at least 20 times a day @voltron fuck you lance and… @yIadir wtf they’re massive @yIadir HUH @alexnationz maybe if u talked to me🙄🙄🙄 @yIadir so it🙄🤔 @yIadir YEAH JUST WATCH IT @brigadiertheta boy from japan comes to the usa to do photography n article shit on gangs and he meets another boy… @yIadir STOP SPOILINGbegging just one (1) oomf to watch banana fish so we can talk about Him❤️ @yIadir cmon look at how sexy he is so it for him @yIadir its only 24 episode pls pls pls @yIadir day 1 of begging u to watch banana fish
Retweeted by back on my bullshit @FlNNSKYWAIKER EVERYTHING HURTS @yIadir wait roll on or spray @yIadir not my first time hearing about this❤️ @yIadir HES A BARB I JUST KNOW IT I FEEL IT IN MY BONESthis ur oomf? @SH4RP0BJECTS they need to stop dick riding boring bad films and watch legally blonde 🙄the nick wilde thirst tweets thats gotta be it’all be like [astrological sign] men are the worst .. baby it’s just men in general
Retweeted by back on my bullshitjoker may have ripped off king of comedy and taxi driver but they’re not all that good either💔 @ianlovesfilm king of comedy did it betterjust gave my private story a list of 53 fictional characters i think are barbs, i can finally rest <3 @parasite_eveee @KieronPaul3 explain @parasite_eveee WHY DOES KIERON FOLLOW IM DEADIM SO DEAD AT THE HIDDEN REPLIES finished my fma brotherhood rewatch 😭😭😭😭😭really is the best show of all time god bles❤️ @yIadir HELP
Retweeted by back on my bullshit @softfilmhours fine or whateva 🙄 @softfilmhours 👎 @jnksaurus i like never see them anymore </3 @TR0YB4RNS ‘Imma cry’ IM SO EVILTHEN MILA DMED HER CURSED STUFF
Retweeted by back on my bullshitdid you make your whole personality about this one show that you watched during quarantine or are you normal
Retweeted by back on my bullshit @TR0YB4RNS I DIDNT KNOW THAT😭😭😭😭and i think i should be allowed to do that know those subway surfer tiktoks they should make them but with fnaf - @yIadirit’s inexplicable how much serotonin they give me
Retweeted by back on my bullshitthis is so embarrasing i’m so sorrystay alive fren |-/ @LINGOSTARRS omg i just started watching it period @TR0YB4RNS sending her cursed videos brb @TR0YB4RNS thank u for leaving the username in❤️❤️ @howiemandel i don’t care complete the mutual howie @homosexualcrime WHY IS HE TRYING SO HARD @supercutHBO HES OS BABYUM!
@TR0YB4RNS YES ??????? i saw the first season or so 2 years ago and it slapped😭😭 @moviesandcats u log it so often its concerning also u served @TR0YB4RNS IVE ALREADY SEEN AOT THO😭😭😭😭megan thee stallion 😍😍😼😐😣🧪🙄😐 @TR0YB4RNS I WAS LITERALLY JUST ABOUT TO START COWBOY BEBOP😭😭😭😭 @howiemandel HOWIE I LOVE U SO MUCH PLEASE FOLLOW ME😭😭😭😭I’m doing a FOLLOW SPREE! RETWEET THIS and you might get a follow from me #AGT
Retweeted by back on my bullshitI thought smosh already broke up
Retweeted by back on my bullshit @aIexmoffat oh yeah totally fmab is miles better but fma was a lot of fun @wingernation the right one period @aIcalavicci is that . like a tv show or do u mean literal ghosts @JAREDDVNN I KNOW I LOVE THEM HELPP is wrong with underage characters being lgbt😭😭it gives representation to a young audience and might even help t… @SAlKIKUSUO REN IS TRUMPKIN ???🤔🤯 @aIexmoffat PERIOD i love lust too i hate how she dies so early on :( she slapped in the 2003 one @fuckjimbob cos myanimelist sucks @aIexmoffat roy mustang or greed😁😁 @aIexmoffat WAIT I WANT @greendcle U SERVED @aIexmoffat period same its my fave anime ever💔💔It’s one thing to find a white man attractive and another to think he is remotely comparable to Dev Patel
Retweeted by back on my bullshiti haven’t seen an actual film in such a long time help😭😭😭 @densreynoIds @midtownsaporta only took me one min😁😼👀👀wait nvm i’m tempted to start hunter x hunter which do i watch