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I use computers professionally and recreationally. (he/him)

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good podcasty’all ever listen to the latest episode of friends at the table and hear something happen and say “fuck you fuck of… there sure is a strong correlation between my tweeting frequency and caffeine intakegetting to a restaurant early enough that it’s before the breakfast rush >>>>I feel like with America’s agricultural systems and HFCS obsession it can be really easy to lose sight of the fact… pouring one out for the great fantasmogot out of the house early today and went on a walk to go get pancakes and ended up at a different restaurant not e… pretty pre-rain clouds out over the ocean today!! I guess probably slightly less “pretty” for the folks out… wrote a long essay about DRAGON’S DOGMA, fantasy narratives, and how it shows that we can do something different.
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @__bcj as a proponent of having friends who can politely tell you when it is time to log off, I feel like some of t… @__bcj it’s very weirdgonna make a list of all the tweets that I think of regularly but I never remember specifically enough and/or are i… am thinking about sonic and i would just like to say that i enjoy these drawings of dr. eggman i made seven years…
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great news — just looked at my calendar and it turns out that June is “Leave Your Awful Bank And Join A Credit Union Or Something” MonthTired: Fixing the warnings in your code Wired:
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @GlowballWarning thank goodness I did not get stung but I DID instantly teleport like 5 feet awaywhen you feel something land in your hair and you brush it away and it’s a wasp >>>>> @BooDooPerson hugemoji :egg-1:after much deliberation (and also reading The Origin of Capitalism, in stores now) I have decided that not only is… @BooDooPerson hmmA confluence of Tom Nook and Landlord discourse has hit my TL, which is a good as reason as any to bring back…
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @litetrakigt OH LOL damn I should have known I keep doing it to myself even @litetrakigt and and also is in my header too @BooDooPerson friend…hello @guihirasawa now this is what I’m talkin’ about!!!briefly rebranding in honor of finishing dragon bally’all ever just think about how the Tien Saga fucking owns, start to finish @SullyKWP yeah, as someone who has enjoyed most of the mechanical stuff I’ve watched I’ve seen, like, half of the f… but if you think about it we really COULD have made them look like anything, but we made them look like us @SullyKWP starting with 0079 and just going forward chronologically (not all at once necessarily but over time). I… @SullyKWP first gundam then z!! but I’m excited. can’t wait for all my favs to become increasingly irrelevant (lol)just finished Dragon Ball @BooDooPerson congratulations teamIntroducing SmileBot. Think of it as an anti-depressant for your discord community. :)
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I finally understand the purpose of fan fiction recently thinking about getting some plants for my patio and remembered the time last year before Halloween whe… WE HATE ON THEM, TO THEIR CREDIT, I pay so much fucking money for insurance every month
Retweeted by Richard PorczakIt’s so so SO important to have insurance!! My meds today were gonna cost me $140 so I said wait no no I need to ca…
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Retweeted by Richard PorczakPersonally I think MORE awful politicians should cry, not just Theresa May
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @bcjbcjbcj yeah! That would be nice @bcjbcjbcj yeah you’d think that it’d be obvious that you’d want to skip those bits if you’re marathoning but maybe… was thinking about “private property” on my drive home from work today. Now there’s a scam if I’ve ever heard one… is fake, countries are fake, laws are fake. what’s next???imagine you’re minding your own business doing whatever and someone’s like “hey that thing you’re doing is illegal.… it’s wild to think about how many laws there are that enforce what I can and can’t do that I will literally never read or see or hear @itsewkay but also I feel like there’s got to be a way to find a middle ground, to let people opt in (eg like havin… @itsewkay I’ve thought about this! On the one hand it’s pretty classic and simple but on the other I know for some… the 23rd World Tournament and now all I have left is a few filler episodes!! time flies I guessnumber one rule of dragon ball is that if someone thinks they vaporized somebody else, they absolutely did notshoutouts to all the Dragon Ball episode titles that just explain how the episode is gonna endthe World Tournament Announcer is such a professional @BooDooPerson we all gotta learn that lesson some time. if you think about it, you were doing them a favor by destroying them @BooDooPerson congratulations on defeating the 13 year old @bcjbcjbcj this one is allowed @guihirasawa’s even weirder than seeing tall goku is seeing goku with actual defined musclesin memoriam
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @goomvi no, thank YOU @goomvi :^) @goomvi haha yeah totally @boocanan when those showed up I was like “I have never considered it before but now more than anything I want a su…
@bcjbcjbcj will do! p.s. whoa nice rebrandassume that I am as naive as possible and did exactly one google searchcan anyone recommend any reading (or listening, or watching) about today’s elections in India? @atdavidhex it seems like nobody has a concrete answer, but I think I’m gonna try being outside more and also being… @GlowballWarning that sounds really nice!!! I guess I’ve got a new project before summer finally hits in earnest @GlowballWarning I just realized that... *I* could be the one to hang out outside!!! finally do what I’ve been mean… @joshez_ yeah unfortunately a lot of it depends on the space and some buildings are just like actively hostile to p… @joshez_ the takeaway is to, as you would expect, put myself out there a little more and be friendly if I run into… @thottebayo thank you I’ll need it @GlowballWarning I think this is what I’m gonna try. I’m thinking about this more because a neighbor is moving out… @jiuluoshichu you’d think that with my shared backyard space I’d know my neighbors better, but alas. I have most of… @joshez_ _lol_ @GlowballWarning not super regularly, we have a space out back that would be a cool shared outdoor space but it’s k… @thottebayo this is how I have operated for years but I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t have social anxiety (with mixed success)how do people get to know their neighbors?? also, how do people get to know their neighbors if they’ve already been… that's what happens when you aggressively destroy your own food cultures by aggressively pushing onto the popul…
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @jiuluoshichu interesting hypothesisdamn it’s gonna suck when my phone battery finally actually just catches fire and explodes and kills me#ThisIsMyJam #RIPThisIsMyJam opinion but the weekend actually starts when the two dots treasure hunt goes live @bcjbcjbcj it’s so funny, I love it @bcjbcjbcj yeah, Tien’s arc is the 22nd World Tournament. originally this joke concept was about how from 21 onward… @BooDooPerson hmm could be something good to try. good callwhat is a good crunchy, light snack to bring to work. carrots and celery are out. I’ve done seeds and nuts as well… must suck for all the normal ass human martial artists who trained their whole lives to compete at the World Tou… gotta say, there’s just nothing better than a well-written villain @PackBenPack :-)being in a parking garage that is less than like 40% full really unlocks people’s dumbass gene, I swearin simply leaving the parking garage + lot after work today I was passed in supremely reckless and dumbass ways by… know pointing out hypocrisy is pointless and that this has been said 1,000,000 times before, but it’s so dang wei… the Wikipedia talk page on Mr. Popo because I know how to have a good (bad) time @__bcj it’s honestly almost unbelievable that they made him look and sound the way he does, but it is in fact super… @__bcj I’ve almost made this post so many times. also just wait until they introduce the character whose defining c… @goomvi @_yungslav_ this press conference is over @goomvi @_yungslav_ [loudly so that everyone can hear me] wow look at this loser who thinks that all slimes are oob…
trying something new at work today where I _don’t_ commit to doing more than I’m reasonably able to @jiuluoshichu lolllll @BooDooPerson I guess that makes sense, after the movie I was like “wow he sure did manage to find a manga to adapt…