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@DylrrUTD 152* 😐 @DylrrUTD nvm I’m 153 again 😐 @DylrrUTD I go 6 times a week @yungcalc ratio for being dumb @loldellzor @nahsurszn 😐 @DylrrUTD yea I’ve been counting my calories the last week but I haven’t hit the calories I need yet but I still go… for 10 😈 @nahsurszn 5’11want to be*if I’m bulking how much weight do I want to gain a month I’m 153 want to 185 @ChasedogeFN he got scared of buck?
@YourFellowArab what about the ps5? @GeezaOfficial do I cancel queue @JakeSucky bro it's not even the same game so if a warzone pro doesn't win then...maybe moreI’m jk I bench 150 max was just manifesting it 😎 @JakeSucky yessir @DxffyFN yeaI bench 230 now at 150 is that good
radiant ranked @ClixHimself u aren't getting champs u ain't marzOW @Khanada More points than @BuckeFPS @MackWood1xvalorant not fortnite...when are the servers going up @frostyZK I barely ever even played kovaaks 300 hours in 4 years... @frostyZK no way u still kovaaks for valorant @Jaomock @zillxst 😑 @BuckeFPS jk @BuckeFPS omw @loldellzor @yungcalc @MichaelScarn60 @GeezaOfficial as bad as governors* not governor LMAO @GeezaOfficial ur mental is as bad as governor there is no way ur giving mental advice 😐😐
@builtbygamers buckefpsI'm a controller apparently 😐😐 @AlboGravity happy birthday @GeezaOfficial so many questions @followdunc lil dunca 😎 @menace_val @kyotosan_ 😐 @kyotosan_ @menace_val vouch
I swear twitch has more than doubled the amount of adsDaBaby @itsJerian no way u have over a mil 😐 ratiostreams return during new act @TSM @opsqt @leena_xu @TSM @opsqt @leena_xu @opsqt 😐😐 ratio 😠 @GeezaOfficial simp @yungcalc I was alrdy a pro on rocket leagueit's 73 inches @DylrrUTD same thing bruhI'm 5'11 and wingspan is 72-73 inches is that good or bad @radiobtw @famousmoxy LOL @famousmoxy 150 but why would that matterbecoming a boxer @KreoFN ?
when is next seasonGOD DAMNezLETSSSSSSSS GOOOOholyyyyyyyyyyhungary > france @BuckeFPS u want some lemonade with that dmcaactually I’m becoming an inventor and I’m done with streamingnvm I’ll just play eu ranked @Yukinos39108973 I’ve been done with that game @trandreww is the week up @ChefDoe1x me and @BuckeFPS just applied 😐😐I might have to become VarietyRow till a new game comes out @aquaa @ClixHimself fuck @kreepvr @ClixHimself ratio @ClixHimself 😐😐 ratiowhy are there no good games 😐
@menace_val prime vandala nice upset 😈 @itsJerian what’s the offer @itsJerian ur gonna have to pay me bronothing to play 😐 @attesticles yea he wasvalorants starting to look good @ZenithPH Germany @damndotcom_ not in the br @trandreww ik @jammyzx Iceland was that bad huhmight need to play fortnite till halo comes out 😈 @loldellzor @XnBFN @BuckeFPS 😐 ratio @loldellzor @XnBFN @BuckeFPS ???? @XnBFN @BuckeFPS viewers @ZexRowHypeMan_ 😐😐😐 @ZexRowHypeMan_ delete
@YourFellowArab @omiexyz u live with Marty wtflukaku is carryingno fucking way @TSM so I should play fortnite? @randomumb stfuthis goalies goatedmacadonia gonna comeback 😈 @BuckeFPS ggs only @FrostyValorant @yungcalc
Italy’s actually good bruhhow do u miss that bro LMAO