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I live in Bristol and I make electronic music. I released acid music as Tudor Acid but I'm getting into MAX MSP as well now.

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Incredible work
Retweeted by Tudor AcidYes, I too am surprised that billionaire Elon Musk was pandered to by the legal system of the famously harsh-on-bil…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @joemuggs @pariahbeats @Blawan @reallukeslater @rosebonica @DenisSulta @ninjatune @KrystalKlear @HiTekSounds BANGERS NO CLANGERS @pariahbeats @blawan @reallukeslater @rosebonica @denissulta
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @paulSDMCR Pulp won the britpop wars
@ClaudiaBoleyn I shouted “oh fuck off” at my laptop when Johnson said Corbyn supported the IRA for 40 years. Bullsh… thinking of people worldwide enjoying my Zoisite ep : Mineral Species. Thanks @TudorAcid for releasing it 🙏
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @motorwrists @midgeure1 Boom Boom of the kick drum @midgeure1 If a pirate found a treasure chest full of broken analog drum machines would he say “Arrr, pieces of 808”
What’s the worst thing about winter
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @_Jack_Graham_ But it IS anti semitic to talk about the “Israel lobby”What’s the worst thing about winterBrilliant guide from @davidschneider, who you should definitely be following if you aren't already. How to talk ab…
Retweeted by Tudor AcidFully fact checked ✅
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @joemuggs Nature rewards you for waking up early...30 years ago today, #Electronic (the super group featuring Bernard Sumner of #NewOrder, Johnny Marr of #TheSmiths,…
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@pipmadeley At a certain critical moment:- “it’s the end. But the moment has been prepared for!” @danhancox @pennyb Anyway, we know what his views were on Nick Cohen who also tried to quote fisher @danhancox @pennyb There’s been a general refusal to engage with his vampire’s castle article. I think it’s importa… @FinShakespeare Many thanks- this broadly reflects my experience with doepfer a100 oscillators. Other than that I g… @FinShakespeare @meemocomma You think therefore you ambient. Congrats!Question for analog synth experts:- 1. Does % pitch instability go up or down with pitch? 2. Is it a linear rel… MY GOD 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Tudor AcidDonnie Darko is the best Christmas song ever releasedMy biggest regret of 2019 is not seeing midsommar on the big screenWe’re playing in North America over the next few weeks.
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@meemocomma In some ways I wish I’d been just a little naughtier as a teenager- super sensible (my nickname was “ha… train tickets cost: France: £66 Germany: £118 Belgium: £144 Spain: £108 Italy: £65 Britain: £381 When the…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @posthuman “But it’s what you did in those days wasn’t it?” Main issue with lighting department was I hated stepladders @posthuman My first job was in BHS in Watford. I worked in the lighting department and if I was really lucky I tidi… @matthaig1 We live in an era of calculated evilSurprise!
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @ElSandifer Something you saw a lot in 70s UK was a huge amount of hostility towards people settling from India and… @Sara_Rose_G “For want of a better phrase”. The driver here is to get the thrill of being racist without looking racist @posthuman @Crazymothers1 Vaccines don’t cause autism. Autism isn’t a tragedy. Dying of measles is.
@pennyb You’re one of the most important critical voices in our current political times seeing beyond the tribalism… once added a MIDI interface (kit) to a a DR-110 and gave it to the doubtful guest as a present. As I recall, I p… that before or after he went mad?, maybe I should be promoting my album on the fact that it has awesome beats sounds and melodies rather than "LO… @buddy_hell @ClaudiaBoleyn The bbc's guidance on 'impartiality' means that it has to always find 'two sides'"So here it is merry Christmas, You can shove it up you bum"Last christmas, I played you this song And the very next year, I played it again. Last christmas, I played you thi… IS MASSIVE Labour will bring rail into public ownership: 💥 Cut regulated rail fares by 33% from January 2020 💥…
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A few weeks ago, me and the singer Holly Shillito were saying that there need to be nights which combine electronic… @paulSDMCR Hounds:- "nah, you're all right mate." @paulSDMCR FEED HIM TO HIS HOUNDSYou know how The Canary admitted that BBC-bashing stories are their biggest traffic driver, ie they do them for cli…
Retweeted by Tudor AcidSomebody needs to do an Atari ST 1040 Mini, with MIDI ports and Cubase built-in
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Q-Tip’s solo album ‘Amplified’ turns 20 today It was controversial at the time as many accused Q-Tip of trying to…
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@DavidWohl Why are you taking such a visceral and sadistic enjoyment in the suffering of Londoners? This is pure evil.#natureunwrapped - the mantis & the bee - an evening of my works for string quartet & voice @KingsPlace - tickets n…
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@wpduk all good now, thanksAnyone else in Bristol had a powercut? Lasted about ten minutes @joemuggs Jay Dilla though... @Sara_Rose_G “I’m not anti semitic, I just retweeted this article by Michael Rosen.” 🙄
@pennyb Meta gifWe're on Bandcamp. Follow us to be the first to hear when we release new music: new album, "Clevolati" is now on bandcamp. Despite not really being a language perso… @posthuman Living in Sheffield in my very early twenties and seeing the "tri repetour" in hallamshire hotel on west…’s awesome company to be listed alongside- many thanks! @joemuggs Superman 3Check out Muzoid Radio on @Spotify feat. @TheDeathBeats @jessifrey @kellyleeowens @ChemBros @PlikeProject
Retweeted by Tudor AcidTell you what, a lot of supposedly right on people are absolutely fine with people On Here making really horrendous…
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Yes! my new album came out yesterday and you can hear it on spotify! @joemuggs You can hear it here! @pipmadeley Have the movellans seen mr noseybonk from jigsaw?? @TudorAcid Best to focus on fun things instead! 🙂
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @paulSDMCR I have memories of going to a Harvester with my parents during a break from university in 1995 and then… @pipmadeley I had an idea for a fairly extreme version of "what are the movellans watching":- where they are watchi… @matichin @YellowFeenix So sorry mateIt seems to me that “harmonic distortion” and “saturation” are very much things that are thought of as magic. But-… @paulSDMCR I like p-string though @posthuman londerground resistance @paulSDMCR @LahjBiz Or you could spend 80 quid on the vinyl 😯REGISTER TO VOTE DEADLINE TODAY REGISTER TO VOTE DEADLINE TODAY REGISTER TO VOTE DEADLINE TODAY REGISTER TO V…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @StanleyPain But is that the weapon?
It’s a special record, people
Retweeted by Tudor AcidHere is a really nice review of my album from the loose lips blog:- @StanleyPain the weapon? saw @TudorAcid do a live set of his album a few weeks back, it was incredible!
Retweeted by Tudor AcidSome person with spray paint: Tory cuts kill! Iain Duncan Smith: You'll NEVER stop us killing people with austerit…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @ClaudiaBoleyn Hate to say it but this was pretty much the British/Loyalist/Unionist position during the Troubles in Northern IrelandSorry, but how do people like Iain Duncan Smith sleep at night? How are they not kept up with guilt? I couldn't bear it.
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @ClaudiaBoleyn But that’s the whole “lol, snowflake” thing- it’s a reaction to feeling guilty. He objects to feelin… @ClaudiaBoleyn His statement though :- “all opposition parties must condemn this” or what? He’ll ban opposition parties?Thanks so much EPM for putting me on this playlist alongside so many electro luminaries the new Tudor Acid album “Clevolati” is out today on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music among others. I… @Baddiel Men who are able to piss whilst in a long line at the urinals are part of the pissriarchy
@joemuggs He could make a Christmas album called “burial’s Christmas carol” using his hauntological skills to repre… announcement at 1230 tomorrow @joemuggs The Mitchell And Webb "are we the bad guys" gif meme has itself been the subject of a culture war @meemocomma @pennyb @manueky For example you learn from how popular Dawn was by introducing Connor into Angel but doing it twice as well @pennyb @meemocomma @manueky Seriously though - Buffy took part in the night of violence with Faith then totally th… @pennyb @meemocomma @manueky Why did Faith choose Xander over meeeee. I don't care about safe words one jot and I'm a bigger geek. @manueky @meemocomma Ice lollies! @meemocomma my unpopular opinion is that Season 6 was the best season @FallingDj @YouTube I had a play on one this weekend. Overall am very impressed, only slight reservation is the sm…