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TSM FTX @TSM Los Angeles, CA

EST. 2009. Premier esports team. 7x LCS Champion. | @tsmreport | | | | #TSMFTX

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@TSMViss Oh my 🥵 @TheeMarkZ hey, errr.Our wrath will be swift.TSM FTX MACRO + DIG BARON = WIN! We improve our Week 3 record to 2-0 and are looking clean in 1st Place! #TSMFTX
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@LCSOfficial @clgaming @EvilGeniuses 1) There's no way Vi is good 2) There's no way this comp works twice 3) Ther… 3-0 in groups only losing 5 rounds in total. Waiting on seeding, then we play two bo3s to finish out the day. #TSMWIN
Retweeted by TSM FTXHappy #JuneTeenth! Join us in celebrating the historic anniversary of liberation and emancipation of the peoples e… @timthetatman @LeagueOfLegends Duo?? @Zoessielol Looking cleeeeeaaaaaaaaaan 🔥 @lifeofpedrooo @TSM_Beaulo happy birthday petey :) @fataliteex @TSM_Beaulo sup fate say happy birthday to beaulo @MorganFETV @TSM_Beaulo say happy birthdayBeaulo, Boblo, Bowlo, Beau-beau, @TSM_Beaulo. From the entire TSM FTX family to the man of many names: HAPPY BIRTH… @PSG_Talon You like? @GMHikaru 👏HIKARU👏ON👏TOP👏 @tumeo28041 @LCSOfficial @Spicalol @Huni Game would have ended earlier and that’s boring. We wanted a banger game.Banger
Retweeted by TSM FTX @Immortals @Cloud9 Banger @disguised_taco Ty @EsportsOne 🤣TY FOR CARRY @HUNI DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END, BUT A WIN IS A WIN! A heart-pounding finish to a macro-intensive game opens…
Retweeted by TSM FTX#LCS is the best league in the world.Wanna see a magic trick? #TSMFTX
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🎬WATCH THE FULL VIDEO NOW: is what it takes to be a competitor. Following a difficult Week 2, the team sat down to discuss how to turn a… @TSM_Myth @PlayVALORANT Massive W 👑 @Doublelift1 @Huni @Spicalol TSM FTX too strong.Ready for another week of #LCS 🙂 tweeted 6 months ago that if my tweet hit 10k likes I would jump out of a helicopter in honor of 1,000,000 follow…
Retweeted by TSM FTX @tsmreport @PurdyKurty @alowflaylow @luke12PUBG @pental0l @Owenusmc21 @PUBGEsports Beautiful finish, close it out tomorrow boys ✊THAT'S HOW YOU CLOSE THE DAY 👏 #TSMFTXPUBG wrap up a frag filled day 1 with a dub to push themselves to the top of…
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@anarchychuu @TSM_SwordArt Haha love to hear it 🙌 @LCSOfficial @Cloud9 @100T_Esports @TeamLiquidLoL @Verizon @JamesDash @esports_kobe Is this even a real question? @Cloud9 you seeing this?🎬WATCH THE FULL VIDEO NOW: @bjergsen THE MOST TOXIC? IS @spicalol THE MOST FASHIONABLE? 🤔 Find out the most from our LCS roster in our… @TSM_ZexRow @cik02k always knew some of our followers were botsNew Valorant agent looking clean @xteallys @5afyo123 @PlayVALORANT 🤝 @5afyo123 @PlayVALORANT Ratio @Cloud9 Hey @TSM_Commandment 🥶 @LogitechG @anykeyorg Awesome mouse and a great cause? Sounds like a win all around! 👏
Our Q&A stream is now live! Our special guest this week is Skye Bui, Partnerships Solutions Executive at @TSM Join…
Retweeted by TSM FTX @TSM_Merc @beastcoast Love to see it 🖤🤍 @TSM_Achieved Clinical 👏 @tsmreport @TSM_Beaulo Sheesh 😳GGs to BC we take it 7-0
Retweeted by TSM FTXLeft-handed @WARDELL416 🎯❓ Have a question for our TSM FTX Apex roster? Well now’s your chance to get it answered. Tweet us your questions…🎬WATCH THE FULL VIDEO NOW:"My sector is clear" In this edition of our @LogitechGesport R6 Guide series, @TSM_Merc teaches you everything nec… welcome our newest amateur Jungler @FrostForestt. Frostforest joins TSM FTX after recently winning a Colle…
Retweeted by TSM FTX @devonnguy3n 😈 @CherubicCherrim @obianyanwu you know it 🙏 @52647275174a @SBF_Alameda @FTX_Official in-house :) @TSM_Merc ❤️🗣: "I feel the energy now is in this esports space and even when it comes to product, it’s exciting. It’s all one m…
@LogitechGesport 2 of the top squads testing their skills on the best gear 😎 @_codyq Yes 🥰 @futo24soul Visa issues 😞 @R6esportsNA @TSM_Daeda +1 @Forcify_ @ValorantEsports 🤝🥰 @DisruptGaming @AaronJBD Tell @J9Or6 he’s a freaking beast 👏 @v_KingRichard_v @Siege_GG @DisruptGaming @Chala_R6 @TSM_Merc @TSM_Beaulo @TSM_Pojoman @TSM_Achieved @J9Or6 @Easilyy It’s a marathon not a sprint, gl with the rest of the season ✊STAGE 2 STARTS WITH A DUB!!! The squad rolls on Chalet with a strong defense to secure the 7-3 win. We keep the bal…
Retweeted by TSM FTX @R6esportsNA Starting as we mean to go on ✊ ggs @DisruptGaming you cutiesLAN BACK, @Chala_R6 BACK! #TSMFTX
Retweeted by TSM FTX @wraithmain14 🤍🎬WATCH THE FULL VIDEO NOW:🚨 Apex vs R6 Rematch 🚨 See what happens when the Apex boys look for redemption on their home turf, as they take on… boys. @SCARZ5 @GambitEsports @theAllianceGG @NRGgg @KSUKE_JPN この大会に参加するのが非常に楽しみです
@privatelionone Good 🤝Every time. Stage 2 starts tomorrow DG first
Retweeted by TSM FTX @_Peep_3 @NutellaHimself bet @_ChocolateDon anytime @Souryajit_playz If you aren't hydrated you lose more, its just facts @im_apo we are trying to prevent exactly this @fednv high levels of hydration potential @SSmbrother pls @faithFPS staying hydrated and swole @MGeneralhawk strong start @lucasdeosantos that's what we are here for @Jaffar_Cake @InfiniteTube_TV @WARDELL416 @fridge62777254 @Subroza @JakeSucky @Cloud9 The most anticipated crossover of 2021. @Cloud9 @JakeSucky Vouch on the cleaning. @tsotojames You’re most welcome. @kyranight5 @JakeSucky Okay, my people (my minions) will be in touch. @TannerLebo6 What was on the pizza??? @KangasCasts *please @streamlabs Live video??