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US Presidential Candidate standing for a Better America. Wife, Sister, Veteran, Surfer, Friend. #StandWithTulsi #EndWastefulWars

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For years, @ggreenwald has exposed abuses at the highest levels of government and his investigative journalism dese… @atom838 @DennisPotvinDem Thank you!!There is 216-225k of us and counting. If just 20,000 of us put up $50 now we can finish the $1.5m goal TODAY. We've…
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺A house divided cannot stand. We must work side-by-side as Americans. Yes I’m committed to defeating Donald Trump,… @shreksshrek @abewilliamsdp Nope @TulsisPRManager @abewilliamsdp Our friend @ManavLalwani captured this oneEnding my day with my best friend ❤️ #grateful through the deadline and only a third of the way to our goal. Help spread the word and pitch in to get us b…"This isn't high school." In interview with @WMUR9 @TulsiGabbard reacts to @HillaryClinton's "nobody likes him" dig…
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I like Bernie. #ILikeBernie
Many thanks to @SCNAACP organizers who worked so hard for today’s #MLKDay event, pouring your love, time and energy…“We must proceed from a place of love for all of God’s children,” says @TulsiGabbard, pledging to be a president wh…
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺Prayer service at Zion Baptist Church. #MLKDay #Unity @TulsiGabbard
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺I experienced early on I was happiest working for the well-being of others and the planet. It’s why I ran for/was e… heart is with the Enriquez & Kalama families, and their fellow officers, in the wake of this tragic shooting. Th…
Do you want to shred it up on the slopes with Tulsi before New Hampshire's primary election day? Chip in now for a…🙏🏽 Thank you @DocMomMN ! @Cycl_Conscience @LucasYoder7 @HitchwithAri @ufc 🤜🏽 @BennounaKamil @ufc Really?? @Cycl_Conscience @ufc I hope this is how it goes down @fdlenehan @ufc Maybe Yardhouse? @TXKyle1976 Yes! Campaigning in N.H. @jthemauler1526 @ufc #TeamCowboy all the way! @ilostmyratchet @ufc Cowboy @Reindaholz @ufc Cowboy @AbbyBrickler Ha! Definitely not in the octagon @Murphs56 @ufc I don’t know, but that will be an awesome fight! @ClutchMilroy @ufc My guess is it could affect him. But he looks strong. @schmmelcke @ufc There’s always one. @denniso15 @ufc I’m in for Cowboy @GhostofJoeHill @ufc Aw that’s a good one, sir @NeelPatne @ufc These are skilled athletes and professional fighters. I respect all that goes into this sport. @buttnut12121 @sportssaucy @ufc You chose right :) @JayOwenF13 @PopeyeOC @sportssaucy @ufc Very nice explanation. Cowboy has the experience to outsmart Conor @MysticMusings7 @sportssaucy @ufc It will definitely be tough @biffa28 @Cowboycerrone @ymedeiros Yep, he is. @BustosWill @Cowboycerrone @ymedeiros 🤜🏽 @DavidPh14640213 @Cowboycerrone @ymedeiros Yes. Try to knock them out first thing in the morning @Steelhead55555 @Cowboycerrone @ymedeiros True. Cowboy has more experience by far. We will see. @migueljoh123 @Cowboycerrone @ymedeiros Both of them, tough fighters! So good. @nczerenda @TimKennedyMMA @Cowboycerrone I am. All the way @ufc @MayceeBarber Class act @MayceeBarber. Much respect @ufc @Cowboycerrone Let’s go #TeamCowboy @TimKennedyMMA @Cowboycerrone YES. Couldn’t agree more.Back when @Cowboycerrone fought Hawaii’s @ymedeiros and won, he and his family showed nothing but respect, kindness…
Our next fundraising push has to be the biggest EVER. We honestly cannot afford anything less. Right now we’re comi… @BotAdversary @ufc They more heavily promoting Conor than Cowboy @sportssaucy @ufc I really want Cowboy to take this home but I think it’s going to be a really good, tough fight. Close callTo all the #MMA fans out there ... Big @ufc fight tonight. Who’s it going to be?The EPA's mission is to protect our environment & people. But Trump's EPA cares more about keeping Big Ag happy tha… president I'll work to establish a healthcare system focused not on delivering profits but on ensuring that ever…
@drgloryjjjjj958 @nikoCSFB you know!I got challenged to a fun push-up contest at my town hall yesterday! @dualisticmonism @JeanWMUR So did I.One of those memorable New Hampshire Primary moments: @TulsiGabbard challenged to a push-up contest at a Manchester…
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Politicians who say there isn’t enough money to pay for health care or education or infrastructure have been lying…’m so sorry I missed you. Thank you so much for your incredible support!
We need a president with foresight. We need Tulsi. —TULSI2020 #StandWithTulsi #NoWarWithIran, the candidate who is best positioned to defeat Donald Trump will not even be on the #DemDebate stage…
However, she is now speaking on the crucial topic of Iran, Iraq, and Syria right now. Tune in:…, the candidate who is most qualified and ready to be commander in chief, to protect the safety and se… talks IRAN with Guests Steven Kinzer & Dennis Kucinich - Intro by Kim Iversen #Tulsi2020 #Tulsi @jockowillink Congrats! Well deserved.I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I speak the truth regardless of who it offends. I don’t care about the po… @THE_ECB @DraftTulsi @BernieSanders True. Elaine has all the moves. @michaelmalice @randy32191 Travel well, my friend. Be safe out there. @randy32191 @michaelmalice My thoughts exactly.I also met with @BernieSanders before announcing my candidacy. We had a nice one-on-one conversation and I informed… Happy 45th, my friend!.@corybooker To my friend and fellow vegan ... thank you for the positive message you brought to this campaign, and…
If you really want to know what's going on in Iraq, Syria and Iran and what to do about it, catch this can't-miss l… you, South Carolina. See you again soon! Yesterday was all about church & it was amazing. Each community a li… got to spend the day in church in South Carolina yesterday. Each community and church a little different, but all…
Trump disgraces our military by using our men & women in uniform as mercenaries serving the interests of multinatio… forward to joining #TulsiGabbard in New Hampshire on Tuesday evening to talk about US Foreign Policy re…
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺Pompeo: The attack was imminent, but "we didn't know when and we didn't know where." Well, if you don’t know when a… the bullets start flying and the bombs start dropping, terrible things can happen that no one has planned for.… earthquake. The people of Puerto Rico need help and support now. We are spending $5.5M every hour in Afghan…
Thank you Team Tulsi in Boston! #StandWithTulsi @michaelmalice Haha apology accepted! At least retroactively#2020ForTulsi Between now & January 17, I will match any donations made to up to a total o…
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺BREAKING: Preliminary 6.0 magnitude it was we just felt in Puerto Rico. It was centered south of Guanica, off shore…
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺War with Iran would make the Iraq and Afghanistan wars seem like a picnic. #StandWIthTulsi #NoWarWithIran heartfelt condolences & love to the families of victims of plane “crash” in Iran. One of the great tragedies of… joined Chuck Rosa for a frigid early morning plunge in the Atlantic to stand in solidarity with the victims and s…
#TulsiNYC at Good Morning America! @TulsiGabbard @NewYorkForTulsi @tepperleen @jaysukai #tulsi2020 #TulsiWasRight
Retweeted by Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 @AlanMyron @MeghanMcCain @katrinabhaydon Beautiful. Thank you so much! @MeghanMcCain @katrinabhaydon The feeling is mutual. So grateful for your friendship!When I went to Puerto Rico a few months ago to join the people's protest against corruption, I met many people stil… Marianne Williamson, my deepest respect and aloha to you and all who have been supporting you. I'll… we put our troops in harm’s way it’s critical there’s a clear objective that actually serves our country's nat… @BerningGreen @sathvikenturi 🤙🏽 @sathvikenturi $$$$LIVE STREAM: Just voted on the War Powers Resolution to stop the war against Iran without Congressional authorizati… @FrancisRooney @thomasmassie4ky @RepThomasMassie @justinamash deserve credit for having the courage to…
Thank you to the courageous men and women who have sincerely dedicated their lives to protect and serve our communi…’s war with Iran is undermining our national security and putting all Americans in greater danger. Iran is clo…
Tulsi Gabbard LIVE - Join a conversation with Tulsi & Kim - Washington, DC #TulsiGabbard #Tulsi2020 #Tulsi @brianchall @ninaturner Right back at you, Brian! @brianchall @ninaturner Do it!! @ninaturner always brings a whole lot of love, light, and hope wherever she goes