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lucy @ttyllucy she/her🏳️‍⚧️ 18

i’m like bella swan but trans & more deranged

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@bimbodeaths exactlyyygender envy
@lunebat praying for u🙏🏼 @femceloid we love u emma stone🙌🏼 @suspiriaangel we need to plan a rewatch together @remy4real22 bitch we was like ahhhh @dilfjoshsafdie need that🙌🏼🙌🏼i understand her @chen4eva happy birthdayyyy💗 @theblackIodge @perfectllover exactlyy @perfectllover having our sidney & tatum moment @burnrvbber yassss holden @theblackIodge this needs to happen!!! @souIcather very much us @xnxrej i’d get with her to be in a homoerotic slasher movie one day @BubonicBabeXXX this is my worst nightmare @vroomvroomkunt such a classic @BubonicBabeXXX MAKES ME GO SO FERAL @BubonicBabeXXX we love u kirsten🙌🏼 @BubonicBabeXXX campy films are better @Iucazsz yes bestie @suspiriaangel @ovaloceans i am she! @immaterialsss @ovaloceans u are sooo😭 but i agree @marma2ade u get it baee myself in the throat & calling it suspiriacore @IIMMUNITY SHE SLAYS SO HARD @pussyslayerr22 baeeee @BubonicBabeXXX it’s twinnemmm @gatekeepmitski sooo iconicwoke up before 12pm @doomslayyyter ilysmm bb💗💗 @C00LGlRL she’s soooooo💗 @technomancer444 ilyyy2 bae @highbodycount she rlly is bae @vaginaawoolf @BubonicBabeXXX shes evilshe served cunt @souIcthr baestieee @femceloid @porcelainaoba ilysmmmm jay💗 @babypiixie they were mad as hell knowing she served @gatekeepmitski need to be her bestie!! @wholelottadolls may😭😭 ur finsta is so fun tbhme after annoying everyone @gatekeepmitski gn bb @FF5PR1NC355 yessss @vampiremamii7 happy birthday bb couldn’t beat the gay allegations @carryme0ut truly! @technomancer444 yess! @commieeangel @jadesdigidiary it’s sooo good omfgg @JANETXBEY yessss @xnxrej UR A SICKO @julesupdating so cuteeeeneed to be besties with them
@perfectllover very excited @perfectllover BY A SECONDDDD @perfectllover @sweetestconn 😭😭😭😭 @IuxIisbonfan @wetbackie 🙌🏼🙌🏼hot girls shop in the barnes & noble criterion collection aisle @gatekeepmitski 😭😭😭😭 @toxnik THIS GIFFF @ninjacole97 iktr!! @BONlTOLlSP ??2!;&&2 @lunebat our sharp objects obsession @perfectllover 😭😭 @lunebat HOLY SHIT!!!!! @theblackIodge @BubonicBabeXXX hehe @femalebullying abbybae💖 @_orangejuicee_ thoroughbreds🙏🏼 @jordanaliaa thoroughbreds @BubonicBabeXXX RIGHT BREEBAE🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @theblackIodge ?2$&;&22&&; @theblackIodge truly @commieeangel need to rewatch soon who have twitter accs are queer-coded @lunebat LUNEEQUGDWG😭😭😭😭 @lunebat now why does she look like emma stone cat here @d1gitaIgf ILYY2 BB @d1gitaIgf @BubonicBabeXXX @commieeangel u get it bae @BubonicBabeXXX i have to post about her everyday or else i go insane vibes @ovaloceans @suspiriaangel deserved @suspiriaangel U GET IT!! want auroras and sad prose @perfectllover i love spreading the agenda @ladybturd u get it @lunebat 😭😭 @lunebat this gif is sooo us