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EST. 2009. Premier esports team. 7x LCS Champion. | @tsmreport | | | | #TSMWIN

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Retweeted by TSM @LogitechGesport Now THIS is art. @TannerSlays Like you? @Xaryu thanks dude - spent 3 months and 6 days on itRate our new TSM Legends thumbnail? @TheDiolass Google Tradutor não presta, aqui é na autenticidade fi @voltzxntj good afternoon @disguised_taco @TSM_Beaulo tru @Tejasfps @TSM_Beaulo I believe you dwOkay. So it looks like @TSM_Beaulo is all warmed up for the #R6NAL finals this weekend. @Cloud9 @KVan_7 I'm thinking more like Challenger. What do you think @LogitechG @farpadorLLLoud Bom dia 😄 @NotherSeven @LOUDgg Um salve pros verdadeiros 😎 @RodneyVerck @LOUDgg O carinho da torcida brasileira não tem igual 🖤 💚 @analiceex O Academy vem como? BRABO @Bielzxntj Tá bilíngue, hein! Bom dia! @LOUD01001001 Bom dia! 😊 @LOUDgg Me dá bom dia mas não me segue ainda 😭 @top_dango gmgm how are you? @ChubsThePanda keep your head up 👊 @preciouslessa how are you? @fernandeslilia3 same to you 😡 @ImDeido gmgmgmgm @Mangooos_ morning mango @Cloud9 shall we both win on friday? @Rogue finally it's a good morningIt's not a good morning until you say good morning 😤 @RomDivina @justin_manhertz @JFizzlestein Anything from Alec Guthrie or anything from a @ email address is legit :)
Full week of #TSMWIN coming right up @PatrickACatubig Same :)It's time to grab some frags and some dubs as @TSM_Merc shows you the ropes with our @LogitechGesport Ash guide! 💥… @LOUDgg Um #goLOUD pra garotada do Academy! Boa sorte na estreia de hoje! 👊Oh shit☠️
Retweeted by TSM @TSM_Myth at least someone in TSM can win a pistol round @lolfutxre @thegrubhubgamer hey! Congrats on posting one of the fastest times for our Grubhub challenge. You won!!… @Dronecsgo @TSM_Myth
Feels like @MacieJayGaming is out here trying to get banned again ❌ @NLClol This is real League of Legends. @299_brandon @Snip3down cleeeeaaannn 1v1 @NIPGamingBR @NIPGaming @Wildcard_GG @OXG_Esports @mkersofficial @GiantsGaming @SpacestationGG @virtuspro @MIBR6 @migaelly @PowerOfEvilLoL @Spicalol @TSM_SwordArt @Lost_adc @Huni @LCSOfficial He's been playing from home this wee… @maya_jillian75 Lock In knockouts secured 🔒 @Xaryu you ☺️ @R6esports me looking at this tweet @MsLeoGG Soon TM @LeagueOfLegends happy birthday bro @SoloRenektonLoL @LOUD01001001 Obrigado! 🤍💚 @PowerOfEvilLoL @clgaming 🙏 @SavacGaming 🤣🤣 @GameFuel @Subroza Thanks for fueling the boys 😘 @LoLEsportsStats @Lost_adc @clgaming @clgaming GGWP! See you in the #LCS 🙌Dyrus said it best
@LCSOfficial @RiotAzael @CaptainFlowers @RivingtonThe3rd yo this is kinda like mine except for the 3rd monitor, sup… @ColdehFN @GameFuel @Subroza gotta do what you gotta do. @sethfowIer @GameFuel @Subroza he's cracked @ProEpicGamer6 @GameFuel @Subroza PREACHIntroducing the @GameFuel clip of the week 🎬 Starting off with an absolute banger from @Subroza. Already the best… @analiceex @LOUDgg @loud_ceos @loud_dudstheboy @loud_dynquedo1 @loud_donarts @loud_taylol @LOUDgg @loud_ceos @loud_dudstheboy @loud_dynquedo1 @loud_donarts @loud_taylol Parabéns pela vitória! Execução lind… @LOUDgg #goLOUD 💚Pain.
Retweeted by TSM @LOUD01001001 🤝
@LOUDgg @Cloud9 Amanhã pode ser o mesmo então, beleza? @TSMCasper we love you all the time @NiPGaming did you see we won @Cloud9 NA Baron wonnered.TSM...Win? #TSMWINTHE BARON STEAL FROM @Spicalol
Retweeted by TSM @LogitechGesport 🙏🤍 @LOUDgg @LCSOfficial 🙏 @LCSOfficial Caught a pic of him when he saw it’t worry TSM fam, we setup a mood board in the office ahead of today’s LCS game. @Snarrffer @LCSOfficial 🙏 @LepWho @LCSOfficial 🙌 @Rogue @LCSOfficial ? @GMHikaru @GothamChess @Anna_Chess @chesscom @DanielRensch @chessbae94 Can't wait to watch you kill it again in 202… @paiNGamingBR @LOUDgg Que jogo empolgante de assistir! Mal posso esperar pra assistir o restante do CBLOL! @LOUDgg FICOU ACORDADO ATÉ TARDE SECANDO A LOUD?? #goLOUD @Leonardoxntj @LOUDgg Já sabe né 😎 #TSMWIN #goLOUD @JoodaSi51703988 @LOUDgg #TSMWIN 🤝 #goLOUD UNIÃO SINISTRA @ah_paradoxo @LOUDgg Eu sempre soube #goLOUD @LOUDgg @Vito78720850 @LOUDgg 🙏 🙏 🙏 #goLOUD @brunetexp @a_xntj @LOUDgg Deixe aqui sua anti-zika da @LOUDgg e os parça esperando o primeiro jogo da @LOUDgg no CBLOL #goLOUD @LOUDgg #goLOUD 💚 @hazedCS It back
[#TSMLCS] - #LCS IS BACK!!! Our new look roster kicks off the Lock in tournament today with their first game vs…
Retweeted by TSM @Spicalol @SentiveFX @opsqt @omqgs alright this slaps SO hard @Spicalol you'll get 1 billion likes before you transform Kayn @esportsawards @LCSOfficial #TSMWIN @shywahe @discord It’s done - just can’t open until we’re through these tough covid times. @discord Can we get one of these sent to our HQ? @GiantSlayerLOL @workhorseNPC @LCSOfficial 👆👆👆👆 @PamelaV97635961 @LCSOfficial 🤍💚 @TeamLiquidLoL @LCSOfficial Who you beating today?