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@_Bewd Yeah fucking shut ur mouth
@shotoftodoroki @zander_fps Since he doesnt wanna match with us we will match his face @shotoftodoroki @zander_fps Send it over @shotoftodoroki @zander_fps Im down crop one @shotoftodoroki for u to get me a new pfp @Justinovah Isnt that like ban evading? @ciaolyx @zander_fps Oh wait ur 16 lmao @ciaolyx @zander_fps single @nurfed25 So urself? @Glorinsz @SiaDarky Yeah old man doesnt know what fun is @SiaDarky @Glorinsz Its not throwing its having fun ;) @SiaDarky @Glorinsz Noo sometimes i wanna have fun sometimes i wanna win @Glorinsz @SiaDarky Shhh i dont throw with u @SiaDarky Bro ur throwing @SiaDarky To flex joe @bearkun the jetpack to 5k followers xD
I love my routing. Im central btw @SoaRGaming Tsuya as management for valorant team @DaniVAL__ Yessir one last time @zander_fps zander > @b0ssyCS :0 @Jonaaa6_VAL it gets better once u toggle a bitOne last Effort LFT Main Jett/raze Op both sides I am able to play sage Flex to Sent/sova
@Glorinsz @Scrounge_ @PlayVALORANT Thats why they need a old man to igl them into shape @temcsgo Judge 2nd round @Scrounge_ @Glorinsz @PlayVALORANT Ur team ints?? Lol my team ints harder @temcsgo Because guns like odin and judge exist NICE! @Scrounge_ @PlayVALORANT Scrounge u were up like 10-2 and 9-3 both times lol @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ @PlayVALORANT LMAO DUDE i turned up after @Bjorlulu one judged me from a main to a heaven @steph_ecx @r3p_valorant @ZeroMarksMenLLC Stfu ur dead @SiaDarky Ur so cringe @regan_travis deserves mvp
Handcam stream @hyjinxVAL Trio? @zambiee_ @1j0seph ill use mina's slot @zambiee_ @1j0seph whats the server ip
@_Bewd Dude its only 10 it has to turn around sometime right? @Bankroft Im at 10 lets see if i can beat thatwhats the world record for most ranked games lost in row @Glorinsz I lost 9 ranked games in a rowshort stream @b0ssyCS Well maybe ur voice is soo sexy @b0ssyCS Ur voice is sexy who would mock u tf @GoldfishSlime Ehh debateable @sevvn Sleeper tbh @SiaDarky i prefer a cleanly shaven jose3 knives but they all sht @JPARKJMC @Glorinsz @777eeiu @hazedCS @Critical_Val @Poach @yayFPS @Bjorlulu @pennycsgo @Crashies @HydraaVAL @Glorinsz @symrifle Not if u have tsuya on support and glorinsz on duelist
@theKingFPS_ @Critical_Val U paid him to get boosted @Kyrokana Nah it was troll phase @Kyrokana Bro i was staring at uLove this banner @frostyZK imagine u thinking ur good because u use aimbot LOL n1 nerd @koalanoob Bruh u got plenty of trials stop being picky mofo and go for one @nurfed25 When u miss the cs deag :)
@_Bewd U have small pee pee nrg @_Bewd lol ur so random @nurfed25 bro stop exposing my asian family @temcsgo Ur so bad @temcsgo U cant op @bumpaah @Glorinsz @TeamSerenity Dude ur huge
2021 Ranked malding @temcsgo why are u leaking wtfthis is my new favorite quote @FreakazoidA @Glorinsz I hate that u call it japanese cartoon
imagine if Valorant had a under-18 vct @CSNaturEE Why do u look so hot @temcsgo @nurfed25 are u talkinmg about me @temcsgo @nurfed25 dont do it @nurfed25 Volume mixer? @Karizmahkv @HitBox_Hiros His mental goes kaboom when they win ;) @bangiwnl yeah i use superlight perma. it lags then spins, i think its because its low battery @Glorinsz @NotReduxx come back to pro and ill give u a proper welcome <3 @Glorinsz @NotReduxx why are u shit talking me wtf @Glorinsz @NotReduxx No long term and valorant belong if glorinsz is there I got the ace here @aEvilcat @ez5gg dont expose please
2021 time for some demon mode type vibe @blindbeastly Shhhplaying against my fathers @HarmonVAL1 and @ScrewFaceVAL in nsg groups todayreupload because picture badwho tf is this guy acting like me
update I beat my copy 13-11 :) @Glorinsz Smhh no morning queues @Glorinsz U working today? @Glorinsz Prob not man neko was my primethis sht gives me deja vu @TonyEcN nakara @TrickVAL bro at me next time wtf @Glorinsz It fuels my gameplayMy character has a fox tail. my life is complete 10s night stream @nurfed25 @Glorinsz @temcsgo @Icon10M Ez carry ur heavy no cap @Glorinsz @temcsgo @Icon10M @nurfed25 He has a big ego every since he got signed @nurfed25 @Glorinsz @temcsgo @Icon10M Jimmy did troll my game today ngl @Glorinsz @temcsgo @Icon10M True cant troll around the ol man. Him and @nurfed25 are two people u cant troll around @temcsgo @Glorinsz @Icon10M I got a whole vod @Glorinsz @Icon10M Well what chu doing tn @Glorinsz @Icon10M I will when i get home