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Fuck Ted Cruz and Pete Buttigieg. Mind your damn business. It’s my Twitter.

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My road test is in two weeks 😬
Thanks @TBSNetwork for these George Lopez reruns. Great way to start the morning. @TiffEzi @teaxtarot I’m offended . We don’t snitch !
When the liquor moves through you smoothly 😌
We've partnered with Google for the Black List x Google Assistant Storytelling Fellowship! 5 selected writers will…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeOh right, it’s Friday not Sunday.
He hitting that shit
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Maybe if Quibi had this story, it could have survived Mayor Dinkins
Didn’t @tuckerduzant @dtxcoolin @mattybrown39 at it again
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe @dtxcoolin The nerve lol that’s why I leave that place alone
Excuse me 😂😂😂 you know what, I can’t wait.
'Dick Johnson Is Dead' Wins Top Prize at Critics Choice Documentary Awards
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@echotennyson Yup
Had the best three day class Columbia has offered
you can’t just respect the penis. you’ve gotta
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe“Drip Drip Drip” @jillinaan Chill 😬. She’s goals thoughI gotta kill off this character at the end of the pilot. Hmm...
Impregnated... so all that happen before his penis got seen and he still kept his job ? Betty was a top tier 00s show
Check out our latest collaboration with the amazing ⁦@SHODesusAndMero⁩ and ⁦@Timberland⁩ Desus and Mero Unveil New…
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Rahm Emanuel covered up the police murder of Laquan McDonald...sixteen shots into a seventeen year old body. Emanue…
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She about to be giving PTA a small allowance off those SNL checks
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeI am looking forward to four years of Maya Rudolph though.Let’s all have a drink!Anyone’s neighborhood just cheer lol
I just realized we may never have to see diamond and silk again
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeCongrats to Brandon Scott!his brother recently passed away, this is his reaction to a drawing of him (jukin copyright management)
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeYou give Fox News one compliment and then the 8 o’clock hour starts. Why did I ever lol
George Lopez airs on TBS now 😮Some stray thoughts about this predictable catastrophe, which so many of us spent the year warning about: 1. Biden…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe @cakepoppa My little pony lol
@cakepoppa Nah under Montana @cakepoppa Fuck is going on in Idaho thoughBernie for Dem leader!BREAKING: Cori Bush wins race for Missouri's First Congressional District, becoming the first Black woman elected t…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeBREAKING: New Jersey has voted to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over!
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeNEW JERSEY 😍
Anyone else gonna drink all day? Once it hits noon of course
@FamilyGuyonFOX Still can’t get over how y’all are on FreeForm
ok sokka
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeA cool post Census ideas would be to record the stories of folks with relatives in the 90s and 100s.
@washingtonpost I wish Barbara Lee would challenge her
I miss Baltimore during fall 😢.Before I move to LA, I gotta go on Maury. @_Eahsal Their storyline is Lowkey perfect. They are the most developed black couple I’ve seen on tv. @UnratedEbony Last season they started an episode with a school shootin and it was the funniest shit I’ve ever see
white liberals be WAY TOO MF comfortable omg smh
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe @alyssalocaaa It ain’t even noon yet. Too much stimulation for my nerves6 of out 10 of the largest producers of plastic in the ocean are U.S. multi-nationals like Coca-Cola, which is the…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeHe did good though. Trump isn’t compelling at all. What a fucking foolIt’s comforting knowing that Biden is probably the last of that political class/era.I know Trump wants to just say “the Blacks.” He’s too much of a New Yorker not to"pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon" hell yea
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeI wish the city was a ghost town. Shit feels more crowded than usual tbh
I want some Indian food."Judge Peter Cahill also ruled Chauvin’s second-degree murder and manslaughter charges will remain." (for those wh…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeAt The Grand Prospect Hall... where we make your dreams come true.
Niecy Nash Speaks On Losing Supporters After Marrying Jessica Betts–“All I Know Is I’m Happy And My Projects Are Li…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeThe Democratic Party is such a work of utter failure. Utterly pathetic.
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeLol. This desire for unity is nauseating interesting and quick read are you giving these people titles??? First Beyoncé is ‘Mama Africa’ and now Obama is ‘Leader of the black worl…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeRemembering Celia Cruz, born on this day in 1925 in Havana, Cuba. Here she is singing with Tito Puente and Johnny P…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeDisney has dropped the teaser trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios' upcoming Raya and the Last Dragon, schedul…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeIf there’s ever Pearl Bailey project, Queen Latifah needs to play her.This fog is so appropriate for the season. Cant even see the Hudson
@mattybrown39 Cuzzo Im saying if you’re gonna waste money at least make a profit. 💀If The Wiz gets remade (I hope not), Jason Derulo could play the Scarcrow.Why not just make Cats an animated film? You already have the music. This shit looks weird.Wait, The West Wing reunion take places on a stage ... the whole time... lol I hope only the crew got paid. Sterlin… Witches trailer... so there’s just CGI now? At least the Black witch will probably turn the kid back into a human. 🤷🏿‍♂️Finished Lovecraft... did great things for its genre, generally had a good time but some of the politics of the sho…’d like to see a miniseries adaptation of The Scarlet Letter.Finished The Sopranos. Best show from the early 00s. No question. I didn’t mind the ending. Usually those folks eit… burning down the symbols of the systems who have oppressed and brutalized them for dozens of generations is…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeI’m telling my kids that this was K-Ci & JoJo
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe @Globalnomad22 My clothes from that period would be too large to fit but I did have these pair of jeans for 3 years… @darwiche_alex Exactly^. No matter how much electoral victories for progressives, SDs, or socialists will change the nature of that party.Our little human is officially cancer free!!! That’s her dog Boone! ❤️
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe @darwiche_alex Can you even hold him accountable? It seems that even the most benign criticisms of the guy get met… @darwiche_alex I rarely can stomach Cenk but yes what an embarrassment. The only good thing about a Biden win is th… at that time all the student council funds got stolen by the PTA woman. 😂😂Brooklyn Dad and that Horse person might be the most annoying ppl on Twitterwhen we tell fannie lou hamer’s story, we must never forget that a key part of her radicalization was being sterili…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeI balled out for that Old Navy sale. Got $400 worth of clothes for $200 ☺️
@MERRYJANE I don’t trust that man as far as I can throw him“don’t talk to me”
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeSocialism wins. The land and resources belong to the indigenous working ppl of Bolivia.
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeIncredible people's victory in Bolivia!
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeI guess being the first Black Network President wasn’t enough! She’s done it AGAIN! I am BEYOND proud of my sister…
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big ToeWe the People...
Retweeted by Moody’s Dad’s Big Toe😂😂😂 else have adult fruit allergies all of a sudden? @sirmontfort No way... it was worse than the GOT finale ?!