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私は神です。「深淵の月光」と「私のクラスの男の子はハンサムなので、私は彼をストーカーしました」#MoonlighInTheAbyss 「回復術シのやり直し」はすごいですね。

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Rewrote this one scene in my novel like 50 times now. I can't get it right. This has to be the best part of the ent… @emiIiasupremacy True. But this reaction image fits regardless @VenusStacia I'm in both areas. So far I'm only missing Main Asuna, Angel Yuuki, and Kimono Asuna (who I want), so… @VenusStacia I mean. We had rate ups for Shiromuku Alice, Duel Blade Kirito, Alice, Angel Yuuki, and Eugeo one afte… @VenusStacia Yes, she is. There is supposed to be one for Alice and Misaki soon, but so far she's the only one avai… @VenusStacia*NEW* Asuna Bikini Outfit for the 1.5 anniversary. @SinfulBash Thanks. I'm in classHoly f*** this episode is really inspiring me to write more. This was amazing! @PunchoYT @CrossingVoid_EN TBH I just want A Eugeo hue. The ones he got rn kina suck @PunchoYT @CrossingVoid_EN I got that one and am using it. Rhat's not what I'm talking about, though. I said Kirito… @PunchoYT @CrossingVoid_EN Hm? Tenshi event? @CrossingVoid_EN ngl, this event is a big letdown for a 1.5 anniversary. Not even any hues. I just want a Kirito Eugeo hue😭 @CrossingVoid_EN Looks awesome but knowing my luck, I'd prolly get the one unit I don't want (Kamineko) I want Kim…'m not going to step 7 with you like I did for the limited units. Idk why my luck has been so shitty recently. I… may be fat but I still wanna wear a wedding dress @CrisCast956 No thanks. My teacher gives me Cs on all mine even though they are well thought out and good. Never g… noticed a big issue with V1 Fixed Now it's good. Still, this 14-ish page extension will make the prologue exter… @animetv_jp @luxx_art2 Its ok. Wish I never got invested. Whalers are rude af @GaltFor Yea these crystals reserved for a future non-elm unit that could be good to me @GaltFor I'm not upgrading someone I don't care to upgrade. I'd rather upgrade anyone else from your list thats not on kine @GaltFor *weapon, not sword @GaltFor And because non-elms aren't weak nor resistant, not really losing out on much. Hoping to get Quinella cuz… @GaltFor Yea. God-tier units are actually better than a level 80 non-elm unit without any gear and a sword with the… @GaltFor I can't equip anymore non-elm units @GaltFor Ah. Well here's the party I'll be using for tomorrow's event. @GaltFor WHOA That's like, 5 more non-elm weapons than I have😲 Weapons aside, that's also like twice my non-elm u… @WG25New Just screenshot every frame of Your Name, Demon Slayer, Weathering With You, and A Silent Voice and you should be good @luxx_art2 I'm sure they kept this a secret because its 1.5 anniv and maybe the rewards for the event are absolutely insane @luxx_art2 Plus, they have priorities and are pretty good at sticking to that. I doubt they'll quit when 95% of th… @luxx_art2 They better fucking not. Not only was this a successor to the past game which ended support, but I got… @luxx_art2 Nani?Bro, this is the first time this game hasn't shown us new event rewards or details of any kind before it starts I ever hit 900?
2021 @captian_asian @ProphetBrady_ It is. Because I found the creditless one on YouTube like a month ago while trying to edit a song in it @KumikoReturns @KingMathis3 Idk. I hear, and from past experience, it doesn't really start off till after episode 3, which would,… @Namaryuu Don't wanna be them. I wanna go into an LN or manga and be excited for exclusive content, not upset or angry at the cut stuff @Namaryuu But I don't necessarily degrade the anime or its viewers. SAO is a good example. People ruin the show fo… @Namaryuu As a source reader for Magical Girl Site, I feel like saying some things to anime onlys is warranted. Esp… @new_wf Damn. Been watching horror since I was 8, favorites being Friday the 13th and SawI'll probably hop into Higurashi after Elfen Lied. I love horror. So far, Another takes the cake, tho Elfen Lied i… @new_wf Ah. I love horror so I'll prolly jump into Higurashi right after this @new_wf Soon they'll make Eugeo with bing bazongers dressing in Quinella's casual gear @sneakyyyxyz Yep @new_wf Would it make it worse if I told you they were hitting a puppy in the first image?My new favorite scene from Elfen Lied @sneakyyyxyz 1 Stomach = 1 like @EolyneHerlentz_ thanks @EolyneHerlentz_ YeaBread turned out. @Darryl_lazakar1 Tha too. A lot of games I feel do keep direct changes hidden (untagging everyone cuz this convo mi… @GaltFor @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 That is why I said "directly" tell us. Not wait for us to find it ourselves @GaltFor @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 Unorganized* @GaltFor @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 At least games like CV give a ping on the icon and o… @GaltFor @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 Okay but the notice board is exteremly unordered. So… @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 @GaltFor Damn I didn't even know they did that. They gotta s…サンプルの薔薇に着色テストしました。 少しピンク(紫)寄りですね。 かなり薄めていますが、紫外線にはちゃんと反応してます。 透明感を残しつつもう少し赤に近づけていこうと思います。 目標は画像処理を行った画像4枚目の赤!
Retweeted by ☯️月夜夕☾ #1 Setsuna Stan @GaltFor @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 @GaltFor Ah no wonder. I can never get any higher than 10, pr… only reason I even hop on this game @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 @GaltFor And I still stand a chance lmfao. I've done one with… @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 @GaltFor I don't think I've ever gotten RE rewards. I've not… @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 @GaltFor Not everyone has a full team of non-elms to use tho.… @Darryl_lazakar1 @Starstrike5 @azure_alter @GamerX789 @GaltFor She can If you are willing to give up that non-elm… @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel Oh I thought her face was the best part @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel Tho I don't have a non-elm Alice cuz, in my honest opinion, I hate her idle stance @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel Ohhh I have 1 @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel T.-.. but that just applies to Quinella all the time @CrisCast956 @Ko_1776 It's cuz I said the OG VA was a real pedo and got arrested for it. @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel 1) MLB should define the character, so it's kinda limited to what they have been… @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel U kidding? I barely have anything but holys, I'd love to pull, but only if it was… @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel If you really think hard, tho, (and this is why I hate the word "bait" in this co… @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel And you can't go on the assumption that every nake Quinella unit is bait, that's… @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel And theres still the chance of getting a random mace that serves no purpose to you @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel I don't think that's the case and isn't clear if I don't see it. All the times t… @Darryl_lazakar1 @SAO_risingsteel Love how this is bait but not the diamond stealing guaranteesWe just need a Quinella unit that is just straight up naked in battle, no enhance mode @CEOofSuguha I knew I was right when I said those guerentee scouts were trapsI'm glad I didn't waste my diamond cubes on the 4* confirmed scouts cuz I knew they'd do somethin cool after those.… @Darryl_lazakar1 Doesn't matter what you think, I was still right in the guarantees being traps⚙📀BD&DVD Vol.3イラスト公開📀⚙ TVアニメ「回復術士のやり直し」Blu-ray&DVD Vol.3のジャケットイラストを公開しました❕🙌 デジパックはキャラデザのごとうじゅんじさんが、三方背BOXはキャラ原案のし…
Retweeted by ☯️月夜夕☾ #1 Setsuna Stan @Darryl_lazakar1 I told you it was a trap @GaltFor @Darryl_lazakar1 Send me too, I'm runnin low on money for mine Also Darryl. You have to create like 2 alt… @Darryl_lazakar1 VPN time @hiyorihere @TsukiyoYuuTDP She thinks ROH is anime of the year🤭
パン @CEOofCastoria Yuu🗿 @Zer0921 Idk, I have yet to watch the show @Zer0921 My bf loves Sieg🤭 But yea you got it right. Ig my profile gives it away, too @CrisCast956 Lmao only for the first 2 seasons tho, then they swapped him out. Still the, the dub is riddled with… @Zer0921 I'm impressed🤨 @CrisCast956 High School DxD is a good one. Even better knowing the VA for S1 was a real pedo so they changed the VA @ItsaRazor WWWWWWWI'm just sayin, if Miku was a robot... @Zer0921 Ooo another random tier l- 2 of my men bozos... @EolyneHerlentz_ It is nice, isn't it