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If anyone needs me, call me :)I think i might rest up the next few days and take a hard break from technology. I think im getting this is a visua… @FaZeCBass Cbass you've used ur 2nd to last "These are the best keybinds" tweet. You have one remaining.It feels like the right side of my brain is dying.IM GIVING U A NIGHTCALL TO TELL U HOW I FEEL @danielj67233944 There's no way they expected it to turn into all that it is todayI said this 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and even 2 years into Fortnite. Its astonishing how players continue to fin…
@Tennp0 Ty tempo :) @scarra Ty scarra :) @FemSteph TY STEPH :) @I_AM_WILDCAT Thank you Wildcat! @A_Seagull Ty Mr Seagull @xSUND0WN SUNNY D, MY MAN
The best org gives the best gifts 🥰 @TSM live with some @playcrucible, also gonna eat some birthday cake ^-^ - #AD you all for the birthday wishes! My wittle heart is filled today. 🥰 @dakotaz @TSM Thank you DK!!! @Classify Much love classy, thank you! <3 @NICKMERCS I cant wait to eat a damn cheese pie with ur cute ass @BasicallyIDoWrk BIG VIBES, hope all if well homie <3 @Poach POACHYY, THANKS FWEND @TSM_Achieved I'm taking u up on this @fl0mtv <<33 @TSMViss Appreciate it viss, ty :) @FaZeCBass Thanks Bass :) @dohfOs Indeed ^-^, thank u @CouRageJD COURAAAAGEE, THANK U PAPAAA @RajjOfficial Thank u very much rajj @SnoodFN I gotchu my dude, thank you snood :) @xaryu @TSM MY MAN XARYU @collinfrags Ty collin <33 @brookeab Love u brook ❤❤ @mayahiga6 Happy b day Maya ^-^ @diegosaurs Much love Diego, I appreciate it a ton my dude @Symfuhny Thanks SYMM <3 Love u buddy<3 @Fedmyster Can't wait to fucking touch the stars with u my dude @TSM_Chica CHICAAAAA, TY MY FRIEND :) @alexiaraye TAAAAANKS ALEXIAAAA @heyshanemcelroy Definitely @TSM_ZexRow Thank you so much zexrow right back atchya @MackWood1x MACK DADDY MUCH LOVE @Mendo Love u mendo <333 @Valkyrae Val I fucking love u homie thank you so much. I can't wait to see u kill it in everything u do!BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN STREAM IN BOUND @VegasPUBG @FionnOnFire @RiotZiegler Omen Buff?
Asuh gamers. @RajjOfficial Just fucking @ me next time Rajj @TSM_Hamlinz Happy b day Mr oinkins @LuluLuvely You know it 😍😍😍I ordered a pizza, see yall tomorrow night for my birthday stream :)
@Valkyrae Hey 😎👊🏽 @TSM_Chica Big facts, I'm just chillin enjoying the show. @ONE_shot_GURL I WANT ONE SO BADDLLYYYWe got a Valorant team. Good luck to the rest of you shitters. 😁👍 with all this internet drama lately @xChocoBars This is true @TSM @hazedCS @Dronecsgo @WVRDELL @Subroza @reltuC @TSM @hazedCS @Dronecsgo @WVRDELL @Subroza @reltuC LETS GOOO!!! Weird that I wasn't put in this announcement as th…
Checking out @PlayCrucible right now! Join the steam :) #ad @RiotZiegler Good. Please continue to push boundaries that other people are afraid to push.I can't belive this is possible in Warzone... w/ @TTfue @PlayVALORANT @RiotSuperCakes @RiotZiegler Please respond I kinda got a crush on u @PlayVALORANT @RiotSuperCakes @RiotZiegler Will the omen buff come out before the 2nd? birthday is in 3 days and I'm really happy about that rn :)IM LIVE STWEAAAMIN @thesupremekin99 U actually got me LOOOL Made me smile, ty :)I genuinely wanna go. Growing up is hard, but necessary. Hope this touches someone in a meaningful way. ❤I've been really trying to evolve as a person this past year and the biggest lesson learned is that every word you… @TSM_Chica That's why ur a real one Chica
@Avalanche100T You ever realize how like when we look at an object we just take it for what it is and the function… double pump was still around but drastically nerfed I wonder how that would have impacted competitive fortnite t… yall, no stream tonight. I gotta clean my place rq. We smashing tomorrow tho.Do I join all my friends and make an alt Twitter? 🤔
@Mendo I miss u guysI've been dreaming of this lately 😔 POPPIN @TSM_Achieved Me no likey this either
@ImmVisual I 2nd this, please be nice :) @iiTzTimmy Wait...."Don't talk to my boyfriend like that" @OMGitsAliA HARD AGREE @TrayStidham @RO_Motion @VBI Tray actually killed itHERE WE GO be live today with updated gfx on my stream, should be live between 7-8pm! See ya'll then, excited to show you all! :D
@MackWood1x hop on the sticks big boy @Fenton_SCO all those games never really had a life an opportunity on PC, which is why I didnt really consider them. @KYTRRO @DNZ_421 @sitoz_ Why should kbm be dominant over controller? If one tool excels over the other shouldn't th… @DNZ_421 @sitoz_ past when it comes to other game titles. Its all very very interesting to see how the community is behaving in this case. @DNZ_421 @sitoz_ This is something I feel as well, I think people are so used to keyboard and mouse being dominate… had an interesting thought... in most games the competitive scene usually trends toward keyboard and mouse but in… @aydan @Snappy_Potato @chancetherapper Happy b day ❤ @chancetherapper This went dumb hard @TSM_Achieved @Ash12tyn @TSM_Beaulo They are so cute together holy shit. @Poach @FionnOnFire 🥰Yeah I'm lightskin but I'm still a ....