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I live in Bristol and I make electronic music. I released acid music as Tudor Acid. I’ve also done Maxmsp experiments

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Retweeted by Tudor Acid @MartinBelam I agree but I preferred space lego when it was its own thing rather than Star Wars legoI cannot wait for everyone who’s ever spent 36 hours online without a break defending Chomsky to now pivot to him b…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @joemuggs The same people will, seven years, be saying “I never agreed with anything Beesley, Fisk or Blumemthal sa… that “Democracy Now!” feature Noam Chomsky as a pundit, it’ll be interesting to see which way they pivot- wil… can see the full correspondence on Monbiot’s website here- note also that in his correspondence with Monbiot, Chomsky comes out in defence of living Marxism magazine,… course Noam Chomsky is opposed to so-called “cancel culture”- he wrote the forward to a book by Herman and Peter…
@ClaudiaBoleyn @DanJamesFrank If it makes you both feel better, I once went to see "Black Swan" at the cinema with my mother. Awks.Looking forward to working with these two again soon. It hasn't always been easy.
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @rhidaneelolivaw @ClaudiaBoleyn That’s why I can’t get my head around “luxury communism”, there’s more to life than Armani suits @rhidaneelolivaw Small child stims 12 imitates her and says “what’s this ?” 😬 @rhidaneelolivaw There’s a lot of hand waving in relation to kill the moon. But Clara explicitly says “don’t kill the baby” @rhidaneelolivaw Oh. Oh. OH. *clanging penny* How did I not spot that with forest of the night? As an autist…“A good man goes to war” was all kinds of wrong. White men should never write stories where sexual assault of women… of Fire is ever bit as good as the Caves Of Androzani. @AoDespair @joemuggs My take on Ayn Rand- never trust someone with shifty eyes who tells you to be selfish.Throw away the concept of being in your ‘prime’ in your 20s. So many women and men are happier and more attractive,…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @t0nit0ne @ClaudiaBoleyn Agree- all my musical tastes are exactly as they were in 1994, fortunately technology- and… @mrlawton78 @DanJamesFrank Yes, I didn’t realise that was what had happened, many apologiesHappy 707 day - this is a track I did using TR-707 drum sounds, it's been getting a lot of airplay on Ireland's RTE…
@pennyb I'll never forget the time she sat down for a chat with Professor Lobster, he was expecting her to rail aga… @pennyb The nemesis in question is either nine or ten years younger than me, it's so weird to read digs at people i… @FinShakespeare @BristolCouncil I don't know who designed these, but I am pretty sure they say "wine o clock" and talk about "holibubs". @Fahz0r @paulSDMCR @CPURECORDS That's what's so cool about the MC-707, it is a mixing desk, effects unit, drum mach… @rhidaneelolivaw I like Colin a lot, the only Blu Ray set I have is the season 23 one. @rhidaneelolivaw We didn't have a TV between 1981 and 1983 so I didn't see Davison's first 2 and a half seasons. T… @rhidaneelolivaw I know a lot of people prefer Colin over Davison... @rhidaneelolivaw I think the main reason people think 5 is a streak of piss is because of all the 7th doctor is a g… @rhidaneelolivaw My issue with the 10th Doctor is that RTD brought back in all the lore about the Doctor being a "g… @ClaudiaBoleyn"Who are you?" "I'm you, just better"
Retweeted by Tudor Acidone for @shitoptimist @steviasphere My hot take- FM in the 21st century is a whole different proposition as you can morph so rapidly between sounds @Sara_Rose_G The thing that helps me realise where I stand is the knowledge that people who hate trans people also hate autistic people. @rhidaneelolivaw When’s it out?
@pipmadeley Doctor Who goes to Lanzarote and then coincidentally to a plane that looks exactly the same as lanzarotefascinating article about minimalism and minimal music in this months future music. An aspect of "minimalism" tha… the mean time, this is probably getting more radio play and Spotify playlisting than anything else I've done! a review from @ClaudiaBoleyn "I listened to your album yesterday, and you have such incredible talent. I wish… from @StanleyPain "holy sh1t squall is f**king deep!!!"Couple of really nice reviews of my new album, the pier. firstly from @blackford808 "it's really nice, it's got… @pete23com I was running with a facemark,I think that made it harder?That being said, I never really was sure if LA synthesis on the D50 was effectively a subset of the JV/XV? I have finally figured out this weekend is the Roland JV/XV style of synthesis, where you are layering fo…'ve been reflecting on how 1993 was such a transitional year for my electronic music fandom. New Order Republic w… only slight gripe with the MC-101/MC-707 groove boxes is the lack of accent functionality, which I believe even the old MC-303 had?Aphex's digital era was comparatively short-lived - 1995 until 2001? it still a 5 k run if you stop for 5 minutes in the middleJ K Rowling pivoting towards Johan Hari’s view on mental health
This has been brightening my weekend @ClaudiaBoleyn Best pairing Since 3 and Delgado. @ClaudiaBoleyn Incoming!! I've just sent you another version of our backing track for project two, I spent some tim… for 101, RT for Spirits In The Forest #DepecheMode🌹
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @Chrisduck @BattyRymer I would have thought 150 tops. They were 30 quid a few years backThis is going to sound crazy but I’m doing a live acid house set from the Barbican in August. Full lockdown rules,…
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@Wireless_Goat @ProfBrianCox FM didn't really become respectable until the FS1-R @Wireless_Goat @ProfBrianCox That's a take I can respect even if I don't 100% agree.“Acid from my Duchy”:- Prince Charles goes on a journey round Cornwall learning about its electronic music scene.
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @ClaudiaBoleyn Oh! Another thing I love that's English is that horizontal drizzly rain we get, that feeling that so… @ClaudiaBoleyn I think that for me that well rickety Piers (not Morgan but the ones going to sea) are quintessenti… @meemocomma Oh my Word, if your Mum was Lara then you were Elka.I'd like to affirm that it is possible to be a Tudor musician and an anti-racist. @joemuggs I can make wedges from potatoes. @paulSDMCR @Chrisduck Republic? @paulSDMCR @Chrisduck NY Sushi?Make no mistake, the "BLM is marxist plot to abolish the police/the family/white people/heterosexuality/etc" narra…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @posthuman Is that the foundry, Disco-r-dance? I think me Mel and Libby all played there, I loved the old TVs in there..“Acid from my Duchy”:- Prince Charles goes on a journey round Cornwall learning about its electronic music scene. @pennyb Second homes are jokes though to be fair @bunnyhausen Is this real? I can’t tell anymore... @depechemode @MuteUK Christmas has come early for me 🙂
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @ClaudiaBoleyn There always seemed to me something very homophobic about the idea that closeted gay ppl were uniquely dangerous.Want to present a radio show? I'm looking for genre-specific proposals. Women & nb/non-binary ppl especially welcom…
Retweeted by Tudor AcidHow long will it be before sp!ked publish an article “in defence of David Starkey” which criticises “kow-towing to… @pennyb I like to think that he has been resigned. @ClaudiaBoleyn How much of our current view of Richard III is Shakespeare really trying to make sure Elizabeth I really likes his play? @posthuman @Huxley_Music Voyetra sequencer plus running on an ibm PC XT my dad “lifted” from a skip at his work...Tudor Rose is the ONLY black-owned music and events venue in Southall. Now, it’s faces closure due to “regeneration…
Retweeted by Tudor AcidIt’s a lot like quantum mechanics @FinShakespeare @mylarmelodies Different people have different preferences- for me I like the challenge of not havi…’s bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp are waiving all their fees today and as luck would have it, I have a new album out
@astrochey @joemuggs My PhD supervisor came up with an amazing phrase to describe quantum effects back in the 90s-… @TudorAcid @joemuggs @FrancisWheen @redskyatnight "Damn the Establishment for setting up Ghislaine & Jeffrey; their…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @mylarmelodies In that, elektron parameter locks can cover an inability to play an instrument live, there's nowhere to hide with a TR8 @mylarmelodies It’s a fascinating instrument- you have to be good at playing to make it sound good.2014's tweet, today: The TR8 is fantastic, built like professional instrument, full of crazy nice details, and the…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @NippySweetyLass @joemuggs @FrancisWheen @redskyatnight “If you question the establishment narrative, if you’re a t… physicists be like “I know a place” but it doesn’t exist when you get there
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @astrochey @joemuggs Plus side- you can get there instantaneously, in fact you might already be there but at the same time you might not.Starkey has never been interesting. The thing I am keen to examine is the cruelty of the editors and producers who…
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @biologizing @muteboy *oof22.02 @RTERnaG @nathanfake @karengwyer #RomanFlugel #ChickenLips @phantasysound #Matisa @Biologicrecords
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @biologizing @muteboy Off. Eels sound really petty.I really hope they win and get paid
Retweeted by Tudor Acid @HungryHatter Massive sidebar, but this is an issue I have with a lot of electronic music. I like to think that b… so much to EPM music for featuring my track "Measured Euphoria". Really proud of this song, and to be on t… @pennyb Can we please have a big fuck-off recession, ideally 25% in a month, in the market place of ideas... @joemuggs @ClassicAlbumSun Are the glasses a new development? they look cool very journalisticI'm glad that Starkey agreed to resign.