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Retweeted by TTS|QuackKillerGuess i’m starting P5R today? Wasn’t planning on starting for a bit because i just finished base game mid-november… @villager_64 Swap force or Spyro’s adventurePopplio and Rowlett look like regular pokemon and are very boring designs for starters @calumstoasty @sonic_hedgehog what @keelyclove I would die for your fat pikachuI googled why my gf doesn’t love me and just found this image??? What the fuck does this mean
If Tifa punched me I would say thank you
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @d3sii_ heheh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzJust beat ffviir and it was SO fucking good i cannot wait for part 2 @GameboyKirb @GenisisDaCoon @Grubhub
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@cosmicsabre tilted towersSketch artwork of Tails, from the Japanese ‘Sonic 2′ manual.
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller......brawlhalla mobile..? @Miike302 6/10 setup @rinbinto Somebody please date them
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKillerRaising minimum wage debate in America
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Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @d3sii_ *opens door on stage left* Spongebob me boy we arr behind on the orders! What’s takin ye so... spongebob?Nothing but love for Eizouken, hope it wins as many awards as it canSonic Generations 2 ?? Chao garden mobile?? Sonic adventure 3?? Clasdic sonic collection?? @d3sii_ *nuzzles it*"Do they call you a he or a she?"
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @AllthingsAlpRad 280 “tifas”you all owe me a thank you
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @d3sii_ ((Babe again if you break rp im gonna be a bit upset you can’t mention that theyre tweets)) what, you got s… @d3sii_ (babe stop breaking rp) *you notice my bulge* waiter can i have another root beerwhay is one of my moots posting cringe on main @d3sii_ boy peed in bottle. Give titio girl dayclassic sonic got better with each entrySo im learning that kingdom hearts is literally just random bs from disney and final fantasy thrown together... might have to try them out @d3sii_ i always thought it was weird how she didnt have the map or backpack @d3sii_ I think Epic Mickey is cooler because it has epic in the title and it’s about the rodent instead of baby cloud strifedisney plus do not advertise yourr wanda visions to me when i open your aplication i want the ratted tootieWas playing ult wit da gf the other day and set my lobby music to Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2) and my mom wal…
i love youtube mobile glitches commercial for the original 'Sonic Adventure' release in Japan.
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @sraeyynamoot BruvMario Bros Pilotwings Star Wars Ep. 1 Pod Racing Sonic Adventure 2 New Super Mario Bros Wii Splatoon Smash Ultimate
@d3sii_ But the playstation versions are so much betterWhat you see is what you get: just a guy who loves [Sonic] adventure [2]I completely forgot about the gay Rami Malek need the Gex Night t-shirt @justiceisbabey i am in no way saying it’s gonna be bad, because i wouldn’t know; i have just lost interest @d3sii_ kindly do @d3sii_ you’ll never get them but here’s the closest thing @d3sii_ what did i do to deserve this @d3sii_ please i need it to endEverybody talks about the little gay cowboy and soldier from Night at the Museum; but what about the gay Theodore Roosevelt?google how make my girlfriend not tweet no more @WEEGEETHEGOD either Sonic Mania, Sonic Adventure 2, or Persona 5 @d3sii_ please don’t @d3sii_ Because i didnt know what anime or the three-act structure was as a kid do this movie was fucking gold (sti… super nostalgic tho and i love it even tho it’s awfulThis movie is so weird Dragon Ball did not need to be localized Like it was already popular in the west Why does this existTHE LIVE ACTION DRAGON BALL MOVIE IS ON HULU LETS FUCKING GOOOO @AmongUsGame Bottom left table on Skeld cafeThis is so cute why did they get rid of it do people still opt to say “he or she” when “they” saves a whole two syllables and encompasses all genders
@DBZFan135 I directly wished him one!I wish all Alpharad a very good hiatusIf i were president i would simply not get impeachedJust interviewed at McDonald’s @EverythingOOC @Enbybukii My army of kirbies will soon take over the world @CrashSchwarzen1 Sunshine is my least favorite and even that is good for a few minutes of fun, and i really like watching people play itRT if you’re taller than Ryuko
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @eviegng Shadow may be edgy, but he has honor. I trust him.Is it called a maze because the first one was made in maize or is that just a coincidence @DBZFan135 It’s on the switch now so you don’t have to abandon your nintendo roots to play it
@DBZFan135 Banger tweetI am not a fan of Sonic Unleashedoh no @NintendoAmerica :O
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @d3sii_ Gove me like 5 hours @d3sii_ I love the live action Resident Evil movies from the 2000’s!!!! @d3sii_ Get kamikaze’di'm (literally) square enix's child
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @smolpiplup It always looks disappointed in meI’ve played some hero in smash bros, purely on a casual level; and i had a lot of fun. Maybe i will bring him onlineafternoon with the boys
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKillerClean cover of #IDWSonic Issue 37, cover A. #SonicNews
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller🎵🎶🎵
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Epic FacePow
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @FireSoul_38 Let me play Beck- Ramona on the world’s smallest piano @FireSoul_38 @JV_Punk it’s still like that key art for Bowser's Fury
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller @AllthingsAlpRad we aren’t doing this againIs that a kazoo[repost] I'm still proud of this one hehe
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKiller2021 is the year of the sea shanty
Retweeted by TTS|QuackKillerOh and his dash attack is like joker’s but with the rocket shoesJab 1&2: jab Jab 3: kick Ftilt: forward kick Dtilt: leg sweep Utilt: high roundhouse kickSide smash: somersault Down smash: kicks both sides with rocket shoes (like a breakdance) Up smash: flip kick (fox)… here is my shadow the hedgehog moveset for super smash brothers ultimate on the nintendo switch: Neut… it if you guys are allowed to want Goku in smash then i can want Spider-Man