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Tsunamix @TsunamixEDM Marblehead, MA

Producer, Artist, Proud Progressive Libertarian, Moderate, He/Him, - , Supporter of Equality In All Forms, Aspergic, Bermudian American, Agree To Disagree

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Retweeted by Tsunamix @ReggieOrtizJr Just a little PSA for any anarchists and communists who believe that every white lefty is bad. @ReggieOrtizJr Don’t forget that there are some white leftists who don’t believe in complete authoritarianism like Vaush. @bopinion It’s pretty much both the fear of infection and an emergency decree, but there are also not a lot of good… reminder that @Monstercat never DMCAs Twitch creator content...Seriously...never.
Retweeted by Tsunamix @PHIA_bunny Is it workout clothing? Ngl, it looks pretty cool. I like the design, kind of resembles the suits worn…
Artists don't pour their heart, soul, and emotions into their work just for people to say: "I seperate art from th…
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@imcloudcage Pizza Moment Pizza Moment Pizza Moment Pizza Moment Pizza Moment Pizza Moment Pizza Moment Pizza Momen…
this was a joke but someone please make a sea shanty for all nighter 6
Retweeted by TsunamixHope you all enjoyed my mashup on @Monstercat Call Of The Wild Episode today. Much love to the team, hope you all e…
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@imcloudcage Last time I was making music (on GarageBand iOS fml), this little bugger came into the room and took m…
@hockeygrandma23 @BonanzaSportz
Retweeted by Tsunamix @hockeygrandma23 @BonanzaSportz What does this have to do with the article? @BonanzaSportz are they really trying to ruin his legacy with this garbage??
Retweeted by Tsunamix @BonanzaSportz This doesn’t even talk about Macaulay being groomed by Michael. C L I C K B A I T @IAmAlkhemik @akvmamusic @tisoki noobs
Retweeted by Tsunamixand it sounds great
Retweeted by TsunamixHow it started How it's going
Retweeted by Tsunamixi hope if i ever get any attention at all people dont start calling me discount barely alive
Retweeted by TsunamixCommentary Community Tier List (Remade) I added 7 more and made it a 100
Retweeted by Tsunamix#NationalComingOutDay just reminding you all that i'm very queer and very here
Retweeted by Tsunamixhi #ComingOutDay i’m genderfluid and pansexual thank you for your time
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Chinese students at UniSA chanting "Cao ni ma bi" or "F*** your mother's c***" to Hong Kong protesters on Friday
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that's fine i didn't want to be productive anyways
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Retweeted by TsunamixFUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK
Retweeted by Tsunamix @Darlington Pegboard Nerds - Gammer - Volant - Rogue - Muzzy
@guppisound You could say it was, shall we say... lit? @guppisound virgin mobile freefest 2012 (no longer exists)
Retweeted by Tsunamix @guppisound Fire Festival
@oatmellofi >Lofi preset >Sounds like a synthey, Juice WRLD-type pad key @oatmellofi "yeah this preset will do" *lofi intensifies*
Retweeted by Tsunamixok ive seen this kyle beats drip plugin video so many times on YouTube i feel like i have to buy it just to make it stop
Retweeted by TsunamixCross your fingers this will be the first of many Official Minecraft Soundtrack Remixes bandcamp is waiving their fees today, so if you want to support me and @C418 directly and buy the remix, today…
Retweeted by Tsunamixbruh #dankmemes #memes #memesdaily
Retweeted by Tsunamix @Protostar @Spotify @C418 @SpotifyUK @austinkramer I have a great feeling that this simple remix will be one of man… to sleep 8 hours ago and woke up to over double the amount of plays on @Spotify 🤯 @C418 🎧:…
Retweeted by Tsunamix @youknowlimbo Same. Let’s celebrate with a Lofi House Ravebest news i've waken up to in a long time #trumphascovid
Retweeted by TsunamixTune-in for an in-depth look at the new #SmashBrosUltimate DLC fighter, Steve & Alex from @Minecraft, with Director…
Retweeted by TsunamixSurvive the night? How about first surviving a match against Mario, Link, Kirby and Peach? It’s finally happening –…
Retweeted by TsunamixThis ancient animation is now real.
Retweeted by TsunamixAt which point is shit posting reality and at which point is reality shit posting
Retweeted by Tsunamix @furrypeanut @MegaRacismHater @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS the Simpsons are never wrong :)
Retweeted by TsunamixI feel confident until I stand next to a large group of teenagers. Then I start shidding
Retweeted by TsunamixSounds like they just broke out the bowling balls as well
Retweeted by Tsunamix @Protostar Me doing a hello moment @treezrootzmusic Oof5'11 vs 6'0
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CHRIS WALLACE, MINUTE 1: Hello, gentlemen. I'm expecting a respectful debate CHRIS WALLACE, MINUTE 12: Jesus Chris…
Retweeted by TsunamixI think Joe won but it felt like America lost.
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Retweeted by TsunamixI want my relationship to last as long as One Piece
Retweeted by TsunamixLETS GOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Tsunamixwhite supremacy = bad
Retweeted by TsunamixWhy wont either side condemn Antifa white supremacists
Retweeted by Tsunamixtryin to scare people from voting is some really desperate shit
Retweeted by Tsunamixi hate the stupid dumb dumb orange face loser boy
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@PaperSkies_Sc marks the 10 year anniversary of Au5
Retweeted by Tsunamix @ELIMINAmusic The Heath Ledger Joker without his makeup on
@imcloudcage FTrap is Not Dead.
Retweeted by TsunamixMark Hamill, this round goes to you! Tonight, I'll be eating...
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@Protostar @C418 Okay, there should be a massive album with remixes of every single Minecraft song from EDM artists… - Aria Math (Protostar Remix) Sept 30th @C418 We are at 307 presaves! Have another preview :) Thank you to e…
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@directofficial The Future Garage version of a Mr. Bill song
Come on inside you guys
Retweeted by Tsunamixyou know it babey
Retweeted by TsunamixIf you’re a dj Fuck you
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@robgassermusic Ray VolpeSuper stoked to be playing at @MadZooEvents's Stratosfest next month! This team has worked incredibly hard to put s…
Retweeted by Tsunamixi wanna be like dorian electra when i grow up.
Retweeted by Tsunamixstar glide by @MUZZHQ but it's chiptune cause why not (epilepsy warning on video)
Retweeted by TsunamixNice 👍
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@imcloudcage Damn. I’m sorry.Is this why ‘She’s 12’ is trending?
Retweeted by TsunamixIt's really saying something when "She's 12" is trending on Twitter, and most people automatically assume it has so…
Retweeted by TsunamixIt really is sad, and scary , when you wake up too “she’s 12” trending and your actually relieved it is not about o…
Retweeted by Tsunamix @climateactiontr The pandemic could have been the decisive moment in the fight against climate change – a chance to…
Retweeted by TsunamixWhen you wake up every morning, what does it physically feel like to get out of bed after a round of chemotherapy,… saw the pinned message in the Discord Announcements, so I figured I’d ask you one question @imcloudcage @PaperSkies_Sc I’d say I treat artists who have very small skills and production value the same way as every human…
On this day in 2007, 15,000 protesters came to Jena, Louisiana, to show solidarity with 6 local Black high school s…
Retweeted by TsunamixOur Presidential Candidates are 77 & 74. Our Senate Majority Leader is 78 Our House Speaker is 80 The average age o…
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@imcloudcage Wait the scoreboard was opposite? Ooooooooohhhhh. Guess the Buccaneers won then. @directofficial True. It’s torture, especially if you’re a penguin. can’t make me do my taxes
Retweeted by Tsunamix @imcloudcage Don’t forget the panthers and patriots kicking ass as usualClassic combos: - PB&J - Drake & Josh - EDM Twitter & pointless drama - The Atlanta Falcons & blowing 20+ point leads
Retweeted by Tsunamixit actually worked ahahaha
Retweeted by Tsunamix @GEXRGlA @GEXRGlA They live off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, BC, and parts of Southern Alaska. Ngl, what with all the… @GEXRGlA Had to put this on reddit just to get an answer as to whatever fucking abomination this is. Turns out my f… @GEXRGlA Looks like a puppy from the dog monster in the thing
Retweeted by Tsunamixjust got a new dog!! what should i name him? ❤️
Retweeted by Tsunamix @youknowlimbo Metal, Trapmetal, Phonk, & Dubstep beats to Bob your head and attempt to study to
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