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@JeremyECrawford I love what this means for the tattoo you got at 18 and now want to cover-up omhgghggghhhhg
@universalfoe It's literally like me getting a cease and desist for using my own name on twitter. I'm fucking.... RAHHHHHHThere is an honest to goodness legal defense fund for actual factual non binary people who are being legally harass… the story in their own words:
It finally happened. That Good Good (berry) @DMDrae But even beyond that, it is about owning and weaponizing a term for a marginalized group in the name of... capitalism?Context: They want to use it so no one else can, and are currently threatening other companies or small stores for… @DMDrae It has nothing to do with sexuality. Enby is a term people in the nonbinary community use for themselves as… is a company trying to trademark the phrase "enby" for their adult toy line and I just cannot even fathom how…
@shmegegge ;0;You know this starts *This Wednesday,* right?
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Seasonal Affective Disorder more like Fall Damage amirite
Retweeted by TrysAre the new tenants who moved in above me throwing a party during the height of the pandemic?
@cwgabriel FINALLYThere's another you out there. #acqinc #cteam #wafflecrew @AnnaProsser @ChrisPerkinsDnD @JeremyECrawford @TychoBrahe
Retweeted by Trys @TaylorACrockett @MyntyFresh IT DIDNT EVEN DO NUMBERSHello it is now November and I am in Twitter Court for stealing this joke from @MyntyFresh Trans Rights
Retweeted by TrysI’m selling prints of this in my shop! All proceeds and cost of printing will be donate to the Marsha P Johnson Ins…
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@AbbyHoward Sometimes I still think about Martyrs and... Why did you do it to me... is heavy & solemn but today isn't the only day we remember. It is a great day for those outside of the community… @_mired in my time of need i turn to CHOWDER yeah ok I need this @srboyceboat @JustinMcElroy Count Party Bagel will save us all, somehowUmmm.... @DesertBus could possibly hit 7 million lifetime. Even if they don't, they've still raised over $900,000.00 in the year 2020.
Retweeted by Trys @_mired my heart genuinely goes out to y'allDo. Not. Be. Cute. About. This. PLEASE!Two thousand nine hundred & seventy miles away. I will not see my only sibling, my cousin, my grandmothers, my pare… Brands, can we stop? I haven't laid eyes on my family in 2020.
Cool I'm sobbing @VladimirGluten SANDWICHED BETWEEN THE ALCREMIETORIUM AND THE DITTO SHOP @VladimirGluten The Elite Four Season Total Landscaping is an IDEAL LOCATION!!!! @VladimirGluten This whole bracket is a farceMy whole vibe @gamasoidosis Idk @TychoBrahe :VPurify food and DRINK: all nonmagical food in a 5 foot radius is good to eat or something, whatever, everyone do a shot!Turns out we've been misreading Stoneskin for years it's actually Stones Kin, in this presentation I will-A bitter Paladin mustn't forget to add Spite damage. @ToddKenreck By our powers combined??? @ToddKenreck Oh snap uhhhhhhUh yeah can I get a Chill Touch Supreme with a medium Eldritch Baja Blast?Disappointed my parents by getting a Fine Artificer degreeDragonborn implies the existence of Dungeonborn @yourkindsister Tasha's Cauldron of Well, ActuallyJust a side Slaad for me, thanks.I'll Die On This Hill Giant (sadly, they did)Mc Mind Filet-er: only available at participating locationsWellithid: they're doing MUCH better, thank youSNACKUBUS?!Misplacer Beast: now where did I leave that thing?Beefholder: beauty is in the eye... of the... beef....... holderTeefling: when one of your incisors signs an infernal contract?You've heard of catoblepas, well now get ready for catobepis. ... is that anything?Join us in celebrating Pride all year with life-changing & life-saving programs for LGBTQ+ youth! #lamberthouse
Retweeted by TrysUnable to attend @TakeThisOrg Wisdom Save Weekend but still want to support a great cause and get this sweet skin?…
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Update: truck is unstuck and on its way... Some poor soul in an 'Zon jacket is left here alone with a shovel trying… @Tom90deg Oh absolutely that was my first thought... Doesn't matter what happens the corporate machine is going to… @gamesandink Yeah they dropped off some packages and pulled on the lawn instead of into the lot like usual. Simple…'all came here to laugh but I'mma make you learnThis kinda thing can happen on damp/wet earth, snow, AND ESPECIALLY SAND YALL PLEASE JUST DON'T!! If you start digg… we are on a not so busy road and services seem to be en route... Definitely done the snow version of this m… report the past three years, I've had the awesome privilege of commissioning art for Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons…
Retweeted by Trys @Sellak Have you done a zazzed up hot toddy yet because I feel like you could really make some magic there @S_Ranker No it's just the name of the game system really. No need to know anything about it!I’m already seeing ‘what have you achieved in 2020’ posts and honestly... if you’ve achieved cool stuff this year t…
Retweeted by TrysWhat if the Shikon no Tama was the shards we found along the way?
@prinxeMu I am absolutely fucking dead THIS is the holy trinity @prinxeMu Just you waitThis makes me so unreasonably happy I cannot stand it. The gangs all here... @universalfoe wait.... what, wait.... what? WAITSometimes Dysphoria hits and you are mad about not being an animal instead of a walking human flesh prison. @sharkfists I was just drafting a tweet like "oh wait this is just dysphoria"The fact that I can't be an animorph irl is RUDE and frankly why would you write those books if you didn't want to… yes I am a druid but I can't Wild Shape instead I am stuck with infinite charges on just... Shape.I have a very particular gift/curse I was bestowed by fate's twisted designs... I can divine anyone else's furson… non-binary people if they’re afab or amab
Retweeted by Trys"Want some rye? Course ya do!" from Zork 2 lives in my brain rent FREE @VladimirGluten No but Hey Ya was the fairies bedtime song.... .I was Demetrius and Helena sang her big monologue to Brittany Spear's "I'm a Slave" while I just flexed on stage li… remembered I was in a High School production of Midsummer Nights Dream where MANY moments were set to early 20…
@KatoKatonian @cccakesss I did but Trish is the master of treating them in the finals @KatoKatonian @cccakesss Not me at all!!! You know I love icons tho
@MaxwellsDeamon @MortuaryReport Oh it ISwhat a dog
@MaxwellsDeamon That was in winter of 2017 WOOOOOFMy sweet boy is 4 years old today and so now you must look. at. HE!!!!!!! the spirit of #FridayThe13th, join Jeff Nomagic this Friday at 6pm PT for a mixology hour of his latest creation…
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Just fucking help people who need it, it’s not that hard
Retweeted by TrysTrebek’s laugh here as he realizes how the system has been gamed is so choice
Retweeted by TrysGetting swept 0-3 coming in last guess you could say I'm a real bottom... waitThis is my ART @RobertJSchuster What if we switch it up like... Sunday & Magic? Is that anything?Bout to play some Sunday Night Magic or as I like to call it... wait @RobertJSchuster Hello yes I'd like to file a complaint? @Dan_Dillon_1 @ChrisPerkinsDnD This is wild. We talk about that task all the time but I had no idea of the exact effort. @sciencecomic Is this in response to Hetalia being renewed
Watch Van Jones after the call for Biden. Just watch this.
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