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co-creator of DEVIL'S CANDY w/ @bikkuriland pp: @KanzakiYufei | | mom to : @RummyAndCoqui 🦇 Do Not Repost My Art thx

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sorry for not responding as much lately but i just want to say that your reactions to these pages give me life🥲🖤🖤🖤#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 04/19/21: CH13 • P23 --------------------- ---------------------…
I just backed Anxiety Fox and Friends Enamel Pins! on @Kickstarter
haven’t had a chance mess w this much yet but if you wanna follow on artfol this is me! @CutTimeComic maybe he’s double jointed😂 @LumpOfSplunk @haldrauve adfgkdk😂nicodemus doodle~ his body has been heavily modified (by himself) and for now I'll say no more :3 @CutTimeComic NO YOU!!! SOFT JAIL! SOFT JAIL!!!!! @CutTimeComic ty for all your hard work, always, juby!!! you spoil the pants off of us readers!! @Velinxi omg thank u I'm flattered!!🥺 That's the end of chapter 4!! Thank you for keeping up with my humble comic... otherwise,…
Retweeted by ɯǝɹ @CutTimeComic YESSSSSS🔥🔥🔥 also congrats on finishing ch4! what a beautiful and dramatic page!!Time for some wholesome Friday content! Scaring Junji Ito with Internet monsters 👻
Retweeted by ɯǝɹ @CutTimeComic *sweats* DONT HIT MEEE @haldrauve I'm having fun w the next page🖤New Nicodemus dropped, it's miracle workin' time 😈💉 #DEVILSCANDYCOMIC @tsulala @bikkuriland
Retweeted by ɯǝɹ @LumpOfSplunk @haldrauve aaaa you too are TOO GOOD haha sorry to eavesdrop i couldt help myself~~ you two are the best kjajkfhjshhjd @LumpOfSplunk @bikkuriland WILL OMGGG!! IM YELLING!!!! you were so fast to make this I cant believe it..!! hnghhlkf… UPDATE 04/16/21: CH13 • P22 --------------------- ---------------------…, had some technical difficulties on the update page but it's posting at midnight. I hope you like it~
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@diansakhuart omggg these are BLESSED the nostalgia centers of my brain are activated
@KanzakiYufei SO COOL!!!! * 0 *)/ @haldrauve god i love this kid's design so much..!!! simple but so aesthetically pleasing.. @haldrauve im just... soaking this one in.... =///w///=) @haldrauve good god.. you just wanna.. wrap your fingers around that neck of his...🥺🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 *chefs kiss* @CutTimeComic this came out so freakin cool~~! Juby is mystical..!!! @haldrauve AAAHHHH SO CUTE!! IM DEADDDD!!!! *rolls around* this is a WIP?! everything about it is already perfect..!! @misspenart the thought crossed my mind as well ; ;i cant help myself so i might end up doing a second round but in the meantime here's milo🥺' satyr Kazu watercolor pencil practice to get the inspiration flowing 🖤 🐐 @tsulala
Retweeted by ɯǝɹ @KittBetelgeuse OH NOO!!! THis got me right in the hearrrttt aaahhhh!!! thank you for drawing such a cute pic of the fluffy babbu!😭🥺🖤🖤🖤 @pepperonccini noooo IM BLUSHING can I just say tho.. that you always inspire me so much!!! I just love that you do… @EldritchSky it was so much fun I might do another round.. i see why the dungeon meshi creator did it 2 times now...!! @CutTimeComic HE DOES ; w ; spotty widdle babbu @Sarikarip 🥺💗🖋️💭 #HowToDrawMangaRedraw
@purenonsens tysm jo! it was so much fun! \o/ @CassandraJP hehe thank you fo saying so!💗 @Sarikarip how can you do this to me.. now I HAVE to😂
Retweeted by ɯǝɹthis is easily one of the best hand tutorials I've seen.. I learned things!!! \(o__o)/ that one update that I posted too early by mistake 😂 #cuttimecomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by ɯǝɹ @CutTimeComic god these pages are just.. stunning... ALSO I LIKE THE BIG BUGGO GUY!! AND REL WHEN DID YOU GO😱 @Zambicandy you are still too kind and lovely ; w ; @therummybear420 protec the babe rummy!👁️species-specific eye colors👁️: imps: yellow, purple or black grindylow: yellow to blue range cyclops: natural col… @kaninn haha ty kan💗.. it was too much fun @ameruu ☺️💕💕i haven't had a lot of time to draw purely for fun lately, so this was a real treat~ 100% WOULD RECOMMEND!! I was t… @pepperonccini THIS...!!! IS SO GREAT!!!!!😭😭😭😭🖤🖤🖤🖤 aaaa all the little details.. and the characters are so cute.. you're a genius... @Aluhnim yes, me too HAHA goat kazu is probably the softest thing in the universe @pepperonccini PEPPER!!!! ily2 aaaaa!!!! >//0//<)💗💗💗💗devil swap!😈🔁😈
✨Hayden's Notes✨ Case 03: page 11 ( +++ Support me here - +++…
Retweeted by ɯǝɹ @KanzakiYufei these pages came out insanely awesome yufei~! @KanzakiYufei a hundred years later i just wanna say that I'm so glad you got these in and also youre the best and so great..!! > 0 < @KanzakiYufei whoa she's beautiful..!! @misspenart I'm so sorry.. I promise there will be a vol. 2 eventually hahaha;;; @ruemxu thanks, love!😊 @miyuliart aaa thanks miyuli!!! > w <)💗💞 @sloanesloane aaa thank you sloane! you're always too kind!! @sirpangur THANK U NINA MY LOVE💖💕 @LumpOfSplunk I really hope new readers will like it! Thanks for supporting us for so long, Will!! @EldritchSky Yeahh!! Excited to see it in stores and stuff!!! waaa @spookybri thanks bri!!!!!!!! @CutTimeComic The designer has such a big brain for including that I'm grateful haha!!seriously so excited for our future w Viz, i hope you guys like the new book (expect to see some new material inside!!!)i know i'm a week late but AAAAAAA! so, i haven't been well enough to be active online lately but I'm feeling a little better this week! Just wante…
#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 04/05/21: CH13 • P21 --------------------- ---------------------…
#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 03/29/21: CH13 • P20 --------------------- ---------------------…
#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 03/26/21: CH13 • P19 --------------------- ---------------------…
#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 03/22/21: CH13 • P18☄️☄️☄️ --------------------- ----------------…
We're actually streaming TODAY at 1pm PST!! come hang out while we review 3 new comics 😉
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Retweeted by ɯǝɹI feel powerless about the violence in Georgia today and across the country. You might be feeling powerless too. P…
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@ruemxu hehe😆here's the sketch, if anyone's interested~ (the final is pretty sketchy honestly haha)
@liliuhms AAAAA THIS HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE!!!! my mom told me to put a cheesecloth bag full of bay leaves in the ri… @kaninn whenever i draw lin i think of you~!☺️ @ameruu ame..!!!😳🥺💖💕 @gwenndigo aaaaaa come back😂hyrule stranding :3 UPDATE 03/15/21: CH13 • P17 --------------------- --------------------- C…
@misspenart HAPPY BDAY MISSY!!! you deserve all the wonderful things ilu!! Cant wait til we can meet in person again!💖🎂🍰💖Happy Pi Day! It is my second lockdown birthday and it's been a whole year without conventions. I still have stock…
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@heyjenbartel ty jen!!!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @Zambicandy you’re the good one😔💖💕FFIX: freya crescent🌙
/ 「#とんがり帽子のアトリエ」生みの親! 漫画家・白浜鴎様より 『#とつくにの少女』応援イラスト到着💌 \ 9⃣名のクリエイターから頂戴しました! 本日より毎週金曜日、1枚ずつ公開予定✨ 素敵なイラスト、ありがとうござい…
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you can find Shrimp the Pup by @POKOPIPO here!💛 kid on the block!🐶 @POKOPIPO @liliuhms YES! warm soft yellow kitty lights...!! @purrblind ofc~ you don't need to credit me~ have fun!😊 @CutTimeComic @liliuhms juby im crying..! you just wanted to let them know.. so important... @liliuhms BUN!!! or a lion light...?🥺
【 RT 🍑🌱】⌦ link & details in thread I'm creating an online course with @class101us about exploring style and steppi…
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