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Co-owner/Streamer of @tsb_fgc Top Guilty Gear player from NYC. Buisness inq can DM me here

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@HimeCutATL any chance u have a site for these films? looks liek some are pretty old and its hard to download em with high seeds lol @TheIceyGlaceon let me know what you think when you watch it! @HimeCutATL Noted. Will put all these on my list! Thank you! @TheIceyGlaceon i agree with you. i honestly didt even know it wa sin theaters. i just just heard about it on twitt… @xmoons check dm's @TheIceyGlaceon wanna watch it tonight? lol @HimeCutATL this one? im a huge fan of korean fucked up films lol @xmoons very good. i wouldnt watch it if it was ass. @Aggronize lol @TheIceyGlaceon dooo iiitttt. its soo good. @xmoons i downloaded it.can dm u the link if you want.just finished watching the Korean film Parasite. That movie was wayyyyyy tooo ham. please go watch it.
People that are tight at GBVS having 11 chars on launch didn't really care / want to buy the game anyway. It's okay guys. It'll be okay.
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeWhen memes reach a higher level.
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeShitty RE2 stream because I cant get actually stream stuff to work.
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@Sym_Vicious @TreebarkTeddy @cj_shinsin @Vevion This is facts! @TreebarkTeddy @cj_shinsin @Vevion @Sym_Vicious I bet lol @devilmaycats Lol huh? @Sym_Vicious @cj_shinsin @Vevion Makes perfect sense @devilmaycats Hes the best lol @devilmaycats @cj_shinsin @Vevion @Sym_Vicious O it was best of 1? Nvm then that shit dont count lol. Timeline is back to normal. (Whew😓😓) @Vevion @cj_shinsin @Sym_Vicious Lol good one. @cj_shinsin @Vevion @Sym_Vicious Chicago let vev win? The hell..... @jav1ts @illanswerthat @thisislijoe Just gotta make sure we hack the betas again lol @MrSpab @FluxedOver Thanks!!!!! @MrSpab @FluxedOver Where can i get this one? Been looking into cbd also. And by taking it properly, what do you me… wondered why you can't react to dashes in SFV? Watch the full video to understand how players mentally prep…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @TheBesteban check your dms homie!Lmaooo i got got. @xmoons I miss u angel lolPls don’t move to nyc to chase ur dreams if u can’t walk fuckin fast son
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Submit your disputes now!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @devilmaycats Ok fine.... bbq sauce it is lol @devilmaycats Id put aloe to help heal the burn instead of bbq sauce if i were you :p.most painful placings in tournaments imo: 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 9th 2nd = you were RIGHT there but oop aww 3rd = lmao…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeMy first time wearing pants! My legs are too small for them so I keep falling 🙈 📹: harold_thecorgi
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @faultydefense lmaoooo
@zidanel33t @AlzarathEX i expect high level creativity from you bothHave fun guys.... do as you wish. there at 8pm tonight!ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ respect vs fear ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeWhen she says “I've never met anyone like you, you're perfect.”
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeI fucking love this character lol
#WorldMentalHealthDay Harleen: "There's one thing I gotta know, why'd you stay with me all day, risking your butt f…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeWith #ECT2019 just around the corner, we're bringing you a handy transit guide from the airports for your convenien…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeBlizzard actually lived long enough to see themselves become the villain. Thats crazzzyyytoday, i have a mental health tip for you: dont use follower trackers to see who's unfollowing you. dont feed your…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeSo, @ecthrowdown cool if we bring these bad boys next weekend? Who's trying to take one home?
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @xmoons @s It comes out today right?
@jav1ts @SJCage @FluxedOver @ecthrowdown @illanswerthat @SaltyMarv @xmoons @Diego_V41 @MrBisonopolis @thisislijoe @OkaySway @shine_potyo Better remind me, you know how bad my memory is lol @OkaySway @shine_potyo @zidanel33t I have it. Come pick it upGGXrdREV2 レイヴン対戦動画サンプル キャラ別まとめ1 ■1ソル ロイ(ソル)VSピアスのマーボー(レイヴン) ■2カイ あいん(カイ)VS ピアスのマーボー(レイヴン…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeThis Friday!!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @Havoc_Noah @baceNYC Gotchaaaa. Flame guy looks cool. But didt see much of him in the anime. @baceNYC Thanks! @Havoc_Noah @baceNYC I dont remember everyones name yet lol i needs pictures lol @baceNYC Ill probably start reading this week. What chapter does the anime end at? @baceNYC Im too lazy to read manga but im tempted to read demon slayer. Not trying to wait another year lol @baceNYC Freeeeee. Him and Tomioka are my favorite chars.Demon slayer is probably the best anime iv watched in a while. This scene right here hit me hard. You can just feel… @Samifish11 @TheIceyGlaceon @AMurderOfBears This is actual facts. When he apologized for being weak, that shit hit… don't know what im making
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazehere's jack-o's crouching animation interpolated in slow motion 60fps
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @munchyjr_ You are a actual god.Here's to hoping our queen comes back in the new Guilty Gear
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazegoing to start treating top8 of any fighting game tournament I attend like a strip club, where I throw 1 dollar bil…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeBehold, the entire cast of Street Fighter III Third Strike described using vines
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@devilmaycats Lol "drink"#NewProfilePic
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Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazezenitsu saying nezuko-chan, but i added autotune
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeRefined sugar kills your balls. Literally. 75mg of sugar reduces your Testosteron by 25% 2 hours after taking it!…
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So, who entered #SFVAE #TEKKEN7 or #DBFZ at #ECT2019? Well if you did, @VictrixPro joins the Throwdown by providing…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazesupport your favorite player by challenging them to a money match
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeGuiltyGear2020🔥vs⚡️ SOL BADGUY vs KY KISKE #GuiltyGear
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeIf you're a top player that needs that extra $10, money match some bitches Capitalism-ho
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeTaking from the majority to financially prop up the 1% is the most FGC Boomer take if I've ever seen one.
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @kohquette @AMurderOfBears Any chance i can have the file of this? I wanna put it on a shirt and wear the hell out of it lol.Looks like i have audience today while i work out lol driver: hey! what are you in town for? Me: videogame tournament Uber driver: did you win? Me: no Uber driver:.... Me:...
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @Jace_FG The FGC needs MORE people* @ayoBunch @FightCoachFight Im still thinking about the movie. Its was too o.d @ayoBunch @FightCoachFight That was definitely 100% the bronx area. Iv been on the steps before.Registration for #ECT2019 closes in 4 hours! Time is running out fast so if you want to compete at ECT you have to…
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females when they don’t get enough attention and/or food
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeThere is NO on-site registration for main games at #ECT2019! If you want to compete you have to sign up TODAY! 🥊:…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeRTのやつはゲルト初段のダメージが1なんだけど、何度検証しても2になる…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeWhen you sit on the Toilet 🚽 too long..
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Trying to get your drunk friend into the Uber at the end of the night...
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazeザッパが悪い理由
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @PowerfulAntwone Happy bday homie!!!Just saw the joker..... have no words. He better win a damn oscar for that performance.
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeIf you really want a movie about a sad, downtrodden loser in an uncaring world who is unable to get ahead in life u…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @DaiAndOh1 @EvaUnit02 @justmashdust Facts @Mahouko Lmaoooo