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Co-owner/Streamer of @tsb_fgc Top Guilty Gear player from NYC Buisness inq can DM me here

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@SOverlayPro I cant imagine man. Im glad your dafe. Welcome back! @shiro346 @DaEvaBeato @SOverlayPro Congratulations homie! Good shit winning the hard fight!New outfit!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeHey guys! If you're in the city this weekend you should definitely check out the D-CAVE event hosted by…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @BeautifuldudeGG @zidanel33t Will do. Ill come back with a update!Man.......... i have no words how good this render looks. @Asphyxi8me_ @thisislijoe Ya getting me excited lol @Mistressed_ @OkaySway Lmao @thisislijoe Ill definitely check hereditary out this week alsom @BeautifuldudeGG Ill put that on the list. I wont lie im a huge pussy when it comes to scary movies but my curiosi… @dot_Nova @BeautifuldudeGG Dont think so. Another ham movie?So tonight im going to watch midsommar. Heard this movie is ham. @OkaySway @Mistressed_ Jesus christ what is going on here? @Nelstar15 Well hello there :DThis is why i get along well with this young man. 🤜🤛
I fully support all efforts to normalize the name Chaos Bringer
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @BGCallisto @OkaySway CHAOSSSSSS BRINNNNNGERRRRR* @OkaySway Chaos Bringer* @CavinAnderson @XianMSG @DevSF4 @whateverdude151 @ListonthePrince @mynus_jp @Chris_Tatarian @k0fighter
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeSon..... STSB2020 is actually next week.... @BlaiseSSB a heads up: We are no longer offering refunds for STSB (seeing as the event is in a week). Hope to see you all there!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazePour one out for a fallen one :( you still a king in my book. TSB GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. First TSB for me in literal years. ##STSB2020 via @smashgg
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeShow a man a fighting game tourney, he buys a game and plays it. Teach a man how to run a fighting game tourney, h…
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Lowain Mains:
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze黒衣の男こと「ベルゼバブ」の3Dモデルと設定画をご紹介! ボスキャラクターとして、グランら騎空団メンバーに明確な敵意を向けた、禍々しい攻撃や鋭いセリフの数々に注目してください! 3月3日(火)のゲームアップデートより、RPGモード…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @Pandabetic @OkaySway @yohosiefgc Beelzebabes @OkaySway @yohosiefgc Jesus........... @OkaySway @yohosiefgc Chaos bringer*🚨5 MORE DAYS TO REG🚨 If you have not registered for #STSB2020 yet, you have 5 more days to do so. THERE WILL BE NO…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazeguys will live in apartments like this and don't see any issue
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @DocChutney Gotcha. @wnesuki I hear ya. Its def rought. @TheC0R Im just curious, theres like a new term created every month and its hard to keep track. @wnesuki What the hell happened?! LolWhat the hell does "simping" mean?Protective mom.
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @RaphTx FactsCan we all convince him to enter so he csn blow ppls back out? Thanks one thing im not worried about at #Stsb2020 is no matter who wins any game, NY will win in the end. Id made sur… @OkaySway who needs to hear this but.. Downplaying your character won't make people think you're better.
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeOnly -One Week- left for #MiMas2020 $55 pre-reg! Don't miss out before Late Reg begins Po…
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I just registered for Super TSB 2020 ##STSB2020 via @smashgg
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeVASERAGA @nativeMegaTen
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeMy mans out here killing it 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @MiyakuLove Oooo cool. Maybe ill try it. I got the oculus quest not long ago and hopefully it has it. @MiyakuLove Ooooooo. So whats vrchat exactly? @MiyakuLove Which one you got? @MiyakuLove Is that for the oculus quest?
We hit 100 entrants for #GBVS at #STSB2020! 🎉 Reminder that we have a CAP at 128 entrants and a $500 pot bonus so…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeTell me this isnt easily top 5 best trophys in a fgc event 😏😏😏🔥🔥🔥. Come try and win one of these bad boys! to TGITSB #39 #GBVS Top 3! 1. @NecroUndine (Ferry) 2. @OkaySway (Lancelot) 3. @shine_potyo (Ladiva)
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze👀👀👀👀👀'RE (Finally) LIVE WITH #GBVS at TGITSB Sp00ky vs Necro
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze#GBVS at TSB will live soon on
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Come in earlier tonight for some casuals before the tournament!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeReg up homies! One week left!🚨ATTENTION🚨 @Sangmillon offered again to draw commissions of your favorite characters in chibi form as a way to up…
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Chaos Bringer's move list has been added to the Japanese site for #GBVS - English will follow, but for now let's go…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeJust a heads up: For #STSB2020 we will be using the NA version of #GBVS for tournament!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeGiving away UNICLR codes while playing dead games that 7 people enter as their grand finals are played in unisex ba…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @HookGangGod Im trying to see you compete more though homie. Better see you at tournys!Gran Players:
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeIf you had a gun to my head and told me to Anti Air ferry the next time she jumps in at me, I'd just go ahead and pull the trigger myself
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze(RPG Mode Spoilers Ahead) Chaos Bringer is coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus! He will be released on March 3 (Same…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeLate night Lancelot
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @Lost_Relic @AFGCNews Time to pray 🙏🙏
Travel Information for those asking! DM us if you have any questions
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze🚨9 DAYS UNTIL REG CLOSES🚨 Once registration closes, that's it. THERE IS NO ON-SITE REG. RT. Tag your forgetful f…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeCheck out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Granblue Fantasy: Versus) live at
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze🚨LAST CALL🚨 This is the last week to apply for commentary for #STSB2020!
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeThis is my favorite Tik Tok right now. Bless the friends and family who understand how stressful, depressing, and c…
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man i’ve never seen a dog tell another dog to stfu lmfao
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazecamera falls from airplane
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeFlight ticket has been bought for Super TSB. Officially going there! See everyone there! Always wanted to go to a…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeNot even 10 minutes and this kind of stuff is happening to me in another game. #PS4share
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blazefigured out what Crush! means: gbvs uses an attack priority system like sf5. Each attack has an attack level, lower…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @kattermari Lmaoooo matchstickRandom convo with sway and another friend: Me:Sway im a totally different person when it came to girls and dating…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeWe are excited to welcome @XSEEDGames as a sponsor for #STSB2020! If you've been liking what you're seeing with…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeIve convinced manny to start kuroko. Taking bets on his fav character (Please don't spoil in comments)
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeIf you have a credit card and a kid. Add your kid on as an authorized user and pay the bill on time. By the time th…
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Learn the basics of how to throwdown with Gran in Gran Blue Fantasy Versus with this awesome tutorial courtesy of…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeShow love to your locals! Come and tune in for some granblue!
@eXTCyLovesYou @GREATFERNMAN @A3Religion So go north lol @eXTCyLovesYou @GREATFERNMAN @A3Religion Good!Oh yeah, since it looks like some people are getting their copies of UNI[cl-r] early, we're switching up the hashta…
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_Blaze @themilkyj Thanks homie! @ThatPhageGuy Sure!Shoot your shot ladies and gentlemen. It actually works sometimes. We taking more risks in 2020 🔥🔥🔥Hello #a11y friends! We can confirm that the venue for #STSB2020 IS wheelchair accessible according to the hotel…
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#GBVS_PC pro tip: if your pokes keep getting stuff, use your b fireball as a poke instead in MUs #PS4share
Retweeted by Tsb | Manny_BlazeHeading to the city for a meeting. Why is it going to be below 16 today but sunday is going back to high 40s? The h…