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Richard Porczak @tsiro Hermosa Beach, CA

I use computers professionally and recreationally. (he/him)

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when the repertory screenings movies are on kanopy >>>>>>>> @GlowballWarning hahahaha I promise I don’t need them to always be good at things!! honestly mostly I’m just done w… watching an episode where Kamille is just fucking up constantly: boooo when will this be over this sucks me watc…
read a strong, good essay that got me in my feelings a little bit and scrolled down slightly further and the first… @BooDooPerson aspirational @BooDooPerson sometimes a tweet is for your followers and sometimes it is for yourself @BooDooPerson wow how does this tweet have such little engagementinstead of "shadowban" let's go with "forced ephemeralization"
Retweeted by Richard Porczaktraining the youtube algorithm to only recommend things that I like by watching everything except five videos in in… @BooDooPerson now this is what I’m talkin’ aboutGoku was the original content aggregator
Retweeted by Richard PorczakI gotta say Yazan objectively sucks but also I am loving the energy that he brings to this show @GlowballWarning this is exactly the kind of tweet that I love to see @GlowballWarning I guess I can’t blame him but also the second time around just doesn’t feel quite as it ever explained why Quattro just brought two kids to the Argama, or did he just really like the energy that th… I really tweaked my shoulder doing [looks at calendar for the last couple days] absolutely nothingI am so rarely home on long weekends so being at my apartment at not at work for the last two days has just complet… @konmarithanos me too actually. this was just a test. I was the one who made it popular in the first place. I was a…’s my impression of a conversation online: person a: y’all hear about thing? person b: yes person c: yeah pers… shit 👀👀👀👀👀 some wistful piano music off in the distance outside and for like 15 seconds had a DEEP desire to play Minecr… @hideous_pizza honestly I don’t think it’s completely shouting into a void! like, as much as I’m mad at this websit… @hideous_pizza yeah, this is definitely on the list of things that will probably be what drives me off the site one… @twothickscoops @hideous_pizza 100% feel you, so much of my adult life has been learning, like………. how to genuinely… @hideous_pizza a lot of the bitter edgelord shit makes me so sad because all I can see is a younger me missing out… still thinking that irony exists lol could not be me @GlowballWarning pretty good @uncooldana 👍🏼eating a slice of breadjust remembered that Bask Om exists
this line added 30 years to my lifespan. what’s better than this. thank you quattro for my life @dust_pup lolll @GlowballWarning lmao god @konmarithanos dunno if this helps or hurts but this man is also a cartoonishly evil villainopen for a surprise @bcjbcjbcj hahahahasure why not @GlowballWarning hahahaha 👴🏼 @GlowballWarning fair! and I think some of the stuff they’re doing with age is kind of interesting. I just got curi… @GlowballWarning thank god for the olds. I also look up henken earlier and apparently he just does not have a canon… searching the gundam wiki to find literally one single character that is older than me @worstcontact also now (re?)learning that Kacricon was born the same year as Apolly and thus is also 24 @GlowballWarning you know what, fair. second mostgod just realized that Apolly is 24. never has anybody given off stronger 43-year-old energy than himwahoo took my box of books to the donation place and did not even look in it one last time to give myself the chanc… @bcjbcjbcj a different cartoon animal for every condiment imo @GlowballWarning I had to rewind this one a couple times to make sure I was not mistaken. truly incredible @GlowballWarning YES!!!!!! this is exactly itI love that like every once in a while something happens in Gundam that is low-key profoundly baffling. why did Kam… some salsa at the store because it looked very good but unfortunately the flavor is pretty weak. fit rules that it’s just, like, a thing to put honey in bottles that look like bearsgod, DOOM rules so goddamn hard @BooDooPerson seems correct to me @SIRrosen shut down after six months as pictures leak of us just filling bottles with tap water @SIRrosen hahahaha. love a good, aged seltzer. water with the memory of co2 but none of the bubblesdrank a lot of a new brand of seltzer water tonight and now my tongue and teeth and mouth feel weird @__bcj don’t worry, I was RT #2 lol @__bcj I’m just happy this energy is out in the universe now @GlowballWarning truly!!! @worstcontact @GlowballWarning thank you so much
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @GlowballWarning yeahhh that’s what I figured, I just couldn’t remember if one of you tweeted it or if you’d repost… @GlowballWarning this one (it was in the episode description, which is what reminded me of it) inspiring message from Jerid on this week's Great Gundam Project! only $1/month for weekly episodes!!!…
Retweeted by Richard Porczak @bcjbcjbcj @konmarithanos NOW they dodamn didn’t find the joke I was looking forThrowback Thursday
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Retweeted by Richard Porczakamuro what are you drinking.... amuro no!!! somebody stop him!!!!
Retweeted by Richard Porczakcatching up on gundam means periodically scrolling through all the great gundam project posts to see the jokes that I now get @konmarithanos sounds nice! @konmarithanos hmmm @konmarithanos I am slowly trying to stop being a “favs as read receipts” person but sometimes you just gotta do it… @konmarithanos absolutely notdamn my shins are soreemma sheen respect clubas far as I’m concerned, in this moment, Zeta Gundam is a show about watching Jerid continue to fail upwards in spectacular new ways @_Qlone 100% agreed @bcjbcjbcj next job change @_Qlone heck yeah!!!!!!!! low-key, one of my favorite video gamesthat’s life in the beach citiesjust walked past a child with bleach blonde hair and a tie dye shirt saying “skrrt” as he took off on his Swagtron electric scootermfw my stomach is hurting and it’s very unpleasant @BooDooPerson trulygreat news — am now watching the DANGAR episode of Gundamwhen his bio says "warning: contains sarcasm"
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imagine not being #TeamFeroFeritas🤘🏼 going to bed at 9pm 🤘🏼 @bcjbcjbcj almost certainly @headfallsoff just like… wow!there are sooo many videos on youtube @worstcontact as this meme format goes on I am increasingly convinced that people are just doing more esoteric vers… @Faux_Wren 👦🏼🎁👴🏼wow I bought a whole entire diet coke this morning and then completely forgot about it. what a delight @SIRrosen @SIRrosen wait is this Thanos @konmarithanos no VODs no mastersI will never in my life call livestream archives “VODs”